9 December 2021  | 
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Comments
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1 million people could vote this as 1 star and yet it would still display 6.2
Tim 4:19pm Fri 3 Dec
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Drivel , for the simple minded
HAHAHA 12:52pm Sat 27 Nov
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Get them all outa here! Absolute Crap.
ellic 10:16am Sat 27 Nov
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It seems the English language only consists of three words - Oh My God. Can’t these morons put a sentence together. Utter drivel.
Dennyboy 2:40pm Tue 23 Nov
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Pants and Fec, the worst duo on TV perhaps ever.
LesD 1:20pm Tue 23 Nov
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Get rid
Declan needs to get rid of his side kick. He is making the pair of them look stupid.
Stan. E 7:38pm Thu 3 Dec
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I like....
Lisa 12:53pm Wed 5 Dec
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Its a fix
If Emily atack wins then its a bloody fix I want harry to win
Kd 9:39pm Tue 4 Dec
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Too loud.
Fleur's mouth seems to occupy most of her head, please folks vote her off along with facey Emily.
music fan 5:01pm Tue 4 Dec
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Keep her in, let her suffer. She could do with losing a few pounds.
Gaz33 1:24pm Tue 4 Dec
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Anne Hegerty should go next!
She's adding nothing.
Toni C 10:51am Tue 4 Dec
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Dodgy dealings
Sair should have been the first to go not noel how disgusting she was a bore in there
Kris 9:25am Tue 4 Dec
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I agree they are all in it for the money but at least the others work for it .When someone had to go without a meal the other day at least she could have volunteered.
Dave 4:58pm Sun 2 Dec
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There is always a contestant that has medical exemptions its nothing new. Ann has stated more than once she would be happy to leave. as the previous comment said they are there for the money, and why not. People have feelings and with Ann having her health issues bad comments wont help..
O.A.P. 12:26pm Sun 2 Dec
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When it boils down to it......
...shes only in there for the.money, like everyone else!!!!
Mrs D 9:11am Sun 2 Dec
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Prev comm.
She's being carried by the rest. What if they all had medical exemptions , they would starve. Being sprinkled with water and giving up isn't trying. Maz is right she's lazy .......and bone idle.
Kev the rev. 2:16pm Fri 30 Nov
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Previous comment
Not a very nice comment. At least she tries.
T. P. 11:25am Fri 30 Nov
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Lazy so and so.
Maz . 11:34pm Thu 29 Nov
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I think its the worst celebrity for years,
barry 10:08pm Thu 29 Nov
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Absaloutley love it
Love it!!!!!!
Lil 6:34pm Sun 25 Nov
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Have you thought about writing a screenplay? Your tall stories, albeit boring, are wasted on here!
Jlo 12:31pm Tue 20 Nov
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My review of I'm a celebrity. I was taken back in time to 1935 when I was rescued aged two after being stolen by a family of apes. Gungadin returned me to mamma and pater. I grew up to be a strapping six foot tall fellow. Mamma and pater were both three feet six , I never did find out why the neighbours looked at us in a strange way.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 10:48pm Mon 19 Nov
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Best program ever!!!
Laugh out loud all the way through
JAYOS 2:58pm Mon 19 Nov
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Nothing new!
As always I believe that this sow is great to watch, but I wouldn't get caught up in it!
clmoxon 4:43pm Wed 4 Dec
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Totes amaze
My life is complete when it's on. Fav time of the year
Iacgmoohfan 10:41pm Tue 3 Dec
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SD - her name is Maureen
Not Pretentious SD , her birth name is Maureen!!!! get facts
non blonde 1:22pm Tue 3 Dec
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Laila who?
Who the hell does she think SHE is after saying she didn't know who Amy was? A rotten actress with absolutely no personality when acting or not, who actually calls herself 'Mo' after her television character. How pretentious is THAT???
SD 1:56pm Mon 2 Dec
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What a great show.
Full of witty banter, very knowledgeable academic philosophical debate and scientific discussion. Any chance decant could get marooned there, PLEASE.
