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Looks like comments are getting deleted .... It is now obvious who it is .... Now for the Treasure Hunt
HAHAHA 2:59pm Wed 8 Feb
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Lorraine Utan
Jimmi Chinn 8:20pm Mon 6 Feb
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Agreed, a lot of the nasty comments here really are beyond the pale. Lorraine is a lovely lady and one of the best presenters ever and so is Nadia Sawalha, love her recipes, as well.
Nettie 2:27pm Mon 6 Feb
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Go away
Her fitness DVDs are crap as well.
farts 11:05pm Mon 2 Jan
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I used to laugh at Lorraine pretending to like Nadia Sawalha's cooking when it was obvious she wanted to spit it out in the bin and rinse the taste out of her mouth.
Miss Ribble 6:13pm Mon 2 Jan
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In the bin, please.
Tacky describes Lorraine perfectly, as does smug, patronising, fake, careerist, vacuous etc, etc...
Miss Ribble 10:38am Thu 15 Dec
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Lorraine lags behind
Those cheap, tacky, garish dresses Lorraine is being paid by JD Williams to pretend to like would also be good for lagging your pipes this winter, you certainly wouldn't be seen dead in them.
Joey Pants 1:49pm Wed 7 Dec
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Sickly smile
This must be the worst woman on TV. Dreadful demeanour and voice makes me cringe. Please someone stop it now! Please
Shep wilson 8:26am Tue 22 Nov
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Please keep the negative comments aimed at the Scottish presenter worthy of them. There can only be one LK thank God. Dreadful smile makes me cringe!
Sam snead 7:23pm Wed 16 Nov
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This woman is false and a disgrace to the Scottish race. Should retire and work in charity shop where she can sell her dreadful clothes.
Pat the lad 6:05pm Tue 8 Nov
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Painful on both the eye and ear. Please get rid. She's even doing adverts now also, so there is no escape. Argh
Dave the rave 8:16am Sun 6 Nov
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nettie, you are an idiot
Lorraine Kelly isn't warm, she's not lovely and she's not a lady. She is a terrible interviewer and fake, not at all the real deal.
krispy 10:35pm Sat 5 Nov
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What was she wearing ??
Gill 12:35pm Mon 31 Oct
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Fashion mistake,not a dress for Show at this time of the morning It is awful
Mary 9:21am Fri 28 Oct
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Really enjoyed Lorraine show
Minus Lorraine,I would watch every day if Helen was the.per permanent presenter,sorry but Lorraine is boring and cannot stand her waving hands
Liz 9:34am Thu 27 Oct
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Sack lorraine and keep Helen Skelton
She is way better than boring lorraine,a pleasure to watch,I would watch every day.
Mary 9:28am Wed 26 Oct
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triple tie
And the award for sickly,smarmy,fake and phony person is....... Oh no its a triple tie between lorraine, matthew wright and pip schofield. Lets see em smarm it out for the trophy. On second thoughts lets not.
gizmokatz. 11:19am Thu 13 Oct
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A migraine is better than suffering through this vacuous, irrelevant pap presented by one of the biggest phonies in the business.
jcc 10:19am Thu 13 Oct
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Didnt see show today as i had a migraine. Thank goodness for small blessings.
gizmokatz. 10:26am Wed 12 Oct
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Yes she has the common touch........all too!
once more 9:18am Tue 11 Oct
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keep your hate to yourselves
Lorraine kelly is a lovely warm lady with the common touch and a great interviewer, she is the real deal. If you don't like it watch something else but keep you nasty remarks to yourself.
Nettie 7:14pm Sat 8 Oct
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Inane Kelly
Never could stand this woman -stupid, fake, annoying, patronising BINT.
Richard White 4:31pm Sat 8 Oct
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Please stop it!
This woman really is the worst presenter on TV. Please somebody read these reviews and stop it now! Sickly lopsided smile and annoying accent is too much.
Dave the rave 9:04pm Thu 6 Oct
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Pure greed!
once more 6:28pm Wed 28 Sep
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She is even in the Avon books now. !!!
A.SCOT 12:53pm Wed 28 Sep
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Time for a Change
Can't stand the giggling or the adverts with her modelling. Time for a change she's been on too long.
cazzer 12:32pm Wed 28 Sep
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Lorraine Models 29/09
Hi, Can anyone help with the name of the models on Lorraine Tues. 29/09/16 pls? Especially the one who looked like Mollie King! Thanks, Daniel Potter
Huffy05 9:29am Tue 27 Sep
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a giggling bore
How old is this woman? She giggles and goshes like a five year old through everything including interviews. There is no substance to the show. Either axe the show or replace this self centered airhead with a worthier presenter.
