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Sally Morgan: Star Psychic Comments
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Loved every minute of it!
Found Sally to be very warm, funny and genuine. I totally understand that alot of people leave dissapointed at not getting a message, but the experience for me going into the show, was of sharing in others joy at their messages. At the show last night, to my total amazement I received a wonderful message, and I can say that every piece of the message I was given was spot on. There was no fishing for imformation on Sallys part, and I felt very blessed to have heard from a dear departed loved one. No doubts on her abilities. The audience laughed as much as it cried. I would say to anyone reading this forum that you can only make up your mind when you experience being at Sallys show yourself. What ever you give out in life, thats what you'll get back. There will be people out there who think I'm only making good comments because I got a message, not true. I'm adding my thoughts and feelings as the total experience was very warm and loving, and I will be going to see her again in November. Don't judge through the eyes of others..look through your own.
Sarah 4:03pm Fri 28 May
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So dissapointed
I am a single mum and i saved up for six months to go and watch Sally at the palace in Manchester on the 17th May 2010. Every time Sally got a negative response from the audience she blammed it on another spirt coming through. She was in my opionion a disappointment. to the extent she was annoying, the same spirts declaring to come through all shared the same emotions and more or less all had the same message ! Sorry Sally but you were a total let down.
Linda - Manchester 10:35am Thu 27 May
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Shes a complete fake
I went to see Sally Morgan at the Palace theatre on 17th May. The tickets were present for my birthday from my son. He was truly ripped off, anyone can throw names and the likelihood is that someone will think its for them. She didnt get any hits and when people were saying no to her "another spirit is trying to get through" She is praying on grieving vulnerable people, she is a charlatan of the worst kind. She gives mediums a bad name - for the record, i am a medium and i dont charge people anything as it is a gift and not something to be used to exploit desperate people.
Fed up with frauds 10:44am Mon 24 May
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I cant believe the sheer foolishness
I have a weird feeling that all or most of the negative comments are by other people who are either working for other well known psychics or their managment just to dirty the name of a woman who I feel is one in a million!!!! she is bang on!!!!! and real!!!! and Im a believer but not a bling follower!!!! I have read her books and think she is an inspiration!!!!
J DaCosta 11:11pm Sat 22 May
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Sally's not good!
I have seen such psychic's as John Edward, Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and Derek Ackorah and I totally believe. But I am sorry to say that Sally was by far the worst I have ever seen. John and Tony really are the best and get hits every time. Give it up Sal.
Jonathan Clarke 10:02am Wed 4 Nov
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Money back please
Would like my money back as the show was terrible!!!
Sarah 12:28pm Tue 3 Nov
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Lynn aka Sally Morgan/Management
Well fancy that...sounds like Lynn is in fact Sally Morgan or here Management - we are entitled to our opinions and simply look at the bad press she has on Bad Psychics - this goes back years!!!
Steve 12:21pm Tue 3 Nov
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well folks you know now!
i cant agree more,with all the negative comments expressed about sally morgan all us disgruntled theatre goers know now who to contact- its good to see her management are taking responsibility :
marc rushton 8:11pm Mon 2 Nov
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I’ve posted on here before and for the record, i’m a massive Sally Morgan fan. Could ‘Sarah’ or ‘Denise’ (who i doubt actually exist) please explain how they can claim Sally’s show in Crewe was ‘a big disappointment’ when the show hadn’t actually taken place?!?! I have to agree with her manager, does it not seem strange to anyone else that there are comments made by the same people saying the same things every day? I’ve seen Sally several times, most recently in Scotland where everyone loved her. As a fan of mediums, it doesn’t surprise me that some people feel the need to spend their time on internet forums slagging them off, personally i think the fact you don’t believe in something doesn’t justify such small minded abuse. I’ve seen Derek Acorah and Colin Fry aswell as Sally and think they’re fantastic entertainment value even if you don’t happen to believe their gift is real. I think a lot of you really should get a life rather than spend all your time slagging off people who’s talents you don’t understand.
