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WTF was that?!!! Joey Deacon's lovechild?
Joey Deacon 11:15pm Fri 25 Jan
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Kirsty Wark
Her tedious drone of a voice is so irritating and harmful to my ears. How she has been doing this show for so long is a mystery.
gina 10:06pm Thu 11 Oct
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lyin foo king shart fake news
jimmy 9:09pm Thu 3 May
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Katie Razzall
She was great as a presenter, so much better than Evan Davis, Kristy Walk, Emily Maitlis & James O'Brien.
FB fan 4:51pm Tue 24 Nov
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Laura Kuenssberg
Please get rid of her and her silly, really irritating voice
Pens 10:55pm Tue 24 Jun
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Laura K boring girly voice zzzxxx
Thought I would try and squeeze a comment in between Eggheads......
bemused 11:56pm Thu 27 Feb
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Laura Kuenssberg
Does anyone else find it suspicious that Laura was a presenter on Newsnight and then she suddenly defected to ITV during the McApline saga? Now she is back as presenter. Horrid woman. get rid of now!
Henpecked Husband 3:48pm Sat 22 Feb
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geese like this ..
because it's proper gander
Fred 10:30pm Thu 14 Nov
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Who does Chris Huhne know - the ex con - to get a spot on Newsnight. Clear proof of the Old Boys Club network
You 10:41pm Fri 27 Sep
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At last!
Gavin Esler tonight...Finaly a decent presenter!
Basil 5:54pm Fri 9 Aug
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Not her again!!!
Victoria Derbyshire is the worst Newsnight presenter ever. Where did they find her? Last night I switched the TV off. I couldn't stand her any more!
Basil 6:28pm Tue 6 Aug
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50 Minutes of
Islamic hatred and pro war propaganda. The BBC are NOT impartial.
I do NOT pay the BBC a penny! 3:39pm Tue 11 Jun
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Smelly Maitlis
I would rather watch an execution than Emily
former canary wharf trader 1:19pm Wed 8 May
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Stephanie Flanders = gorgeous, So much better than Emily Matress
help the rich 7:26pm Thu 7 Mar
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Stephanie Flanders
Yummy Mummy indeed. Loved her boots and black hose look last week :)
overinflated ego 12:40am Thu 7 Mar
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BBC is a joke, F-OFF
joke 8:02pm Mon 18 Feb
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Mischal Oh Well!
Lovely extended advertorial from Sainsburiy's tonight, Guess which PR company the editors sights are set on. So much for impartiality.
Horses Mouth 10:53pm Fri 15 Feb
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Horse meat
Why was News Night trying to make it sound okay to serve horse meat. How much longer can you expect to stay on air????
Miss-in-vest-a -gaitar 11:22pm Wed 16 Jan
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Emily Maitlis
Utterly repugnant, I much prefer Stephanie Flanders as a presenter.
Bill Bondy 2:39pm Mon 19 Nov
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Inducer of the puke
Zionist Matlis is repellant.Yuck!
disilussioned partiot 7:23pm Fri 10 Aug
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Politicians feed BBC journalists with their droppings
Kenny 10:20pm Fri 11 May
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trauma based mind control
Maitlis is a mind controlled BBC repeater. You can tell. Most of the BBC News staff are, Susanna Reid is another one. If she is not mind controlled then she is certainly feeble minded.
Poor BbC 1:52am Tue 8 May
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bbc lies make many pies
nothing true on bbc
sookerz 9:21pm Tue 17 Apr
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One of the above
Lame stats, Ken Livingstone's search of glory. OUT!
Londoner 11:16pm Wed 4 Apr
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Gavin Esler's chairing of the discussion of Greek bailout issue was truly appalling. He interrupted every contributor and aused the debate to be worthless. I switched off -which is practically unheard of. Even Paxman at his most arrogant woulsd not be as bad as this!
lbofse14 11:06pm Wed 15 Feb
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if you actually watched an episode you might find it informative.
