5 December 2019  | 
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Where it belongs
As bad as all the crap daytime TV
deebee 4:38pm Mon 28 Oct
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full of his own importance
What a condescending person Paul Martin is. I have certainly had my fill of his tv programmes.
Enough 8:22pm Sat 26 Oct
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We viewers aren't stupid.
Not fair the dealers selling to Michael Baggott one of Paul Martins cronies from flog it. It's obvious the dealers are told which shops to sell in.
Steptoe. 6:00pm Tue 22 Oct
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Paul Martin is so.
Patronising. He couldn't deal a pack of cards.
Maxine 3:44pm Tue 15 Oct
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Flogged it
If this is the replacement for Flog It someone at the BBC needs sacking. This is dire, unlike Flog It which was normally interesting
Peegee 1:19pm Mon 14 Oct
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Can't believe this got a new series
This programme is a load of tosh. You need real knowledge to make a success in the antique/collectable market. Managing to make a few Bob on a couple of bits does not make you a dealer. Boring and pointless programme
Snoops 3:36pm Wed 9 Oct
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What must the people who buy the so-called antiques think when they see the hugely inflated prices they've been 'conned' into paying. If it were me, I would be very angry!
Wuth 2:41pm Mon 29 Jul
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Bring back Flog It
Awful boring show! Bring back Flog It! Beautiful locations, lovely audience plus historical information.
Sad viewer 3:14pm Fri 26 Jul
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I hope these apprentice dealers have not given up their real jobs...If I had a teacher like Martin I would be crying into my cornflakes...Martin is hopeless and seems to have a very child like knowledge of his so called expertise
Abandon all hope 3:39pm Mon 3 Dec
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Prev comm
In complete agreement with that statement, the whole show is a load of tat cheaply done and a waste of time.
Cromwell. 7:36pm Sat 1 Dec
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Total crap.
Most reviewers think it is all bad and not worth watching and I agree.
Skylark. 11:20am Sat 1 Dec
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Not all bad!!
I don't think it is all bad, but do have to agree about the comments on voiceover. In my opinion it devalues the show. What would help however, is advice on how/where to then sell items after purchase. Not everyone has a database!!
LET 7:11pm Fri 30 Nov
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Irritating Voiceover
I quite like the first part of the show where they bid at auction but the selling seems very contrived and the voiceover is irritating beyond belief, it is so annoying that it spoils the programme
Gill 5:33pm Fri 30 Nov
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Awful awful awful
This so called antique programme is dreadful..If Martin is the self proclaimed expert that he professes to be why does he not deal in antiques instead of presenting this tripe...
The BBC parallel world. 12:52pm Fri 30 Nov
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Don't like Steve, full stop!
TRS 4:37pm Wed 28 Nov
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Childrens TV??
Good programme but that awful Mark Curry commentary has got to go, are we children? he is terrible!
Lisawheely 10:01am Wed 28 Nov
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Please take it off
I'm trying to give P Martin and the production team so many chances. But the reality is he's blagging and bluffing and the sales are set-ups. How stupid do they think we are?
Everhopeful 7:37pm Tue 27 Nov
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Antique expert?
This is awful, what exactly does Paul Martin bring to this apart from his enormous ego. God awful on flog it. This is cringingly self indulgent. Let's not even talk about the voice over.
Nipperdog 5:03pm Tue 27 Nov
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Voice over?
Love Paul Martin but this is a cheaply put together programme,please shoot the voice over appalling!
French tart! 1:30pm Tue 27 Nov
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Sub-standard BBC TV
Words fail me. Awful.
Moi 12:34pm Tue 27 Nov
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this programme
bob 11:29pm Mon 26 Nov
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What a clown.
Paul Martin will show two would be dealers all the tricks of the trade. Question is who will show him, the man needs sacking?????.
Snipe. 12:45pm Mon 26 Nov
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So bad
Watched it this afternoon, how awful, BBC dumbing down again. I hate to say this but bring back Flog it.
