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There was more botox on the couch than you can ever imagine. Even the young Rhiana had a forehead with a mirror shine.
lila 2:05am Sat 16 Jun
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sack the booker
what's happened this series? Really dull, uninspiring and repeated guests. The show has lost it's shine.
Hoisin 1:25pm Fri 4 May
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Boring.Get him off
More puss for the philistines
deebee 10:02pm Mon 30 Apr
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Annie Hall
What a painfully thin ridiculous woman! GN seems to be scraping the barrell lately with his guests.
georgie 11:16pm Fri 5 May
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GN's really gone downhill. The mere idea of having a 'greatest hits' episode of such a lacklustre season... No. We should keep the option of voting 0/10.
Parky 8:28pm Fri 3 Mar
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The Red Chair
Best ever Graham Norton, all about the Red Chair. Very funny........more please!
get real 11:38pm Fri 6 Jan
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What a brilliant show 11/11/16
What a change to see guests who weren't full of themselves, didn't want to steal the limelight and who looked as though they were genuinely enjoying each other's anecdotes. PS.Take note Robbie Williams!
Madmad 11:33pm Fri 11 Nov
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What have done with the real one and did he have to be such an a**ehole?
once more 11:31pm Fri 4 Nov
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Ros from Jersey
Brilliant show tonight - really cheered me up! X
Ros 10:59pm Fri 21 Oct
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Robbie Williams
Is there any need to tell us of your sordid past. Think of your wife and children idiot. Sorry he STILL needs to grow up!
once more 9:58am Tue 4 Oct
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We can already see this online. Cheap of Beeb. And Graham.
Parky 10:59pm Fri 1 Jul
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Joanna Lumley
I read somewhere that she puts her youthful looks down to Astral cream. I think she ought to ask for a refund.......
once more 10:29pm Sat 25 Jun
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Hey, ria b
Where do you find offence? I can't see one racist, homophobic or disgusting comment here. Your perceptions are seriously warped - you must read The Guardian.
Harry 7:56am Mon 10 Nov
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are racist, homophobic and disgusting comments allowed? There are several on here at the moment.
ria b 10:35pm Fri 24 Oct
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so funny
one of the very few modern shows that makes me laugh. thank you
misha 9:24pm Fri 17 Oct
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He is getting too hyper and full of himself. The poking fun at a baby, royal or otherwise, was particularly distasteful in my opinion.
bemused 10:44pm Fri 16 May
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why oh why?
Graham, it looked so good on paper and then...Naomi...why?
breakingdown 11:55pm Fri 28 Feb
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4 great guys and one crazy girl
fantastic show last night laughed from start to finish when the guests as so open the conversation can lead to priceless TV
sunshine 7:14pm Sat 15 Feb
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@Toots: given what she feeds her family, she probably is. All the time.
Stop Shouting! 1:48pm Fri 17 Jan
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Jake Bugg
Loved seeing Jake Bugg again on the show.Really think he didn't know who else had been nominated for the BRITS.Can't help but love him!
ONEINEVERKNEW 4:30pm Mon 13 Jan
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DiNiro and Stallone - Jonathan Ross eat your heart out!
bemused 11:21pm Fri 10 Jan
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Gypsy's Mom
Larry Grayson I'm guessing?
P V 7:58pm Mon 23 Dec
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Does anyone remember?
Does anyone remember who said "Gypsy Rose, it's time for tea!" On the GN show? I can't for the life of me remember and it's driving me crazy!
Gypsy's Mom 3:29am Tue 29 Oct
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Love Graham but...
Oh these A listers who are so so boring. Don't mind them being here for the promo but not when they're so so dull.Jennifer Saunders saves the show.
Nicki 11:05pm Fri 25 Oct
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Woo Hoo!
Alison Moyet! Yeah! Love her!
Matron 1:43pm Fri 26 Apr
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Gwyneth Paltrow always looks like she is smelling a Fart.
Toots 9:14pm Fri 19 Apr
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I didn't get to see it cos Mr Love Himself Buble was on together with Miss Look At Me Holden.
avid quzzer 10:41pm Tue 16 Apr
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Disappointing show .