... 10:31pm Tue 6 Dec
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I´m astounded..........
that Jeremy Paxmen said "we used to REVERENCE old people in our society".......and he said it twice !!!!!!! What school did he go to ? Even I know the correct word is "revere" !!!
grumpyoldwoman 12:19am Wed 16 Feb
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wish Emily would wear the sort of short skirts she used to adorn on London local news years ago! cracking pins on the old girl :)
nylon love 5:11pm Wed 26 Jan
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The BBC are apparently unbiased.. Watching this tripe would seem to contradict that!
ITV is **** 7:56pm Wed 19 Jan
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Well done Jezza
University quiz master Jeremy Paxman challenges anyone who will agree to appear on this completely one sided editorial mish-mash debacle presented in the style of the elephant man. Well done Jezza !
Maggie T. 5:22pm Tue 18 Jan
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Student Fees...
Tory biased rubbish, A studio discussion in which 1 student was pitted against 3 tories and the tory biased Mailiss. Pathetic BBC
disgusting 11:16pm Wed 1 Dec
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@ horselover That may be the case but the Yanks would have no idea who Emily is.EVER I bet you like Christine Bleakley too? Another talentless bint who has got where she has by constantly wearing short skirts to detract from her incompetency lol
Paul Gascoigne 3:25pm Wed 10 Nov
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So did Diana, and the Yanks lurved her...
Horselover 11:18pm Wed 3 Nov
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Emily Matress...
Looks like a horse
Cliff Richard 3:06pm Thu 28 Oct
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No independent thinker calls themself an independent thinker.
A Hippo 5:53pm Tue 12 Oct
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tewwy is back
is david pleat commentary man on five...
tewwy 9:43pm Thu 30 Sep
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the great crick
michael crick;all news night presenters should be made to attend a master class on how to present oneself from this outstanding presenter.
biggles 10:52pm Thu 2 Sep
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obama & newsnight
yes its true they are a bunch lying low lifes but do you really think obama`s being protected get real
ceasar67 10:52pm Tue 24 Aug
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how low is this lying rubbish?
This pathetic rubbish is so past its sell-by-date. You would need 98% brain damage to believe the the lying slop. I suppose the CIA are funding the lying tripe to keep the marsupial in the 'White Crib' happy. "yes we can can - pass the melon?"
bill 9:50pm Tue 24 Aug
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re; paul mason
where does paul mason get his clothes from war on want
biggles 11:19pm Thu 29 Jul
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just worthles noise from rubbish
Completely lost its edge, and the news part is loathsome propaganda.
Adolf 9:49pm Thu 29 Jul
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Griffin's On
The Nazi Thug Griffin is on! Ban the BNP!!!!! Vote Labour
Benifits B4 Tax Cuts 5:39pm Sat 24 Apr
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why,oh why,oh why
oh why? do you idiots put up with this bullish system,i offer you peace and joy through the freedom of an honest work regine
e braun 10:00pm Tue 20 Apr
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Up ducky.
Jeremy Paxman has been on a date with Gordon Brown. They were seen in the cinema kissing and fiddling with each other. That's why he's so pro Labour.
Billy 10:32pm Mon 19 Apr
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young care leavers
Let's face it, that gene pool was stagnant and rancid. Perhaps they should move to Aus.
trash man 9:42pm Fri 16 Apr
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i wonder if mr paxman has the balls to get the truth about how brown blew all our money and why we were so badly placed at the beginning of the recession
inzane 9:01pm Fri 16 Apr
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Young care leavers
i can't believe the lack of support for our young people in this country-the young care leavers interviewed were crying out for more support and the minister in charge and the conservative mp were not listening! disgraceful! sometihng must be done about it!
ct 11:12pm Thu 18 Mar
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Of course they are paid to tell lies
Lying BBC trash
Jan 8:40pm Tue 9 Feb
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Untrue slop
Total rubbish just made up by criminal scum.
Anne 10:19pm Tue 2 Feb
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They just make it up
It's all propaganda - nothing on the BC is true.
Hann 9:31pm Fri 29 Jan
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