Lynn 5:44pm Mon 2 Nov
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I couldn't agree more Paula. As for Derek Block Agencies, she could not have met 100s of people after the show in Belfast, because 3/4 of them left half way through!!
bubbly 4:38pm Mon 2 Nov
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Saw Sally and what a terrible show!!! Perhaps we should start writing to this agency called Derek Block for our money back!!
Paula 4:06pm Mon 2 Nov
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Oh how the TRUTH hurts!!
Livid 1:15pm Mon 2 Nov
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To Sally's Management
I have genuinely been to see Sally and I totally agree with ALL the negative comments on here. I really did want her to be good but she really wasn't! Only Sally is damaging her reputation by being so bad at her job, and if you really haven't had people complain about her or request money back than I am in total shock if that is in fact true! Still very disappointed with her!!
Jacqueline 12:58pm Mon 2 Nov
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Derek Block Artistes Agency
Me thinks you do protest too much. I've no knowledge of the person or the programme, but your comment prompted me to read the comments on this forum - and they seem, in the main, to be genuine from genuinely disappointed people.
SI 11:38am Mon 2 Nov
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A Message from Sally Morgan's Management
A Message from Sally Morgan’s Management It has been brought to our attention that there have been persistently negative comments regarding Sally Morgan’s live shows being made on this forum. From reading several of the posts in this discussion forum is has become very obvious that there has been a deliberate attempt to damage Sally’s reputation as well as the integrity of other psychics working in the industry. A prime example being the recent comments made my two supposedly separate individuals regarding Sally’s appearance in Crewe. These comments were both posted on the 29th October, despite the fact that Sally did not appear in Crewe until the following night the 30th October. We would like to make everybody aware that we as Sally's promoters and personal representatives have not received any such complaints from the public, or the venues or their managements. In fact without exception covering more than a hundred theatres and venues since Sally starting touring her live show 18 months ago, she has been invited back everywhere she has appeared. Furthermore, after every appearance Sally meets hundreds of members of the audiences and never has had any negative feedback from anybody, in fact just the opposite. We also welcome all feedback regarding Sally shows, both positive and negative, but ask that anyone posting here do so genuinely and in the spirit intended for this forum. We have made the TV Guide Website aware of these postings. Thank you, Derek Block Artistes Agency, London
Derek Block Artistes Agency 11:33am Mon 2 Nov
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saw sally in peterborugh last night didnt know what to expect but came away very dissapointed,i felt quite embarassed for sally she hardly got any connection with people,it all seemed about buy my book by my jewellery sally seemed oblivious to the fact that so many people were there for comfort and help they got nothing like that,sorry sally but you are not the real deal
jennie 10:25am Mon 2 Nov
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EMMA 11:24am Sat 31 Oct
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what a con
Went to see sally morgan in blackburn last night and was very disappointed no real specifics just john,julie,jane,josie joanie.......we left at half time never would i waste the time and money she must be laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!
Alex 4:40pm Fri 30 Oct
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total crap
what a waste of money never again will i go to see sally morgan
rosa 10:53am Thu 29 Oct
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Sally Morgan
I think she believes her won rot!!! "is this an amazing evening" she said, yes for you I thought judging by the ticket price and how many were possibly sold $$$$$$ Just look at all the bad press on Bad Psychics about her!
Billy 10:49am Thu 29 Oct
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still waiting
sally told us the cause of my son's death was murder--SWAN WYCOME we wrote asking her to elaborate as we need to know the truth..were offered a TV reading but declined due to sensitive nature of circumstances and asked for phone reading instead ----- only response 'wish you all the best'!!!! we had been told my son's sudden death was due to meningitis so you can imagine the distress this has caused me. I am beating myself up at possiby not getting justice for my son. It has made the loss much harder to bear. Sally is a Mum herself --can she not imagine what this has done to me?
