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Strictly Come Dancing Comments
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I think
this is an old fart celebrity refuge now...It's so stale.
Jan 7:39pm Mon 21 Dec
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Stupid system
I am surprized people still watch this show! I used to go & make a snack when they go through the eliminations. Then I got sick of it and stopped watching. Pathetic system of waiting sooooooo long. Still, it pads out the programme time by 15 minutes.
Ian 1:14am Wed 16 Dec
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Climb Every Mountain
Not sung but shouted/screamed. It was AWFUL. Whoever told that girl she could sing needs shooting.
the Critic 5:10pm Mon 7 Dec
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Too loud.
Karen screaming and convulsing everytime a score is read out is a real turn off, somebody slip her a tranquilizer please.
music fan 12:26pm Sat 28 Nov
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Jamie to win!
Even though I don't watch it!
Haha 1:38pm Thu 26 Nov
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Prev comm
You're absolutely right, but that won't stop the trolls from trolling. They even complain about things that haven't broadcast yet!
Troll Slayer 11:04am Mon 16 Nov
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Prev comm
You do know it is not compulsory to watch. I am not watching....simples!
realist 10:14am Mon 16 Nov
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The Results
could easily be a 15 minute programme with still lots of time for talk, but no, 45 minutes if utter tripe.
the Critic 7:57pm Sun 15 Nov
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Agreed. I don't know what all the fuss was about. Women danced together during the war. No one would raise an eyebrow. Two men wouldn't even hug let alone dance. So I'm told. I'm far too young to remember.
Gizmokatz 9:59am Sun 15 Nov
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Same sex
I could get used to two women dancing together. Haven’t we always? However two men.....never!
Lou 9:23am Sun 15 Nov
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Max is off.
Max and maisie in dance off. Max eliminated.
Fred and ginger 8:58am Sun 15 Nov
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Prev comm
He cannot sadly as he does not tick the boxes...
realist 9:19pm Sat 14 Nov
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Can't he replace Motsi permanently please?
the Critic 8:01pm Sat 14 Nov
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Jason is off.
Dance off between nicola and Jason. Jason is eliminated.
Fred and ginger 10:25am Sun 8 Nov
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My review.
It sent mamma back to the days when she was Fred Astaires first dance partner. How they danced the night away, until that hussy ginger rogers pointed out that mamma was in fact standing on a swivel captains chair covered in a long curtain.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew. 9:58pm Sat 15 Dec
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My review of strictly c..
I tuned in late (19:30) however I was keen to view this as a few parishioners at out church (St Philips church-Norbury) usually talk about it. So I would like to contribute to the conversation. I am disappointed about the stage whispering. It spoils the viewing! Though the dance performances are dazzling. It is amazing how people can dance move with movements and positioning. I think I will view it next week?!
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 8:08pm Sat 3 Nov
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Answer Please
If there is anyone out there who actually reads these comments would the please be decent enough to let me know why none of my comments have been posted recently none of which have been in any way offencive
taylor 4:59pm Sat 14 Dec
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Aeraid to publish adverse comments
Fed Up 8:08pm Sun 1 Dec
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Yet another comment not printed. Don't know why you have this site seems to be a waste of time
taylor 8:49pm Sat 23 Nov
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My comments also have not appeared on It takes two!
Fed up! 6:50pm Mon 18 Nov
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taylor 8:55pm Sat 16 Nov
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Is it really necessary for the cheering and clapping while the guests perform.
bemused 8:36pm Sun 20 Oct
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Choice of music
When a tango is announced why do we get non-tango type music, or at the best a a very downtrodden version of a tango? This comment applies all too often to other types of dance too. Dancing-9; Coice of music-UGH!
karling 4:45pm Sun 20 Oct
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Its not ageism its because he's not up to it anymore -he squints looking at the cue board and stutters over is own jokes.
bemused 9:46pm Sat 19 Oct
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WHAT can be done about Forsyth?
Why do the producers persist with this irritating old fool with his weak jokes his patronising manner and his lame compering? He is utterly useless.
Radicalman 7:45pm Sat 19 Oct
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Well better than x factor
this beats X factor hands down full stop! it is funny and very entertaining!
JoJoX 10:30pm Thu 17 Oct
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new new new
i'm new to watching strictly and i must say its better than doing the house cleaning. It might be a bit of a waste of time but at least you feel you're not wasting your life.
el positivo 7:46pm Sat 12 Oct
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Dumb TV
Another example of the BBC dumbing down.
