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you'd think this website would be able to differentiate between two shows of the same name Monk Animated series about mischievous dog Monk and his friends Kimmy, Ben and Ding Category General Children's/Youth CITV 4:25pm-4:30pm (5 minutes) Sat 21 Jan (Subtitles)
cbdf 4:37pm Sat 21 Jan
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Mr Monk
Helping to break the stigma of mental illness with humour.
stogbarn 1:25pm Sat 30 Apr
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love it
i love the theme tune of monk does anybody know whats it called??
Laura 10:39am Fri 11 Feb
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Comedy Junkie
US subs are bigger
Richard Branson 1:34pm Wed 17 Nov
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Unusual lapse
Season 7 episode 5. Usual great story but why does the Captain call the Submarine a ship? All Subs are always called boats. And why are the rooms so big? Space on Sub is at a premium and rooms (although the term room is unrealistic on a Sub) are tiny. Ooops I think I'm turning in to Monk. :)
Comedy Junkie 8:55pm Thu 11 Nov
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Yeah season 8 will certainly be the best, fantastic role played by Tony Shalhoub, great piece of acting
steve 12:02pm Tue 17 Aug
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season 8
it will be in the autumn probably about late september and october time. Season 8 is the best and the last 2 episodes are truly heart breaking.
Jesse V 12:09pm Thu 12 Aug
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season 8
Does anyone know when Monk season 8 is going to air in the UK? I think it will be on the hallmark channel as they always show the premiers, season 7 was by far the best season so far! I have managed to see one episode of monk season 8 which is Mr Monk and the UFO and I have to say it is the funniest episode I have ever seen, but want to see it on tv!
Beth 2:59pm Mon 9 Aug
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monk every where
this show is being sown on 3 different channels today, BBC2, Hallmark and Quest!!
Richard Branson 9:49am Sat 31 Jul
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hat channel??
I have seen this show on sooo many chanels, BBC, ITV, Hallmark and Quest. which is the proper official channel that gets the season premiers?
Rob 10:28am Sun 25 Jul
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wow 9.5
never seen a show rated this high - i do like it though, lol @ 11 am slot
pokerpete 11:04am Sat 10 Jul
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BBc to itv
what is wrong with the BBC? best detective since colombo and the BBc use our tax money to show repeats instead of this. Down with the bbc i sure won't be paying me licence fee again, there's nothing on the bbc i want to watch. I say give our licience fee to itv, at least they have taste and sober news readers.
Jesse V 8:41am Sat 3 Jul
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Love it!
Love this show! I'm surprised its gone over to itv (its far too accurate and witty for this channel), I miss it on BBC2 no advert breaks.
Tbone 5:13pm Sat 26 Jun
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Monk is sicko!
hummh 12:02pm Sun 9 May
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Monk is so like me, it's uncanny. Except that he's a guy, but still... We want more Monk!
kitty 12:31pm Sun 21 Mar
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new episode
i have seen a new episode of monk. i hope they will show it on this channel...
leon 1:29pm Wed 10 Mar
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Monk is my man
He keeps me so focused.Entertainment Supreme. I love the show. We want more Monk.
MuchMoreMonk 3:36pm Mon 8 Mar
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watched ending
watched ending of monk season 8 the end episode won't reveal what happened as there is still over 6 months before it is shown in the uk. it s a two parter and has more surprises and twists than an m.knight shunmuanlingham film and a must watch. avoid looking at monk on wiki as it will spoils all the surprises.
niel 3:20pm Tue 26 Jan
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Did I Miss Something - NO!
Yes episode 7 was spiked because its the 100th case anniversary episode, which hallmark are showing as a special. You will see old characters appearing in it including Monks(Tony Shalhoub) real life wife
Senior 8:37pm Sat 2 Jan
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Did I Miss Something - YES!
Where did you get your information from? your mistaken. I remember everything like Monk so i'm right.
Junior 12:03pm Sat 2 Jan
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Did I Miss Something - NO!
Sorry Kev but I don't know what you've been watching. Ser7 has not been shown in the overlapping manner you describe. Two NEW episodes are shown each week and when it returns on the 3rd Jan it will be showing episode 10 and... 7!!, both identified as NEW episodes
Jim 11:20am Sat 2 Jan
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Did I miss something? - YES
Yes it does appear as if hallmark skipped an episode BUT this is NOT the case. They showed two new episodes this sunday rather than a repeat from last week followed by a new episode.
