28 February 2020  | 
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Comments
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worst ever show on telly
Nigel Farage (not sure if that's his name) is abetter cook than this pretend chef/swearyman.
Ramsey Ramsay 9:18am Fri 3 May
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They all go bust...
Gordon arrives, swears a lot, threatens to 'close it down!' Every episode is the same, the only one making money is Ramsey. Google any of the restaurants, they usually go under. Pointless TV
J 11:46am Thu 21 Dec
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Same S**t, Different Restaurant
Ramsay arrives, tries the food, gags and sometimes pretends to actually vomit. Shouts a lot, threatens to walk out, tells owner they are in denial. Tearful moment. Redecoration and new food. Minor disaster at relaunch. Problem solved. Ramsay leaves. Restaurant closes some weeks/months later. Every single time.
RamsaysKitchenNonsense 11:13am Thu 9 Mar
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interesting /gordon works very hard to help
teddy 8:22am Mon 21 May
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this is great if you love swearing
ramsey 7:54pm Thu 6 Oct
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great programme
tujaj 7:57am Fri 23 Sep
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Where was it???
Anyone know why 'RKN USA' wasnt on last night?
ms1 12:26pm Wed 24 Aug
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i can see why people hate this programme but for some reason i bloody love it!!!
tryr 9:09pm Fri 8 Jul
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to starky? no
tosser 10:53am Mon 6 Sep
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i enjoyed this one.
todd 10:14pm Tue 20 Jul
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is this the one where the husband is to frightened to tell his wife in front of gordon the food is crap
hutch 6:13pm Mon 19 Jul
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missing show
darn! Currently on dunny!
Dunone 10:17pm Wed 17 Mar
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watched this last night.brilliant absolutly brilliant and hes made the young lady chef happy
vincent 10:18am Sat 13 Feb
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Go Gordan
The best show on TV
Mentally Insane 8:23pm Fri 12 Feb
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this is how it shud be done!!!
Gordon is a legend. He can go into a struggling company & turn everything around. And what makes it better is that its americans gettin stick from anyone from great britain
karlos 9:21pm Thu 6 Aug
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Your triple cheeseburger with extra large fries will be 5 minutes. I see you've finished Kirsty Allslop's Mars bars, so I'll bring you a lard sandwich to keep you going...
Critter 6:34pm Fri 8 May
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you can talk! you are a shameless bully!
Jessie 6:52am Sat 2 May
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American cuisine
quantity and not quality that is so important to them. It has to be pretty bad before they stop eating at the restuarant. Homer Simpson eat your heart out!
Jessie 6:51am Sat 2 May
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Bully Ramsay...
...does it again. He picks on Pinto from the first glance. Not a word about costs and logistics - it's all 'fresh ingredients' (Hey CHEF Ramsay... you'd NEVER serve shop-bought pre=prepared in your joints, would you??!! Ahem!!) So Pinto's bottle blond/black goatee snake of a deputy gets his job? Well done, Gordy... it takes a bully to promote a sneak!
Critter 9:58pm Fri 17 Apr
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one of the very few programmes i could and do watch over and over again. thats how good they are
cliff 8:21pm Fri 17 Apr
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This episode is brilliant... you would have to be mad not to watch it!
Littlehuds 8:55pm Sun 5 Apr
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SantLeachio31 9:05pm Tue 31 Mar
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Great Program
Nearly as good as getting cancer.
Bob 9:38pm Sun 29 Mar
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love ittt
ilooove thisss its sssooooooooooooooooooooooo goodd xxx
7:31pm Fri 27 Mar
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as real as it get?
get real! It stinks of set ups and heavy editing. Like wife swap and 'how clean is your house' etc. Do these people think "hey what can he pick us up on? Surely not that we keep the lettuce in the toilet and the fact that we let the cat cr*p in the microwave"... dont be so niave. i still like it though. i dont know why...
Mickey 5:52pm Thu 26 Mar
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Don't take its seriously.
I know this show is quite obviously edited, but I really enjoy it. Its just a fun show which happens to make bad situations out of thick Americans. Good in my books.
colin_clark 11:11pm Fri 20 Mar
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A repeat?
his billed as brand new, but I have seen these before, am I mistaken? It doesn't show as a repeat.
Crumhorn 6:34pm Fri 20 Mar
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Well, look at his boiling point episodes on you tube and you will see the real ramsay before his tv career really kicked off, he just plays the camera now, i personally think he loves himself, well thank god for his rich father in law or were would ramsay be now??????????
