7 April 2020  | 
Sunday Brunch Comments
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Rick STINE!!!!!
Pity you can't get his name right!!!! Can you stop this drinking coffee/tea all the time? That woman Katy kept picking the mug up and down all through her interview. People can actually go a few minutes without drinking!!!!
Laura 12:05pm Sun 16 Feb
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Omgosh. Is Simon actually doing a FREEMASON hand Gesture!!.
Simon you little Tinker U.
Morrissey Fan 10:32am Sun 16 Feb
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Enough is enough
Does Joel Dommett have to be on EVERYTHING. Totally fed up with seeing him everywhere!
Klova 9:35am Sun 2 Feb
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Ina Wroldsen
What a conceited attention-seeker!!! Spoiling the programme this morning!
Kenni 10:19am Sun 22 Sep
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I'm going to give it chan
Was once a regular watcher of this tosh until I could take these two plonked no more.. This morning I shall give it 5 minutes, but I'm not hopeful. The worst presenters ever known... John
Jonnyrod 8:31am Sun 8 Sep
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Am I alone.....
.....in finding James Acaster totally unfunny??
Laurie 10:33am Sun 25 Aug
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Why did you change today to more 4 I missed the first half houcar
Caused problems in this house you changing to more 4
Spaniel 9:28am Sun 14 Jul
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On my tv listings it states cricket is on ... please nooooo
Denise 5:29pm Sat 13 Jul
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Tim Lovejoy Boring/Boring
He is the ultimate in narcicistic self opinionated Boring no talent presenter I have ever seen -feel sorry for Simon at least he has a talent. Please give us a decent presenter to compliment Simon would make a huge difference. I cannot think of one redeeming feature for Tim Lovejoy - loved it when Tom guest presenter utterly destroyed him and was absolutely brilliant - so was Jamie Lang. Please Please get rid.
Indiana 123 1:57pm Tue 9 Jul
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Love Tom Allen
Can he be on more often?
Jimbob 10:31am Sun 2 Jun
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Relatable and relaxing
Great company on a Sunday morning - I love this show ; slightly chaotic ,interesting mix of guests and I learn something ,whether it be a cooking tip or a scientific nugget ,every week . Lovely !
Miki 7:16am Sun 19 May
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busted imposter
who is imposter that is with busted i have never seen him before. please pull the show
billie hall 10:07am Sun 3 Feb
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Grif Rhys-Jones. Who????
What an insufferable, showing-off, has been!!!!!!
OMG! 11:15am Sun 27 May
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Gerry Horner or Davina McCall? I can't decide who is the biggest show off and most insufferable????
Nonentity 12:23pm Sun 25 Feb
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Great show
It's all about Tim and Simons relationship
Jp 8:50am Sun 5 Nov
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Love this show
Great Sunday morning TV, Brilliant
Jessie 6:02pm Mon 9 Jan
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Why on earth is Kara marooned with an all male cast
Kara was good as always but who in their right mind decided that an all male cast with one female star was a good idea for a show.
Girlsontv 4:47pm New Years Day
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love it
Great laugh and you learn some good cooking ideas - most cooking progs get boring this one is fun - if you miss a few details look up the recipe on line, saves you having to have pencil and paper ready. Love the rapport between Simon and chocolate trifle chef - Merry Christmas - I am now feeling Christmasy Thank you
bah humbug 11:47am Christmas Eve
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Stephen Connolly
Tim lovejoy no manners crap interviewer the shows not about you tim amateur. .
Crap detector 12:23pm Sun 18 Dec
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BRINGBACKTOTP 10:42am Sun 13 Nov
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Awkward and boring.
Awkward and boring.
stazza83 1:00pm Sun 30 Oct
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Neverending story
This programme appears cheap but actually is in a time dimension all of its own. The 'guests' often appear jaded with the sheer relentlessness of the programme. Not for any 'celeb' with bladder issues. Would be better if = less guests + shorter duration.
Hilary 6:34am Sun 21 Aug
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Scrap thiS
cheap tv at its worst
mr white 5:46pm Sun 12 Jun
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Worst show on tv
Utterly appaling television! Worst show on TV. Who produces this s*it?!
Appaled London 11:15am Sat 9 Apr
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Who on earth.......
....was that awfully conceited Irish woman making bread and ice cream?? What an absolute pain!!!! Keep her off in future.
China Doll 12:12pm Sun 13 Mar
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Say hello to my wife Ali love u loads happy valentines day
fat Tony 9:48am Sun 14 Feb
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Extremely lame
Two presenters in desperate need of a change in direction. Same old face pulling and quips when cooking. How I yawn each time I see a catalogue pose when blending or hear the same sad story regarding pulled pork. James Martin, you've absolutely no need to worry about retaining your TV award. Hell will freeze over before this show competes. Tim, Simon, perhaps you should take a look at why Saturday Kitchen is so successful.
luv2cook 12:17pm Sun 24 Jan
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B&Qs timber yard is less wooden than the useless Lovejoy.
Dave 11:44am Sun 3 Jan
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Adverts during today's show!!
