22 October 2021  | 
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I love love love this program...I will be so sad to see it finish..it is such good acting and almost believable..if only. It is adult fantasy and should never end....please make another series....
poppylove 2:49pm Mon 9 Apr
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bring back medium
Brilliant tv sooo sad it ended love the show it can make u laugh it can make u cry watch discs of medium over and over again love medium bring back medium
j bailey 11:24pm Fri 5 Apr
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Excellent stories, should be on earlier
Hilda 10:23pm Tue 15 May
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Season 6 Episode 18 - There Will be Blood pt2
My Sky+ link must have failed as the last episode of S6 I have is episode 17, pt1 of TWBB Is Season 6 being repeated anywhere so I can watch the episodes 18 to 22 before I start to watch Season 7?
Samantha 12:15am Tue 20 Sep
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i used to love watching Medium, Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer but now they seem to be shown only on Sky which I do not have and cannot afford. I am most disappointed.
disappointed 12:12am Fri 24 Jun
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needs to be shown on BBC2 soon. we miss it!!!
amber1 1:41pm Wed 1 Jun
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I think this show is amazing! I don't really understand why it isn't on standard UK/Freeview channels more often. It's quite frustrating when you come across one accidentally. At one in the morning. More episodes (at sensible hours) and more information regarding when they are on, please!
Berenice 11:59pm Mon 2 May
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Loved this program can't believe its come to end please bring this program back to the bbc at an earlier time which would also make me very happy please please bring this program back! Xxx
michelle 2:25am Sat 16 Apr
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missing medium
Where can I see Medium now that Channel One has stopped broadcasting? I only have access to freeview.
Mairin 6:55am Thu 3 Feb
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Medium Series 5
Now that Channel One is no longer broadcasting, which channel is the rest of Series 5 (13 onwards) on?
Daisy 5:05pm Fri 28 Jan
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I love every second of Medium, it really was the high point of my T.V. week. I'm in Australia and we see it every now and then when the channels put it on. Every member of the family is so believable and the "twist in the tale" makes it so interesting. Can't believe the show has to end. I'm still hunting for episodes I've missed on Foxtel, but there's nothing on T.V. or Foxtel here now or on its way. I'm having withdrawals. I loved Joe GREAT HUSBAND! TERRIFIC SCRIPTS ALWAYS. Dianne
Dianne 7:22am Wed 19 Jan
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best show ever
i love this show, can't get enough, better than supernatural, rock on medium
chris582565 11:19pm New Years Eve
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Loving Medium
I am big fan of Medium. I love it. But I can only watch it on BBC2 which it comes way too late at night (1.40 am)???? Are they crazy. There is lots of crap going on before that. Why cannot they swap it!!!!and get Medium a more decent time... The 8.1 rating is far better than some awful stuff that comes out the telly at 8.00 pm. So help my petition to get Medium as evening programme.
lchrisss 3:27pm Wed 22 Dec
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Poor Joe Dubois
Must be difficult, not only the single male, but the only normal in a household full of psychics. Even the brother-in-law has the gift. No wonder Jake Weber wanders around looking lost!
sympatico 5:24pm Wed 8 Dec
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why cant living loves give full information of episode and series, so i can decide to set record, as i work and view later
frustrated 1:34pm Sun 28 Nov
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i like this
i like to watch medium because its a good thing to watch
lol 6:12pm Fri 27 Aug
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When oh when!!
Does anybody know when the current series is coming to freeview tv.? Am going crazy notbeing able to watch it
Smartymarty 6:59pm Fri 20 Aug
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Medium rocks!
I love Medium. Hardly ever miss an episode. Admittedly, the format is a bit samish but I don't ever tire of this exciting and well-acted programme- and the characters are really warm and likeable. I really enjoy the current episodes where Alison works for a different organisation. Makes a nice change.
Andrea 7:49pm Fri 6 Aug
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family guy is the most brillant film in the world
josh 10:13pm Fri 11 Jun
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When Push Comes to Shove PART 2
I complained to Virgin1 about broadcasting part 1 of 'When Push Comes to Shove' and not showing Part 2 as promised the week after. Here is their answer:- Medium 'When Push Comes to Shove' - part 1 was shown on 23/04/10. The second part of this episode will be shown towards the end of the year - it will be the first episode of the second series.
Becky 6:35pm Fri 7 May
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Part two?
When is part two of When push comes to shove? I can't find it anywhere! Great Program!
Bobby 8:58am Tue 27 Apr
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brilliant show
am a bit discusted with sci fi since they stoped showing 2 to 3 episodes a night.love the show am totally addicted..the actors are all brilliant, scallion is the coolest guy ever.. and has anyone noticed briege doesnt age at all from series 1 to 5.. brilliant and freaky.. lol
jeyares 11:47am Fri 16 Apr
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my fave show
Love Medium - so confused with series being shown at moment tho - they are all over the place on different channels. Never mind - watch them repeatedly. Alison is great - Patricia Arquette has always been one of my favourite actors and medium is perfect for her.
topaz 12:29pm Thu 14 Jan
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Many thanks
Many thanks Cincin, watched both via the link you gave on 30 Dec 09.
