6 December 2021  | 
Katy Brand's Big Ass Show Comments
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These comments are almost as funny as Ms Brand. I love Ms Brand. I want to have her babies.
jOHn 8:28pm Fri 1 Jun
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I honestly enjoy the show,it's really funny.Somethings on it aren't that funny,like the abusing babies skit,but hey!I'm sure some people find it funny and she isn't actually harming children so it's all good.The people who are only commenting on her appearance should go to a beauty website rather than a tv guide because that's all they seem to care about.I legitimatley love the show,but I rarely get to watch it because Top Gear is always flooding up BBCA (an american channel that shows popular British movies and shows.) :(
Bunni 10:56pm Wed 2 May
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katy brand has issues.
simon 2:57am Mon 2 Nov
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at the sad bstrds who came on here especially to complain baout her xD xD xD
Katya 5:19pm Fri 30 Oct
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A very Bitter woman and not funny
she is nst in any way shape or form funny her "humour" is quite nasty and she attacks everyone in the media.But unlike her peers on other shows she aint funny in the least please end this failed experiment and her life
drej 10:23pm Sat 24 Oct
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this is just awful
no way she'd get a show if she wasnt a fat woman, box ticking at work.
pokerpete 12:34am Sun 18 Oct
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Poor. 0/10.
This show gives Britain a bad name. Please ITV, make her go away.
JIM 3:43pm Fri 16 Oct
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genius, really just brilliant, the simon cowell thing, classsic - give katy one of those gong things FFS. best comedy on TV and let's the viewer decide whats funny, no laff trax thank god
L Walsh 10:34pm Thu 15 Oct
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RUBBISH! STUPID SHOW!! 11:42pm Wed 14 Oct
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Mucking out my cat litter tray of a morning is funnier than this talentless tripe.
Rudolf 10:09pm Thu 8 Oct
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Truly Brilliant !
Katy is exceptionally talented and her material is spot on. 10/10
Tony 7:03pm Thu 8 Oct
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J Ross - why are you so thankful for the lack of a laughter track? At least it would tell viewers where they were supposed to be laughing.
John Smon 9:57pm Mon 5 Oct
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Worst thing on TV. Unfunny woman, unfunny script. Fits quite perfectly in the ITV2 schedule mind.
John Smon 9:55pm Mon 5 Oct
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more please
the chris martin thing, superb 'he sent you some environmentally friendly flowers' NO! I peed my pants
G Paltrow 12:05am Sun 4 Oct
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great comedy and not a hint of a laughter track (THANK YOU THANK YOU!) Blur 'cash in'- hysterical!
J Ross 11:45pm Sat 3 Oct
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Utter Junk
Utter junk. Give the money back to the people. She can clean toilets. So can the idiot who hired her.
Sir Lew 7:59pm Sat 3 Oct
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not a good show.
I agree with haggis in that people should'nt really be so prejudice to judge katy brands show on her weight or uglyness. If people choose to hate her for her purile and adolescent humor thats fine. I do find it hard to think of anything on telly thats quite as bad as this show tho! anybody have any ideas on a show thats as bad as this one? i can honesestly say i cant think of anything approaching this level of un-funnyness....
the truth 11:54am Wed 30 Sep
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Live a little
Katy Brand is just doing and saying what we all want. I admit, the baby sketches are deranged, but she is genuinely talented and good at what she does. I think those calling her ugly, fat, a pig and so on are being unfair. These people are clearly quite vain if all they see is her attractiveness rating as opposed to her talents. Good on you Katy, keep it up. Oh and one final thing, to the comment left on the 24th September quoting licence fees... This is shown on ITV2. Your precious licence fees that you are so worried about, don't pay for a single penny of this show, I'm quite sure you'll be glad to know.
Haggis 2:24am Mon 28 Sep
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total pants!!!
lowest common denominator anybody? Her cringe worthy (so called skits are catered to people whos idea of comedy if a fart in an elevator(actually a noise thats more melodic then her attempts at mocking popular songs)...go away please katy brand, im sure theres a lot of talented people out theres more deserving of my tv license fees
I hate talentless mugs 11:48pm Thu 24 Sep
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What horrible people
What horrible comments from people! You don't like her comedy, fine. There is much worse on TV. Why have you got to be personal and vicious? Who is that sad that they bully online? Pathetic.