Kev chanrling 7:17pm Mon 21 Dec
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Did I miss something?
The next 'new' episodes of Monk ser7 on Sunday should be 7/8 but ALL the guides imply they will 8/9. What happened to 7? At least 'Hallmark' is not jumping a full series like 'Watch' did with 'Spooks' but...
Jim 5:37pm Tue 15 Dec
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Unfortunately the BBC don't have the rights to show it on IPlayer as the UK rights are owned by Bravo
Ken 9:12pm Fri 25 Sep
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why is this show not iplayer?
iplayer 3:31pm Mon 21 Sep
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Why can't this screwball Monk just go and nail Natalie? That would straighten his head out in no time.
Subu 4:43pm Wed 9 Sep
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Wrong Name
Taylor Howard's name is actually Traylor. tRaylor. That's not a typo. Correct this.
Traylor 4:39pm Wed 9 Sep
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An underrated gem
Fantastic show. Great performances all round.
Ian Ham 3:13pm Tue 8 Sep
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monk is winning me over
the amount of time devoted to the OCD stuff used to annoy the hell out of me but yeah i do like this now
pokerpete 1:48pm Tue 18 Aug
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Season 8 will be the last season of Monk. It is currently filming.
Mike 12:07pm Mon 20 Jul
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Stop giving negative comments for fantastic programmes you troll.
Davies 12:21pm Sat 12 Jul
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i think this is totally cool and i hope they make another series.
david 9:41am Wed 18 Jun
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Monk is amazing. It's a fun detective show, and at times can keep you guessing, and has a comical element which makes it a bit more interesting than other shows in the genre, in my opinion. It's not without it's flaws though, i have to grudgingly admit. Such as in "Mr Monk Takes Manhattan", where Monk is lost and walking through the streets of New York, and there's one bit where the footage isn't spliced together too well, so the top button of his shirt (which is always done up, usually) is undone (to show he's a mess) one second, then done up the next, etc, and there are other incidents across episodes, such as when he mentions a fear of frogs in series 3, then in series 5, he claims to not know if he has a fear of frogs as he's 'never been this close to one, before', but, those aren't really important, or common, and i should probably ignore them. The show also has guest stars from time to time, including Willie Nelson, Tim Curry, and even Snoop Dogg, but it doesn't rely on those people to make it what it is. Bottom line is, Monk is a decent show, and i know very few people who dislike it. If you're not sure whether you'll like it, just watch a couple of episodes, and make your mind up for yourself.
MC Moviemax 2:58am Sun 11 May
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brilliant show...period.
jarrett =] 1:57am Sat 3 May
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Having OCD doesn't make anyone a 'utter' or a 'nutcase'. Clearly if thats your attitude to other people's issues then maybe you shouldn't watch it. I personally think Monk is a great show and have enjoyed watching it for years.
SBM 3:40pm Sat 26 Apr
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Re: Profreader
sorry, i meant pedantic, not OCD! but are you mental like that Nutcase?
vamos666 11:41pm Fri 18 Apr
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Re: profreader
Bit OCD wasn't it? Are you a nutter as well?
vamos666 11:39pm Fri 18 Apr
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Natalie's name spelled wrong
The character "Natalie Teeger' is played by TRAYLOR Howard, not Taylor Howard.
proofreader 1:47pm Sat 5 Apr
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monk is just the best detective show and it should be on every day and he is so good at solving problems i don't know any other detective that can solve problems like monk i also think natalie is great and it wouldn't be as good with out her..
sasha :) xxxxx 4:04pm Sat 29 Mar
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This is one of the most idiotic shows on tv at the moment. if i had my way, i would put him in a hydaulic press and slowly press him into a fine pulp. Anyone who thinks this is a good show could join him (Jean Jaque) I bet you have OCD,and are furiously wiping you little toe with a special cloth that you keep in your left pocket ( folded just right)
kushty wushty 1:30pm Sat 29 Mar
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It's monk time
ocd detective work at its best, had to find failings in a show like this. Masterpiece.
jean jacque 1:49pm Wed 19 Dec
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