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Braxton and Sebastian what a pair of clowns, the circus must be in town again.
Zippy. 8:54am Fri 8 Jun
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Worst commentary ever
Stephen Woodrow Taylor is the worst commentator - Voice over ever. He needs to be fired and replaced with someone with a couple of brain cells.
Beano 5:23pm Fri 20 Apr
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Too much
The BBC show too many Antique programmes, with the same half brainless so called experts, they are all in it for the extravagant money they get paid , if programmes are not live, they are repeats, it all boils down to low cost for BBC1 and BBC 2, l wouldn't mind if they had intelligent so called experts,but its getting worse, and the latest Flipping Profit is no better, ln my opinion, the biggest rip off merchants in Rip off Britain, are Antique dealers
Mike m 3:21pm Fri 20 Apr
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Kate Bliss and James Braxton two of the worst experts going, followed by R. Bisram, D.Sebastian, Hanson, Serrell and the rest?.
Capybara. 5:20pm Tue 17 Apr
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Danny boy.
Who's mouth has he robbed his gold teeth from?
Uncle Albert. 4:58pm Fri 13 Apr
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What have innocent penguins done to deserve Danny Sebastian. Now if you had said put him on top of a bonfire.
GUY FAWKES 9:47am Fri 13 Apr
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Not Real
Would someone please put an offer in for Sebastion, and then deport him to the South Pole, He is definitely the worst so called expert of the lot,
MIKE M 9:34am Fri 13 Apr
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Braxton and Bliss are such cheapskates and want everything for nothing. The pair are completely useless and should be sacked?.
Snipe. 8:48am Fri 13 Apr
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Stomach Churning
Danny Sebastian puts a cushion on top of a milk churn and sells it as a stool to some bar owner....Pathetic.
KitKat 5:18pm Thu 12 Apr
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Ban Sebastion
Sebastion should be banned on all tv programmes, he treats everybody as easy prey, and then he overcharges and fleeces people daft enough to buy off him, He is giving genuine antique dealers a bad name, and he should stop wearing tight briefs, and then his voice might be normal
me again 5:07pm Tue 10 Apr
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Chirpy Chappie NOT!!
Danny Sebastian...how could you ever get tired of slapping him??
KitKat 5:31pm Mon 9 Apr
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Not Sebastion again
Why does the programmers let Sebastion, the car booter loose on this show, on anything he buys, he cheats his buyers, l personally would not buy a thing off him, hes almost as bad as Natashia Raskin
Mike m 4:27pm Mon 9 Apr
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How can E.Knowles be in a contest against D.Sebastian, one an expert and the others a car booter???.
Bill Hook. 11:43am Tue 3 Apr
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K.Bliss one of the great cheapskates, always wanting items for nothing.Plus the public school plonker with no knowledge to call on, good job none of its real?.
Zippo. 3:26pm Sun 25 Mar
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Still no change!
The 2018 series is still as unwatchable as ever despite numerous complaints about the voice over which have been on line for years. Does anyone at the BBC listen to us, or indeed listen to the programme?. It really time for someone else to take over the voice and the script writer to stop treating viewers as idiots.
SueC 6:06pm Thu 22 Mar
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Paul Hayes.
Mr morecambe, more like Mr steptoe. He's a nice enough bloke, but all he buys is tat. If he thought for a split second that the violin was a stradivarius he should give up now. It tells you something that he must be that bad he's never appeared on bargain hunt,
Sceptic. 6:58pm Mon 12 Mar
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It must be that David Harper is colour blind, thats the only answer to what he wears each programme.
GRIME REAPER. 6:26pm Thu 9 Nov
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David Harper
A legend. ....... in his own lunchtime.
KING TADPOLE. 12:22pm Thu 9 Nov
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David Harper the great antique dealer, the great painter, the great tv presenter. Films will be next and possibly a knighthood he's fantastic, but its all in his own mind??????.
ZEUS 10:43am Thu 9 Nov
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Don't get worried about the over the top prices Kate Bliss gets its all a big con, the BBC rig it all and up the unreal prices for the programme. ITS ALL FANTASY??????.
SHAUN THE ANT. 9:59am Fri 9 Jun
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kate bliss
We h always liked her but this week the prices she got from people is obscene, poor John such a gentleman, bet he won't go opposite her any more, agree wholeheartedly with stupid name calling and comments, but bbc take no notice as usual
grandma mary 1:16pm Thu 8 Jun
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decent man
that Eric Knowls is happy to make a decent profit for charity against someone how would not know an antique if it bit him but who asked ludicrous prices for retro stuff to his london chums who clearly have more money than sense.
mossie 5:42pm Tue 23 May
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Chuko- Eric one buys antiques and the other retro etc, Chuko rips off idiots who when they hear the word retro pay excessive prices.Eric must think the worlds gone mad, he always fair where as Chuko is a big city conman?????.
CAPYBARA. 9:37am Tue 23 May
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Has it been noticed that these experts travel all over England to sell items like York to Cornwall for a £15 profit. Also go to out of the way places and are always on first name terms with buyers, the BBC must find these people for the so called experts to sell at unrealistic prices. What a complete farce this and other shows are???.
HIGHLANDER. 1:07pm Wed 17 May
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When you read the reviews its obvious we see though this contrived con, so why do we bother to watch it ?. As other reviewers have said the experts {joke} could not find a atlas in a bookshop When they are on BH?????.
ZIPPO. 10:57am Sat 13 May
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naff all.
