5 December 2019  | 
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que hacer en este caso?
opeplezep 7:36pm Tue 2 Aug
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A QI-Kingfisher
I have to see at least one episode a week, or I'll fall down dumbstruck. But there are a few things I do hate about it, not least that Sandi Toksvig and Rob Brydon seem to be on together every other week, It's a "smug-fest" waiting to happen. But it's good to know that it's returning to primetime, which should make thing more... well, interesting! Just be warned if making the questions intelligent while making their presentation the exact opposite isn't your thing, don't watch it!
DuchessofSutherland 12:34pm Fri 10 Jun
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its the best show ever
revan 6:31pm Sat 30 Apr
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I cant stand Sean Lock on the show , all he does is constantly interrupt everyone and spout out dribble
TS 9:36pm Fri 8 Apr
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goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening, anyone else want to hurl a heavy object at their tv screen when stephen fry says that at the begining of the show?
... 8:53pm Thu 24 Feb
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Pathetic scripted nonsense! The same as every other panel show that has gone before and will come after. Fry seems to think he is some kind of National Treasure because he has a following on Twitter. Certainly an intelligent man, but boy does he love himself!
Feed The Pigeon 3:40am Fri 21 Jan
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Fry and Toksvig squeezing into the same show...
... Ugh! Micro stature (Toxic) and mega egos.... puke
Crit 2:13pm Thu 2 Dec
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@Free Speech
Yes, okay, the show is partly scripted, lines are rehearsed and spontaneous moments are faked, but I'm sorry, you're truly ignorant if you're willingly letting this get in the way of appreciating this immensely entertaining and mentally stimulating TV show. Stop acting as if you're too self-righteous and intelligent to appreciated scripted humour, just enjoy the show for what it is.
Free Thought 11:47pm Tue 30 Nov
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Disagree about Davies
No way. No way. Hell, why not get rid of Stephen Fry while you're at it? Davies may be annoying to some, but his feigned stupidity is a cornerstone of QI, and his continued presence is a comforting sign that QI is still, and will continue to be, going strong. Purely symbolic of course, but it works. The other guests offer plenty of wit, knowledge and comedy, why anyone would want to remove something from the show that's been there from the start is beyond me. It aint broke, don't fix it.
Anon No.648 9:22pm Fri 26 Nov
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@ Syrilian, they make both a episode and then edit it to make a pre watershed episode on Friday and a post watershed episode on a Saturday.
Stephanie Fry 5:09pm Fri 26 Nov
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QI is amazing
lol @ haters x
fitboi123 9:00pm Fri 19 Nov
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Agree about Davies
The last commentator is spot on. Alan Davies takes being annoying to new depths.
Permless 2:49pm Sat 2 Oct
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Good, but
Alan Davies is just annoying, much less funny than he thinks he is. Get rid of him and rotate that position too, please.
Turnip 7:31pm Fri 17 Sep
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This is probably one of the better shows on the box!
Wicksey 6:37pm Fri 17 Sep
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One question?
Why did they move QI pre-watershed? Still great though.
Syrilian 4:25pm Fri 17 Sep
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QI is awsome!
Love QI the best quiz show on the telly! Love Alan he is amazing! Only bad thing is, it's not long enough! More QI XL needed.
CassCass 8:57pm Thu 16 Sep
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Oh dear! I feel I may have upset some QITV, (Quite Irritated Telly Vegetables) fans. My comments were made at the TV producers who churn out these formulated clone shows; and there being nothing intelligent about reading a script. Attacking people for having independent ideas and opinions is called fascism. If you genuinely find this show to be intellectual and entertaining, there’s a whole big world waiting for you out there!
Free Speech 12:33pm Wed 21 Apr
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So good only spolit when Phil Jupitus is on it.
Maddy Blinky Blonk 8:35pm Tue 20 Apr
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it's quite funny but not as good as 8 out of ten cats. But they do have good guests on here though.
XpixieX 12:39pm Sat 17 Apr
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You should quit whining and try *being* in the audience. It's absolutely hilarious.
The Electro Kangaroo 7:15pm Wed 14 Apr
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funny show
if you dont like it dont watch it, most of the comments on this show??? morons... does that make me a del del del
gloolg 9:41pm Tue 23 Mar
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Quite Irritating
Great. More scripted, rehearsed ‘ad-libbed’, auto-cue reading comedy TV quiz shows like this please. Maybe try and invite stand up comics from other cloned show.
