22 October 2021  | 
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MCA - The Best!!!
Masterchef Australia is THE best Masterchef program in the world. Do really miss Gary, George and Matt though.
Jess 2:19pm Wed 7 Oct
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Watched for the first time today. Better than the UK version mainly because Greg Wallace was not in it. Not keen on the chefs having long hair trailing over their food
Ap1947 11:35am Wed 31 Jan
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Masterchef Australia is the best cooking competition programme out there, so pleased its on uk tv!
Lisa 1:59pm Tue 30 Jan
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Fantastic. It's back
Soon pleased it's back. Yippee
Penndav 8:39pm Mon 15 May
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More than prawns on the barbie!
We have loved this series of MCA so much and have really enjoyed being on the journey with all the contestants. Will be sad when it finishes!
Spammie 5:48pm Mon 21 Nov
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I so miss MA
When is MA back on Really? it hasn't been on UK tv for ages. So much better than the UK version. I really miss it. We've had enough of Homes Under the Hammer!
Lyn 1:59pm Thu 5 May
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Australian master chef 2015
When will this series be aired on UK TV it's so much better than the UK version.
Mogs 6:00pm Sun 20 Sep
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Watch confirm date
It's starting on 28 September. I checked with Watch TV.
Gadi 7:03pm Thu 27 Aug
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series 7 air date UK
15 September 2015 on Watch channel. Not sure of time though
can'tcook 10:51pm Sun 26 Jul
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season 7
When is season 7 on in UK
dannyboy 11:02pm Wed 13 May
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The Best!
You've seen the rest - now watch the best!
Lyn, 9:59pm Wed 2 Jul
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Masterchef season4/5
Season 4 was suddenly discontinued(used to be showing on Really channel).Season 5 is currently showing on Watch channel BUT at 7am and 8am in the morning when i am usually at work.Any one know about more viewer friendly times on tv?
zizi 12:43pm Thu 24 Apr
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It doesn't get much better...
After the UK series 'same old,same old' this is really refreshing! The challenges are different. The presenters really seem to encourage the contestants. Great!
Salamat 11:09pm Sun 12 Jan
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Not so good this year.
Poorest year,poor cooks went forward on the back of others, prefer the personal challenges. Always felt this programme was very fair until this year. Rishi and Lynton all the way. Rishi should have won but Lynton was robbed.
Emerald isle 9:42pm Thu 5 Dec
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What a fix!
As ever, this is fixed...not only the boy girl final...but the best chef did not win. Another viewer lost! I wonder how long this programme will continue to air with no viewers!
CatyB 11:12pm Tue 3 Dec
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Rishi's being kicked off
We have been watching this program for few years and we loved it,somehow this year;big disappointment with the elimination of Rishi and put through someone using.."coriander in French cuisine?" Did we get this right?Sorry Guys!!!He was the best, he should have won this!
Fidou 8:26pm Fri 29 Nov
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ROO & Chips
Great Tukka
rastus 4:15pm Tue 26 Nov
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mc 5 teams
i am dissapointed about mc 5, almost only team challanges. good cook go, and some of the worse stay, saved by their luck f being in the right team. i far more preferred the personal chalanges. that way the winners were relly good.
tanne 7:16am Sat 12 Oct
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Throw another 'roo on the barbie mate.
GO AWAY 7:33pm Wed 9 Oct
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MasterChef 2011
when will we see master chef 2011. can't wair best show on tv
LindyLou 10:09am Mon 26 Aug
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Australian Masterchef Series 5
Whoop, whoop... series 5 of Australian Masterchef starts on Watch on the 15th September 2013.... love it
Karen 8:47pm Thu 15 Aug
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Pls does anybody know when it will be shown in the uk? And on which channel
Deb 6:11pm Tue 13 Aug
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it is back
it starts 15th september 7 pm on watch
traceyx7 9:13pm Sun 4 Aug
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Whens it on??
When does the new series 5 start here in the UK????
Drac 11:26am Wed 10 Jul
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stacked deck
Its so obvious that matser chef have found the best female cooks & the worste male cooks , last nights episode was rediculous as layton lost even though he cooked crab perfectly for the 1st time & the female that won the imunity pin over cooked her crab ???? need i say more.
pabsy 10:42am Tue 18 Jun
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When is it on?
I love the programme to bits but when is it on, and what time??
EstherLouise 9:19pm Wed 22 May
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when does series 5 start in UK?
Does anyone know when series 5 start in the UK?
Melly 7:43pm Tue 30 Apr
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Masterchef Australia Series 5
was disappointed to see Masterchef Australia series 4 on tv, does anyone know when Series 5 2013 starts on uk tv, love the programme, the best format of masterchef and beats the uk one for all the wonderful scenary too, anyway if anyone knows when uk tv will broadcast series 5 please let me know, thanks, Karen
karen 6:51pm Mon 15 Apr
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Australia Masterchef
Best tv competition to find the next masterchef ever seen. Really great cooks and very entertaining
Denny 5:34pm Wed 12 Dec
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Possum pie, with
Whitchiti grubs, served on a bed of boiled rice. Washed down with Fosters. Skippie delight afterwards, then a trip to A&E.
Edna 3:51pm Wed 7 Dec
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oh hell!
and we have already watched the first 37 episodes online! still great program!
lels 6:43pm Sun 4 Sep
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streewth mate
this show is a real dingo.
bloke downt pub 10:22am Fri 26 Aug
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Rest of Series 2
Series 2 was scrapped last month part way through. Is there any chance Watch will screen the remainder soon? Thanks
PhilJ 11:17am Tue 16 Aug
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What series is it?
I watched it last summer on Really, and wanted to know what series this one is. Watch tv uk we're broadcasting the next series in october..
moo! 12:29pm Tue 2 Aug
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stick a kanga on the barbie
was down with some plonk while yer billy boils
simples 6:36pm Sun 5 Dec
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master chef australis
uk version take note
minx 5:49pm Thu 11 Nov
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Aussie Masterchef
Fantastic show, 10 out of 10, Masterchef Uk sit up and take note how it should be done !!!
cloppa 4:51pm Thu 16 Sep
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100 times better than Masterchef UK,
Cloppa 5:20pm Fri 10 Sep
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Sad to see this is a repeat, when/where will we see the 2nd series?
dave 9:16am Tue 8 Jun
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What am i going to do after this show has finished!! i have loved every minute of it!!
kandi-H 10:30am Thu 8 Apr
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steaks in aspic. These sheila's know good tucka.
skipy 7:01pm Tue 6 Apr
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i wonder were they got the idea from??gr
george 4:59pm Thu 25 Mar
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Love it
I am so addicted to this version of masterchef its untrue!! Hope Julie or Sam wins!! Not Andre dont like him. AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!
Sarah1988 11:05pm Mon 22 Mar
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I just love the re-work of the MasterChef format. Contestants are eliminated one by one (in a similar way to Hell's Kitchen) and they all live with each other in the Masterchef house. It gives them a real chance to shine over the course of several dishes and tasks. The judges are supportive and encouraging and really go out of their way to help the contestants be their best. Elimination is done by the contestants themselves face-to-face. Best of all, the judges actually COOK! I love it and think the UK version should try out the format next series.
FuzzyDuck 1:47pm Tue 16 Mar
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masterchef rocks
luv masterchef the british one is always good and the master chef pro one is rele good too, The ozzy's are certainly livin up coz am addicted to it just now every night at 7pm am glued to watch!
scottish dolli 2:00am Fri 5 Feb
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