3 August 2020  | 
Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents Comments
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Love this programme so glad it's back ! Can't wait to watch it again Brilliant !
Jess 3:52pm Mon 30 May
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When you apply to go on this show then you know that your parents would be watching... silly programme, but amusing..;-)
daretobare 10:47am Thu 21 Feb
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Douse anyone know whare I can apply to be.on the show
Gozza 6:59pm Fri 1 Feb
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does any ane get pregnent in this film xxx
monkey 7:17pm Tue 29 Jan
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Love the programme!i think you should do one with boyfriends and gf now that would be funny
Danielle 8:00pm Mon 21 Jan
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1/7 Kos
I'm not saying in any way shape or form that throwing the fish bowl at the guy is acceptable, it isnt! But as her and her friends recognised, he would not leave without being vulgar, the guy involved should have shown some manners ie not calling a girl fat after they clearly said they didn't want to talk to him, repeatedly. Parents - give him some discipline, dont bloody shake his hand for his behaviour and his mangina!
Charlotte 3:05am Wed 21 Nov
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the show is dope , end of, brilliant party spots
homeboy 7:16pm Fri 4 May
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Some of the parents that are on this show are way to protective. I watched this show once and i thought ohhhh nooooooo!
Jack 12:22pm Wed 25 Apr
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brilliant :)
love this programme and does any 1 know whe the brand new episodes of the worlds strictest parents is coming back on please comment if you do:)
charlotteann 10:01pm Tue 24 Apr
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I don't get the logic of this show; they applied for this programme so they must be "in on it" , they must know their parents are spying on them if they applied to go on this show!
Rachel - aged 20. 10:32pm Wed 18 Apr
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I think the comments by the people who like the program, show the intelligence level it is aimed at.
James 12:11am Sat 24 Mar
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Sick show elis was a bird that lad pulled in ibiza
Faro 11:52pm Wed 22 Feb
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Andys mate is fit!!!
Xxx 1:53am Sun 5 Feb
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the lowest of the low
Why are the BBC showing this rubbish again Only redeaming feature was they didnt go to Faliraki. That resort & Rhodes are still trying to recover from Club Reps. show from 10 years ago
tpebop 6:59pm Thu 19 Jan
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utter drivel.
i would rather poke my own eyes out with a richard the third than ever sit through this complete tosh again.
tasha xxx 9:54pm Fri 18 Feb
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this is crappy crap crapness
meh 9:53pm Fri 18 Feb
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utter garbage
This is what reality TV was always going to end up as. If you start low and aim lower, you will eventually end up showing execrable nonsense like this. Find the thickest of the thick and film them drunk, some concept.
Phil 10:47pm Fri 11 Feb
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i think this is a set up can anyone proove it isnt
hi:P 6:52pm Tue 8 Feb
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parental guidence in more ways than one
Though we've seen both sun and a troop of suspicious parents there's been no sex whatsoever. Still two out of three ain't bad! :-)
hoggles 5:03pm Tue 8 Feb
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is it a set up?
im not sure if this program is a set up for our entertainment or whether its true that the parents really follow their kids to spy on them?!
me 7:09pm Sun 6 Feb
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My Goodness
This programme is deep, those teens go on holiday unaware parents are seeing every move what a pity some are in for a shock and some are in for a treat. Love this programme as it is just interesting
Zaina 11:14pm Tue 1 Feb
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Not fair
They should be left to do what they want to do without their parents watching them, bet their parents didn't follow them around watching their every move, sure they did a lot worse too. I feel sorry for the lad most, the first chance he has to get away from his nosey and controlling parents for a week and they show up. He looked so embarrassed, I wish he would have kicked off lol.
feebs 10:32pm Tue 1 Feb
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best programe
this is the best programme ever made, its so good. but i would be devastated if my parents followed me, they wouldnt let me back in their house. you are missing out big time if you dont watch this.
sb 1:46pm Tue 1 Feb
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As if.......
Come on BBC this is hardly in the same league as Club Reps. The production is awful and hardly Candid Camera with all the set up scenes.
royal.gov.uk 7:07pm Thu 20 Jan
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dis is so kool
i love dis lyk if ma mum come 2 spy on me whilst i wass on holz with da lads i wuld be so anoyed bt these guyz seem so laid bk!
baz 7:55pm Tue 18 Jan
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Sun Sex Suspisious parents!
THis is the funniest programme ever! i look forward to tuesday evening!!c :)
hannahloves1d!!! ;) 6:07pm Tue 18 Jan
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oh lord
the teenagers on this are ridiculous, im off to magaluf this summer with my mates, and if it got to the last day, although my mum and dad are sound about everything and go by the remember what you were like as a teenager, i would go mental!
tom 7:22pm Mon 17 Jan
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Well argued (y)
Richard 1:22pm Mon 17 Jan
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Tame youths
Stupid show with goody 2 shoe kids. My first solo holiday was full of sex and violence.... as it should be
Buster Gonad 12:01am Mon 17 Jan
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Awesome! Loved it and Joe was peng!
Roberta 5:47pm Thu 13 Jan
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Not all teenagers act like that, me and my friends take responsibility for when we drink and your comment is showing that it is a stereotyping all teenagers as unresponsible, always drunk and partying. Every single generation have their own rebels with teenagers, there has been hippies and punks etc. I don't think it's right how people just assume that all teenagers are a shame to Britain when there are teenagers working hard getting their grades up and saving peoples lives, I'm 17 and in sixth form studying for A-levels and many of us are giving blood on Monday and theres about 200 of us giving blood so that is 200 lives being saved because of us choosing to give blood so it shows that not all teenagers aren't all like that. That is all i wanted to say.
lisa 11:24pm Tue 11 Jan
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Feel so sorry for these kids there parents have ruined there holidays completely, wish they had behaved worse and upset their parents to serve the right for spying!
Saz 8:14pm Tue 11 Jan
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This is the most horrific invasion of personal space - I feel truly sorry for the kids, the parents should feel ashamed of themselves - dont they understand boundries? As it was the two kids shown handled it pretty well, I dont think I would have been as calm.
beth 10:29am Fri 7 Jan
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this will be cringy
enrique 9:09pm Tue 4 Jan
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sounds good
ive been to malia and i loved it. this seems like it will be entertaining to watch - i wud hate my parents to see footage of me!!
mazza 8:13pm Tue 4 Jan
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Re: Anonomous
No it doesn't.
Derp 7:31pm Tue 4 Jan
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Sounds really good, exciting...
Anonomous 4:26pm Tue 4 Jan
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