Free Speech 6:52pm Mon 1 Mar
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scarlet pimpernel show
I seek it here I seek it there I never know which day it is going to be on or if it will be on!
zinc finger 10:35pm Fri 26 Feb
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For me, British TV is overwhelmingly mediocre or worse. The one exception is QI which is funny, witty, intelligent and informative. Were it not for the fact that I am an atheist I would say "Thank God for QI"
Eric 10:25pm Mon 22 Feb
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good one
Though he is quite clever as well, probably just not quite as clever as most people think. He does seem to be playing up to a certain stereotype more so these days and becoming more vacuous as he does.
thatsme 11:40pm Fri 19 Feb
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Not very good
Stephen Fry, the stupid person's idea of a clever one
molieres 5:15pm Fri 19 Feb
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What a show
lets have more of this and you learn somthink new and remove the breaks
brighton 4:43pm Tue 2 Feb
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getting mediocre
Anyone else think this show is getting decidedly rubbish of late. It seems nearly every show now there is a big part in the middle where they all make piles of very unfunny jokes about something not particularly funny but the audience keep laughing anyway, maybe out of embarrassment for them. Jo Brand was the only one not joining in, god bless her.
itsme 9:35pm Sat 30 Jan
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I.Q or Q.I?
What can I say about this program -only that this has to be one of the tv shows to not only to entertain but also to inform those that are watching this. (High IQ five there).
Mr Fett (first name) Boba 8:27pm Fri 29 Jan
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Since when was Phill Jupitus a comedian?
chrisinaus 7:33pm Fri 22 Jan
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Or some program about a group of students trying to pass their Mensa entry test. Lots of tears and laughs. Or some!
Dansak 8:22pm Wed 20 Jan
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great jo
love jo brand , just right for QI , stephen and alan , what can i say , they are the greatest , stepen was also good in america , enjoyed that too . keepup the good work
old biddie 9:26pm Sun 3 Jan
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sharp, witty entertainment
For me, this is the best show on the box. It strikes the perfect balance between irreverent humour and thoughtful awareness of what would go beyond the acceptable
speedyandy 5:49am Christmas Eve
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There will be QI XL later in the seris but just not for the first couple of shows, Qikipedia on Twitter says that the Qi XL for the first shows will eventually be shown =) Love Qi xD
Zurox 1:50pm Thu 3 Dec
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QI opinion
Love QI it really is more than quite interesting, its hilarious. Allan Davies is the best!
Lotaya 6:24pm Mon 30 Nov
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q funking i baby :D
:D :D :D alan davies for pm!
senior shunt 8:02pm Thu 26 Nov
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On thursday night...really?
Why is it on thursday? does that mean no more QI XL D: im loving all that on dave
tom tom the pipers son 7:58pm Thu 26 Nov
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Put On
your tweed jackets, stoke up the fire, slip into your pipe and light your slippers. And put this on your telly. Ahhh. Lovely.
Blargh 10:25pm Fri 6 Nov
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One of the few panel shows to have a little class and that class is S.Fry. I never get tired of this show.
Mucky 12:18am Sat 26 Sep
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this is all i can say about the show :)
creativeguy 2:21pm Thu 17 Sep
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A good show...
But you can tell it's going to be annoying when John Sessions is on... The man just does not stop talking and massaging his huge ego.
7:12pm Fri 31 Jul
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QI; entertainment at it's highest peak! with intelectual infomation, aswell as amusing and entertaining. There couldn't be any better presenter, Mr.Fry is a wonderful guy. 10/10.
Anna 10:08pm Mon 27 Jul
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Truly one of the best shows ever produced. One of the few shows I enjoy the repeats of as much as when I see them the first time.
Jiggly Frumpwash 9:54pm Fri 26 Jun
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A world of splendidness.
It makes me happy that when the world seems to want to take a bite of every part of all the things that make me smile, that there is an oasis that I can dive in to. This has to be considered for one of the top spots of All Time Top Shows. 10/10
Crazyfox69 12:45am Mon 22 Jun
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Best Comedy Quiz Bar None
Sublime, hilarious entertainment that not only entertains but increases your knowledge at the same time. Best comedy quiz show currently on tv. Nothing else comes close.
Stephen Fry for PM 11:16pm Mon 30 Mar
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The best programme there is....
QI definitely stands as my all time favourite. It's informative in way that is not boring and yet entertaining and amusing at the same time. Perfect for any boring night in that needs a little bit of spicing up.
Anon. 9:36pm Sun 29 Mar
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Quite Incredible!
This show caters to every viewer and is incredibly entertaining! Mr Fry, you are a national treasure!
Angela 5:22pm Sat 28 Mar
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QI definitely stands for Quite Interesting for this programme. And whatever was meant by Quim's Itching it's either spelt wrong or has been made up by someone hilarious.
Choccit 8:49pm Sun 22 Mar
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Downward Spiral
Definitely gone downward since switching to BBC1. Much more downmarket and crude.
nick334 9:12pm Fri 20 Mar
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BBC in one
The BBC is to INFORM, EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN. This does all three in the one. Great show with so much going for it.
29xthepain 2:55pm Fri 20 Mar
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