Thomas Riley 9:34am Tue 8 Oct
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Dance off our screens
This show with its same old corny presenters and has-been celebrities trying to revive their sagging careers is appalling. It reminds me of, as a child, eating too much condensed milk...sickly sweet. Dance away from our tv screens and bring back some real variety shows.
Armchair Archie 5:00pm Mon 7 Oct
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That I never pay the BBC a penny, I love iPlayer, It means I DO NOT have to pay the BBC a penny. Who cares if a show is live, not me when it saves me £150 a year!
equine bovine boy 12:59pm Fri 27 Sep
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Susanna & Rachel go first.
robbed punter 9:12am Wed 25 Sep
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Good Celebrities trying their best and making good tv 8.5/10.0
simpsoap01 11:43am Sun 13 Jan
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Strictly Not
Kimberley was the best in my opinion because she put a lot of dancing into her routine unlike Louis with his gymnastic manouvres and Denise with her numerous high lifts. Call me old fashioned but I thought dancing was what you did with your feet on the floor.
bemused 8:29pm Sun 23 Dec
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Unfair discrimination
The producers of Strictly are not so stupid as to select a celebrity dance 'pro', or amateur for that matter. A lot of dopey people believed the trash about Denise in the papers, and consequently the best dancer lost on votes. Makes an otherwise wonderful programme crap.
Contrathought 4:21pm Sun 23 Dec
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Nimble Kimble
Isn't she good? She got two 40's in the last week, and beat Denise van Outen! Hope she doesn't go out this week
Princess Cheese 4:48pm Sun 16 Dec
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It's a Fix!
How is Denise van Outen on this show? She's performed in top musicals including Chicago which have big dance numbers.
Sparklequeen 9:28pm Sun 2 Dec
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van outen
why are BBC so biased we all know who is going to win, so why waste phonecalls'. it shows by craig's scoring,she dances every day when she's working, such a fix, and I will know its a fix, if you don't show this comment again.
be fair 2:30pm Sat 1 Dec
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About time?
Isnt it about time the clearly non-dancer,Tess Daly,learnt a few proper dance steps so that Bruce could do more than the stupid "Keep Dancing" sway they do at the end of the programme.He is such a good dancer himself and so much better than just THAT!
Twinkle Toes 12:13am Mon 26 Nov
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another comment
This website is a joke! 7:08pm Sat 24 Nov
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From a distance
Wembley was great, but please bring the cameras into the stadium, and stop attaching them to a passing satellite, we want to see dancing !!
Music fan. 3:32pm Tue 20 Nov
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I would like to see the dancing!!!
I am fed up with watching what the producers want us to watch and not being able to see the dancers and the steps they are taking. PLEASE keep the camaras still on the couple who are dancing so that the viewer can see all they are doing!!!
one fedup viewer 9:20pm Sun 18 Nov
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Hooray For Wembley!
Its a pleasure to watch this show because as its at Wembley you can hardly hear that manic clapping. Save it for the applause!
doubletake 7:14pm Sat 17 Nov
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Agree re the clapping
It drives me mad also.When they get the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Anre Rieu on the Results show,I want to hear them!!! It´s bad enough that the dancers distract us from the music without idiots clapping all the way through it. By all means show appreciation,but at the end?? re Brucie,I miss him. Claudia just makes me want to slap her round the head,as does Zoe Ball!!
Feather H 9:50am Mon 12 Nov
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She just had to go. That prancing round the judges was the final straw for me.
doubletake 8:33pm Sun 11 Nov
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It was spoilt for me with the constant inane clapping which is so loud it drowns out the music and the wonderful singing.
doubletake 11:21pm Sat 10 Nov
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criag is so bias towards louis smith its unblievable denise van houten has already won it by his marking i thought she worked in musicals
flogo 8:40pm Sat 10 Nov
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Boring is the only word but MUCH better than x factor
KS 12:54pm Sat 10 Nov
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Bruce Forsyth
"A well deserved rest" after a mere 10 shows and literally 20 hours work. Why not retire you old relic if this minimal work for well over £250,000 a year is too much for you! (4 hours work each week for 12 weeks) Now that is a decent living wage!
crusty old BBC 11:46am Sat 10 Nov
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what a load wallies dancing 2 that kind of music bring back 1977 disco music celi bee saturday night band phreek benny troy jazz funk c if your so called dancers can 2 real dance music
crackers 5:30pm Wed 7 Nov
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Grass not always greener
Claudia taking over from Brucie albeit temp - she is unwatcheable and Tess she just cannot keep still for a minute - what are they on? Change them all I say.
doubletake 10:23pm Mon 5 Nov
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