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Star Trek: The Next Generation Comments
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Am a bran-spanking-newby,be patient when explaining the above. Thanks
OutadaclozitUK 8:59pm Mon 27 Mar
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Much better plots with Voyager?! Hahahahahaha.
Yaspaa 12:30am Sat 8 Dec
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Star Trek: The Next Generation
was good the 1st time we watched it , the 1st repeats were okay but after 5+ repeats it sadly shows how little Sci-fi action there is :( New episodes and more action please :)
DC 9:01pm Mon 24 Sep
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Star Trek
Its great lets have mors Si-Fi
Gortus 7:39pm Thu 26 Jan
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I'm a general fan of TNG but most of their episodes deal with mindless PAP. Kill off the idiot doctor, kill off the councillor, burn that idiot child on the bridge and it might get back to being good. Much better plots with voyager
... 12:03pm New Years Eve
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Captain Picard
please take the film the railing rug-rats and give it to the Romulans, failing that leave it in another galaxy
edna 10:50am Boxing Day
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You should have gone to "Spec-savers".
Picard 12:51pm Tue 14 Dec
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The Borg
assimulated the camel jocks and it set them back to the stone age.
bert 11:10am Mon 6 Dec
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No, No, No, No, No...
It can't be it's the very last episode of TNG!
Wicksey 8:13pm Wed 30 Jun
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of the better episodes of ST:TNG away from the best of both worlds Pt1&2.
Wicksey 11:55pm Wed 17 Feb
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How can something for shipping sing? It's WORF, not Wharf.
Wicksey 2:33pm Mon 15 Feb
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Irving Berlin
Wharf says so at the beginning if you listen carefully.
Misanthrope 8:44pm Wed 30 Dec
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Who made this song that Data sings in the Last TNG film
Never saw the sun, shining so bright. Never saw things, going so right. Noticing the days, hurrying by. When your in love, my how the fly.
BLUE SKY'S 6:51pm Thu 17 Dec
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I am Worf Son of Mogh
Worf 9:48am Wed 9 Dec
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Troi is a real piece of ass!
Troi is a real piece of ass!
Rubberduck 8:33pm Sun 29 Nov
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More Borg please
Classic at its best, so much better than the original or subsequent incarnations. But the episodes where people get stuck in the holodeck/temporal phenomena etc and learn about themselves are rubbish.
Brian Blessed 8:00pm Thu 25 Jun
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FAO jules...
... The episode where Worf gets trapped between different Quantum realities?! What an episode ("Parallels")! Look on a site called surfthechannel! Every single episode of every Star Trek ever made for your perusal - if you are that desperate lol
QContinuum 6:00pm Wed 15 Apr
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FAO jules...
http://www.56.com/u54/v_MzM2ODU1NjM.html will direct you onto the very episode you are desperate to see! I must admit, it is one of my favourites of the season, too! Poor old Worf, eh?
QContinuum 5:57pm Wed 15 Apr
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next generation
when will season 7 start as i am desperate to see episode 11
jules 1:54pm Thu 15 Jan
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i'm glad the series has finished
When you have a story like this "Half a Life Troi's mother falls in love with a scientist from a planet where inhabitants are expected to die at 60, and persuades him to defy his people by living - unwittingly pushing the Enterprise to the brink of war." then it's time to pull the plug
boring, bored. dead 12:14pm Sat 3 Jan
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Re Vamos666
Vamos666 had a terrible childhood. In and out of orphanages, JD homes, juvenile prisons. Go easy on him.
gosbean 12:28am Sat 22 Nov
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awesome show, full stop. will be getting this when it comes to blueray ;)
senor martinez 12:29am Sat 6 Sep
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RE Vamos666
I assume you know what "Vamos" means? - Huh! Maybe you should act on your namesake and go to Hell! (Bingo lover!) LMAO x
cptnjaedax 8:04pm Fri 8 Aug
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Vacuous fangirl comment I know, but I really do miss the Crusher =(
megantron 8:04pm Wed 6 Aug
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Trekkie always
Some say the second is the best because they have already made all the mistakes, its open for discussion but TNG is one great show!
jamesfed 11:15pm Wed 30 Jul
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Re: cptnjaedax
Shhhhhh now. come on, back to your room. It's bingo tonight after dinner, you like bingo don't you?
Vamos666 8:45am Sat 28 Jun
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The Devil infiltrates!!!
Did anyone else notice that the Devil was on this episode? Ray Wise (who plays the Devil in "Reaper" was one of the main charactors in this episode!) It goes to show y'all - that pesky little devil has his hand in influencing just about every form of sentient life-form in this Universe!!!
cptnjaedax 10:35pm Wed 4 Jun
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I am concerned to have seen Data pretending to be a human on another program! AND he's now got GREY hair!
cptnjdax 7:09pm Mon 2 Jun
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Relationship guidance
Gotta say i am in agreement with FBDBSJB. Troi is a well tasty piece of meat. I believe she is going out with that Riker chap though. So i am sorry to say FBDBSJB that mind reader or no mind reader she is alraedy spoken for. Doc Crasher is free and single though!
Fredney Sparkburger 2:26pm Thu 29 May
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sci-fi gods
best ever scifi
nutsohnuts 6:23pm Sun 4 May
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Thank you, finally some recognition!
Vamos666 8:51pm Fri 18 Apr
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You guys are funny
8:07pm Fri 18 Apr
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Re:Fat bum deck back sctratcher jingo boy
i've got an idea, why don't you try removing your stubby little nubbin from your mum's clout, lose a few pounds, read a real book, get a job and, Bingo! You're as near to human as you're gonna get.
better than you 5:20pm Fri 18 Apr
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Yo Troi is one sexy momma. She is phat. I wanna her to be my bitch. Having said that the fact she could read my mind could prove problematic. Any ideas viewers
Fat bum deck back sctratcher jingo boy 12:51pm Tue 15 Apr
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yo everyone whoes with me on this STAR TREK ROCKS!!
tyco95 5:00pm Fri 7 Dec
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