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Absolute tosh
Series 9 was pathetic, series 10 is even worse and the canned laughter is pathetic. would you exhume a corpse for no reason? NO. So leave RD in the annuls of TV and stop trying to milk the franchise for every penny you can get. 0.1 out of 10
canned laughter = poor prompts 11:53am Sat 10 Nov
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Crack Smoking
Great to see rehab working for Craig Charles. Replacing crack cocaine with lard has helped his life and the Lister character.
Banjo Bob 11:44pm Sat 3 Nov
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Oh dear...
Back to Earth ruined it all. The other episodes were amusing though!
_ 7:04pm Sat 7 Jan
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too many cuts
what for?
reality 5:33pm Mon 17 Oct
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Censored episodes
Don't bother as Dave are cutting stuff out. Way to ruin a classic comedy show.
Biggus Conkus 12:28am Mon 17 Oct
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ran on too far
should have quit at series 3
get real 10:27am Fri 20 May
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Typical over rated Sci-Fi carp. Geeks may love it but the truth is it was never the same after series 3!
Pathetic 5:18pm Wed 18 May
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i don't think robert llewellyn played kryton in this one????
faz 5:23pm Sun 12 Sep
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Doug Naylor should make two more series at least the CGI effects were BRILLIANT in Back to Earth :)
Smeg & Head 6:40am Sun 21 Jun
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brillbo just brillbo
space cadet 77 7:46pm Sun 17 May
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The new shows were Genius, how many other shows take the rise out of itself and it's fans. The scene in cabin (Street) had me in tears of laughter. Mint, Sorted liked it! more please Doug.
Rob Grant 10:41pm Sat 9 May
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(unrelated title) ace rimmer is hot
I'm a big fan of Red Dwarf but most of Back to Earth was amazingly unfunny. Some bits were really nice, a even a little touching, for this show at least. But all the parodies and references to old episodes were tedious. It didn't work as either a tribute, or as a special. It seemed like more of a weak attempt at seeing if people would watch a new series. Well, that and the huge DVD profits...
Crimson 1:58am Wed 29 Apr
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the new one wasnt that bad, it was pretty good tbh but its sad they have to end such a great show :'(
Ade 2:02pm Mon 27 Apr
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red dwarf
I love red dwarf but the new one was bad... really bad. Script was just shocking.
pw 6:37pm Sun 26 Apr
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Some of you people are admitting you don't find it as funny just because the audience laughter isn't there? You really need other people to laugh for you to find something funny? HAHA! Such a stupid comment, really is. The new episodes show the ability the programme has to change, and it seems much more sarcastic and satirical than a lot of the other episodes, providing a much thicker, well nourished experience. There is at least another two series left, as there have only been 8 series and all throughout the new 3 parter there was mention of it being after the 10th series. Watch this space.
Kihiro 10:45pm Fri 24 Apr
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I thought it was terrible. Craig Charles obviously thought it funny though - he couldn't stop smiling at the 'funny' bits. It was as if it was his first time on the telly. Very disappointing.
Norrin 5:41pm Tue 21 Apr
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I liked it but..
I thought it was really funny and I enjoyed it, but jokes I would usually laugh at didn't seem so funny without the laughing in the background. I never knew how important that was until now. It lacked atmosphere and seemed too serious without it.
Creepy 8:52pm Sun 19 Apr
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Not as good...
I dont think its as good or as classic as catherine tate or the office.
William Lucas 4:14am Sun 19 Apr
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i missed them all.
episode two is on tv on wednesday but what about the others?
Nick 10:55am Thu 16 Apr
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Works better back to back
Seeing all 3 episodes back to back improved the viewing experience for me. Yep, no real belly laughs, but enjoyable just the same. If they're going to repeat the exercise I'd suggest a 1 hour special or a 2 parter at the most.
Norbert 7:13pm Wed 15 Apr
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What I...
..admire about Red Dwarf is it's willingness to change. The new episodes are much much better when you watch them again, I think most people have been clouded by pre-conception, the kind that turns them into whining babies. It's good to see it again once that is out the way.
Mr. Bartikovsky 9:47pm Mon 13 Apr
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laugh I almost did
There were some good bits - I loved the idea of Car Bug. But really, where were the really good laughs? A few funny bits is not enough to base a new series on.
Babe Andrea 12:32am Mon 13 Apr
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Does that mean they're coming back? I mean with that ending? tbh nothing realy made sense until the end :p
tkell 10:54pm Sun 12 Apr
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It all tied together in the end. I'm sick of people complaining about a lack of comedy though where ever I go. There were plenty of funny moments, do people really need others to tell them when to laugh?
Nickname 10:52pm Sun 12 Apr
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I thought
Red dwarf was a comedy? what was that
George 10:29pm Sun 12 Apr
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Back to Reality MkII
Overall it was a good mini series...however I look forward to watching the whole thing together, how it was split took any form of impact away. The Back to Reality ending felt a little safe though, dream sequence anyone?
