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Great show !
Great scripts, actors and television .... they don't make them as good as this anymore.
Dennis 1:40pm Wed 9 Dec
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Current repeats all seem to be with Sign Language
Whilst I appreciate that its important for some viewers to have programmes with Sign Langauge, the majority of Minder repeats now seem to be all with Sign Langauge. Can the programmes be evenlt mixed, please, with half without Sign Language.
Chris C 3:01pm Wed 30 Sep
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Best show on television- ITV4 is the best and keep doing what you - Minder - Sweeney- Professionals - Saint - best ????
Minder is one of the best series ever and George Cole and Dennis Waterman worked so well together. Thank you ITV4 for such a great service - by showing these every day and James Bond films you give people a purpose and so much enjoyment that never tires or gets boring ! Thank you for the memories.
Jackie 10:34pm Thu 11 Oct
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Prev comm
Hope you get to be 70+ cos the alternative is pretty grim.
don'tbelieveallyouread 3:37pm Fri 26 Jan
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So badly dated and old fashioned. No way there are people like this around in today's society. Except for the 70 year old plus minder copycats who are still alive.
Er indoors. 2:13pm Fri 26 Jan
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The scripts are without the best I've ever seen.Brilliant George Cole.My best ever actor.
Sharlottfox 1:40pm Tue 2 Jan
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I'll hit you
Miniscule minder minds his miniature boss
Ugh 12:49pm Fri 27 Sep
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Such a bad remake
Shane Richie, what a total imbecile. I think the highlight of his career was the Daz adverts, play to your strengths Shane!
Feed The Pigeon 12:06am Sun 5 Dec
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if it aint
broken dont try and mend it , george cole should be knighted
n mellows 7:28pm Thu 16 Sep
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Great But...
... the remake was truly awful.
Jay Walker 7:40pm Wed 21 Apr
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Claas show
Was great with arthur and terry,even with arthur and ray.But the new one with Shane Ritchie & Lex Shrapnel a total waste of time.Minder without arthur dodgy daley is not a minder show,thats why it still worked even when denis left.To make a new series is a total joke and mockery to a classic tv show.
footyguy 7:53pm Sat 20 Feb
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Best description
of Arthur was that he is a complete "dollop" I agree, why does anyone even admit he's even there.
fred 6:47pm Sun 17 Jan
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Will It Last?
I live in Oz & have heard that the new 2009 series has been canned. It it true? What happened?
hoppy 10:23am Tue 11 Aug
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dont bring back that rubbish.long live terry and arfur.down with achie and whooooo.the geezer from thunderbirds.
stephenm6100 6:01am Wed 17 Jun
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Wrong Picture?
Not Cole/Waterman!
Andy 6:07pm Wed 29 Apr
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Good Job
Must admit being a minder fan of old wasnt sure id enjoy it but i was suprised how the series has grown on me (at episode 4 now) good job.
tel 11:27pm Tue 3 Mar
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Good Job
Must admit being a minder fan of old wasnt sure id enjoy it but i was suprised how the series has grown on me (at episode 4 now) good job.
tel 11:27pm Tue 3 Mar
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classic minder, great partnership between Dennis Waterman and George Cole
jimbo 8:46pm Sun 1 Mar
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i thought it couldn't get worse...
old minder was shocking enough, but seriously... what the hell is this. Pure unadulterated rubbish
lolmaster 7:06pm Sat 21 Feb
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La plus ca change...
P381; "Bad acting, weak storyline, looks cheap". Just like the original then!
Perkin Warbeck 7:23pm Sat 14 Feb
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Brave attempt and I like it!
It was very brave of them to make the new Minder as negative comparisons with original are inevitable. Just imagine if they'd tried the same thing with Only Fools! Anyway, I'm liking the new show so far though it would have been nice to have seen a few cameos by George Cole! I use to watch the originals and they always went out on Wednesday night if I remember correctly, though in the earlier slot of 8pm? If you stop trying to hold it up to the original you might just enjoy it. Can't believe it took me half an hour to recognise Rik Mayall in tonight's show! Btw - If you watched the first couple of episodes of the original, it was ok, but you'd never have guessed that it would have gone on to be such an institution - much like the earliest episodes of Only Foools.
Disparate_Dan 9:32pm Wed 11 Feb
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I loved it!!!
Great remake. Loved the old minder, love the new one to. Shane Ritchie & Lex Shrapnel are great 2gether.
dkny 11:10am Wed 11 Feb
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What a load of Rubbish!!!!
Bad acting, weak storyline, looks cheap. I do like Shane Ritchie - but not in this! Not a patch on the original Minder.
p381 5:18pm Thu 5 Feb
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Light hearted, tongue in cheek, pretty funny, not much different to life on mars in a funny way. I liked it!
felchman 12:45am Thu 5 Feb
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Dave the Barman
It's chiswick / fulham, the winchester interior was Guiness's private bar within the brewery in park royal. The original exterior is in the westend. they need to remain this NEW minder.. as I'm seeing comments I made regarding the old FAR better one =/
'er in doors 9:51pm Wed 4 Feb
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over acted , not a patch on the original
unrealistic, "archie" wouldn't have a warehouse in the westend. He's done his alfie moon act with a bit of george cole chucked in for good measure. better to watch the ORIGINAL on itv4.. and yes I'm watching the new one.. only reason it's remade? Murdoch owns channel 5 and bought thames out all them years ago.. so can probably for the ex-pats in spain / oz
'er in doors 9:48pm Wed 4 Feb
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Hahahaha to the comment below!!
HAHAHA! 9:40pm Wed 4 Feb
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How can people rate it when it hasn't even aired yet? This is a NEW version of the show, not the old one! Shows the mentality of people these days, try reading first you morons.
STFU 8:47pm Wed 4 Feb
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Always Watch It!!
One of the best programmes on any channel (and we watched it first time round). Yes, please bring back Budgie with Adam Faith.
Golden Oldies 2:17pm Tue 27 Jan
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minder,and the sweeney are brilliant programs. we need more programs like this. itv4 is a great channel which i find myself watching more than the normal 5 channels of rubbish.
davross 6:07pm Sun 4 Jan
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One of the best series ever made!
m.p.soultions 6:33pm Sun 21 Dec
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film locations
a lot of it was filmed in west London. The Winchester (interior) club, was the bar of the Guinness brewery (in park royal) at one point a family member used to work there. They also filmed in the warehouse of where I worked at one point, and that was in neasden.
lalala 3:58pm Wed 29 Oct
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Brilliant script and great actors
One of a host of ITV4 shows that would last if pay per view came in
Mr Norm 5:56pm Sun 26 Oct
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Police help needed.
Has anyone seen a shifty looking character in the Parsons Green area of Fulham. He's in his sixties, wears a trilby and goes by the name Arfur Daley.
Detective Inspector Chisholm 5:27pm Thu 18 Sep
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The show is actually set in Fulham, which is nowhere near the East end.
Dave the Barman 5:21pm Thu 18 Sep
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andrew "the londoner"
considering most of it was filmed no where near the east end, try chiswick etc West and North west london etc. As for you other comments, you really are silly and probably never lived in the east end.
hhhmm 8:10pm Wed 17 Sep
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nice piece of nostalgia
back in the day when the East End of London was populated by Londoners, not the third world dregs that infest it today. This show is a reminder of how things used to be. I hope ITV4 gets round to showing Budgie with Adam Faith sometime soon - another great show about likeable cockneys.
andrew 10:34am Tue 3 Jun
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