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This has been on TV SO MANY TIMES I have learnt the lines and could turn the bloody sound off!
PV 9:00pm Tue 29 Dec
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Time for a follow up?
This film must be among the most repeated and quite rightly. If ever a follow up was needed then this film needs one. After all the guy is innocent-isn't he?
deebee 10:19pm Mon 18 Aug
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Great film
It's a fantastic film, can't believe comments on here, you don't have to watch it every time! No pleasing some folk! Get a grip!
Saintfrank 3:27pm Mon 6 Jan
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thebest film of its genre
if this film don't get you then nothing will you cant compere films you either like it or you dont
not a great film watcher 11:20pm Wed 18 Dec
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Sentimental, manipulative rubbish?? You really need to look up these words.
Yaspaa 10:55pm Mon 17 Sep
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gr8 film
you dont have to watch it every time they repeat it, however, it's repeatedly brilliant
Iwatchrubbushusually 10:34pm Sun 17 Jun
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Lovely memories
I haven't seen this classic for three days
Sentimental 10:42pm Mon 2 Apr
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Love this flim
Can never get bored with this film.
montyjane 4:58pm Mon 2 Apr
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Rival end.
Sentimental, manipulative rubbish.
dongvale 3:16pm Mon 2 Apr
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If you haven't seen this...don't miss
Phenominal film
RobM 6:33pm Tue 24 Jan
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Best film for a long time
If you are not hooked on action, action, action, or laughs, laughs, laughs throughout then this is the best film for building up a story, creating characters and giving the most satisfying ending ever. Magnificent film. Recommeded watching.
Bampot Bob 1:15pm Tue 24 Jan
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too many adverts though, completely ruins the atmosphere if you're watching it live
nat 12:51am Sun 12 Jun
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Good film...
...but why show it so many times? It's been on about 6 times in the past week and a half! Have they ran out of films to show?!
Daniel 11:36pm Sat 11 Jun
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A favourite
This film is definitely in my top 5. Gripping from start to end, very well acted. It satys with you a while after seeing it.
Sara. 8:28pm Sat 11 Jun
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a grate film
this film is not reality, it is just another good film, do not take it seriously, and do not watch it every time it is on the box.
bloke downt pub 9:49am Mon 6 Jun
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I rest
my case, re your post...deelove, pathétique CW
nunc dimittis 1:47am Mon 6 Jun
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Modern Hypertension
A sad mirroring of the modern audiences ignorance of great cinema. It is a good film, but one of the greatest, no it is not. I mean, how can anyone claim it to be one of the greatest, if they have not seen all the greatest films? Nonsense!
Ghidera 11:48pm Sun 5 Jun
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GREAT Movie BUT...
I've seen it 3 times now, something new would be better!
NavySeal 7:48pm Mon 9 May
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Having a Crack at Christianity
Yet another made-up story having a crack at Christianity. Instead of Jesus Christ the Redeemer you have a secular redemption from a religious hell created by a hypocritical fictional prision warden who "believes" in the bible but does not live it in any way. Utter rubbish. But nice acting, filming, directing, and soundtrack.
Rick 9:24pm Fri 12 Feb
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I agree
I think that this film is just a case of no-brainer for Film 4 advertising strategy: if they want to make sure that many people watch their ads, they put this film on! Enough already, bring us back "Back to the future" :)
Dee 8:37pm Thu 28 Jan
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Give me a break, this is a great film, but the only people who haven't seen it a dozen time are umpa freaking lumpings in the backwoods of the amazon jungle. Here's a radical idea, lets put something new on the pigging TV occasionally. We can only take so much of Ice Road Truckers and possibly the unfunniest 'comedian' ever to grace our screens, the irritating and pointless Harry Hill
Bill 7:16pm Thu 28 Jan
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and again and again and again
There must be a discount in running this film 364 times in a year...as good as it is
oink 6:44pm Thu 28 Jan
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Not Again!