GreenLily 10:34pm Thu 24 Sep
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This is the worst show on tv. I havent laughed once. Shes an overweight mug. Cringe worthy crap
Kingy_85 10:12pm Thu 24 Sep
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Very Funny
Brilliant at taking the mickey out of pop stars and celebrities . Very funny lady.
martin77 1:19pm Tue 22 Sep
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Great and I love the songs!!
I find her really funny - & she can sing - in most cases the songs are actually better than the artists she's impersonating (it's a draw with Lady Gaga though!). If she released an album I'd buy it! The criticisms are odd - some people just can't cope with women in comedy (or other areas!)
Lin 11:14am Mon 21 Sep
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Definitely the best comedy show on tv at the moment.
LJH 11:08am Mon 21 Sep
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Misses the point of impersonations
Even with costume, she still has to identify who she's meant to be. Or am I missing the point - ITV2's adverts ARE meant to make you want to watch the shows, right? So seeing "Hi, I'm Lily Allen"... "Hi, this is Lady Gaga" or "I AM THE QUEEN!" from someone who would probably look like them if they gained three times their bodyweights... not good guys, not good. This is what happens when you make TV shows to hit targets - you get any old female comedian, rather than a female comedian who's any good!
Sunder FTM 3:44pm Tue 8 Sep
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VERY FUNNY Funniest show on ITV2. Ignore idiot bully group-think comments below Parkhurst 12:21am Thu 14 May --------------------- And how many brilliantly entertaining comedies are on ITV2 exactly haha?
James 10:26am Wed 2 Sep
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At university she was known as "The Eclipse", because she created a total eclipse of the sun whenever you went near her. Large girl. When she went to the pub she would need 2 stools to sit on because one wasn't big enough. Absolutely true
GS 2:43pm Mon 31 Aug
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there are so many of these crap shows..just keep a handful of the good ones and get the rest off air immediately before it numbs more minds in the uk...
tisop 11:48am Wed 29 Jul
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A rubbish show. I knew it was gonna be crap from the name of it. I mean 'ass', really? What a talentless hack. This is for children and the mentally deficient.
Atheist 10:13pm Wed 22 Jul
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Funniest show on ITV2. Ignore idiot bully group-think comments below
Parkhurst 12:21am Thu 14 May
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Last year I was circumcised. It was as painful as this show, but slightly funnier!
Bernie 8:36pm Tue 3 Feb
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Who finds this funny?
She makes sketches about abusing babies that are meant to be funny? I think it's Sick. The rest of the show is cringe worthy.
Tom 7:36pm Tue 3 Feb
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The worst thing on TV. Offensive, not intelligent, not original not funny and definately not clever! Makes me want to put a crow bar through my TV. Stop giving her air time!!!
T17 7:28pm Tue 3 Feb
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It's original at least
pity katy wasn't slim - she'd be fit and i'd like to do her doggie style. heh heh.
god 3:44pm Tue 27 Jan
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I love Katy Brands Big ass Show!
Katy Bramds Big Ass Show is rate good! i love it its proper funny :) sometimes it can be annoying but not all time. Thankyou Cyaaa x
Shannon x 9:58pm Tue 20 Jan
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Utterly Stupid
Utterly stupid. They pick the most untalented people then keep shoving them on viewers until they can't take it anymore.
Gervais 9:43pm Tue 7 Oct
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not that bad
i don't think she is as bad as your making her out to be.Not the funniest person on tv but not the worst either. leave her alone
Chad 7:47pm Tue 30 Sep
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Worst Show
Who coud find this funny? I also agree with the people who say she is a pig!
Oink 9:06pm Tue 9 Sep
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This is absolute drivel, my 11 yr old daughter wanted to watch it so i gave it a go even she agreed this was the pits, utter nonsense, i would be hard pushed to think of something less funny
dad1 6:37pm Sun 7 Sep
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Absolute Rubbish
First time I've seen this and very much the last!!
Data_Wizz 11:35pm Fri 5 Sep
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The Point
The Point of this show seems to be that all famous women are stupid. Very bitter unfunny woman.
Gavin 9:06pm Sun 31 Aug
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