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Pathetic old man
Pathetic old Manc' man Ian and his "mail order bride" . Why are these old men such a cliche (and) so inadequate?
Lisa 9:57am Mon 26 Sep
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Whirlpools dangerous tumble dryers
As an owner of a Hotpoint tumble dryer, two weeks ago I tried contacting Maurizio Pettorino by email regarding his companies dangerous tumble dryers. Managers did reply to my emails but, despite my repeated requests, and a personal email addressed to Mr Pettorino himself, I regret to have to inform you Mr Pettorino has, at the time of writing, failed to respond. I now intend to write Mr Pettorino a personal letter. Please advise me if you would be interested in anything Mr Pettorino has to say; if anything.
Bill Dearman 11:06am Fri 16 Sep
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Is it time these cartels, are brought under the spotlight the cost of a moderate funeral now is getting beyond most ordinary peoples pockets.
zoro 8:42pm Mon 18 Jul
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Use 'by' not clarified.
For years I've watched food shows explaining 'sell by' and 'use by'. I was hoping Rip Off Britain would finally tell us that 'Use by' actually means 'use BEFORE' - they don't say 'inclusive' after the date. So food still on sale on the 'by' date should not be legal, yet shops display these items all the time. I wish your programme had finally put this query of mine to rest.
Persnickety Pamela 10:05am Thu 30 Apr
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PPI phonecalls
why should we get people phoning us are on our phones that we pay for the phone line from nuisance calls and especially when you are a shift worker and working nights so you sleep by day and getting nuisance calls
mark 9:51am Tue 21 Oct
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hotel merengue in the carribean
what series was this hotel on tv
mark 8:18pm Tue 28 Jan
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Working 45 hours a week and getting £230
People work for agency's in the building trand how are labourers are working 50 hours for £6.95 ahour and getting £14.50 takon out to get payed and having to pay to get to work and all there ppe so how's that right to live on that
Twilight 10:54am Sat 23 Mar
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Mobile phone bills
How Vodafone can charge people £400 pound in bill why there a way and still changing them for it amorth latter
Bob 10:23am Sat 23 Mar
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Rip off BBC
£20 Million on taxis, £500 million on tv licensing and taking money from the EU to promote the EU. The BBC are a joke!
itv mike 1:23am Tue 2 Oct
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how dare the commeners think that they can claim that they are being diddled.
give a commener the vote, and this is how they thank one.
HRH queen mother 9:37am Sat 2 Apr
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LOL at 'demand answers from the top' They have about as much power as superman sitting in a bath of liquid kryptonite. Watched it once and it was half an hour of some 17 year old whining that he had to pay too much for the fast car he had bought - 17 year olds having to pay high insurance for fast cars? - What a rip off :-)
Dave 4:56am Fri 1 Apr
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is this serious
This is literally the worst the show of all time...its like something from the fast show...every single story is designed to appeal to moaning old people...
melon 9:27pm Fri 4 Mar
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Knackers yard
If the BBC feel obliged to keep these three on its payroll forever couldn't it at least restrict them to daytime antique shows instead of foisting this TV version of the Daily Wail on us!
Am not Amused 8:35pm Fri 4 Mar
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is this serious
This is literally the worst the show of all time...its like something from the fast show...every single story is designed to appeal to moaning old people...
melon 7:58pm Fri 4 Mar
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Out to pasture
It's laudable to try and find a way to occupy these old mares of broadcasting but does it have to be done at the license payers' expense. The programme itself is utter rubbish!