distraught aberdeen 9:18am Wed 28 Oct
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The Sally Morgan Truth
I went to see Sally at the Grand Theatre in York. Well what a farse that was and a complete waste of time and money. She seems to use the 'Yellow Cards' that we are all instructed to fill in before the show as a tool to give information and the whole show was laughable and nothing more that 'Cold Reading'....Brenda, Dave, Billy, Steven - obviously out of a crowd of hundreds there is going to be someone in the audience called that. After a terrible start, middle and end you are then presented with the opportunity to part with more of you hard earned money and by the dribble that is Sally Morgan Merchandise. Obviously this is where she and the crew make even more money as she is clearly sporting the spoil of her earnings....Prada Glasses, Breitling watch and a Range Rover Vogue - last time I checked Doris Stokes didn't have such entrapping of the so called 'Celebrity Psychic'. When will people learn that these people are nothing more than frauds who prey on the vulnerable, delivering nothing more than cold reading and false information. Shame on you Sally Morgan!!!!! When will these people be stopped from doing this - bring back the 'Fraudulent Mediums Act'.
The Psychic Critic 9:18am Wed 28 Oct
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Are all the people who rate sally good related or friends of hers!
Bubbly 2:30pm Mon 26 Oct
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I've just finished Sally's book and i loved it! I've seen her twice before and was blown away both times, i don't see where all these negative comments are coming from? She's utterly brilliant x
Sallyfan! 10:02am Mon 26 Oct
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Sally Morgan is the read deal!
Like Lynn below, I am quite stunned at the comments about Sally Morgan on here - I was at Sally's show in Southport recently and I was very impressed - the show looked terrific on stage and Sally got many hits...I also saw comments refering to Colin Fry being the best and Derek Ackorah being more bubbly and cheerful than Sally!!?? - I ask myself what has everyone been watching all this time - if you want to see a psychic, you have to go and watch Sally live!!
Sophie 1:28pm Fri 23 Oct
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Sally is fab!
I can't believe all the comments on here?! I saw Sally in Edinburgh and she was fantastic! Her show was wonderful, she was compassionate and caring and really made everyone feel at ease. She has an amazing gift and personally i think her shows are breathtaking!
Lynn 10:12am Fri 23 Oct
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How is she still getting venue bookings that's what I would like to know! She was embarrassingly bad and totally inaccurate when I saw her. The entire show made me cringe. I am sure she wouldn't be out of place on Watchdog with all the other scamming swindlers out there.
Jacqueline Kay 11:36am Wed 21 Oct
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Southport 12th October 2009
Save your money, don't go to see this woman - she is just out to make money - Team Sally flog all her merchandise before she appears - Definately has the gift of the gab, but nothing worth listening too! Several people walked out after the first half and someone fell asleep! What you see on TV and what you see in reality is just a 'starstruck woman, who is so far wrapped up in her own fame she has forgotten who put her there. Does not like to chat with people when she signs your book either, just tells you to 'come and see her again'. Well, you don't need to be a psychic to guess what my answer is to that eh!! Sally Morgan - money grabbing faker!!! go and se Colin Fry - now he is worth the money.
Crystal Balls 12:01am Tue 20 Oct
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Preston Oct 13th
I had never heard of this woman before and got tickets to see her, wish i had never bothered, what a load of crap she was, kept getting dates, times wrong, made it up has she went along, dont bother and watch Colin Fry.
nelly 4:53pm Sat 17 Oct
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Preston 13Oct
What a charlatan!, this woman couldn't predict the time let alone peoples history, save your money and watch Colin Fry.
nudger 4:49pm Sat 17 Oct
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What a load of rubbish
went to see her at Preston guild hall 13 Oct, i feel like i have been mugged! waste of time , money and space, want my money back
Nelly 9:42pm Fri 16 Oct
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Do'nt waste your money!!!!!!
After watching Sally Morgan on television,could'nt wait to see her live at the Guild Hall in Preston.Wish I had'nt bothered, she is a load or rubbish and the worst medium I have ever seen,a complete waste of money, I now realise why so many seats were empty.Save your money to see Colin Fry, he is a true medium and not a fake!!!!!!
