1 December 2021  | 
Natural World Comments
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My review of Natural Worl
10:00-24.11.2018 This programme was okay. I found it to be informative. There was no stage whispers in todays programme.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 11:34am Sat 24 Nov
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gina 5:50pm Sat 21 Jul
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Natural World now mostly about humans
I have today cancelled my series link to Natural World as I can no longer watch a program so intent on the humans that it spends more time showing what the presenter is having for breakfast instead of focusing all its time on the snow leopard that the show was supposed to be about. I have had enough....
Ac 10:44am Sat 30 Dec
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Give it a rest..
Why is it almost every British wildlife show is about b****y otters, give it a rest BBC!! Boring!
Dont want to be an otter specialist, thanks 6:20pm Sat 24 Jun
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Re : Farming elephants
Don't know about you, but I can't find anywhere that stocks a 24 foot frying pan to cook an elephant in
Marty80aka 6:16pm Sun 16 Oct
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Natural world
Simply beautiful!
Zoomerflex 12:19pm Mon 5 Sep
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The Lord ......
built the world and therefore it's not very natural you science heathens.....
Jesus shaves 12:01am Thu 14 Apr
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Elsa's story... a path of lions..
what a wonderful documentary, long over due... but should be shown to every one at a young age so they appreciate how delicate life is both for humans and animals.
eljay 4:03am Wed 16 Mar
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9.8 rated by 7121 people
that kind of amazing..
pokerpete 10:38am Tue 1 Mar
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What on Earth...
... are these people watching? Certainly in the last series there was a trailer at the end of each programme which documented the methods used to achieve some of the more technical shots but this rarely occupied more than five minutes - out of sixty. Have these people only been watching the last few minutes of each programme? As for David Attenborough, lang may his breeks reek!
An Unhappy Man 8:39pm Thu 19 Aug
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Brucemagoose for PM!
Bang on comment, these shows are more docos on making a wildlife doco than anything else. It's def a different format to the old Attenborough classics, which were - strangely - about the natural world rather than about filming the natural world.
Yogi 1:58pm Thu 8 Jul
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How come we don't farm elephants and eat them. They look right tasty.
sinda 6:48pm Thu 4 Mar
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A Killer Whale Called Luna
Touching doc featuring a beautiful whale and a real mixed bag of humans. The ending came as no surprise. High on le fromage but I kinda loved it.
Fleaham 9:21pm Wed 24 Feb
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I'm not that bothered about fish.
Jim 7:44pm Wed 24 Feb
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What was the name of the book this is based on ?
What was the name of the book this is based on ?
Roxy 10:35pm Wed 10 Feb
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Chimp tech
I thought the programme gave an insight on how we are limited in understanding chimps and their behaviour and minds. I would like to see a follow up to the research of Betsy Herrelko which was a step forward from research similarly carried out already with touch screen technology.
Waynus 11:58am Thu 28 Jan
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Things can only get better
The chimps would make very good council candidates in Bournemouth. Can't do any worse than what we are blessed with at present.
Fingers crossed 8:13pm Wed 27 Jan
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They were'nt even dancing in time to the music!
Simon Cowell 8:31pm Wed 6 Jan
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agreed. falling asleep.
with what, actually, everyone said. this guy is sending me to sleep. shhh. sleep.
bob 9:41pm Thu 3 Dec
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RIP Nature Programming
Once upon a time the Natural World used to be about the natural world. Now its consistently about human beings involved in lifestyle magazine style stories that feature animals. What a pity.
Brucemagoose 7:02pm Thu 19 Nov
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Alisdair Simpson .....
Excellent programme apart from the wet fish narrator, Alisdair Simpson, where do they get these people from, we found him so irritating that we had to turn the sound off, sack him and get someone else PLEASE!!!
Two-sheds 1:33pm Thu 12 Nov
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narator NUTS
what a load of rubbish!!!! Change the narator and all is OK !!!
rickname 8:16pm Wed 4 Nov
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Really good programme, am slightly concerned that hunting bears as a sport is allowed to happen and would like to know who to get in touch with to petition against this. Thanks.
