18 September 2021  | 
Murder, She Wrote Comments
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So is that Miss Marple but then again that's the point. If you want realism watch Morse, Frost etc. We find this entertaining and look forward to her smirk captured at the very end.
reuben 8:28pm Mon 26 Jun
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Jessica fletcher.
Nosey, interferring old bag.
inspector gadget. 6:06pm Mon 26 Jun
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Frozen expression? I thought it was trapped wind.
nemo . 11:22pm Sat 20 May
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Prev comm
You forgot the irritating same old facial expression frozen at the end.
georgiea 10:17pm Sat 20 May
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same old, same old.
Someone is murdered. Incompetent cops arrest wrong person. Jessica pokes her nose in and solves case. Every weeks the same.
joanna j 11:10am Sat 20 May
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Ellen Crawford
Ellen Crawford is sensationally hot.
Bosley 7:35pm Mon 25 Jan
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Of course I do prefer to watchn you but my husband and I really like to watch this because we pick who did it straight away and we love Jessica's pàrting griin at the end of each episode.
once more 9:32pm Wed 15 Jul
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Cupboard's empty
Every weekday 19:00 ITV3 - and now here too? How cheap can you get, ITV?
Frost 11:16pm Tue 14 Jul
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Thank goodness they have changed that irritating voice for the sponsors Hotels With Personality for someone who has! Spoilt my enjoyment of MSW.
bemused 7:17pm Mon 12 May
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Dual roll
My favourite episode of 'Murder She Wrote', with Lansbury playing Mrs.Fletcher and cousin Emma McGill. Love the Dr.Hazlitt episodes too.
Jojo 7:19pm Wed 4 Dec
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winter gueal allowance
that old woman needs a good kicking
Bill 7:26pm Mon 21 Oct
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Lansbury the evidence
Another murder happens right where Angela is staying. Maybe she did it?
seeme 10:23am Fri 27 Sep
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Leave it, Leave it, Leave it
Highlight of my life, always record it when I'm 'inside'
The Smiling Tumour 10:40am Sun 25 Aug
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Key Towars
I can get enough of Murder she Wrote
The Smiling Tumour 10:37am Sun 25 Aug
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Kay Towers
I can't get enough of Murder she Wrote
Kazzer 9:54am Sun 18 Aug
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Oh no!
not content with infesting ITV3 with this American ordure, the programmers are now spreading the infection to ITV1. Please,please,please no more.
Lodovico 9:36am Sun 9 Jun
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Spare us
ITV seems to show about 20 episodes of this American tat every day. Please spare us from any more - ever.
Braindead Britain 7:36am Fri 1 Feb
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Episode in France
I couldn't stop laughing at the americans doing the french accent!
doubletake 3:29pm Mon 27 Aug
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Time for a change
I would prefer Agatha Christies Miss Marple than this - its so plastic, same storyline every episode. There is no mystery as you can pick out the smarmy culprit from the start.
doubletake 4:36pm Fri 24 Aug
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A hugely underrated actress, still going strong at 86. Angela is currently performing in 'The Best Man' on Broadway. She seems so much more at home on stage than the cheesy murder/mystery TV series she's most famous for.
N 1:26pm Fri 20 Apr
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Love it, Love it, Love it
Highlight of my day, always record it when I'm at work.
Fantastic 5:48pm Fri 2 Mar
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Long live Jessica Fletcher
Such believable scripts, they should knight the writer. And what actors too!
Wowser 12:51pm Sun 22 Jan
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Never get bored of it
Dont care how old she is or how old the serious is i love it. If u dont like it dont watch it simple as!!
kat 1:12pm Tue 2 Feb
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I would!
Steamy 2:17pm Fri 22 Jan
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Time For The Off Switch
Wish she’d written less … a lot less! Maybe episodes could be force-fed to prisoners, but would Health and Safety allow it these days?
Bring Back Hanging 4:12pm Mon 21 Dec
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great tv show
murder she wrote is one of the best tv series ever. surely is one of the high points of Angela Lansbury career.
alexia 2:12pm Tue 1 Dec
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Murder she wrote
Bad, bad bad
hewyxx 2:30pm Fri 25 Sep
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Work It Out
Who am I talking about? bike
?????????? 4:23pm Sun 6 Sep
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lol accents
best english accents in this episode since dick van dyke
pokerpete 2:26pm Mon 24 Aug
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Love it!!