Satch 6:33pm Wed 14 Oct
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Preston 13 October 2009
What a complete load of nonsense. What it just an off-night? No - This woman is not psychic!
Shesafraud 12:17am Wed 14 Oct
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Preston 13 October 2009
What a complete load of nonsense. What it just an off-night? No - This woman is not psychic!
Shesafraud 11:18pm Tue 13 Oct
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Sally Morgan at Music Hall, Aberdeen 23.09.09 - DISAPOINTING
My friend and I went to see Sally last night at the Music Hall and it was very disapointing to say the least... I think she guessed most of it! She got it right a FEW of times but most ppl she spoke to didn't have a clue nor be able to verify with what she was saying! I have read all the comments on this page and there was a lot of "give your details to my crew for a private message" last night too but I reckon that was a good opt out of an embarrasing situation as no one could verify with her. Some ppl could but it was vague messages. People were coming through that no-one could verify with so I reckon it's a lot of guess work. She picked out a picture of a little girl and was speaking as though she'd passed on but then the lady who the picture belonged to said "she's not dead, it's her parents" well that was the final straw for me! I am a believer though but wouldn't go and see her again. Don't waste your money!
Louise 9:20am Thu 24 Sep
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Sally just wants to Grab Grab Grab
After going to see Sally Morgan at Skegness 7th July 2009, getting picked from the stills and getting a message, Sally said on stage that she wanted to give my mum a private message. So after leaving details with one of Sallys team as requested and not hearing any thing, Sally was in my hometown of Kings Lynn Sunday 13th September and I decided to go and give Sally the Details personally. And straight to the point, didn't want to know!!! ''Just give them to my Husband'' who put it in his back pocket then probably straight in the bin once i turned my back.. Why bother saying what she did, just to get the intrest... in her bank!!! Sallys a nice enough woman and signs autographs. But very dissapointing when promised you will be contacted!!!!!!(Follow up to previous comment made Tues 28th July 2009)
Mark Johnson 10:21am Sat 19 Sep
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Sally in Sheffield 6 sept 09
After reading the comments on here yesterday pm just b4 going to see Sally I thought I know! what have I done. I then had to break the news to my wife that 90% of the comments on here were bad and negative about the show. So we tried to go with an open mind and I must say I thought the show was just like watching the TV show as she was very accurate with all people she spoke to. There is no way she could google all those people and some of the details in most peoples stories was quite incredible. it was a gr8 couple of hours. There was 2 downsides to me 1. we did not get picked but there were 1500 people there 2. It was over to quickly I think 2 hours is not long enough, it needs to be 3 hours. Im convinced she is the real deal. gr8 show Sally.
Ray Umney 9:05am Mon 7 Sep
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Well i went to the manchester opera house not the Apollo Sally was very entertaining still not to sure about the event think she is very clever at manipulation one person said his brother had hung himself the info could of easily been googled on obituary site which i am sure sally's team would of signed up to it appeared she found this spirit after the interval but it was a good show not boring very little introduction and straight on with it worth spending £19.50 just to see her as she has appeared on television i could be bias as she did not come to me but the love notes people fill in before the event makes it easy for sally what a good ploy
hardy200 11:59am Fri 4 Sep
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manchester apollo
i am going there tonight seems she is not very good my wife will be upset that i may have wasted money i think its all a load of rubbish no one can contact the physic world if they could they would all be millionaires but i will comment if i am enlightened
hardy200 10:31am Thu 3 Sep
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Oh no ... I am going to see Sally in September! Hope she does some quality Google research before then??) LOL
Liverpool 12:21pm Tue 1 Sep
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sally morgan
ive just bought tickets to go and see sally with my mum seen her on tv and looks really good after reading these reviews in now thinking what have i bought i,ll get back aftert he 6/9/2009 and let u know how it was
keli 2:51pm Mon 24 Aug
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wont see again beck theatre hayes
I went with my mother to see sally in hayes and I wished I had never gone the whole show was full of doom and gloom, and i dont know what happens to her but a childish voice seemed to take her over it grated on our nerves to the point that we couldnt wait to leave, i used to think she was great but i wont ever see her again, i saw Derek Acorah and he was up beat funny and highly entertaining this lady skipped from one thing to another and never finished anything really from what we saw....