Carrie 11:10pm Wed 28 Oct
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Had to stop watching this when the hunters started killing the young bears for sport. What is it with Americans, all they seem to do is start wars and kills things for sport.
Stuart 8:54pm Wed 28 Oct
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A Farm for the Future
Glaring factual errors and bleeding heart middle-class sensibilities make this a shocker that should never have been commissioned.
Dave 1:44am Tue 3 Mar
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Great Show!!!
the BBC produce lots of top-quality shows
BBC fan 7:44pm Fri 13 Feb
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Some fantastic work being done here. Well done Dr Adam Barlow
Murphy 4:06pm Wed 28 Jan
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Sexism in yet another animal doc on the BBC
I agree with D Ryan and recommend "The trouble with science" by primatologist Robin Dumbar.
a primatologist 2:29pm Tue 2 Dec
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Clever Monkeys!
Superb! More PLEASE!
Mr H 8:48pm Tue 25 Nov
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A wonderful man who cares about the future of these incredible fish and not about how much money they can make! Hopefully people will take note about the danger of killing these fish. We really have no idea of the affect our over fishing will have on the world as we have so little knowledge of the sea. In fact we know more about the moon than the depths of the oceans.
me 8:52pm Wed 14 May
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Marine Biology
Too cool. And David Attenborough narrates? Awesome! Yeah! Uhuh! Wicked!
Tuatara 10:08am Wed 14 May
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Loved the programme, l was really inspired by the work Paul Lister is doing. Being a young Zimbabwean young lady who is hoping to be doing something similar, l will be praying that he will be able to fulfil his vision, please pass on this message because years from now he will definitely be hailed a true hero and no one will remember the names of all those who opposed him. He should not give up; l will be really interested in knowing about any further progress.
yvonne desha 9:06pm Wed 16 Apr
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more please.
bob 8:35pm Sat 16 Feb
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Earth Pilgrim
Completely lovely Could this be repeated please.
KATHY WESTON-S-MARE 4:23pm Mon 21 Jan
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Amazing Television
Probably one of the best programmes I've watched in recent years.
Ramiro 7:59pm Sun 20 Jan
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Beautiful Dartmoor
Watching the first half-hour of Satish Kumar's program on Dartmoor between the twin 30-minute pillars of misery that go under the name of Coronation Street (the latter was not my viewing choice) made me realise just how much we need programs like this from people who really are alive to the world around them. Watching the videotaped second half of the film after Consternation Street part 2 had finished just reinforced this view. More please, BBC!
Dave 10:42am Sat 19 Jan
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changed my life
I just want to say that this little fella has made me monder what its all about. I'm a normal guy into most things but I have a real love for wildlife,pets and the struggle of life. I really admire this lady and if I had the money would dedicate my life to animals and their protection. God bless this lady and her genuine decency to animals. ....
Paul 10:58pm Fri 11 Jan
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Sexism in yet another animal doc on the BBC
Started watching this show. Then the narrator, when commenting on the mating habits of a bull elephant, commented "the winning fighting bull male could claim his prize..the female elephant". What they failed to mention was that elephants are one of the most bisexual animals, along with monkeys, dolphins and bears, and this particular male had started mating with another male (I lecture in animal sexual behaviour). Why don't nature documentaries face up to the "real world" and comment on this? It was just another example of a TV show basically saying males can pick any (unwilling)female they wish if they win a fight. Far from it, males fight for males, females, food, teritory, pride etc. and only willing females will mate with the male. They made it sound like it was a "right" of the males in the tribe and the females had to "put up with it" Elephants are gentle in this respect, in fact they are one of the most matriarchial animal societies alive. Please can the BBC stop living in the dark ages and get real. D Ryan
D R - Animal Expert 10:17pm Wed 6 Jun
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A fantastic programme, as a school teacher this was inspiring and will definately be used in my teaching. Well done all involved.
Smiler 7:55pm Sat 26 May
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Natural World
A powerful message that all need to see. It needs to be repeated on main channels at prime times!
7:16pm Sat 26 May
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Natural World
What an amazing story, reduced me to tears but luckily had a wonderful ending.
Cheetah 11:13am Thu 5 Apr
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