Day v Lately 7:02pm Fri 4 Mar
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IVA - Electrician
You showed an electrician complaining about the fees an IP charged while he was in an IVA, what an idiot this blike is. Does he work for nothing? neither does an IP and anyone thinking about an IVA as a debt solution is informed of the facts. What he did not mention was the amount of debt that would be written off afer the 5 years of the IVA.
st11 8:23am Thu 17 Feb
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Paying to watch repeats
quote "Please could you calculate how much income the bbc receives from the tv licence fee, and provide a break down as to how it is used. Perhaps you could also ask the general public for their ideas on new topics for programme makers to consider. (I would be interested to know how much, annually, it costs to make eastenders". Its not only about the repeats you don´t want to view. the licence payer paid for many programmes some of which people want to see again but they can´t see.why? Because they have been sold off to Sky or Dave. why do you have to pay a commercial channel to watch what you have already paid for as licence payers paid to make it in the first place? Plus - can understand ITV being short of cash as advertising revenue is reduced due to the recession, but the BBC gets money regardless of economic conditions through licence fee,therefore should be forging ahead, not selling off it´s family silver to sky
Netty bag 6:54pm Wed 9 Feb
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Why are we getting so many repeats. It is nice to see the old faces but put them in abetter programme please.
brockle 2:47pm Wed 26 Jan
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Thank Licence Payers
I,m so glad the BBC produced this programme, paid for by your proles. It's actually total tripe and not in the least bit entertaining, but at least it gives us three wrinklies a good income to maintain our lifestyle. I love the British Public, the BBC and the government who force you to pay for our second rate TV programming
Angela Rippon 6:47am Wed 26 Jan
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Rip-Off Britain Ripped Off my name!
Without even consulting me, THIS PROGRAMME stole the name of MY website 'Rip-Off Britain' that's been going since 1998: www.rip-off.co.uk The bare face cheek of it!!
Editor 6:58pm Wed 12 Jan
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Rip off BBC
Please could you calculate how much income the bbc receives from the tv licence fee, and provide a break down as to how it is used. Perhaps you could also ask the general public for their ideas on new topics for programme makers to consider. (I would be interested to know how much, annually, it costs to make eastenders. kind regards.
Dan Dare! 6:47pm Wed 12 Jan
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i love this prog, picking up some great tips :-D
uk spiv 5:34pm Wed 12 Jan
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0845 numbers
Can you investigate the rise of o845 numbers. I and most other people have free 27/7 access to uk landlines yet most organisations especially utility Co's have adopted 0845 / 44 numbers .Why . And i dont believe its for our benifit.
0845 rip off 10:39pm Wed 5 Jan
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Another turgid slot of doom and gloom from BBC1. Thanks for raising the spirits on a weeknight.
Die 7:49pm Wed 5 Jan
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Maybe if you could spell you could be part of the team, But until you can i am afraid we have no position for you
Jennie Bond 12:53am Thu 9 Dec
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Hi my name is Paul Maguire, I reside in Northern Ireland. I would love to be involved in what you guy,s do, due simply to the fact that I loath anyone getting ripped of and I do feel i would have the energy that your show portray,s in your go get them attitude and bring to bear those rip off merchants. please please consider this as serious,, Paul
paulmag 9:31am Thu 2 Dec
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the worst tv programme
80% of time is saying what is coming or what has been talked about. With all this paddign stating the bloody obvious no wonder this programme was pulled after a few episodes. You wanted to ask questions about the supposed victims - they really were desperate. The worst programme I have seen in a long while. Very poor
jpm 7:57pm Mon 15 Feb
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Rip off programme!
Content = 10mins, then filled with repeats flashbacks etc etc etc. More BBC Dross with 'has- been' OLD (nae) ANCIENT presenters.
Billy the Fish 11:09pm Wed 2 Dec
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Tue Show 1/12/09
Vehicle reposition due to outstanding finance If you’re correct that it makes no difference why if it doesn’t matter do you need to check HPI as it seems to be waste of time if you are the new owner?
profution 10:59pm Tue 1 Dec
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Financial advisors
I enjoyed your programme very much. My husband and I have been retired for some 5 years now,financially we have a good life, but due to my husbands ill health I thought I needed more guidance with finance and how to protect our money. Although our financial advisor seems to be a good man I do beieve some of the advice I receive is for his benefit and not particular ours, I might be speaking a little harshly but I wondered if you could mention in your programme why we need a financial advisor, is it really necessary, we are only ordinary people but with a good nest egg, which we don't want to loose. I hope this might be a subject you might like to touch on in your series. Thank youu Jennifer Tyrrell
jenny 1:53pm Mon 30 Nov
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