nocando 7:56pm Tue 28 Jul
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I went to see Sally at Skegness July 7th 2009 and before the show I had my picture taken for the picture stills that Sally does in the show. (takes pictures of the audience on the night and selects 1 or 2 ) I was picked.For the people who was there that night I was with my wife, mum and son all seated at the front. Every thing Sally said to me was spot on and I think Sally is brilliant. Sally did ask my mum to pass her details like phone number and email to a member of her team as she had something to say to my Mum but not in the Theatre. We are still waiting for Sally to get in contact, perhaps the member of team did not pass the details on? But no one could of known the things Sally said to me and my mum. Sallys truly no fake and I would recommend any one to go and see Sally Morgan who has any one in spirit.
Mark Johnson 12:59am Tue 28 Jul
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Sally in Hull 2009
Well I have read some of the comments and i am Afraid I have to disagree. Sally was fantastic, she reeled of names in groups, birthdays,house address'. Some of the connections were so exraordinary there is no way this was just vague. Delighted to see her and really enjoyed the show. Come back soon.
Sarah & Margaret 12:14pm Fri 10 Jul
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She did seem to have a few genuine "hits", but she got a lot of things wrong, and then got flustered and slightly annoyed. She relied heavily on "messages" from dead grandmother's (which I have noticed from Colin Fry and TJ Stiggs) and always gave the same message that the dead person loved them. I don't think she is anything special.
Kassandra 1:39pm Sat 27 Jun
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No witch hunt here...Just the truth!
In reply to "The Oracle's" entry....It wouldn't be a witch hunt if Sally was actually any good at her "job" now would it! She has more negative feedback on here than good so that must tell you something!!!!
Louise 1:15pm Tue 16 Jun
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Definately NOT worth seeing!
Can't believe this woman charges £150 for a 1 2 1. I wouldn't mind if she was any good! Daylight robbery...Fame seeking wannabe. After seeing her recently I think £20 was way too much for her sorry excuse of a show. I am sure anyone could be a psychic to the stars when you have GOOGLE!! Hope she doesn't get another TV show any time soon.
CJ 1:45pm Mon 15 Jun
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Psychic Reading with Sally Morgan
I had the pleasure of having a psychic reading with Sally Morgan for free which usually costs £150 for 30 min, this was before she was famous but quite well known on the celebrity circuit at the time. I was very impressed by what she came out for the future as it did come true but she is very cold as when the 30 mins was up it was like off you go and no more questions allowed. I work in the media and actually got a free reading in exchange for getting Sienna Miller to go see her for a reading.
SharonPrasad 1:16pm Sun 14 Jun
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Went to see Sally Morgan at Edinburgh Playhouse and what a waste of time, she was RUBBISH,thought i was in for an exiting night,i nearly fell asleep.Save your money.
sgall 10:43pm Fri 12 Jun
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Definately worth seeing!!
I read reviews on here before going to see Sally in Oxford, and being a sceptic myself I believed the reviews and really wasn't expecting much, however still had to go as had bought my Mum tickets for her Birthday. Thoought the show was amazing. Was blown away by her accuracy. All messages were picked up by somebody, and included some bizarre names, and accuracy with dates and many small details. None of which were given away by the member of the audience she was dealing with I did google these names when I got home to see if I could disredit it in my own head again, however nothing was coming up no matter which ways I searched. Also hardly any time was spent at all by Sally talking about her childhood, the whole two hours were given over to dealing with the audience. Its also not a heavily produced show, its her husband that sells programmes and books, and I even saw just the two of them leave at the end with Sally driving herself. Well worth going to see, even if you dont get the contact you are after, very interesting to see other audience get messages and the true raw emotion they feel and display.
Gt85 10:25am Fri 12 Jun
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