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This is what you get when you dumb down TV to the point where it can't get any dumber.
Bored bored bored 7:01pm Fri 27 Apr
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Daft heads.
"I turned my light out because your hair would clog up my hoover ". Why didn't you say that you turned your light off because he looks like a creep.
Sceptic 7:52pm Sat 20 Jan
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The gossip?
Paddy keeps referring to 'Take me out - the gossip' on ITV2 but it's nowhere to be found for this series... Am I missing something? Where is it?
Spec 5:28pm Thu 4 Jan
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30 tarts. All as thick as a brick.
Bowie. 11:10am Sat 1 Jul
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The ugly ducklings have all turned into ugly ducks.
nemo . 9:07pm Sat 3 Jun
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What was the track with Heartbeat in the title ?
Steve 6:58pm Sat 3 Jun
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One of my favourite tv series, I never want to miss even a single episode, I set it on record from the start to the end of the series. Well done Paddy
HEWITT 5:45pm Sat 20 May
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30 munters. Last seen in the local red light district.
jase 11:06am Sat 13 May
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How many times!!!!
No take me out while I am a celebrity was on, but still we get repeats, seen it several times before, what the hell is wrong with this show, they have only done 3 and we keep getting them again and again.
Jan 6:36pm Tue 6 Dec
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Whats wrong with you such pretty black girls 27/10/16
malasha 6:11pm Thu 27 Oct
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Great Show
What a great show - Makes me laugh and what could be better than 30 pretty girls looking for a date.
Dave Hall 8:26am Thu 29 Sep
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Why do they try and fob us off with NEW series, I have seen this all before, it is not new. Such a load of thick women with false laughs and egos to match. waste of a programme, what on earth is Paddy thinking doing this.
Jan 6:58pm Tue 3 May
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selection process
Programme is full of Barbie Santas - another point is that two of the men were top sportsmen in the last episode(what we call Z list celebrities)
soso 5:21pm Sun 21 Feb
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Bunch Barbie dolls.
One of these dumb girls said "we have lots in common he has got brown hair and I have got brown hair. Senseless group of idiots.
Jan 6:07pm Tue 16 Feb
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Web feet
What's so wrong having web feet
Batts 7:07pm Sun 14 Feb
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How on earth does Paddy deal with these Barbie doll dimwits, I have never heard so much trash, if only a couple had brains that would be good.
Jan 6:56pm Fri 12 Feb
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older peaple
They need to cater for older men as they don't have any women for the older guy so he is going to get a black out. This is humiliating for the guy.
deano 9:42pm Sat 23 Jan
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Brain dead
All those Barbie dolls are so stupid, the remarks they make to Paddy when he goes round asking questions are really pathetic, very sad really
Jan 6:32pm Fri 22 Jan
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For the stupid
More "entertainment" for the brain dead nation.
Dave 11:24am Sat 9 Jan
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Keith Lemon
Why is this man on looking for a woman when he has a partner and 2 children????? why have ITV allowed this
Jan 5:23pm Sat 12 Dec
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Here we go again
So many slappers, so little time.
Todd 10:38am Fri 10 Apr
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Last in the series
At least it's last in the series. That's the best about it. Now scupper Wossy and we might be in business.
Parky 8:57pm Sat 7 Mar
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She is beautiful..It is such a shame that she never gets picked by a bloke.what is going on?! Also, summer special, 30 men and individual women choosing! bring it on.
kickme 9:25pm Sat 28 Feb
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No Likey no watchey!
If you don't like it, don't watch it. Simples!
I like Take Me Out 5:17pm Sun 11 Jan
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id love to get on show
stephanie 4:41pm Sat 20 Sep
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Equality does not exist with this show? If thirty men were leering,cat calling ,criticising the girls appearance and clothes,the viewers would be up in arms!
Feather HG 3:46pm Sun 16 Feb
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miss after show
Not the same without after show when you could find out what they really thought of each other! Why cant we have 30 men & a girl choosing for a change? Not enjoying show as much this year!
Jools 12:04pm Sun 16 Feb
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Love it! But why so shallow?