Mr. E Poster 10:38pm Wed 27 Nov
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Crap crap cfrap crap crap crap pervasive crap crap crap
Discerning 8:12pm Mon 18 Nov
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joey essex needs skooling
he gobbed off he was a tough nut .. let him have a load of trials... he is a z lister who needs a reality check.. TOWIE is full of morons
daily male 9:46pm Sun 17 Nov
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thank f***
this utter s*** is over, only another few weeks till Dancing On Ice (another load of s***)
u r a slave 5:21pm Sat 1 Dec
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Love it..
Fave time of year when I'm a celeb on!!! It's funny and something did everyday not like normal crap on tv...also when it's on you no Xmas is round corner!!
Carly bumps 3:38pm Tue 27 Nov
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Keep bleeping
Best one yet, keep the bleeps, much better to watch, especially in my Sunday school class ;-)
Mr A Zealot 9:20am Mon 26 Nov
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who got eveited tonight?
danny 11:30pm Sat 24 Nov
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Don't Bleep us we aren't kids
There is no reason to put bleeps in when the show is broadcast after the watershed despite what the Sunday School teaching language Zealots say
Gaz 7:26pm Sat 24 Nov
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I really like it this year
For the first time I have really enjoyed watching it this year, they are a good mix of people. At first I laughed at her, but I must admit I am starting to feel a bit sorry for Helen, while everyone else sits back, she has to do some pretty awful stuff. Mind you she is funny, and I am sure she will do very well out of it..On another note, I think it's great that bad language is being bleeped out, it makes a change, and I think has attracted a bigger and younger audience, nice one.
Music fan. 9:37am Mon 19 Nov
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Bye Bye
now here's somewhere you can go!
doubletake 6:50pm Tue 13 Nov
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Guess Who?
ranted, threw his dummy out of his pram and screamed and shouted GOOD RIDDANCE (see Corrie site).....so why hasn't he?
doubletake 8:43am Tue 13 Nov
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is full of admiration for Nadine's traumatic "ordeal" in the coffin underground like she had just got back from Afghanistan. Give me strength! Mind thats just my opinion!
doubletake 10:44pm Mon 12 Nov
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TOPWAK is on his period
Handbags at dawn. pmt fueled muppets
an opinion is pointless 2:23pm Mon 12 Nov
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Still Here!
Read back - you have said the same as me. Oh and please do read the feedback to mine compared to yours.
doubletake 1:29pm Mon 12 Nov
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mind rotting tripe
YAWN, wake me up when it is over
comatose cabbage 2:25am Mon 12 Nov
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Nothing New
I think this like Big Bro has run its course. Nobody cares what they get upto - its like waiting for paint to dry. No one has heard of some of them anyway so they are scraping the barrel now. The talentless duo are so boring and predictable too.
doubletake 11:24pm Sun 11 Nov
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love it
i am a celebraty get me out of her is fab i love it, it is my best tv prograsme i am so happy when it comes on
lollypop 8:47pm Sun 11 Nov
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Waste of TV space
Really how could anyone be interested in their boring antics - so yesterday. Bet they and that talentless duo are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.
doubletake 8:25pm Sun 11 Nov
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don't like this show we think it pants
ant and dec 6:15pm Sun 11 Nov
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Gimme a break! Only ever heard of 2 of them and they should have more sense than to appear on garbage like this. Hope the MP gets kicked out first so she can get kicked out of parliament quicker. As for the moronic presenters, well, don't get me started!
FFS 5:19pm Sun 11 Nov
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I would like Dougie to win this series, Mark has not done anything to prove he is a winner
sue 5:26pm Sat 3 Dec
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Elijah 4:28pm Sat 3 Dec
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really dissapointed, like xfactor this year, hate TOWIE's mark, and the other contestants are not even that cool. im NOT a celebrity, LEAVE EM IN THERE...! also, challenges are repetitive - getting boring, predictable and dull now... switched off after a couple of episodes...!! so disappointed.
richard k 8:19pm Thu 24 Nov
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