17 April 2021  | 
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This is the most boring show ever. Armstrong and Osman are so boring. They have no personality, neither do the contestants. Why can't they be exciting like The Chase, where Bradley Walsh has laughing fits. I think the show should be scrapped for the sake of entertainment.
Lucifer 10:05pm Wed 14 Apr
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Quite the most pointless, BORING, programme on tv. No - I tell a lie!!!! Tenable is!!!!!!!!
Jen 5:01pm Wed 31 Mar
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Wrong answer
Valentine IS. Ja word in chemistry
JAB 7:34pm Mon 22 Mar
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Can’t believe it...
Oh,God,it’s still on.Dull insincere chat,lumpy banter and incredibly low cash prize(to share!).FGS,ditch the drivel.
Lizzie 2:42pm Fri 19 Mar
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censored again & again & again
See you've taken down my last comment, pretty harmless really. you must be really thin skinned. Only trying to keep the site alive, ah well.
billy wiz. 1:51pm Thu 18 Mar
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Not only
Richard talking non stop it is the in-jokes they have going on between them. It is bad manners.
Brad 10:44pm Mon 1 Mar
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censored again
what was wrong with my last comment? what is wrong with you?
honest henry 12:51am Mon 1 Mar
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stop richard talking
Used to enjoy watching pointless but now it is all Richard talking non stop. He isn't funny or worth listneing to but thinks he is
fed up 7:20pm Wed 17 Feb
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Poinless Osman
The contributions by Osman are often cringe-worthy. The programme only needs one presenter.
JohnM 9:06am Wed 20 Jan
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Unfair decisions
Final of program shown on 16th November 2020 unfair when told the person named was in the film but not cited
Jan 7:34am Tue 17 Nov
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about time
Closed the site have we? Then take this pile of crap down!
goodbye girl 5:24pm Wed 7 Oct
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Defund now
Keith 6:51am Thu 13 Aug
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BBC Content
Nic 8:12am Tue 28 Jul
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to the sensor
By elimination I conclude that you are the one responsible for the state of this comment list & that you have some weird interest in letting it be swamped by trolls.
Rodders friend 12:00pm Sat 25 Jul
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you not in the present world kb
anom 11:27am Wed 22 Jul
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Prev comn
Defund? Is that your new word from the dictionary? You use it enough!
kb 10:52am Wed 22 Jul
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this title
Sum's up the BBC - d e f u n d t h e s u b s c r i p t i o n !
anom 12:12pm Tue 21 Jul
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In the final it should be that every category should have 3 or more pointless answers. Tonights category where Peter and Gordon was the only pointless answer was in my opinion pointless.
Gizmokatz 5:02pm Mon 20 Jul
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You've got some real anger issues here Rodney. Maybe if you turned it all off, had a lie down & watched the clouds for a bit your teeth would stop grinding.
your friend 1:50pm Sun 19 Jul
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We need Xander to repeat the questions so we can understand. Richard needs to tell us what they could have picked because we need to see his smug face.
kb 12:29pm Fri 17 Jul
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How to watch pointless
I.Turn sound off for whole of first round with its senseless banter. 2.Turn sound off for any round involving foodd (mmm...) or animals (ahhh...) 3.Turn off completely if two men get to the final because they will answer the turgid sport question.
Rodders 11:53am Fri 17 Jul
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groundhog day
Got to the point when you know all the answers now, all the results & all the banter. Crying out for a new series!
locked in 2:11pm Thu 2 Jul
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Getting very stale
It seems to be all repeats and it is very same old same old now.
Fran 12:13pm Tue 30 Jun
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Both presenters are on auto pilot now, Armstrong reaching deeper into his bag of smarm, Osman trying to upstage him at every opportunity. They're both better than this.
nostalgic mick 8:48pm Sun 21 Jun
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still waiting
Would you accept the fact that you got it wrong, or is my whole question pointless?
Big fat Joe 9:20am Thu 18 Jun
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I previously entered a comment concerning a mistake about the singer Adele's birth decade. Why did you not post it?
Big fat Joe 8:37pm Tue 16 Jun
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Time to move
time To move this show to the Challenge channel. Presenters are past their sell by date
Mick 4:46pm Tue 14 Apr
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Only needs one presenter
Get rid of Osman and his irritating prattle. Armstrong can read the autocue by himself.
JohnM 1:38pm Tue 14 Apr
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this website!!
OK, I see where this is going. You don't have the decency to show my last comment which focused on the amount of football in shows like pointless and tipping point and why this website has to have a sport section then a seperate football section...hmm, maybe you are so relient on football yourselves you can not publish comments or reviews (whatever they are for), about football negatives.
Mr No Mates. 3:08pm Sat 11 May
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I see Peter from "Think Tank" was on today's episode. He is back on Monday.
Observant 7:45pm Fri 19 Apr
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Quite the most dull, boring, quiz programme ever. Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are insufferable. The contestants look as disinterested as they could!!!
Janine 7:29pm Sat 9 Mar
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Oh dear
don't these pair of idiots drive you up the wall with their stupid chat
oscar 5:29pm Wed 12 Dec
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when interviewing contestant. What do you do I'm a burglar Thats nice
oscar 5:57pm Wed 5 Dec
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If someone answered that they were a bank robber would Alexander say thats nice?
oscar 5:35pm Mon 26 Nov
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Richard Osman's pen
Why does he hold a pen,he never writes anything, Looks totally stupid?
Bottocks 5:56pm Fri 16 Nov
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Alexander Armstrong
Why not have him repeat everything three,or even better four times.He so loves to hear his own voice!
Bottocks 5:26pm Tue 30 Oct
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James Milner
i can tolerate armstrons nose his ears and bald pate but cannot abide him thanking richard every few minutes sometimes adding indeed
Edgar 6:21pm Tue 2 Oct
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Why does Richard Osman have to be so sarcastic when someone gets a question wrong
Maggie 10:25pm Fri 4 May
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Do these 2 really think the are funny? .
Switch. 4:52pm Sat 14 Apr
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Studio background
The new layout is fine except for the appalling lines across which either dissect or rest on top of contestants heads-too distracting. How would Alexander or Richard like it over or through them.
Consumer 4:44pm Thu 12 Apr
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What's that dead earwig doing on the side of his head.
Codger 4:26pm Wed 11 Apr
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No matter
what the contestant's job is, brain surgeon or cleaning mens toilets, Xander says "good" alternated by "very good". He does have plenty to say to Richard though!
gina 4:37pm Mon 26 Mar
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boring repeats
Why is the BBC repeating Pointless episodes??? This is very boring. Also, Alexander repeats word for word the same script ... amazing lack of creative use of language. Pointless is getting very boring and predictable and could do with a make-over.
Tom 5:25pm Mon 19 Mar
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why does Xanda repeat the questions.....zzzzz
gina 11:38am Sat 17 Mar
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Why does Richard Osman have to read out so many pointless answers,he reads them so quickly and it’s not even interesting.
Maggie 11:27pm Fri 16 Mar
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Please could someone tell Richard that the whole world is NOT obsessed by football.
Marion 10:57pm Mon 12 Mar
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I'm sure I've seen many of the contestants appearing on the current BBC series before. Are they repeats? Perhaps they all look the same anyway!
Johnny Boy 11:10pm Thu 15 Feb
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Any new ones soon?
taffy 11:41am Sat 3 Feb
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Xander and Richard
I could say they should get a room.....but I won't!
don'tbelieveallyouread 6:52pm Mon 22 Jan
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the chat show
Tonight, after chatting with Richard for too long, Alexander said, Lets get on with the show, about time
oscar 5:32pm Mon 22 Jan
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