24 June 2019  | 
Piers Morgan's Life Stories Comments
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Lev .
Best comment ever.
Mickey. 9:03pm Sat 15 Jun
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What a t*rd
Clint Eastwood's autobiography is simply titled 'CLINT' If you squint, it could be the title of Piers “Morgan” Moron’s.
Lev 2:21pm Sat 15 Jun
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Excellent reviews here.
The worst program on TV, and that's saying something when the competition is Keith Lemon. Good old ITV certainly know how to dredge up utter crap.
Boris the Waffler 9:49pm Mon 10 Jun
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Get rid of Big M little organ.
Phil 2:39pm Mon 10 Jun
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Pathetic, disgusting, horrible man.
Not awwight. 9:42pm Sat 8 Jun
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Poor cow!
How on earth can she stand being anywhere this slimebag for a second, let alone being 'interviewed' by him.
Vickie 2:45pm Tue 28 May
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Good word. This jerk and Wossy: what do they have on the execs on ITV that they would persist despite their ratings suffering?
Jim Burrows 8:37am Sat 25 May
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Last in the series. Let's hope someone has enought sense to stop the odious Morgan doing any more.
Sally 10:35am Tue 13 Mar
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Despicable man
Morgan makes my skin crawl
Harry 4:05pm Fri 2 Mar
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Moron Out!
Morgan has all the emotional range of someone who has discovered his pizza delivery will be a couple of minutes late. His genuine emotion, empathy and sincerity wouldn’t fill a teaspoon.
Ted 2:55pm Thu 4 Jan
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Why repeat garbage?
It was utter crap first time round - it certainly won't be any better for another viewing. Moron is the worst possible interviewer.
Fat Controller 1:17pm Fri 27 Oct
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It's all about me!
For big M little organ he might as well try and interview a loaf of bread. He's not interested unless he is talking about himself.
Chas 3:20pm Thu 27 Apr
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Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off!
Son of Parky 9:03pm Fri 17 Feb
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Awful human being
Who keeps putting that talentless swing Piers on TV?
MK1 7:24pm Fri 17 Feb
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Pond life
My other description of Morgan would not be allowed.
Des 2:22pm Fri 10 Feb
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Why is everyone saying these nasty things about Piers Morgan? He's an excellent interviewer.
Lundy Lou 9:22pm Fri 3 Feb
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Zero's Too Much
WTF is wrong with ITV? Is that pestilence of a human being blackmailing him?
Parky 3:07pm Thu 12 Jan
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As you can no longer give a zero rating, I won't bother. One is too much for Morgan.
Terri 6:23pm Sat 18 Jun
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No More Moron!
Have these people no self-respect? How can they sit in the same room as Moron? Utter drivel.
Patty O'Heater 1:44pm Fri 11 Dec
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Despicable man
Morgan makes my skin crawl.
Harry 1:01pm Wed 11 Nov
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hopefully it gets canned
go back to the states, ya boring.
daily fail 10:07pm Fri 6 Nov
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What a slimebag.
Jack 10:11am Fri 6 Nov
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Why repeat garbage yet again?
There is a word for this simpering, moronic, vacant, audience-insulting drivel, but I’m too polite to use it. And anyway, it would not be allowed here.
Roger 1:53pm Mon 19 Oct
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Piers "Morgan" Moron - the dregs of humanity.
Denise. 2:11pm Fri 25 Sep
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This is toe curlingly bad. Moron has no sincerity or empathy whatsoever. It's dross like this that makes you realise why Elvis put a bullet through so many television sets.
Coltom 3:16pm Mon 14 Sep
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A crime against human decency
This fellow has to be one of the worst people in the public sphere. Utterly devoid of any charm, talent or humour. Mediocre, middle of the road drivel. This man needs to be removed from contributing to any contemporary UK culture immediately.
Richard D 9:05pm Fri 11 Sep
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Please remove that repulsive toad from ITV and the UK permanently.
Parky 8:13pm Fri 11 Sep
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Well said Cath.
Perfect comment.
Jim. 10:22am Fri 4 Sep
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What complete f***wit commissioned another series from this toad?
