17 October 2021  | 
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Third showing this week, enough please
Dennyboy 9:22am Sun 20 Jun
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10/10 for this
Reviewly 1:49pm Fri 19 Apr
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Your Listing of programmes
01/03/10 What happened to River Monsters!!
John D 5:48pm Fri 1 Mar
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Until your medicine "starts to work"? When will that be...sometines never apparently!
Jlo 9:47am Wed 21 Nov
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My review.
This takes me back to when mamma and pater took me on an overnight camping trip ,where after being abducted by aliens we saw what is now known as the loch ness monster. Mamma turned green overnight and she has not been seen in daylight since 1949. I must retire to bed as I'm unsettled ,but fear not Gungadin will sit with me until my medicine starts to work.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 1:23am Wed 21 Nov
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I never thought I'd find a programme about fishing interesting but with this one I am hooked. It is absolutely fascinating and shows that the world has not yet been totally tamed.....
Oldgirl 9:07am Sat 14 Mar
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What a Wally
Tries to make it so exciting by exaggerating the danger. It is so boring. Yawn!!
Biffo 7:43pm Tue 11 Feb
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Fish don't exist
There's no such thing as a fish. If you don't believe me look up the definition.
loppydog 8:50pm Tue 18 Jun
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Lost Interest
Should be called the Catfish Diaries.
Yaspaa 12:22am Sat 23 Mar
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I love this program
I understand that this series is perhaps appreciated more by a niche audience than a general one but to me, as an occasional angler, it's one of my favourites. Wade's understated enthusiasm and obvious love for his sport and quarry contribute to the quality of this program. He's obviously a tough but caring guy whose style is entertaining and informative, even when he doesn't even see the subject species on occasion. The programme's subject and Wade's personality make for a very engaging and pleasant 45 or so mins of entertainment. Full marks amd keep up the good work.
rbw152 10:56pm Sun 30 Dec
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The guy is a total drama queen , its only fish ffs lol
lame 3:56am Mon 7 May
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Great program, top guy
Jeremy treats the fish with great care and affection. unfortunately i fear the program is probably only of any interest to fellow anglers and other people who understand the world of angling and the constant good it does for fish welfare.
JamesTheAngler 2:43pm Thu 3 May
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Fish abuse?
Jeremy Wade has spent his life studying fish; by learning more about them we learn how to protect them and their habitat. If it wasn't for anglers in the UK at least, our rivers would be far more polluted with far fewer fish. What has the animal rights movement ever done for them? Wade is a great angler with true respect for nature. Which is more than can be said for those whose misguided emotional responses owe more to Beatrix Potter than reality.
Camino 7:00pm Tue 28 Feb
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Jeremy Wade
is a superb angler he has the welfare of the fish paramount, unlike RG an excellent show.
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Simply Brilliant
One of the best presented Angling shows I have ever had the joy to watch. Jeremy wade as taken over where John Wilson and Rex Hunt left off. Fishing for grown ups and a fishing show even none anglers will enjoy!
nottmdon 7:13pm Fri 10 Feb
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May I ask for your definition of a "Monster"?
. 8:36pm Tue 10 Jan
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silly splashly
Of course fish are animals. I think you meant to say that are not mammals.
StephenFry 7:16pm Tue 20 Dec
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fishy wishy
animal abuse ? learn your natural history, fish are not animals they are fish! so you should be commenting on fish abuse! by the way monsters are not real ! so why would you expect to see them on tv, there to busy fishing anyway !
splashly 7:51pm Tue 6 Dec
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I love River Monsters!! so what if they are not actual monsters the points he is trying to prove is that they can be dangerous and that urbanisation and industrialised fishing is causing fish to re-locate (so to speak!) and look for new sources of food. If you dont like it dont watch it!! Simple!! :)
Stephiroth 2:22pm Wed 11 May
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Absolutely pathetic , Ive yet to see any actual so called monsters and all he does is wildly exaggerate about how potentially dangerous the local fish are that he does manage to catch . What a load of CARP LOL
J .R. Hartley 12:15am Tue 29 Mar
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River Monsters ???
what monsters , its just another fishing program .
zzzZZZZ 12:19am Tue 22 Mar
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Fish abuse?
Some of you people are pathetic.
Getagrip 10:59pm Mon 21 Mar
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The grandchildren love him
Mr Wade always has a interesting story the little people are glued to the TV, they chat about it all the time with the exception the episode when the monster did not recover that was upsetting
Riverbank 1:31pm Tue 28 Dec
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a lot of hype
get that idiot off the screen and let those fish alone.
Andie 6:56pm Wed 22 Dec
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animal abuse
Animal abuse good, taste meaty, make wife fat and children strong
B. Orat 7:05pm Tue 21 Dec
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animal abuse
This is nothing but animal abuse . Awful.
Sharky 6:48pm Tue 21 Dec
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No so things as monsters!
At last a new season of River Monsters! Although I shouldn't have rejoiced to soon as sadly it seems these monsters are a little thin on the ground. Did I miss something? Like episodes 4 and 5? Please ITV, show the complete series again with the missing episodes that were replaced due to 'breaking news' stories.
FishyFishFace 6:46pm Mon 20 Dec
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"Fish On!"
Best programme on TV, makes Robson Green look like a complete amateur..
Greg 7:27pm Wed 1 Dec
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If you can't spell don't call other people idiots.
idiot 4:11pm Tue 9 Nov
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Crazy, Sexy, Brilliant
Informative and entertaining. Jeremy pulls from the dark depths legends, urban myths, and old fisherman tales and reels them into the light.
Dawn 5:31pm Mon 12 Apr
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narcisist idiot
What is the purpose of all that animal abuse ?
Zoe 7:59pm Thu 3 Dec
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