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No more gravy train.
Anyone who can walk will be thrown off ESA. You are told to use a wheelchair for work even if you can walk a few steps. If you look "normal" ,you are fit for work. They twist everything that you say to their advantage.
Seen it. 12:30pm Mon 11 Feb
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Why doesn't anyone ever ask why the fathers of these children are not supporting them ? Why do we think it is OK to take tax from the man next door and let the absent father go enjoy life ?
Agatha 10:35am Mon 16 Apr
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Am I missing something?
Tasha can't work because of mental health issues yet she can claim carers allowance for looking after her mother. How does that work then? Should be the other way round. She also can't manage on £475 a week. Try giving the expensive car up that should help. Then there's a deluded woman who wants £195 for a modelling portfolio.
Septic. 10:26am Thu 12 Apr
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Previous comment
And here's me on 600 a month pension to live on!!!
Pensioner 1:18pm Wed 14 Mar
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£600 a week, and living in a tip. Obviously strangers to soap and Mr sheen. Funny they've no money for food and gas and electricity, but always a plentiful supply of cigarettes and booze.
Sceptic. 11:22am Wed 14 Mar
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Lazy, greedy, scroungers
Can't afford to eat healthy, yet he spends a fiver on a burger. Lazy, idle ars#hole! Another woman 30 stone and out of breath after half an hour riding on her scooter. Feed them to the cannibals at Christmas.
Outspoken 11:20pm Sat 18 Nov
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Donna is a joke
Donna offered a job in Monaco at £400 a day says (I don,t know it might affect my benefits sic). She is taking the p..s surely?
Over 60 female no pension or benefits 10:06pm Sat 15 Jul
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it's always 'not fair'
Government only have money provided by taxpayers. I would ask of claimants who say that government should give them more - How much of what I work hard for should I give to you to make it fair ?
Agatha 7:18pm Sun 14 May
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What an idle git Rob is. Sitting on his fat ar#e all day playing computer games. You would have thought that he had won the lottery, the way he waved the doctors note about. On second thoughts, he had.
sylvie. 3:10pm Sun 14 May
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Very good looking young lady, I'd date her if she would have me ????
Pete 4:01pm Sat 29 Apr
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Does any1 know if Anthony is on social media..wudnt mind a chat wiv him as he asks in programme wat is left afta his parents.the ansa is a Very charismatic man
Leese 2:16pm Sat 22 Apr
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Poor pet care
The couple who own the bearded dragon, you have no basking spot, probably not even a heat mat for that poor beardie no wonder he looks so lethargic. He also needs a source of nutrobol and calcium dust. Thing that shocked me the most was the fact you said quote "he is due to be fed on Friday, yeah he'll get his mealworms Friday" first of all, bearded dragons need a source of veg daily, especially adult beardies. And also they need to be fed HOPPERS daily, and mealworms as a treat as they are very fatty. If you don't know how to look after pets, don't have them. ?? Also I agree with a previous comment about the dog.
Gabby 11:59am Sat 25 Mar
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People shouldn't be living like this
Kas 8:34pm Thu 23 Mar
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Get a job
Wilz 8:54pm Tue 21 Feb
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Not factual and grossly inaccurately reported! The woman for example who stated she is on £1400 per month disability - that is simply not possible! The programme paints an unfair representation of people who are forced to live on disability benefits / PIP etc due to no fault of their own and who depend on it. I am referring to the real people in the world who actually need these things. I speak from experience in my own family. The program makers should be taken to task - it is discriminatory.
John 4:08pm Mon 13 Feb
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Abuseing the system
This is a absolute joke claiming benefits while driving a new Aldi convertible and having abroad holidays and having hair luxuries !! People that work very hard to pay bills bills it's a mockery of what the benifit system is for. ??
Tax payer!!! 11:56pm Sat 19 Nov
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Benefits aired 16 november 2016
Comments about the goverment giving people on benefits their rent money to pay themselfs is spot on. The torie goverment are setting us up. People will becone homeless at a higher rate than ever in history. Its simple tories take off the poor and give to the rich, labour take off the rich and give to the poor. It a no brainer so why is england in this situation.
Pricey78 1:12am Thu 17 Nov
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Where do they find them?
This lot give genuine claimants a bad name!
P V 8:52pm Thu 3 Nov
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im sure that omelette off lee nelson program
Bono305 8:39pm Thu 3 Nov
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Katlyn and her dad
What a lovely little girl, beautifully brought up. I hope everything works out for this little family.
Bey14wings 9:05pm Thu 27 Oct
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Totally depressing.
Saddened 8:24pm Thu 27 Oct
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Alsatian Dog
Stevens Alsatian Dog looks OK but please take to the vet, shaking his head and one ear down, needs treatment. Poor boy. If on benefits they can get free vet treatment by showing benefit letter. Steven doing good helping homeless but please help your dog ear infection
Random tv watcher 9:40pm Sun 23 Oct
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stevens Alsatian
It is obvious from the dogs demeanor that it has a severe ear infection please go to PDSA URGENTLY
dog/vet 9:19pm Sun 23 Oct
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Andrew the former solder
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Andrew please, I don't know his second name however I would love to travel down to his location and help him anyway possible... I'm not going to give up until I can contact him :)
Mattylee1996 12:12am Thu 6 Oct
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Complaint !!
Why are my children's pictures shown on this programme when I have not given permission nor even asked ?
Katie 8:43pm Thu 8 Sep
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What breed of dog did carl get
Shiv 6:29pm Sat 6 Aug
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Carl from Sheppey
Made me so mad!! He got a PUPPY AND ON THE END OF THE SHOW HES NOT WITH IT ANYMORE!! Why buy a dog when like that when you can't afford it ?? So mad
Steph22 10:03pm Thu 4 Aug
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excuses excuses excuses
can't afford 1 kid, why have 4+ more (by 4 more blokes?) .. can't afford a medical for £40.. yet have the money to smoke.. fed up of pay for this.. never claimed and had a job of some sort from the age of 14.. folk in the middle are getting shafted by the toffs and the scroungers.
daily male 12:16am Thu 26 May
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