6569 10:26pm Thu 19 Mar
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Ramsay and editting.
Everything on TV is editted, period. Broadcasting live? Gimme a break, any "live" show is delayed 15 minutes to receive the scissor and glue. Before I side track from my point - my point is that despite being editted for entertainment value, nothing is sapped from this excellent show. Ramsay is a legend, no questions. This and any show he makes when he is down to earth and in his "no bull-shit" mood are and will be fantastic!
Down-to-earth-guy. 9:05pm Fri 13 Mar
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the original UK series is better, this has been too americanized. stop helping US restaurants GR, we have plenty back home that need sorting.
bleh 5:01am Wed 4 Mar
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USA Ramsay Tour
I love it! It's as real as it gets.It's not just the cooking but look deeper and you'll see Gordon bringing a family together again.I think he's a blessing.
arn_001 UK 9:13pm Sat 28 Feb
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ITS FUNNY AS Ramsay is a legned !
God 7:38pm Fri 27 Feb
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Terrible cheesy US editing
I totally agree that the "oh my god!" style of editing spoils what was a great UK TV format.
get_dave 7:08pm Fri 20 Feb
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Awful production and editing!
This is such a good show that the producer's have ruined with TERRIBLE atmospheric music through the whole thing so you cant even concentrate on what theyre saying. if anything slightly bad happens then soem awful horror film music comes on in the backgground! and they move from every scene so quick you cant keep up. why do they insist on having atmospheric music on EVERTHING in america? its horrendous!!!
chaz87 5:09pm Fri 20 Feb
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American Nightmare
Why have the American producers used the MTV/Pimp My Ride/American Chopper/The Osbournes tried and tested dumbing down formula on a perfectly good UK programme?
viva1 9:00pm Fri 6 Feb
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why dont you punch his lights out? chicken
tarson 8:14pm Fri 6 Feb
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in all of the ramsey shows in the usa.all the people he helps seem to be to cocky for their own good
chads 5:29am Thu 28 Aug
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A really good show
Gordon is fantastic and his talent really shines in this however i find it hard to believe those people can get into such an abysmal mess in the first place where is their common sense?
tonytucks 7:31pm Thu 20 Mar
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Amazing Show
I love it
rick 10:31pm Wed 19 Mar
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love it
i love this show its ace ! bt my boyfriend is playing on the playstation and i cant watch it ;(
Nicki 10:10pm Wed 19 Mar
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Ramsays kitchen nightmares
Love it - but the editing can make it seem a bit fake
del 9:22pm Wed 19 Mar
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Let down by direction
The content of this series would be fine were it not let down so badly by the direction , editing and presentation which get in the way of what is essentially interesting material. It has put me off so much that after struggling through two episodes I have given up watching, which is a shame as I enjoyed the original UK series. A prime example of awful direction and production.
Serge 6:32pm Wed 19 Mar
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Fantastic Viewing
It's nice to see the Americans get a taste of the sharp tongue of GR. The one thing I have noticed about this show is not one of them actually listens to him at the start, but if they did it wouldnt make good tele would it. P.s. the swearing is not a problem you try asking a chef, waitress, whoever nicely to do somethign in a pressure situation you are not going to get a rise, swear at 'em call them lazy etc sure gets ya blood pumping for you to prove him wrong
Ash 1:29pm Wed 19 Mar
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love you Gorden Ramsey!
i cooked along with GR cook along live.... they were some tasty dishes... love the show... get back in england though!!! lol! :)
XcherryX 7:50pm Wed 12 Mar
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Would i work for him
personally no because i would not put up with him, but i think id be the same if it were my business. Everyone knows who is the boss! Great show!!
Mitty 4:29pm Wed 12 Mar
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The only problem..
with this show is that there are too many Americans in it...
Jimacx 9:13pm Wed 5 Mar
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Bloody awsome!!!
If you dont like it then dont watch it but i think its bloody awsome!!!
Ryan 8:30pm Wed 5 Mar
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good but no variation
good but every episode involves him buying new gear and changing their menu to "good, simple recepies with locally produced ingredients".
Jamario Moon 4:48pm Wed 5 Mar
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No swearing??
Say what you want about GR. Foul mouthed, abusive, but MAN! can he get the job done. Hats off Gord.
Toin=u=like 3:09pm Wed 5 Mar
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good, good
If Gordon stops swearing you just as well stop the program, as I always said if you dont like the swearing there are pletty of other channels
stu 4:16pm Wed 27 Feb
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