31 October 2020  | 
Money for Nothing Comments
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shout Noo when its j blades )) So boring when he's doing this... Sarah, please stay....
Ellie 6:09pm Thu 29 Oct
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At it again with his one painted chair leg with the added bonus of covering the crhips in gold......as you do!
Anita 5:34pm Sun 25 Oct
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Defund the BBC
do not delete
Anon 5:26pm Sun 25 Oct
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she is infinitely more professional. the other guy is inarticulate and not very talented. Such a shame.
jenny 4:47pm Fri 23 Oct
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episode. The fella jay blades is utterly useless and my grandaughter has produced better work than the fairey shade people. PLLease bring Sarah Back...
helen 6:07pm Wed 21 Oct
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Should that be Wyle e Coyote - beep beep
Cranky Sturgeon 8:02pm Mon 28 Sep
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Forgot the BBC LOL Schooled again leftie
Cranky Sturgeon 8:00pm Mon 28 Sep
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Oh my days! Did not realise you could smoke it. Says a lot Anon. Careful though cos teacher will find out what you are up to behind the bike shed.
chucklebrother 11:11am Mon 28 Sep
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Whether or not you are a sonny, a like chap or wee laddy as we say here I hope you got put to bed okay!
Anita 4:04pm Sun 27 Sep
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Removed again - re@ SONNY - that word was out of date after the 1960s !
Anon 2:29pm Sun 27 Sep
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He made you smile. A one off and greatly missed.
Estelle 1:48pm Sun 27 Sep
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What a lovely person presenting this show. Polite with a sense of humour and a great rapport with people. So very sad he was taken by this evil disease. Rip EJ.
kb 1:34pm Sun 27 Sep
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A total professional and great guy...Thoughts
Ric 3:29pm Sat 26 Sep
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So sad to see EJ. He seemed a lovely kind person. Rip.
Tim 3:21pm Sat 26 Sep
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Aka etc etc you give yourself away with your regular two cheeks comments. Time for bed sonny!
Anita 9:08pm Tue 22 Sep
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anita mac
two cheeks on the same ar@ehole - more boring waste from the unhealthy bowels of a c@ld t@rd !
Aon 10:35am Wed 16 Sep
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All the more reason to find something to do instead of trolling the keyboard day after day! So you are Sarah/Karen as you have yourself away responding. I knew it!!
Anita 6:27pm Tue 15 Sep
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More like they let you go. Helping yourself to the muffins was eating into the profits. Lardy @rse.
Mac 4:12pm Tue 15 Sep
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give you a clue, I took a pension at 50 - so trott off to your gulag, how dare you!!
Anon 4:00pm Tue 15 Sep
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items made seen the same in a pound shop, or a good diy store for far cheaper prices- sums up this elitist layout!
Kate 11:29am Tue 1 Sep
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A drab pink chair turned into a drab green one, an old desk disregarded except fora couple of its drawers made into a new desk, an old picture sold as seen minus its unrepaired frame, an old tin bucket cut into two made as wall lights resembling an old bucket cut in two! Beam me up Scotty! Money for old rope more like.
Tim 2:56pm Sat 29 Aug
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More cr*p
dumped from one channel onto another, in order to fill the schedules. We deserve better than THIS!
Fed Up Viewer 11:32am Wed 26 Aug
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confusing comment
Didn't understand a word what you said - check your comments!
Keith 9:26am Wed 19 Aug
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People are starving and you worry about three quid each week to watch TV!! Ye gods!!
exnhs 10:28pm Tue 18 Aug
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Not worth the bother - go back to your Ben and jerry's
karen 11:34am Tue 18 Aug
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Your comment
Ars@-licking sn@b! Programmes are total cr@p!
Keith 6:51am Thu 13 Aug
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I am not on pension credit so can afford it. Lots of folk are on low wages or not able to get a job. They have to pay. Not all of us retired are on the poverty line. I have two pensions like a lot. I do not want charity because I am an "OAP"!
exnhs 7:30pm Thu 6 Aug
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mistreatment of OAPs
Threatening these people with payment enforcement - tragic!
Keith 11:24am Thu 6 Aug
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missed the bus
Why the hell is everybody still commenting on this show? The beeb pulled the plug on it yonks ago.
gonzo 7:21pm Mon 27 Jul
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d e f u n d t h e b b c
gone with the wind - frankly I couldn't give a damn!
anom 10:49am Mon 27 Jul
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previous comment
EJ Osbourne is a man and is fully entitled to be. more telling is the chasm between his and blades abilities and exposure on this programme.
Ric 8:00am Mon 27 Jul
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previous comment
EJ Osbourne is a man and is fully entitled to be. more telling is the chasm between his and blades abilities and exposure on this programme.
Ric 7:58am Mon 27 Jul
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Prev comm
They have EJ Osbourne though
henry 11:38pm Sun 26 Jul
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What happened to Sarah?
Oh, of course, she's a woman...BBC does not promote women.
Mili 9:46am Sat 25 Jul
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What happened to Sarah?
Oh, of course, she's a woman...BBC does not promote women.
Mili 9:43am Sat 25 Jul
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completely by a three-legged chair :))
Ric 8:05am Mon 13 Jul
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Why was my last comment not shown?
Big fat Joe 9:13am Thu 18 Jun
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Me too
I saw that episode with the blue painted chair leg. I knew then he was onto something......alas!
shabbychic 10:13pm Mon 15 Jun
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some painter
Must disagree with last comment. I once saw him paint a whole chair leg which made the plain little chair it was attached to a a thing of beauty!
Big fat Joe 9:29pm Mon 15 Jun
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Jay Blades is doing this now! A blagger who is unqualified and knows nothing.
anothergonedownhill 2:51pm Sun 24 May
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Cheap TV
that costs nothing to make, or show, hardly reflects the "value" of spending £154.50 a year to watch. Meanwhile paying "celebrities" £millions for doing NOTHING!
P V 1:16pm Sun 3 May
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Josh and Ollie
Two of the so called renovaters. Should be called Dosh and Lolly. Greedy X 10.
Peafour 2:54pm Thu 4 Apr
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If someone is about to dump an item and or gives it away why do they end up with a profit.....it no longer belongs to them. All the money should go to charity!
mazza 3:28pm Wed 3 Apr
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Old couch
£1000 labour costs?? Beam me up Scotty!
mazza 3:07pm Sun 3 Mar
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Another unmarked repeat
This programme was on last night but not marked as a repeat
John 4:53pm Wed 13 Feb
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Why dont they make a show of all of the bits that didnt sell. Do they pocket the money...?
Doylee 7:06pm Thu 22 Nov
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Has anyone else noticed that Sarah's projects cost almost nothing to make but always make a big profit and the experts who charge a fortune make virtually no profit, Sounds fishy to me, who does the selling
Kate 5:15pm Fri 16 Nov
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Sensless show
This would all make sense if the proceeds all went to charity,otherwise what is the point?
Bottocks 5:45pm Tue 30 Oct
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Recycle it Beeb!
Time to recycle the tapes of this show into something watchable BBC
A viewer 3:23pm Mon 22 Oct
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£1,200 paid by some numpty for that ragbag of a settee. It doesn't even look comfy and Sarah said it when she said she didn't want to sit on it cos she'd have to fluff up the cushions (seat and back) again. Good grief I despair at the idiots with too much dosh. One point why did the man who discarded it pocket the whole of the profit when his idea was to donate it to charity in the first place?
gina 2:52pm Sun 7 Oct
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