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I would really like to know the psy trance tune played for the man who beat the tube and ran to the tube station. I would very much appreciate it. Kind Regards TOM HAMER
Tommy 12:54am Tue 30 May
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Do you really
need a TV programme to tell you what to watch on YouTube? How stupid are you?
You Will Be Outed 12:06am Sat 13 May
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kitten in Christmas stocking
a cat should only be in a sock when you are going to drown it ....really....and oxygen is wasted on you...disgusting to think you thought this acceptable ..used to love your show ..will never watch again
ex fan 10:51pm Sun 27 Dec
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the show is terrible all together
also the show is annoying unfunny and i for one dont watch this anymore because alex zane is a terrible presenter in my opinion and people need to realise this
camaz13456 10:21am Tue 8 Jul
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sometimes voilent
even in the shows during the day and as what i would describe as a spin off, there is violence even sometimes between two animals, like one episode where the presenter describes two cats fighting as fun and entertaining i would strongly advise that children under 15 shouldn't watch this show.
camaz13456 10:13am Tue 8 Jul
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cheap telly for mindless sheep
reading 7:42pm Sun 22 Dec
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Really unfunny
This show used have some funny bits. Now the clips are the ones you would delete from your own phone cos you didn't catch the funny bit.
The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey 4:16am Wed 14 Aug
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what the hell
what the hell is that o.m.g i really hate it (rude tube) because it is boring and also i love really rude hows cos i like the 9 channels.
loser22 8:08pm Fri 11 Jan
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I find it very funny in fact It hilarious
big boy 61 6:23pm Mon 3 Dec
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why didn't my previous comment show up?
sgsfg 11:03pm Thu 15 Nov
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Honestly, does anyone actually find Alex Zane funny?
I genuinely want to know, does anyone find Alex Zane funny? He really almost ruins a perfectly good program. I do wonder if he was the one that came up with the idea, because its really grating to hear him talk and make awful jokes. Actually, I don't think you can even call them jokes - and I'm not being controversial here, I actually don't think even he would call what he does "telling jokes". It's some sort of weird humour that I don't even slightly begin to get. I sincerely mean that I haven't spoken anyone who likes him. Is there any way we can get rid of him?
Ibiza Dave 12:14am Wed 3 Oct
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Alex Zane ruins this show!
Not a bad show to waste some time. I just don't get Alex Zane, he bases his humour on not actually being funny.. which is pointless. He makes the kind of jokes someone's dad would make, the kind that get that nervous pity laugh. Show is worth a watch but I can't help wondering how someone with so little charisma and comedy skills gets a job that expects him to be funny!
getanewjob 4:22am Wed 9 Nov
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Pointless crap. all the clips have been seen before!
fsfsfs 8:16pm Mon 12 Sep
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cute presenter
what is the presenter's name? he's adorable lol
grrrr 1:34pm Mon 18 Jul
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too much padding
and an idiot presenter.
get real 9:13am Sun 20 Feb
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Hows not got the internet
Alex Zane your not funny - watch the clips on youtube instead - Ray William johnson is much better than this clown
1+1 = 3 8:37pm Sat 19 Feb
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well,yeah,at least is not XFactor
I preffer it to XFactor,which is the real brainwhasher of the UK society,at least, is the stupidity that real people allow themselves to go into,and not what they show you as the model of a succesful person should be,as Xfaxtor...!
Ufools 6:29pm Fri 18 Feb
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For even a programe after 11, its rude. It exploits some unecessary content, such as tonights show is supposed to be about Total Stunts yet shows signs of nudity. It's a complete waste of my time and I'd have a better time (by %100 certification) searching the most viewed videos on the internet, and thats no exaggeration.
Luke Haines-Ingram 11:18pm Thu 16 Dec
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Missed Opportunity
It was quite obvious that C4 decided to grab an internet content based programme on the lowest budget possible just to ´get in´! Quite a few of the clips were simply from TV programmes and therefore were misplaced, in my opinion, in this ´show´. 50 clips, 50 minutes, and a bit of waffle in between in a very bright lavatory. I would rather search the internet!!
Ianmac 4:04pm Thu 7 Oct
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I know!!
I can't find that video with the guy who pulls the funny face in the supermarket either.. really want to see it !!! ???????? thanks
SCxx 8:18pm Tue 18 May
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Same Question. .
I was wondering, like the person before me.. the name of that clip where the guy does that funny face thing in supermarkets. Cracked me up but cant find it anywhere. Help. Thankyouu. x
TVdiva 4:23pm Wed 6 Jan
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anyone know the name of the clip where the guy starts talking to staff in a shop, then pulls a face and gorms out? :) thanks
plzplz 11:38pm Mon 4 Jan
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Just watch rudetube.tv
Just watch rudetube.tv and you'll miss nothing..
Rudeboy 9:50pm Thu 12 Nov
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...or should that be "no more tubby" ?
  9:52pm Fri 30 Oct
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say no more
tubby 9:42pm Fri 30 Oct
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Total dross
It's a bit like You've Been Framed, only not as funny. Jeremy Beadle's little hand is funnier. Alex Zane should take sense of humour lessons from Jeremy Beadle and Lisa Riley. But forget lessons from Harry Hill, Alex, it's too advanced for you. And please stop mentioning viral advertising - it's not funny nor clever.
Mr Irritable 9:36pm Fri 9 Oct
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No he won't go far
He's terrible. Totally unfunny and annoying. The most irritating presenter ever.
Rubisco 8:30pm Tue 4 Aug
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Great yeah oh and yeah
he's a cheeky boy too inny, he'll go far that one that presenter...watch him! Oh missus...., he will you watch...
Chuckles 11:44pm Sun 21 Jun
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nice one!
great show, watch it
chuckles 11:11pm Sun 21 Jun
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What started it all...
This all stems from Matt Damon's appearance on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show when they ran out of time... PZNfOZXPJk
Helpful Ken 7:40pm Wed 7 Jan
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Jimmy's Reply
Have you seen her partner (Jimmy Kimmel)'s reply: "I'm F@@king Ben Affleck". Youtube: j_pFTAY7MF8
Helpful Ken 7:36pm Wed 7 Jan
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I take it you're looking for "I'm F@@king Matt Damon" by Sarah Silverman? go to youtube & search for WLG3S5WzHig
Helpful Ken 7:29pm Wed 7 Jan
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i fancy alex zane
has anyone got a link to the video where that girl is singing a song about cheating on her boyfriend?
;) 6:54pm Wed 7 Jan
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I Think
i think the clips that they showed on that rude tube really was disgusting i felt sick watching it but i guess people really do watch sick things on the internet !!! =[
ILOVETV 7:57pm Sat 3 Jan
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Alternative title: Cheap Filler
How can we make a tv show that costs buttons and entertains the educationally subnormal? This is the answer. Pure schedule filler.
Prolix the Cat 8:02pm Wed 3 Dec
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Why are people allready voting on this series if they haven't even seen it yet?
The moaner 9:52pm Wed 5 Nov
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they shouldve put a new an up to date episode instead of the same 1 cuz the 1st woz mega
*@#!£>' 9:59pm Wed 30 Apr
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elle 10:12pm Fri 15 Feb
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HAHA BAHA 8:42pm Mon 11 Feb
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McP 8:54am Mon 11 Feb
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