Thank goodness for Jack Dee. Amanda Holden was totally cringeworthy.It was so pathetic that all she could find to talk about was her bottom. I love Michael Buble but shock, horror he was sooo out of tune.
Ally 3:56pm Tue 16 Apr
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Red Chair
Highlight of show and not nearly on long enough. Also I suggest GN stop blaming the researchers cos he gets it wrong!
avid quizzer 11:50am Sun 3 Mar
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Red Chair
Us Poor expat's enjoy the red chair more than the CRAP yank 's more red chair. Thanks. Drop the Irish CRAP too
Og 4:11am Sun 3 Mar
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Once More
we have the "beautiful sexy Helen Mirren" - I can't see it myself!
bemused 2:27am Sat 2 Feb
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Claire Balding
Guesting now - another good career move. Where has she been all this time - oh yes Channel 4 racing!
bemused 11:15pm Fri 25 Jan
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Does Driver really drive a Mini? Is Claire really balding?
Thoony 11:17am Fri 25 Jan
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Very Good Proram
This program is funny and they get famous celebrities on.The show impresses me8.5/10.0
simpsoap01 12:05pm Sun 13 Jan
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Good Program
This program is funny and they do get famous celebrities on. Te show impresses me
simpsoap01 11:27am Sun 13 Jan
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I like this show, I really do but tonights was so bad, full of smut. Even the red chair was yuck! The only redeeming feature was the performance by Emelie Sande.
bemused 1:13am Sat 12 Jan
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Not too good
Michael Palin was about the most sensible guest this week, Love Michael Buble's voice, but I must admit, I cannot warm to him as a person. Jack Whitehall I find embarrasingly bad.
Dissapointed Dan 9:29am Mon 26 Nov
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Helene Boring Carter
She seemed so bored as if she was only it for the plug. She could have made an effort!
doubletake 8:50pm Sun 25 Nov
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Love it
Love Graham,watchng from Ireland and lot better than Tubs or Courteny
Minster 10:40pm Sat 24 Nov
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No surprise
Robbie Williams took over the Take that Progress tour recently and dragged them down to his level, so it does not surprise me he took over this show.
Dissapointed Dan 11:00am Thu 8 Nov
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I Disagree
Robbie Williams did not take over - infact he came across as quite the gentleman. Darcy Bussell had plenty of input and Paul less so because perhaps he was out of his comfort zone. GH is the best because he always gives his guests the attention and not himself unlike others like Titchmarsh and Ross.
doubletake 12:24am Wed 7 Nov
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Graham Norton Show
Was I watching the Graham Norton show or the Robbie Williams show tonight,even the witty Paul O'Grady had a job to get a word in edgeways with Robbie Williams talking so much,he's so full of himself.
Wightboy 12:06am Mon 5 Nov
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programming of the mind
BBC = cr@p TV = propaganda TV 10:04pm Sun 21 Oct
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dodgy guests
whatever happened to freedom of speech - comments removed
doubletake 12:00am Fri 29 Jun
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Absolutely loved watching the snippets that I managed to see on you tube of Will, Gary and Sir Tom! Was the best best show ever!! WILL IS SUCH A BRILLIANT PERSON! EXCELLENT GUEST!! LAUGHED SOOOOO MUCH!!!!
SNEH 5:25am Mon 4 Jun
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Cameron Diaz....
....what does it say about her personality that she got pleasure from feeding terrified rats to her pet snake ?
g 9:55pm Tue 29 May
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Hetro hating BBC
There are no normal people on the BBC
£140 to watch 9:55pm Fri 4 May
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Love this show!!
Always look forward to the Graham Norton show. Don't listen to the idiotic reviews, if they don't like it, turn off, as I do for Alan Carr.... can't stand him so, I simply don't watch. Love GN, great show. Thanks. xx
Di 9:49pm Sat 17 Mar
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I know Maddonna is getiing old but wow is she boring.
Tony 12:01am Tue 17 Jan
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Irritating Norton
I wonder what colour gloves Madonna will be wearing tonight...?
muli 4:19pm Fri 13 Jan
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