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Room 101 Comments
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Dear Beeb
If you have to show repeats to fill a hole in your schedules, you could at least show something half decent, instead of dross like this.
FFS 2:19pm Thu 21 Jun
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Fully agree. Imagine having a rangers, celtic half and half scarf. You are standing in the Celtic stand and rangers score, you start cheering. You would be lynched.
The real septic 6:20am Sat 9 Jun
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Now I know gabby logan is completely thick. The half and half football scarves are a souvenir of the days match. Not as she thinks for neutral supporters.
Pelo. 10:38pm Fri 8 Jun
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It's still goood...
... although not entertaining as the original show, I still mostly like it for some lighthearted family friendly laughs.
Jimmy 9:48am Tue 11 Jul
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what time is it on, specifically; on BBC 1
Youtookmynamealready 10:18am Wed 13 Apr
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DONT CARE 2:09pm Fri 20 Mar
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Skinny skinner
what are you doing in my swamp
shrek 2:07pm Fri 20 Mar
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Skinner has a migraine and it's drilling through his skull. He's the Prince of Migraines.
Brandon-Mizen Green 2:03pm Fri 20 Mar
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F Skinner is so lame
2.1 Rating says it all
echo 10:02pm Sat 14 Feb
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Better than
I suppose 5:03pm Thu 27 Mar
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a crime
Bring back hanging
Sammy 8:52pm Fri 7 Mar
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crem ent
pay TV tax 8:34pm Fri 14 Feb
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I find it quite funny! Must be something wrong with me since everyone hates it...
SL 4:43pm Fri 7 Feb
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Put Frank Skinner in Room 101
The format is awful especially with the inclusion of youtube clips to fill in laughs. The BBC clearly have terrible taste to consider Skinner even mildly entertaining, unfortunately i think it's time to scrap a once great show
Disaster 2:12am Sat 25 Jan
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Frank Skinner finally finds his level
This show has gone downhill series after series. Dire!
Auld Curmudgeon 7:50pm Fri 1 Nov
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Why repeat garbage?
It was utter crap first time round - it certainly won't be any better for another viewing.
Fat Controller 2:40pm Wed 22 May
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Good but some guest are bad
Lorna 4:31pm Fri 19 Apr
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A smug too far
He sits on that sofa unmoving like a ventriloquist dummy!
bemused 11:20pm Fri 25 Jan
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This "Show" was pretty ropey under Paul Merton - Under Frank Skinner it's absolute Crap
KBeee 8:45pm Fri 25 Jan
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Scrap it
Boring as it ever was with Skinner doing it, in fact even worse actually. Scrap it
Deke 1:25pm Thu 24 Jan
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That Gal
Miranda is a funny Lady!
Starfish* 8:20pm Fri 4 Jan
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Not that bad.
Tolerable, but don't get the 'pulling silly little handles to pretend to open bread bins'. Odd, that
Ted 9:07pm Fri 9 Mar
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Skinner is a Herbert.
Jonno T 6:21pm Fri 9 Mar
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This is bilge.
Emma Dale 6:14pm Fri 9 Mar
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Let's hope...
Let's hope this is the last one EVER!!!! This has been a disaster with Skinner.
ExAlco. 10:39am Tue 6 Mar
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Poor show
Only the first show had any spark, the rest have been dull. And now, for the last one, they are dragging out the moronic failure Prescott who can hardly come up with a comprehensible sentence. I won't be watching this one.
Joe 7:35am Tue 6 Mar
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He is not funny, and he is past his sell by date, but the programme itself is totally pointless drivel, and, therefore well suited to the talents of Mr Skinner.
montyjohn 7:24pm Sun 4 Mar
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Leave this one alone!
It's got the fat, flatulent fraud Prescott on it. That's enough to turn anyone's stomach.
Larry 3:35pm Sun 4 Mar
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Leave Skinner alone!
I love frank skinner i think he is hilarious! The BBC is full of unfunny comics Paul mertron is way past his sell by date and hogs HIGNFY
adrian 8:10pm Sat 3 Mar
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Never misses an opportunity of telling everyone he was once an 'alcoholic'. Get over it already and have a pint down the pub!
marty 5:39pm Sat 3 Mar
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Most boring man
The world's most boring, pedantic, sycophantic, unfunny man walks into a bar and says; 'I'm Frank Skinner.'
TV Eye 12:25am Sat 3 Mar
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A sausage walks into a bar and says, "I'm Frank Skinner."
Mr. John 12:09am Sat 25 Feb
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God's teeth, that was c**p.
Eddy Shu 10:09pm Fri 24 Feb
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I like it
I don't see why so many people claim to dislike this. Or does Paul Merton have a lot of time on his hands?
Gill Bates 7:26pm Fri 24 Feb
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Get Skinner off
Get Skinner off and go back to having one guest and I may watch again.
Billy Fart 5:49pm Fri 24 Feb
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It is THAT bad
To previous comment ~ You are the only person I know that likes him.
Toddy Todd 4:37pm Sat 18 Feb
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It's not THAT bad
OK, I agree the Meeton version was better and have no idea why the Beeb revamped it. But hang on you lot, it really is not as bad as all that. I quite enjoy thisand am I the only person that actually likes Frank Skinner?
BR34095 5:41pm Fri 17 Feb
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The new format is atrocious and completely takes away everything that made Room 101 a brilliant show.
Luke 5:13pm Fri 17 Feb
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like weeing on public transport
secretive weer 12:45pm Wed 15 Feb
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We don't want Skinner
Why does the BBC think we want to see so much of Skinner 'cos we don't.
Henny B 12:00pm Wed 15 Feb
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Did the BBC ask the Room 101 fans before changing the format of the show? The new show is awful and Skinner smug and unfunny.
Jo 1:28pm Tue 14 Feb
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Why didn't they just...
Stick to the same format and get Sean Lock in to present it.
The Alf 12:35pm Mon 13 Feb
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This should bebanished from our screens along with Skinner. Abysmal TV.
Mister Me 4:36pm Sun 12 Feb
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Whoever thought this would be a good idea? Absolute trite.
Kingle 3:20pm Sat 11 Feb
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Another good programme ruined
I used to enjoy this program in its old format and with Paul Merton. How can the BBC seriously have thought this would better?
Old repeats would be better than this rubbish 5:26pm Wed 1 Feb
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Put the format in Room 101
I like Frank Skinner, but the format is crazily bad. Should have learned a lesson from that awful David Mitchell news show that 3 celebs taking turns individually in a fake competition is mind-numbingly dull.
Jeez 4:49pm Wed 1 Feb
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Pants, that's all this is.
J B Boots 5:44pm Mon 30 Jan
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Sycophant Skinner, yawn.
E C Rider 9:20am Mon 30 Jan
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Dump Skinner
Dump Skinner into Room 101 and get someone with charisma to present it.
TVeye 11:58pm Sat 28 Jan
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BBC, why don't you think of the fans?
If Paul Merton doesn't do it, get Ian Hislop. If he's not available get anyone besides Frank Skinner. Even Frankie Boyle would've been a better choice...
gfhdfgdfx 8:24pm Fri 27 Jan
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