Sure, this is a pretty good flick, but how many times is Film4 going to run it?
rickiedee 3:55pm Thu 28 Jan
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Excellent film
If you have seen this film, then watch it again: it deserves it! If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to watch it. Great story, great actors, great plot.
Dee 9:38pm Sat 23 Jan
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... 9:39pm Sat 12 Dec
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Amazing Film
If you've never seen this film (where have you been for the past 15 years) then it's absolutely a must see
Motorboat 6:43pm Sat 12 Dec
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C Webber and some poor mope: I can see the beginning of a great friendship between you guys... I'll let you translate my title, no doubt c webber's French is as fluent as my English since he's the one talking about brain cells.
DeeLovely 8:39pm Fri 23 Oct
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Trite, hackneyed nonsense; this is a film for people with no brain cells of their own. No wonder it was such a success...
C Webber 9:47pm Thu 20 Aug
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Definitely one of the best films ever made.
6:38pm Fri 14 Aug
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One the best movie ever
I don't even know how many times I watched it (more than 10 I think). Superb casting, great story, amazing characteres, and a ray of emotions throughout.
DeeLovely 8:52pm Tue 14 Apr
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i love this film soooo much
xxtljxx 5:43pm Tue 14 Apr
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oh yehh
ive seen it 26 times thanks to film4! :)
Harold was ere 2009 7:13pm Fri 10 Apr
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this film will never go stale unlike so other many new films by released..its in my all time top ten...
Jam1e 8:41pm Sun 8 Mar
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really great film , watched quite alot
bex 6:31pm Sat 7 Mar
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fantastic film
sha 8:48pm Sat 28 Feb
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Great script, great story, great acting throughout. One of the best films ever made it as that watch again factor like all the great movies should have.
nottmdon 7:47pm Sat 28 Feb
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Words probably can't describe how good this film is. Fantastic casting and well made by Darabont. There is massive rang of emotions displayed in this film and the ending is probably one of the most uplifting endings theres ever been.
James 8:43am Sat 28 Feb
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Great film
It was a great film that you have to see!
TAZ MAN 9:23pm Fri 6 Feb
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if you havnt seen this film you HAVE NOT LIVED.
SpeakTheTruth 6:19pm Fri 8 Aug
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Sheer Brilliance!
It's one of those that no matter how many times you see ... you just have sit and watch again and again. Pur realism runs through its veins. The acting is superlative and the films still says a lot about our society even today!
A Freeman Fan 8:56pm Sat 19 Apr
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This is without a doubt, one of the best films ever made. Definately a 10 out of 10. Must see.
badboy 5:50pm Sat 19 Apr
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This film is in my my top 5 of all time. sit down, shut up, tel the wife to go in the other room and send the kids to bed, this is a faultless gripping drama.you know that feeling you get after watchin a good film??? well here it comes again.
6 star film ! ****** 4:47pm Sat 19 Apr
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An absorbing and inspiring film
A slow burner, turning what is at first a standard prison movie, into a buddy movie and then into an inspiring story of the realisation of dreams. Superb character development, this has to be Freeman's best film, and an intriguing question remains unanswered at the end - did Dufresne kill his wife? This an absolute triumph, the time just flies by. A must-see
Ginnantonnix 2:27pm Sat 19 Apr
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one of the best
From a biased stand point I will admit that this film is a permanant fixture in my all time top ten. Faultless acting combined with a genius script and sublime direction. If you only have one life this is a must too see.
Nemesis 2:26pm Sat 19 Apr
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What a superb film, a must see!
Don't drop the soap 8:07pm Sat 12 Jan
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Just Stunning
possibly my favourite film of this genre with a perfect ending.
tweetyduck 7:42pm Sat 12 Jan
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THE film of the decade
one of the best films i have ever seen, i don't know anyone who's seen it and hasn't enjoyed it.
Richard 10:38pm Sun 30 Sep
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