... 9:38pm Sun 12 Apr
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This is alright..
Nothing special but the lack of live audience does take away the atmosphere. I suppose that it would be impossible to have a live audience as they keep moving all over the place in real life, and are not just on a stage. I think they should of at least added in the laughter afterwards. But while the old episodes/series were so cheesy you could practically see the cheese, with this 3 part series im pretty sure i could actually smell cheese!
Ryan 5:47pm Sun 12 Apr
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whiney cat
after the much anticipated wait of the final red dwarf i can honestly say im quite disappointed. the cat just seems whiney to me an uncool now :( an the jokes.... compared to the other 8 series these jokes dont compare. shame really, they couldve done so much better.
boontime 3:06pm Sun 12 Apr
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Tired & Weak Comeback
What a tired and weak ending for this iconic show. The plot is a 'mash-up' of The League Of Gentlemen movie with rip-offs from Blade Runner and "The Comic Book Guy" from The Simpson's etc. The only vaguely funny gag was the finding of money down the back of the sofa. Lets hope episode three will have some more originality and a satisfactory Dénouement.
Mr. Merlin 11:05am Sun 12 Apr
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This new 3 part series is awful, the first ep was pretty okay, felt like a warm up however the 2nd was truly awful. A sad tarnish on a TV classic...
Disappointed Fan 9:40pm Sat 11 Apr
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Part 2
Was good! Warming up rather nicely. Lots of Blade Runner references.
... 9:36pm Sat 11 Apr
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Not bad
Not bad start pitty there wasn't a live audience, a live audience to me brings an added atomsphere to show.
Tallica 1:35am Sat 11 Apr
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It's a shame, the over-hype completely overshadowed what has been a rather enjoyable episode...I think it'll pick up speed tomorrow, it felt that this episode was to reintroduce the show.
wcow 12:08am Sat 11 Apr
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Really we shouldn't need people to tell us when to laugh, but it does add a real sitcom/jovial feel to it. I have hopes for the next installments anyway, I think this episode was just to establish the show again so we know that it is Red Dwarf! Yes we remember the characters, now we can move on...
... 11:58pm Fri 10 Apr
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they could ov done what they did with series 7 it was just wired watching it wihtout the laughing and holly :(
stef 11:54pm Fri 10 Apr
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Broom Cupboard
It was really odd watching Red Dwarf without a laugh track...Still amusing though. Apparently they didn't want an audience for the filming so they could keep the plot secret, I guess the amount of CGI had something to do with it also...
... 11:50pm Fri 10 Apr
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want the same :(
it just wasnt the same with out the audience :(
stef 9:56pm Fri 10 Apr
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Mr Flibble Lives!!!
OH Yeah!!!!!! Red Dwarf is the best, stop moaning about the canned laughter and series 7, they are all excellent, you are not a TRUE RD fan if you monn about the series!!!! smeg heads!
Starbug666 7:34pm Fri 10 Apr
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In only 5 hours! Hope it isn't cheesey and feel too much like it's trying to recreate the original series (by which I mean the originals which were written by both Grant & Naylor) Here's hoping for some legendary Red Dwarf, and one to remember for the right reasons.
Lobster and Ketchup 4:05pm Fri 10 Apr
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Series 1-6 and 8 were filmed in front of a live audience. Series 7 was filmed without the audience but I believe they showed an audience the episodes and recorded their response.
... 10:21am Fri 10 Apr
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its allways had a laughter track
i beleive they only took it out for series 7
andy 2:05am Fri 10 Apr
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Hate Canned Laughter is an idiot
Series 1-6 and 8 were shot in front of an audience, you moron.
elduke 3:07pm Thu 9 Apr
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Canned laughter?
Sorry, but had to switch off one of my favourite programmes because of the canned laughter. It's never had canned laughter before, why now?
hate canned laughter.com 9:50pm Wed 1 Apr
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red dwarf is amzing smeg heads
andy 4:45pm Tue 24 Mar
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wut is this
niglet 8:56pm Wed 18 Mar
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it is coming back
they've got a few episodes coming this year i think =] can't wait
J- 12:46pm Sat 7 Feb
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Red Dwarf is Ace!
Now this is riock & roll!! Woop woop, dwarf speed pls Mr Zulu!! =)
Kinggaz 4:26pm Sat 3 Jan
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I do hope they come back D:
The ending was kinda sucky. :/
mov 9:26pm Mon 29 Dec
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red dwarf comings back? were did you hear that...... i love red dwarf, i love that rimmers such a smeg head
hmmm 6:25pm Fri 26 Sep
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red dwarf return
all you red dwarf fans...red dwarf returns next year !!!!
BWAaronFC 7:00pm Thu 25 Sep
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