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I love it
I love Take on the Twisters it is the best quiz show ever and can you please put it on at 17.00 pm weekdays please instead of the chase because the chase is really bad and boring means can you please put Take on the Twisters please xxx
Alix cunningham 5:46pm Mon 12 May
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Loved it!!
Want a new series
Avapreece 7:01pm Sun 6 Apr
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Why Itv creates this show
Tried to watch it, but I couldn't stand. No humor, no charm. Why itv replaced this with the chase? Now you have given viewers chance to watch pointless from bbc. How many viewers you have lost?
Iceland_evoque 7:19pm Wed 4 Sep
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bit contrived, but could be excellent
Good concept, but not convinced about WIN location on final twist. So easily manipulated by computer. Also too much like Eggheads with players taking ages explaining their choice of answer. And why tell people they've banked money when it's clear they haven't? Give them points instead, and try to pick contestants with a decent general knowledge.
Reallyenjoyagoodquiz 1:34pm Tue 3 Sep
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... 5:25pm Mon 2 Sep
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Load crap she is so false bring back the chase
Help 6:01pm Fri 30 Aug
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Not a patch on The Chase
The Chase is so much more entertaining, especially with Bradley Walsh & usually the contestants have a little more knowledge, which certainly wouldn't be difficult - where do they get them from??
Chrissy 5:58pm Fri 30 Aug
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This is not a good replacement for the Chase. Quite boring and unfortunately the presenter does not have much charisma for this kind of show. I like someone who makes a joke or two
Quizzy 5:48pm Fri 30 Aug
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The worst show I've ever seen
The questions are horribly stupid and easy, no personality and the contestants are clearly stalling when they answer questions.
Jake 4:58pm Fri 30 Aug
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Brain dead is an understatement ....
I caught a glimpse of this nonsense today and it was the most dumbed down, boring quiz show I've ever seen in my life.
Cheesewheel 6:35am Fri 30 Aug
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Brain dead is an understatement ....
I caught a glimpse of this nonsense today and it was the most dumbed down, boring quiz show I've ever seen in my life.
Cheesewheel 6:32am Fri 30 Aug
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Hate to correct you...
Actually Roswell was the biggest psy-op ever committed against the population, all embedded in Hollywood and TV to deceive
wake up 11:42am Wed 28 Aug
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Tuesday 27/8/13
Mistake in the question "what was Roswell New Mexico famous for" program wrongly gave the answer as Alien Landing when it should have been UFO crash
delboy71 12:09am Wed 28 Aug
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they should show the audience at home, where the win twister is, then id say its not a setup
keyring 5:59pm Tue 27 Aug
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Worst fake quiz show
Take on the Twisters is not only really bad as a quiz show, but the sums of money won are pity full. Its also one of the most fake shows I have ever seen.
Helen 5:58pm Tue 27 Aug
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last twister
Why is it nearly allways last twister is the winner
dano 5:51pm Tue 27 Aug
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to much talk
Boring answer questions without a long boring talk
dano 5:22pm Tue 27 Aug
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this show really does suck, no real winners
this show suks 6:10pm Fri 23 Aug
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Half n Half
This show is like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. In this case, I like it. It's something new. The Chase was getting boring anyway, agreed? It's nice to have a break from the Chase
The Philosopher 3:16pm Fri 23 Aug
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Worst quiz show I have ever seen. Boring, contestants are stupid almost beyond belief. JB has no personality and couldn't ask the questions much slower if she tried. Please please take this dross off air.
TiredBrain 10:35pm Thu 22 Aug
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do the other contestands keep thier winnings on the show
oldmovies 1:47pm Wed 21 Aug
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Good example of a bad programme
From The Chase (brilliant) to Twister (the other extreme). Bring back The Chase A.S.A.P.
vizerde 6:33am Tue 20 Aug
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1of the Nolans!
What a pile of crap!enough said!!!
1ofthenolans 7:35pm Mon 19 Aug
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Wonderful presenter. She got the best personality among all others. I think thevshow will go on because of her presence
rjwantage 5:12pm Mon 19 Aug
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What aload ov crap! This game show is borin, pointless, y any1 wud wana watch it is beyond me! Get it off the telly!