Love this show! but it is far too shallow! Women in particular turning off their lights because "They don't like their shoes" does it bloody matter what their shoes look like? but as someone else said it wouldn't be half as funny without paddy! makes a change from bloody Holly and Phil!
JoJox 3:13pm Sat 15 Feb
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Where's the after show
It's defo not the same without the after show bring it back next time plz
Nikki 10:03pm Tue 11 Feb
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Oh Dear
Obviously basic intelligence isn´t part of the auditioning process? Last night was a dire warning to any man who is looking for a serious relationship Choosing on lokks alone is a BIG mistake!
FeatherHG 5:08pm Sun 9 Feb
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Where has Poly gone??? Where is Amanda who was chosen last week??
Girly 2:23pm Sun 2 Feb
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After Show
Where has the after show gone?? Certainly doesn't have the same appeal to watch without the after show.
50/50 9:28pm Sat 1 Feb
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Take Me Out
take me out is probably the worst thing ever. it's fairly like Disaster Movie - good if you like cheap laughs and to see a few fit lads but the fake laughter and cringey chat up lines are awful.
rosey 11:32pm Sat 25 Jan
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After Show
Pants without the after party show! What happened?
Jimbo 9:28pm Sat 25 Jan
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after show
Is half the show without the after party.
whu 9:13pm Sat 25 Jan
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Couldnt have picked anyone better to do the show, he is a breath of fresh air. A pleasant change from seeing Philip Schofield on every thing.
jamjarjan1 8:10pm Sat 25 Jan
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Bring back after show
Raging the after show hasn't returned this year! Enjoyed watching what happened to the dates after their trip to Fernando's ! Bring it back!!!!!!
Lolli 9:06pm Mon 20 Jan
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After show wot no?
Omg can't believe the after show was ditched! It was the best bit of the show and where u really found out what they thought of each other! Numpty producers need their brain cell sen to
Jaydream 9:31pm Sun 19 Jan
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After Show & Rime for a change
Bring back the after show! When is the show going to be changed up, let's see 30 guys and the women in the love lift.
Doodles13 9:29pm Sat 18 Jan
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Oh bring back the after show......it's not the same without it! Where is Mark Wright when you need him!!!!!!
Scotties 11:10pm Wed 15 Jan
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Bring back the after show - it's the best bit!!
The shows not as good without the after show :-(
Bobo 7:15pm Sun 12 Jan
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why has the after show finished on itv2
gutted the after show with mark and lucy has finished
rhondda lad 10:53pm Sat 11 Jan
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London viewer
Love it
Lion man 2:14am Sun 1 Dec
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A perfect show
Expertly designed and delivered for an audience of mindless morons, featuring moronic contestants with a moronic presenter. Who could ask for more? I adore it because it makes me realise how fortunate I am to have at least half a brain, and for that reason I wouldn't miss a single episode.
Radicalman 9:44pm Sat 23 Feb
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for trash.
tubby 7:34pm Sun 10 Feb
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You are sad!
You are all the sad ones! If you don't like it, I don't know, how about don't watch it! As a side note! Learn how to spell!
Lovethisbanter 7:26pm Fri 8 Feb
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The 'ginger' comment on tonight's programme was offensive-if he'd have commented on her looks there would have been uproar! Ginger hair is lovely but gets nothing but negative press-it's about time it was stopped
Boo 10:50pm Sat 26 Jan
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mark wright
Can't believe mark wright went out with tht girl and used her ... Show some respect for girls
girlshavetheirownrights 7:14pm Sat 26 Jan
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ITV really knows how to pander to the Lowest Common Denominator don't they? I mean you have to stand in awe, in utter awe of how they manage to come up with shows that are complete inane, idiotic, meaningless, mindless, vacuous, vapid GUFF each and every week throughout the year. It's really inspiring how they achieve this on every level.
Pete and Repete 9:30pm Fri 11 Jan
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i think it's pointless, stupid and you'd have to be incredibly desperate to even think about appearing on this show. Why, humanity, why?
ewewewewew 9:58am Thu 6 Dec
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