Mat 11:17am Fri 23 Sep
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a giggling bore
How old is this woman? She giggles and goshes like a five year old through everything including interviews. There is no substance to the show. Either axe the show or replace this self centered airhead with a worthier presenter.
Mat 10:00am Fri 23 Sep
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a giggling bore
How old is this woman? She giggles and goshes like a five year old through everything including interviews. There is no substance to the show. Either axe the show or replace this self centered airhead with a worthier presenter.
Mat 9:53am Fri 23 Sep
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Dr Hilary
What is the medication he mentioned that NHS has stopped doctors prescribing for osteoporosis that also helps prevent cancer
Trish 9:41am Thu 22 Sep
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For goodness sake it's so annoying to watch her hands swaying around with every interview! She needs to be replaced !
Diva nan 8:40am Fri 16 Sep
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Dont watch
Dont watch the programme. Boycott it then they may get the message. She's the most boring and unentertaining thing on Tv
Get rid 9:25am Wed 14 Sep
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Time to go now
She has a lucrative career in fashion apparently! although I don't know why as in the tv ads she plods along like a ungainly hoofer in those awful outfits?
once more 9:10am Tue 13 Sep
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Dolts TV
Don't expect to hear the theory of relativity coming from this dopey woman's trap.
Lennie Bennie 4:29pm Mon 12 Sep
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Time for a change
I enjoyed Lisa Snowdon, I like Lorraine. Don't like the new format more bubblegum crap. Used to discuss news with reporters now all All we have is far too much mark, the TVs critic, constant plugging of new films /tv/theatre shows. For goodness sake can't we have a Good mix of real issues with a smattering of bubblegum. PLEASE freshen up this format
Christy 11:48am Tue 6 Sep
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surprise surprise
Anyone know she has herself down as an actress too besides being a celebrity and presenter what ....?
well I never 6:10pm Sat 3 Sep
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No personality
No neither will I. She's got as Much personality as a pound of tripe. I don't know how anyone cannot see through her. She's false
not a fan 9:08am Fri 2 Sep
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She is back on Monday and there will be everyone making out they missed her, cant do it, wont be watching, its a shame cos sometimes she has nice people on but cant be doing with the handwaving, stupid giggling false woman
Jan 8:47am Fri 2 Sep
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Poor Fi Fi
Fiona had Melanie Sykes on today, and Mel is very pretty, the contrast between them was huge, Fiona is so scraggy and not good and the job. I thought Gabby was great, please get rid of Fiona.
Jan 8:40am Thu 1 Sep
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Why is called larraine. She is never there, apart from a smug look at the beginning. Take her name off, there are much better presenters than her
T & S 9:30am Wed 31 Aug
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Oh no not Fiona
FiFi bon bon (as Ross Kings calls her) is really not good on Lorraine, please lets have Gabby, she is much better, and its look very promising that Lorraine will not be back, hooray
Jan 8:33am Wed 31 Aug
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Gabby for Lorraine.
Please lets keep Gabby, there is no stupid school girl giggling and the constant hand waving, Lorraine is sickly Gabby is terrific.
Jan 9:23am Fri 26 Aug
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Why does ITV persist with Lorraine not only is she crap and never in work .... The other presenters are far better- the woman is lazy and useless
Sturl 9:52am Tue 23 Aug
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Dont watch
If people dont watch the programme when shes back then they may get the message.ratings will fall and there may be a replacement
Post again 9:43am Wed 10 Aug
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YAY at last
Lisa Snowdon, what a breath of fresh air, I hope she stays, she is grown up and natural, so different to Lorraine and Fiona
Jan 9:18am Tue 9 Aug
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Someone please tell me, this is the third wonderful week she has not been on, has she left.
Jan 9:09am Mon 8 Aug
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Low rain or high pain
Dreadful woman with terrible personality and such a false accent and demeanour. Please it get rid now! Sickly smile annoys me too!
Sam snead 7:22pm Thu 4 Aug
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School hols
As previous comment I dont see why she takes them either. It must be something she has stipulated Inher contract or she'll go. Exit stage right (asap) I say. Also why does she have that picture of herself on the wall? Smug individual who does nowt.
no fan 8:41am Thu 4 Aug
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At least Fiona is a genuine person not like Kelly who hides behind a front like a sea wall so no one can take her precious job.she has no personality at all.also takes too many school holidays-why ??
Not a fan any longer 9:08pm Fri 29 Jul
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