1234mic! 4:58pm Mon 19 Aug
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The Gradiator 4:54pm Mon 19 Aug
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Switched off
I watched the first episode and that was enough for me,I now watch the BBC. There is no comparison with The Chase. The show is boring and the presenter has no personality. Please bring back The Chase.
quizlover 2:16pm Mon 19 Aug
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boring boring boring
A boring show with a presenter totally devoid of any personality. Take it off.
Thorndon 6:08pm Fri 16 Aug
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what a waste of time
This must be the cheapest game show ever. After fighting their way to the final most contestants go away empty handed. Even when they do win they get a pittance.
dipper 6:00pm Fri 16 Aug
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This programme I worse than awful,
Tinker-bell 5:49pm Fri 16 Aug
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Take it OFF the screen Now.
Dull boring 20% of the male population is colour blind (like me) and has no idea what is gong on.This show is so bad somebody needs to go along with the show.
Honest John 9:31pm Thu 15 Aug
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cannot stand this stupid programme, hurry back the chase
may 6:12pm Thu 15 Aug
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Oh dear!
The winner should have the choice of taking their winnings, or gambling and, say, doubling up. It's currently not worth being the winner, as you're very likely to end up with nothing. JB is definitely not suited to this type of programme; being better out on location somewhere. Everyone looks stilted and uncomfortable.
thedogsmum 6:07pm Wed 14 Aug
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billy joel
billy joel was the answer tonight 14th august. not billy ocean!!!! sort it out!!!!!
jace on 5:15pm Wed 14 Aug
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Lazy Researchers
John Candy is Canadian, not American.
Rather watch Paint Dry 6:04pm Fri 9 Aug
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poor poor show
Dreadful both the show and the presenter
WonderWhy 3:33pm Fri 9 Aug
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Nail-biting I don't think
What a dreadful programme. Watched half of first episode - never again. Bring back Bradley, please.
Ice maiden 10:18am Fri 9 Aug
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what a miss
I have to agree with everyone else the show is dul the presenter lack luster it is no replacement for the chase end it before you lose all to the bbc
beniterry 8:31pm Tue 6 Aug
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I was a contestant on this...
And in the contestants defense Bradbury walked on set 30 seconds prior to filming, pretty much didn't utter a word to us prior to it and generally didn't seem to have any personality nor want to be there. My episode has recently been shown and in agreement with a poster below, it really was unbalanced in that you could answer all the questions and someone could steal it all away in the last 30 seconds. This isn't the ramblings of a bitter person! The production team was fab and the experience was great, however the format is wrong and the presenter not suited to a gameshow. Sorry.
Anon 6:48pm Tue 6 Aug
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Bring back the chase
Reminds me of Adam and Joe's Quizzlestick (search YouTube).
Pete 3:30pm Tue 6 Aug
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twist comment
PLEASE bring back the chase.. this programme is crap and she is faulse
ellie 5:56pm Mon 5 Aug
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Time to take it off air
Dreadful concept. V dull. Please bring the Chase asap. Now watching the BBC.
Dens 5:53pm Mon 5 Aug
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Very annoying presenter, now watch BBC
meggie 5:17pm Mon 5 Aug
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This show is very dull
The questions are too easy and the format is executed very poorly. Each round is exactly the same with no variation and lacking any drama. I feel that it would have been better if they added a new element to the gameplay rather than focusing 100% on the spinning sand timers. Even when the contestant gets to the final round it's exactly the same as the first. The show is also far too long. It could potentially be made more interesting with shorter, varied rounds, fewer contestants and within a half hour time slot. I would also like to add that small things, such as the studio setup, lighting and sound effects don't do it any favours. The Chase is a much better show and I hope it returns soon.
The Doc 5:00pm Mon 5 Aug
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The worst quiz show ever?
Utterly tedious quiz which offers so little to anybody excepting of course the person who's 5 year old gets the answers. Maybe they get a timeout, for the rest of us it's moribund idiocy.
zonalgman92 9:06pm Sun 4 Aug
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That's all I have to say really. Oh, and the presenter is really annoying!!
Farbrew 9:13pm Fri 2 Aug
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zzzzzz 5:58pm Fri 2 Aug
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Worst quiz show in ages.
esskayb 4:40pm Fri 2 Aug
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bring back The Chase
This is the wrong concept for a quiz show. Not enough money won, wrong presenter; she's boring and reads the questions too slowly.
Bin TOTT! 6:45pm Thu 1 Aug
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This show is awful and there is no tension what so ever or drama. Bring back the chase!
Sims 2 lover 12:25pm Thu 1 Aug
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