£2 paid for a lithograph and made £143 profit. €5 paid for a bedframe and sold for £200. Some sellers don't know the value of what they are selling as it's probably from a house clearance. Funny how they can pick up bargains, yet when they are on bargain hunt they win naff all.
sylvie. 8:44pm Fri 12 May
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Switch off.
If people stopped watching this pretend antique show, they would soon do something about it hopefully. Its got to the stage of complete fantasy. Buy items for tens and sell them for hundreds it does not happen so BBC give the public some credit???
HOBGOBLIN. 4:40pm Fri 12 May
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The other day a biscuit tin was re sold for £180 and a light fitting that looks similar to ones in argos sold for £300. Do they think that viewers have had their brains removed. It's one big con.
sam the sham 11:56am Fri 12 May
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this show insults our intteligence dross
gladis 11:15am Fri 12 May
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Utter Garbage
This 'show' is so contrived that it is an insult to the watching public. The people supposedly buying the items are obviously playing the game, as 90% of the items sold will be going straight in the skip.
Antique 5:28pm Thu 11 May
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Car booters selling cheap tat for a pittance, Then Bliss and Hawley fouceing about selling the tat for stupid amounts, I don't think so do you.The shows a con job from start to finish.
GRIME REAPER. 7:41pm Wed 10 May
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raping people off
i think they are rapping people off big time to give it to chary I think they are going over the top and should be given a relabel price to give for the item and not rip off the people they are selling to I think the program should be stopped or tell them not to charge to much for the item they buy
stephen r 5:14pm Tue 9 May
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If jonty cannot beat sqeakie Danny its time to give up, he's a glorified car booter not a antique dealer so where does that leave Jonty?????.
BINKY 11:55am Sun 7 May
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Nearly all the reviewers on here hate the terrible voice-overs, it must be noted somewhere but whats done { nothing}.Plus the scraping the barrel for experts like D.Sebastian, what a time filling show for the BBC, cheap tat .
CROMWELL. 6:40pm Fri 5 May
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Irritating unfunny bafoon
Danay SebastIan is so irritatingly unfunny and the commentary is dreadful
Loulou 5:02pm Wed 3 May
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It's awful
Mr Neutron 6:16pm Fri 28 Apr
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Nothing changes????.
Same old idiot doing voice overs, and stupid nicknames for so called experts. Travelling miles for a tiny profit, the BBC must be joking.I gave it a chance but still its utter crap, thats the end for me?????.
ZEUS 2:23pm Wed 26 Apr
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Its no good moaning about the voice overs because they are all old repeats, thats 90% of the show with the odd new one thrown in for good luck. We all know these shows are cheap tat, made for next to nothing.
GRIME REAPER. 4:18pm Thu 23 Feb
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Annoying Voice Over
This programme is now getting to the point of being "unwatchable" for my wife and myself. The voice-over "artist" is totally over-powering, inane and puerile . Is the programme for adults, or have they bowlder him from CBBC's ? The BBC made a major error in getting rid of Tim Wonnacott, haven't a clue why they did it, put pandering to the PC Brigade has reduced the BBC to the point of stupidity.
Augenblick 11:57am Sun 15 Jan
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What do tI he have to speak to us like 5 year olds??? Spoilt by the silly commentary
Dottie 5:38pm Fri 13 Jan
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Most annoying voice over
Cannot watch this programme any more due to the most annoying voice over ever! Change the presenter. PLEASE!!
Gill Mmmm 5:31pm Wed 11 Jan
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The narrator on this show is beyond childish in his tone.... Is this a CBeeebies show or a show for adults?
stetoye 12:46pm Mon 9 Jan
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David Harper thinks it's cleaver to cheat and up opponents costs at auction if he has to win that way he has no confidence in his own ability hardly in the spirit of things not nice
Nana 5:41pm Tue 3 Jan
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Infantile voiceover!
The dreadful and infantile voiceover/narration from this idiot, is absolutely insufferable! Everyone I speak to hates Stephen Taylor Woodrow's awfully hammy narration and has stopped watching the programme as a direct result. I realise none of these complaints make any difference to the arrogant BBC, but why they employ this man who resembles the worst kind of children's entertainer in his voiceovers, is a complete mystery to me and everyone I know. Utterly unwatchable! :(
Irked former viewer 6:07pm Mon 2 Jan
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The painting Kate purchased for 90 £ was rightly refused by a gallery. A Poor sea scene, normally not worth 50£. Then she drove all the way to Wales to a bloke who offered 260£. Farcical
paul 7:16pm Tue 22 Nov
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Complaints for Years
There have been complaints over this stupid little man that does the voice over on this programme - but nothing is done to take him off and have a normal decent narrator. Why does the BBC get rid of excellent people like Tim Wonnacot but continue to insult our intelligence with this stupid moron. Obviously viewing figures and the public's intelligence are not of interest to the BBC.
ex Viewer 3:28pm Fri 13 May
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The art of narration
I didn't realise how good Tim W. is until I heard this. As others have said, it's as if this narrator think's we're all deciding whether to look through the round window or the square window. More BBC dumbing down.
ChrisJG 4:53pm Wed 27 Apr
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Can't watch again.
I usually enjoy antiques based programmes, but the ghastly commentary which is incessant in this show is so annoying I will not risk it again.
Esjayen 11:22pm Mon 18 Apr
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Why the voiceover??
My wife watches this everyday. I dont mind but the voiceover man needs throttling. He is SO irritating. All he does is state the obvious in his annoying sing-song voice with a recap every two minutes as if we are a bunch of three year olds.
Gurj Singh 4:56pm Mon 30 Nov
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Kate Bliss
changes her outfit several times during the programme and they are all by a certain designer........umm
once more 1:00pm Fri 14 Aug
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