Wrinkle2 7:25pm Sat 24 Nov
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Paul Martin
this program is such a waste of time and puts you to sleep every afternoon
chippers 11:25am Sat 24 Nov
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This programme is an insult to intelligent viewers
Supersales 4:29pm Fri 23 Nov
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Dreadful programme. Glad I did not take part in it!!!!
Suzy Cue 1:26pm Wed 21 Nov
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Have never seen Antique Shop Dealers pay those sort of prices for tat like that. They have obv been paid to 'negotiate'. Pure fiction. Martin is a Very Deluded person.
mick 4:45pm Tue 20 Nov
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This programme is badly produced and totally unrealistic. A lot of naive people, will in practice,lose a lot of money
Tommo 3:54pm Tue 20 Nov
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Paul Martin
He is so up himself with his constant self praising. get rid of this bore.
iain 3:12pm Tue 20 Nov
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paul martin
i like flogit and paul martin but make me a dealer is hard work to watch and i switch it off pity
paul 2:17pm Sun 18 Nov
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Opps wrong Dealer
Thought is was about herbs .. lol
HAHAHA 6:09pm Sat 17 Nov
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P.Martin has no personality thats his problem, he's talentless ?.
Zippy. 7:14pm Fri 16 Nov
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mind numbing sewage
P Martin has always been Boring. This programne prob worst excuse for tv show ever. Bring Flog It back with New presenter.
mick 5:34pm Thu 15 Nov
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Awful narration We are not childen Paul Martin is wearing pyjamas
Pollysue 4:42pm Thu 15 Nov
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A one series wonder if it lasts that long.
Jake. 3:52pm Thu 15 Nov
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Even worse than flog it
Terrible show
Suffolk dealer 1:54pm Thu 15 Nov
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1 out of 10
lacklustre and dull; tedious commentary; uninspiring contestants; weak concept; my wife hates it too!
Regor 5:55pm Wed 14 Nov
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Too long !
This programme is tedious and too long ! Paul hogs too much airtime , and I have no interest in the people on the show. I want to know about antiques and collectables so please bring back Flog It , and the interesting experts !
Avongirl 6:55pm Tue 13 Nov
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Cheaply made show
This show obviously is a cheaply made production-only Paul Martin has to be paid!Doesn't hold my interest at all.Loved Flog It.
Eliz 7:47pm Mon 12 Nov
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Irritant voice over!
Who does the voice over for this program? He's as ittitant as the guy who does Money for nothing. What is it with the BBC? Why does it has to be (not) funny???
Contessa 4:43pm Mon 12 Nov
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Made on the cheap
This show is really bad. If it's a cheap replacement for the axed Flogit then don't bother. Can't watch it.
Peter Piper 4:02pm Mon 12 Nov
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latest show
another show with the rejects off Bargain Hunt?
trace 3:36pm Mon 12 Nov
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WHY THIS?????.
Here we go again another cheap antique show, P.Martin again with his boring sad presenting. He as no charisma what so ever, and sends people to sleep?.
Philoctetes 2:37pm Mon 12 Nov
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Not again!
Another dumbed down antique show. What are you doing Paul.
Pericles 4:48pm Thu 8 Nov
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One episode was enough. BBC will lose viewers with this. More flog it please.
Ribs 5:18pm Wed 7 Nov
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I do not like the show.
merthyr 3:37pm Wed 7 Nov
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Make me a dealer
More like make me stay awake bring back Flog it everyone loves it. Whoever decided to take Flog it off make them redundant!!
Tonk 3:11pm Wed 7 Nov
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Bring Flog It back
Such a boring show. Won't be watching anymore episodes.Bring back Flog I
Hellybells 5:27pm Tue 6 Nov
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Bring back flog it
Awful show,boring Paul Martin is floging a dead horse with this show.
Ann1954 5:56pm Mon 5 Nov
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