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NHRA Drag Racing Comments
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Frank Pratt
Shame on BT Sport for not continuing Mello Yello NHRA series of Drag Racing!
Frankie 6:04am Mon 5 Jun
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drag racing
where can uk watch drag racing?
labbie 1:49pm Sun 26 Feb
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Drag Racing - wahoo!
So so glad this is still on ESPN. I've subscribed to it purely for the NHRA Drag Racing so good to know I'm getting my money's worth.
Mr Pibb 7:24pm Fri 12 Feb
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UK 2016
ESPN have lost the rights to broadcast NHRA Drag Racing in the USA, now to be covered by Fox. So, if it is shown in the UK, one of the Sky Sports channels seems most likely.
SamTheMan 1:14pm Tue 2 Feb
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UK viewers
Will this season be shown on our tv in England?
Shesh 9:57pm Wed 27 Jan
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the best
I know some of you folks pay good money to ESPN just to see the racing only
Esse 2:23pm Wed 5 Oct
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This program rocks and it still on for another 2 1/2 hours!
Woooooo! 6:59pm Wed 7 Sep
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ESPN HD Great Coverage of NHRA
Love these programmes, will be following every NHRA race on ESPN HD this year. Best motorsport on earth !
Rob C 4:12pm Wed 6 Apr
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NHRA drag racing on UK tv
Hi all - ESPN put NHRA drag racing on UK TV this summer then cancelled it - I know some of you folks pay good money to ESPN just to see the racing and if I were you - COMPLAIN! Contact ESPN.com and ESPN.co.uk let them know how you feel - I DID! Get all your friends to let them know too! Some fool might listen!! Al Jones
Al Jones 7:20am Wed 4 Aug
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i used to love the highlights on five and was inspired to travel to gainesville last year for the full throtle event.brilliant trip in every way.thanks espn for taking up the coverage,i already subscribed for the football so when i was told of your participation i was overjoyed.there is a god and he loves dragracing.
stumpjumper 10:37pm Mon 19 Jul
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Great HD Coverage
Thanks ESPN for showing NHRA and I hope you continue to do so. I specifically bought a full Virgin TV package so I could watch these programmes on ESPN and have really enjoyed them so far.
Rob C 10:08am Thu 1 Jul
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World cup
Is NHRA Only on in the uk during the world cup ?
T.F.F. 5:23pm Fri 25 Jun
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World cup
Is NHRA Only on in the uk during the world cup ?
T.F.F. 3:32pm Fri 25 Jun
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NHRA drag racing on ESPN UK
We've had highlights of NHRA events, usually lasting 1 hour at some ungodly hour of the night. But this looks like the real deal - l hope ESPN shows the rest of the season. Thanks
Nitromaniac 9:32pm Sat 19 Jun
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Thank you
Great to see ESPN covering this in the UK. I subscribed To ESPN JUST to see this sport. "Drag racing generates TV revenue" :-)
TyreShaker 7:29pm Wed 16 Jun
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Great to see NHRA back on UK tv
Excellent coverage and exciting heads up racing, action and excitement.
Rob C 3:36pm Sun 6 Jun
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Just looked to see what time The Pomona Finals are on... almost 4am...?????? Due to the amount of people in the UK that are into their Drag Racing SURELY this could be aired earlier! At 4am we're sleeping... and the rubbish TV signal we get from C5 at that time of night/morning means recording it and watching through snow... and we all know you can't drag race in the snow (UK fans will remember Thunderball of 2008)!!!
Mike The Elephant 12:34pm Thu 19 Nov
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NHRA on Channel 5
we are drag racers and we are disgusted by the fact it is shown at stuoid o'clock as it has been named by drag racer's is there someere we can contact to get it changed????
Gingermanracing 11:04pm Mon 21 Sep
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Exciting motorsport
Excellently produced programme that covers this exciting sport in an entertaining way, whether you are a drag race fan or not. Should be on primetime !
Rob C 8:30pm Wed 22 Apr
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I think ALL tvshould be on at 4am. We'd all watch less then and have more time to leavecomments on here
5am 11:24pm Sat 6 Sep
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4 am???
Why isn't this shown during main stream hours? Who's awake at 4am???
WhattheF? 6:52pm Sat 6 Sep
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Where has NHRA on Ch 5 gone?
Last year I used to love the recorded highlights of NHRA on Ch5. I stayed ignorant of the results so I could enjoy the excitement to the maximum when I sat down to watch the thrills! This year though, just when I was looking forward to seeing the great John Force make his comeback in the season opener at Pomona ... Nothing! OK, so we had to wait, the show was broadcast at 5am, and sometimes last year the thrills were more than 10 days coming but at least we got them in the end ... Now? I've searched the TV guide and can't find anything ... Are you still showing it? What time? Am I going to have to become an illegal immigrant to 'get my fix'? C'mon guys & gals - don't do this to us Drag Fans!
reactiv8 10:15pm Fri 15 Feb
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Channel 5 Motor Sport
Great job Channel 5. As a Drag Race fan going back to sixties it's great to see the NHRA coverage shown for the past two seasons. Best Drag Racing shown on TV. And to have the NASCAR series too, these, as far as i'm concerned, are the best shows on TV. It's encouraging to see Channel 5 showing sports other than Horse Racing, Cricket and all the World's Football.
Gedwal 11:22pm Thu 14 Feb
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is it late ... ?
its either 10 mins late or this guide is wrong!
Ash 7:39pm Mon 26 Nov
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Excellent coverage. I can almost smell the nitro fumes.
Mikey P 10:02pm Thu 4 Oct
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drag racing
this is a must see for any car enthusiast
catt 5:12pm Mon 30 Jul
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