Cath. 10:19am Fri 4 Sep
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Vile man
Just awful TV
Bill 3:42pm Thu 25 Aug
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Just how many negative reviews do there have to be before ITV stop repeating this utter drivel? Repeats will be in double figures soon. We've had more than enough of the useless moron.
Frankie 3:41pm Thu 25 Aug
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Piers Morgan is a horrible man and rubbish in front of the TV get rid now please
ampadu 9:45pm Thu 14 Jul
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Moron Out!
He should not be allowed to corrupt people anymore.
Jeremy 5:20pm Thu 14 Jul
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piers morgan has NO TALENT AT ALL - he is a pretentious smug little man who makes a mockery of the english language and the art of questioning. and his guests are nearly as talentless as him
............ 3:06pm Thu 14 Jul
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can't wait
It's sad, i think they only get TV ratings/viewings is because of people are interested in seeing how smug they are rather than the quality of the programme/s. Anyway im going to watch a repeat on the bbc!! Choices.
waynus 6:36pm Sat 6 Mar
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funny people
haha u guys love 2 hat dnt u
dgsg 6:24pm Sat 6 Mar
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Cowell & Morgan...
Two turds, one show
blah 4:36pm Sat 6 Mar
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Unlike everyone else I have nothing against the man... What has he ever done to you lot? =S
Anon 3:23pm Sat 6 Mar
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Not big, clever, funny, interesting, witty .... etc. etc.. just DISMAL. DISMAL DISMAL DISMAL! Fantasic is in fantasy. Bert better stick to blowing your own trumpet rather than blowing Piers'
Dismal Didisaythatalready 4:36pm Sun 5 Apr
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Fabtastic interviewer? You must be joking!
I can only assume Bert Trumpet's comments are tongue in cheek or have been written by Piers "Moron" Morgan himself! He should be in prison for his share dealing scam while at the Mirror newspaper. As for his complicity with faked photos for that rag too - well what self respecting journalist would stoop that low. He does not deserve air time whatsoever. He truly lives up to his nickname of Moron. Some mention "slimy", "creepy", "embarrassment" and "untrusted" - yes, he is all these things and more: get rid of him!
Moronout 2:49pm Sun 5 Apr
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Fantastic Interviewer.
Piers Morgan is a national treasure, his interviewing technique is second to none, the man is quite simply a genius. I have watched him on numerous occasions and have been in awe of his ability to get his guests to open up and reveal facts that other interviewers simply would not be able to get to. Even when he's co-hosting Britains Got Talent, Simon Cowell and the girl with the big forehead must hate having to share the limelight with someone who so obviously outshines and outsmarts them at every turn. Lets's face it anyone on here criticising Piers is only doing so out of sheer jealousy and frustration at their own lack of talent. Grow up and start recognising Piers Morgan for the true legend that he is and have some respect for a man that brings so much quality entertainament to so many people.
Bert Trumpet. 12:32pm Sun 5 Apr
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Maggot 2
"... to win this year's Celebrity Big Brother" - Nope, not a mention of it. And the host couldn't pronounce a single name correctly. Some research he did.
G Brodie 11:45pm Sun 29 Mar
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"discusses beating Terry Christian to win this year's Celebrity Big Brother" - Nope, not a mention of it. And the host couldn't pronounce a single name correctly. Some research he did. Get him off television.
M Brodie 11:43pm Sun 29 Mar
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A lot of people don't like this show. I remained unconvinced until tonight. The host of this travesty is a total maggot.
M Brodie 11:42pm Sun 29 Mar
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Give the man a break
I watch this programme from Spain every week and think he Piers is a really good interviewer. What am i not seeing????
Janque 12:20pm Sun 15 Mar
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perv morgan
uch i agree with you all he is disgusting hes like some kind of creepy uncle lol
katya 11:31pm Sun 8 Mar
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Is it me or does Piers come off as a creep?
Jen 10:51pm Sun 8 Mar
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This guy is a snake and a pervert! He just has a very slimy untrusted aura when he's talking to people...
Kev 10:49pm Sun 8 Mar
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This guy is an embarresment, no surprise though, ITV are a gutter TV channel these days.
B 10:07pm Sun 8 Mar
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Piers Moron
Can someone please get this slimy creep off our TV screens.
Patty O'Heater 4:27pm Mon 23 Feb
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