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Telephone quality
Quality of sound on telephone calls difficult to understand all the words
Annie 11:14am Tue 5 Dec
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Theresa May
I agree with the previous caller, we all need to back Theresa May right now. I think the majority won’t because they are not used to a woman as our leader.
Jo 9:00am Tue 10 Oct
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Ms Brown has the ability to involve Brexit in any discussion. If Matthew was debating the merit of eating popcorn in the cinema she would find a way to involve Brexit and show her disgust
Democracy rocks 10:01am Tue 19 Sep
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Who is Mark Little Australian or British? Can he vote in our elections? He is extremely vocal on his hatred of our democratically elected government.and makes no bones about condemning our legitimate and democratically elected government. Who on earth in Channel 5 decided to give this individual a platform when he is more or less 'banned' from the airways for his extremist views. Has he lived here and earned the right to his opinions on our democratic voters. If not this is a disgrace to our broadcasters. He played an idiot in Neighbours. Enough said.
Lets be fair 2:22pm Fri 30 Jun
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He knows more about women's problems than what women know, which I find a bit weird. He knows eff all about anything else.
cranky jo. 11:30am Fri 23 Jun
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TURBO 10:32am Fri 23 Jun
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Richard Madeley on The Wright Stuff is terrible. Whatever the story he always feels the need to throw in a personal anecdote usually at the expense of the panel. He is irritating beyond words. The sooner Mathew gets back the better.
Kristian 6:48pm Fri 16 Jun
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Whinging Wright
A self styled buffoon who ridicules others with his arrogance and lack of professionalism - put him on a daft game show where he belongs
Martin 11:25am Fri 16 Jun
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Can't stand lowri Turner, no is allowed a opinion but her, she is annoying & irritating, won't watch anything she is on.
Marley 10:06am Tue 13 Jun
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political bias
I heard Mathew right comment about right wing bias of news papers. I have felt that his show has underlining bias. hypocrite
Ronkey 10:48am Wed 7 Jun
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A new career for Mathew
Mr Corbyn'snew spin doctor, you do it so well
Razamatazbaz 9:43pm Tue 6 Jun
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I thought media coverage over elections was supposed to be unbiased. If that's the case Matthew Wright should be took off the air and replaced by someone who at least tries to hide their allegiance to any particular party.
Defender of democracy 11:39am Tue 6 Jun
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The Right stuff
A brilliant show with topical issues and updates. Malcolm
Malcolm 7:38am Wed 31 May
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Luvvie leftie
Totally agree with Fairminded this luvvie leftie is incapable of listening to anyone but a remoaner, funny there are very few brexiters on his programme and if there is they keep quiet when he spews his bias opinion have now switched him off forever.
Scunnered forever 4:46pm Thu 25 May
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how long do we have to endure this bias
I watched former tabloid journalist and gossip columnist Matthew Wright, a man elevated to a position far beyond his potential, today discussing a case for postponing the General Election. He really needs to get a grip. We all can see where his loyalties lie. He is incapable of framing a fair and balanced debate. How much further can he lower the standards of broadcasting with impunity.
Fairminded 12:07pm Thu 25 May
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Brilliant debates and up to date topics. Always start my day with Matthew Wright
Matthews No.1 fan 10:15am Fri 21 Apr
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Whatever the size of the bomb America is and always has been the biggest warmonger of all time imo.
reuben 10:53am Fri 14 Apr
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American bomb
The Americans have a bigger bomb than that. Do you research before you open your mouth Trevor
Trevor 9:53am Fri 14 Apr
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Matt &I Tell have consistently put people down this week saying people are losing there jobs, people are children and don't know what they are on about. So where was the Toyota announcement of 1/4 billion pounds investment today breaking news everywhere else.
TH 10:39am Thu 16 Mar
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Once again the little man saying British workers are lazy Bet you've never had a real hardworking job
Rm 6:15pm Wed 5 Oct
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Re Subject matter
Can we please have less chat on kids and their problems I am so boared now I turn it over to Homes under the Hammer so that shows my desperation. Not all ofus want to listen to the endless discussions re kids and their problems lets have something different PLEASE
she 10:02am Tue 27 Sep
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Irritating Rebecca Wheatley...doesn't she realise that a lot of people, whatever their nationality do this to support the rebuilding of the Castles involved! Sneering not a good trait in discussions
Leila 4 11:01am Fri 5 Aug
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If they don't wear a helmet,then they don't ride their bike. Simple.
Hottie 11:40am Tue 14 Jun
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know it all
What an obnoxtios man wright is. God help you if you phone him and don't have the same opinion as him. Sneering little man. Get rid and give Richard Madeley the job.
Old lady. 12:23pm Mon 13 Jun
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On jasmine on today's program
What is wrong with her.Everytime someone make a comment that she doesn't agree with.Pull her face and shake her head.who does she think by belittle people on her expression .Wont watch the program when she is on.
Jan 10:07am Wed 8 Jun
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First time watcher
Joined prog 30 mins in and there are some interesting points but who are the guests? I'd like to see whose opinions I'm listening to Instead of the banner at the screen base re phone lines closed. Why not inform us from time to time
MartinE 10:26am Fri 27 May
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It's bloody awful. Utter drek which apparently finds itself both intelligent and amusing, so much so that I was impelled to leave a comment - which I never do.
Billy the fish 10:26pm Tue 10 May
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Still on!!