Can you please tell me why you had photos of dogs with Christmas decs on their heads as one photo looks like a missing pet from Manchester
Pip 5:09pm Sun 20 Dec
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Two football bores do cooking.
Really poor disinterested presenters that try at every opportunity to get the conversation onto football. Pull the plug on this crap.
petegetty 7:06pm Thu 3 Dec
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Get a grip...
If you dont lke it watch something else...jeez.. there are enough channels out there.... Each to their own, i say.. Quite lke the show myself
Jimbo 8:51am Sat 21 Nov
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Love it
I watch this programme every Sunday and really look forward to it. Relaxed and easy watching with up to date guests on who are in the headlines at the moment. A mixture of everything for various tastes.
Wendy 10:23am Sun 15 Nov
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Simon was crawling around on the floor pretending to be a cow, then went back to cooking with his hands without washing them!
Yuck 11:07am Sun 1 Nov
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Makes my Sunday
I loved SFTW and this is better with Simon Rimmer co-presenting. Never miss it - great show!
Kev 9:36pm Sun 11 Oct
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Worst of Brit tv?
I actually feel sorry to say this prog is one of the worst executed of UK TV. Badly presented, sleep inducing, full of "eyebrows raising" moment. Both conductors knows little or nothing about television and food. How do they get the job? I wonder.... And the "milk in the bolognese sauce" ? ... "so the meet doesn't stick together"?!
Max 1:55pm Sun 27 Sep
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Terrible Presenting
What were Channel4 thinking? Tim Dimwit Lovejoy has put me off the show permanently. Get rid please!!!!
SouthEast 12:16pm Sun 27 Sep
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Worst presenting in the history of television
They both should not be allowed on TV, especially Tim lovejoy. He can't even read! And Simon can't cook!
Jalia 10:39am Sun 27 Sep
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Don't like it
I do not like this show and its presenters,please pull it.
not robot 10:56am Sun 20 Sep
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Sloppy presenting
Dreadful, lazy, boring, please provide professional presenters who clearly have no journalistic or media training . Pull the plug
Samson 10:58am Sun 14 Jun
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get em off get em off
Get me off me tv
Darren Johnson 10:58am Sun 7 Jun
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Two idiots trying to make people feel stupid
Rimmer and Lovejoy love nothing more than making their guests feel and look stupid - especially female guests. They're also really boring, ignorant and appear uninterested in what their guests have to say. Two big-headed 'presenters' making this show very uncomfortable to watch.
Louise 10:49am Sun 7 Jun
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That Tim guy what is he all about, he's like the bloke in the pub that stands on his own at the end of the Bar that no one wants to talk to ??
Bored 11:55am Sun 17 May
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easy watching !
Don't want something too heavy when relaxing on Sun morning.easy to watch and relaxed.I like it.
louby 10:37am Sun 19 Apr
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pathetic smug banter with kids level humour at best and tim who i have definately no love or joy for.
poor presenters with over indulgent childish conversations mingled into what could be a good programme spoilt by them. today pathetic to and fro episode regarding best friends and tims almost dumb grinny take on all in the world. To say they get on your nerves is an understatement. A very clicky show with a frat house lets play a prank and giggle about crap feel to it. will watch only to build my self esteem realising that talentless peeople can be successful.
balders 11:55am Sun 12 Apr
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today was my last viewing.....
My girlfriend and I have watched this show from the start, but cannot take the awful presenting any longer... rimmer and lovejoy should definately not be presenters...stumbling lovejoy, talking utter drivel like a teen with a hangover....and rimmer loving the sound of his own voice.. there is so much dead air on this show!! We find ourselves looking at eachother in disbelief most sundays... its over..ill be buying a paper from now on
jonny34 1:11pm Sun 5 Apr
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Great guests shame the presenters feel the need to big their own insecurities rather than focus on the talent
These two need to reapply their jobs the production team is super and the talent great so why oh why are these two middle aged man child presenters still in their jobs aweful the way they ignore guest James bay to ramble on about football and tim banging a chicken leg like a 1950's sanitorium patient pls pls change the presenters or a least mix it up .. The production team deserve it.
Happy lady London 11:56am Sun 5 Apr
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Time lovejoy is so wooden and painful to watch the banter is so sexist and not funny please get rid cringey as
Jen 10:24am Sun 29 Mar
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Well I like it
You can't please all the people all the time!! I like it, some shows are better than others. I find it relaxing while having breakfast on Sunday. I think both presenters do a fine job!!
Lou lou 10:52am Sun 22 Mar
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Half witted presenters
Would be shocked if Simon and Tim have an IQ of 120 between them. Dreadful presenters,unprofessional and dull beyond belief ! An absolute disgrace
Nina 10:54am Fri 21 Nov
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Boring and flat
How this programme is still on TV, is beyond me. The presenters look bored and there is no chemistry between them. The guests look unsure of how to get involved. I thought channel 4 was about taking risks and creating refreshing innovative TV, this programme is beyond dull. Please ditch it!
Amy 10:59am Wed 12 Nov
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