Jay 8:46am Mon 4 Jan
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Also didn't record last one!! It would look like I have to stop blaming hubby for accidently deleting it! Are they going to reshow this episode as it would seem a lot of us didn't get it?
eps 7:34pm New Years Day
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Re missing episode
I missed the final one as well as my "box" didn't record it. Also watching series 1 on Living and part 2 of "When push comes to shove" isn't done as to be shown when part one was shown on New Years eve, yesterday!
jay 5:17pm New Years Day
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missing episode
I went to CastTV, searched for Medium, found series 5, episode 19 and watched it youtube style. Worked ok, and REALLY pleased I got a chance to watch it!!! http://www.casttv.com/shows/medium/bring-me-the-head-of-oswaldo-castillo/xp4vck
Cincin 1:19am Wed 30 Dec
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love medium
missed last one of the series as didnt tape rather miffed about as set up to tape all... how can i catch up on the series fianl one...help
juiceyjoe 10:48pm Sun 27 Dec
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not recorded final episode
i also didn't have the season finally recorded on virgin media... anyone know when it will be shown again?? of all the episodes to miss :-(
Cincin 10:48pm Sun 27 Dec
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Love It
I love Medium!! And I have fallen completely in love with Jake Weber!!
Lydz 10:44am Boxing Day
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Ring Tone
Think it is just the normal Nokia ring tone. By the way defo a fave in my house. (Medium, not the Nokia ring tone!!!)
Anni Bunnanni 1:19pm Tue 22 Dec
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episode mix?
It is starting all over again! But the episodes are messed up - today season 1 episode 1, tomo season episode 3, wed season 1 epiode 6... Am I missing something???
BM 5:37pm Mon 21 Dec
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Season 5 episode 19
Did anyone else have Medium on Series link and it only record one episode last Friday? For some reason it never recorded the second and final episode 19 on Friday and theres no reason why!!!! Have Living/Virgin made a mistake here?
Mick2112 11:17pm Sun 20 Dec
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Hi, there has to be someone out there who knows the ringtone of Allison's phone. Please wont someone help me and tell me the name of it. Love the show, it's fab.
juals 11:05am Sun 20 Dec
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series 5 episode 19
Was that the one with the that wouldn't? ...well worth waiting the boxed set next Christmas filling stocker
Eh? 7:00pm Sat 19 Dec
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Is series 5 episode 19 going to be screened again? I missed it and really want to see it.
Ant 6:51pm Sat 19 Dec
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Hi, can anyone tell me the ringtone that is on allison's mobile phone. I love the show, and have heard rumours of it ending for good soon. Please don't as i would miss it so much. The shows too good to end.
juals 1:40pm Thu 10 Dec
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Showing time
Can this series not being show a bit earlier? One of my favourite program but just the time doesn't suit me. What a shame!
xx 9:20pm Fri 20 Nov
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but quite good.
Blargh 10:19pm Fri 6 Nov
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kill the husband
he makes an interesting show annoying. i have to mute the tv every time he comes on.
(or at least cut his hair) 6:23am Wed 4 Nov
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best show on tv
its become my favourite show - love the family and story lines.
andj 10:48pm Fri 23 Oct
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medium series 5
big fan of medium missed the beginning of series 5 is it going to be shown on bbc? or re run from the beginning of series 5 elsewhere?
suzerella 11:23pm Thu 15 Oct
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I really love it i watch it with my mum all the time xx
Nikki 6:22pm Fri 18 Sep
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Medium is a fantastic show,...it's made even more fascinating by it being based on an actual person and actual events...fabulous,...keep them coming. I am a late comer to this excellent show and have missed the first 5 series,...so was pleased when Living Channel started to show the first series again. I thought they would've carried on showing it up until the new series started...but alas,not. So now I have had to watch the first 5 series all muddled up,...I'll explain why. At the moment, Sept 09, Medium is being shown on 3 separate channels, BBC2, Living and Sci-Fi,...and is shown at various times. The BBC2 show has a series link,...no problem,...Living has a series link,...no problem,...but Sci-Fi Channel has no series link,...and to make it even harder,...they don't put it on at the same time. They change days, times and episodes, which makes for a totally random viewing experience,...and a totally frazzled head!!!!...Why can't Sci-Fi have a series link,...and show episodes in order, like the other shows on the Sci-fi channel...it's so annoying, as I am desperate not to miss any.
Vixx 7:54pm Tue 15 Sep
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great show
just watched season 1 on living and i think its a breath of fresh air , a good change from your same old programs we get ,
casa-dos 11:45am Wed 2 Sep
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waiting for series 5 feels like forever please bring back storys always unforgetable
nicky 11:38am Sat 25 Jul
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Best show ever
LOVE medium so much!!!!
PS 11:35pm Fri 19 Jun
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When does the next series commence? I love the whole cast its the best on tv.
Medium Fan 6:50pm Mon 15 Jun
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Great cast and excellent show.
earlyknite 1:54am Wed 21 Jan
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I love the cast...its what makes the show.It can be very predictable at times and sleeping seances can get on a bit also how can the husband take night after night of interrupted sleep not go out of his mind.
Still loyal 9:50pm New Years Eve
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