Channel surfing this morning and cannot believe this ridiculously pedantic bully boy (very selective) character is still employed. Like watching a gurning Les Dawson creation at times.....
Tollo 1:50pm Mon 9 May
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Left wing
Some of his shows are like an advert for the Labour Party. C listed guests,
Kraken 11:34am Mon 2 May
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Tv Bully
Such a bully to the two ladies who phoned today re overseas aid, he didn't let them speak, he is aggressive unless people share his views, a disgrace
Dodo 10:14pm Mon 4 Apr
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Pointless Phone in
What's the point in asking for opinions if Matthew Wright does not allow anyone to speak if they do not reflect his opinions. He can be very ignorant and enraged if someone says something he does not like so much for fair debate
Mc duff 10:11am Mon 4 Apr
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Arrogant Presenter
IMO Wright is an arrogant bully and shows no respect to people who phone in unless they agree with his often poorly researched opinion Much better show when most guest presenters ( Madeley Bacon etc} appear
Befair 2:56pm Thu 31 Mar
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Always entertaining
When I can I watch it and find it thoroughly entertaining
Sonnysal 10:09am Thu 31 Mar
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Better when he is not there,
Mac 5:11pm Wed 23 Mar
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Reflect on your performance Matthew
I do enjoy watching the Wright Stuff but found the debate on Ian Duncan Smith somewhat one sided. Although Matthew few in a few statistics in Ian's favour, these were not really explored. Matthew spent two long with the second to last caller rewording his question many times trying to get her to agree with him. He cut off the last caller after taking offence that she was attacking the quality of his research, when in fact she was implying that others had done deep research to challenge Ian Duncan Smiths claim that 1.7 million disabled people had been encouraged back to work. Not well handled on this occasion Matthew, and you should apologise to this woman.
SimonB. 11:13am Mon 21 Mar
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Boring left wing bleeding hearts
Same old left leaning panel members and even more left leaning Mathew Wright Even the audience look the same Time to drop the series
Amiga139 9:52am Fri 18 Mar
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Mr iceland
Hey love the show , you were talking about microwaves on this morning show , why are you not in Iceland advert you would be fantastic better than Peter Andre
pat 5:34pm Tue 23 Feb
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Matthew Wright is a keen motorcyclist apparently, isn't that a bit dangerous?
A Seagull 1:20pm Tue 29 Dec
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Left Wing?!
Can't believe the comments on here from people saying that this horrible little man is left wing. He most definitely is not, he is right wing. You guys must treat the daily fail as a bible.
Telephone 10:08am Wed 21 Oct
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ignorent indifferenc
The little blonde women thals ik a machnegun ..after lisenng ]to a headlne of a coroner establishing a death caused by benefit sanction , she said " well that was the best thing for the man if he was depressed ,get him back to work " need I say more ?
Animal Dawson 4:59pm Wed 7 Oct
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Mathew Wright
Yuk,He's back together with 'know it all' Lowri Turner expert in everything !!! What a contrast to last week with Richard and Anne. Won't watch till they are back cant stand M wright.
Risben 10:58am Tue 28 Apr
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Freda Darr
Is that THE Freda Darr? Your standards are dropping. I do like a bit of vulnerability. Mwah.
Hugh Archer 8:45pm Wed 8 Apr
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Watched this show for the first time
this morning,won't watch it again.found Wright,loves himself. Sarcastic,nasty,with a huge ego.
mary 10:39am Fri 3 Apr
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I totally agree re-'children' I hate it when he calls them Sproggs with a disgusted look on his face
irritated 1:26pm Sat 14 Feb
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Problem with Children
Let me say I am a fan of the show I think that Mathew is sharp witty intelligent and keep the show moving at a fast pace I like his political comments and views but we have notice he has what seems to be an obsession about people with children and the fact that he is a none breeder as he puts it himself he mentions it every day with fail and works it into as many of the different topics discussed and there are time when you get a sense of nastiness in there , I think the Lad has a problem , he should remember he is in an industry that needs people a viewing public guests on the show his social life ect they were all children . He said something the other day and one of his guests asked him if he had children Mathew said NO ! the guest said thank God for that , I think he had spotted the problem
Lucas 8:29pm Fri 13 Feb
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Love Richard
Hope Richard covers for Mathew again soon. A bit of variety and also, Richards so even handed, professional, interesting and good looking!! Sorry Mathew lol
Find me later 10:53am Fri 9 Jan
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Please let Richard stay on the Wrightstuff, and get rid of Matthew
Matthew is hardly ever on his show (like Lorraine Kelly on her show!!!). Why is he off this week? He is always off either sick or on hols!!!!
ValTwine 9:56am Wed 7 Jan
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Show should be removed from TV another overpaid rich leftie
LETOZ 11:07am Sat 3 Jan
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I cannot stand this man! He doesn't take anyone's feelings into consideration. This show should be taken off the air!
Hh1233 12:12pm Wed 10 Sep
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Should we look after our parents in old age
How arrogant JohnPartridge comments are! When he says he looks after his mother as a family, this is so easy for him who is a part time carer at weekends or every fortnight. How much caring does he do and to look after someone 24 hours is a commitment. Would he be looking after her if his sister was unable to. I dont think so. It is so easy to look in from the outside. Try it panel for 1 whole week and tell us how you get on.
Greenery 11:09am Mon 4 Aug
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