Love Jessica!! She is fantastic ... hehe, her little laugh is great, though it's sometimes the 'disappointed' shake of the head!!!:o)
Roo 2:46pm Wed 3 Jun
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Lovely :)
Great show to lose yourself in, especially love her little laugh at the end of each episode.
Lex 3:12pm Fri 22 May
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Timeless classics
It's nice to still have a light hearted murder mystery like Murder She Wrote, like Diagnosis Murder, the show invites the audience to watch different warm charcters that keep us guessing as to how the truth will come about. GW Bailey is just one of occasional star actors to lend their credability to these episodes. Nothing like this is made today, I would invite anyone to create a tv programme that will age gracefully in time but still keep us watching and remembering classic characters and theme tunes.
A.Bowen 3:05pm Wed 20 May
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Such Nice Convos
Why is it the culprits always it down to a cuppa at the end to explain the plot holes? Do criminals always do this? Darjeeling is nice, however.
Net Patrol 3:41pm Fri 15 May
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Consorting with the father of D.E.A.? What the Drug Enforcement Agency.
SYP 1:48pm Wed 6 May
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Who's from the US?
? 1:22pm Wed 6 May
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Jimmy Hoffa Found!
The teamster boss is still around - he's consorting with the father of D.E.A. Apparently they've had a relationship for years. PS. Ban people from the US. They're not welcome here. Or anywhere else for that matter.
E.A.D. 1:22pm Tue 5 May
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Murfiggins 1:20pm Tue 5 May
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News Flash
It,s just been released that Jessica Fletcher is in fact "Jimmy Hoffa" in drag! The Justice Department will be holding a Press Conference later.
D.E.A. 10:41am Mon 4 May
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I Confess
It was me Jessica, I'll tell you everything but please don't make me watch anymore of your episodes.
guilty 9:35am Mon 4 May
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You know your dissertation is stagnant when you find time to watch this! She's such a busy-body; i love the way she listens in to everything and snoops regardless of whether she knows the people involved. I think there is going to be a final movie which shows how she's a serial killer, and explains how she's been getting away with it for all these years. I just love the crazy old lady, especially when she is in New York, just hanging out with all the kids she teaches.
"It's in the head or nothing!" 11:05am Mon 13 Apr
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And Jamie Rose
Jamie Rose is also in this. What a dish.
Sweet Smelling Rose 3:08pm Wed 18 Feb
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I love this series when it is set in Cabot Cove, but less so when she is traveling or away from her home area. I know there is a high body count, but it is a quiet sort of Who Done It, just like Miss Marple with Joan Hickson. I missed this programme first time around, and have just discovered it, so I hope they play it for years.
Fan 4:02pm Tue 27 Jan
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lalala needs lessons in typing from lansbury
sausageface 1:14pm Fri 2 Jan
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She 1:51pm Tue 30 Dec
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Good Typer
lalala is a good typer. Knows that old grammar and punctuation too. Go to school, you moron.
Good Typer 3:05pm Tue 18 Nov
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ever notice whenever theirs a crime in the town , shes about.. I reckon she a one woman crime wave.. still , least it's not as bad as that mid summers murder *cough*.. now that IS truly boring.
lalala 4:10pm Fri 15 Aug
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@Millie Tant
Bit over the top don't you think? All that was said is that at least she is a Brit. Pretty far from being a racist don't you think?
The Miura 3:00pm Mon 28 Jul
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Re: A lot better
Bit racist wasn't it? Do you only approve of actors or performers who can prove their British Heritage? i suppose you would like to see all the "Fuzzy Wuzzies" sent back on their banana boats, don't you Enoch?
Millie Tant 11:52am Wed 16 Apr
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A Lot Better
A lot better than that horrible Diagnosis Murder. At least Angela is British.
Fairchild Brittany 3:08pm Mon 7 Apr
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CANNIE WAIT 2:02pm Tue 25 Mar
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