15 September 2019  | 
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no angel.
Best character ever was Gabriel Kent, played by todd carty. The murderous, twisted copper.
jaybird. 3:14pm Wed 12 Apr
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Prev comm
I agree with you. They don't make them like it anymore. The early ones are even better if you get the chance.
reuben 2:13pm Wed 12 Apr
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The bill is so good that I watch it all the time I am not at school
Pp 11:02am Wed 12 Apr
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A big bowl of anus soup.
HA! HA! HA! unbelivable stories and MFI school of acting level performances - what a load of absolute pish . GFR.
Ricardo 5:00pm Fri 14 Feb
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where 's the Old Bill gone?
I sat down today Mon.Jan 6th to enjoy my favourite programme and find its all changed and there's such a stupid story line. Bring back the Old Bill I cry!
Jinnie 8:36pm Mon 6 Jan
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fab show
fab show
dale 1:07pm Fri 6 Dec
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No bill
A family refuse to pay for their gas and write to the company giving them a piece of their minds
Duck bill 10:45am Fri 27 Sep
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the bill
fits the bill nicely it does
kevlad 3:10pm Fri 30 Aug
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the bill
i would like to see it again in 2013
peter 10:02pm Thu 23 May
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lost its way years ago
the best thing that happened is when it was put down.
get real 10:01pm Sun 2 Jan
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The Bill
Please, Please, Please don't stop The Bill, I luv it and look forward to it so much, can't wait for Saturday nights. I live in Australia not that that means anything but i'm sure there are people all over the world that look forward to this great realistic, drama. I would seriously turn down dinner with Brad Pitt so as not to miss a series of The Bill. You will be making a BIG mistake by getting rid of it. I luv Smiffy, more stories on him would be good and if you could bring back inspector Gold, she was like everyones second mum. The one thing that might have lowered your ratings on viewing, although I still would not miss a show, is when you changed the beginning sound track to it. The old sound track was great and it would uplift me everytime i heard it, like an old friend coming over for a drink, that sound track for "THE BILL" would come on and i would grab a wine, sit down with my dog and watch it. It was something i could count on and i never want it to change.
"My Old Mate" 11:03am Fri 8 Oct
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In real life the police are kicking pensioners to death to steal their wedding rings. This show is phoney nonsense.
Jed 8:50pm Tue 31 Aug
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Wish it could last!
Like to say always loved watching the bill, since I was young but its never disappointing its a great show that will be missed!
leepafc2007 5:36pm Tue 31 Aug
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why is the bill being cancelled its the best!!!
:) 1:24pm Tue 31 Aug
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the bill
bud 8:37pm Tue 24 Aug
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so sad the end of the bill
its so sad that the BILL is endin. iv watched it from the begining with tony stamp,burnside to name a few the old was the best
DD 10:13pm Tue 17 Aug
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The changes screwed it up: incidental music and 'film' style video, once a week and an hour instead of 30 minutes. Shoulda kept it rawer and cheaper lokking - because it used to rock. What they did to it, changing it and then ending it was criminal. They killed the only half-way decent programme on ITV. The silly sods.
roo 8:08pm Tue 17 Aug
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The Bill
I actually love the bill, i record it on sky plus and watch it everyday when i get back from school. You can't stop it, it's soo good; you really should carry it on...please?
... 11:29am Sat 17 Jul
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bring back the old bill
bring back the old bill
bring back the old bill 8:51pm Tue 13 Jul
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I love The Bill!
Please don't stop The Bill I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
Libby 8:01pm Tue 13 Jul
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the bill
i like waching the bill but because its on at 9 i cant wach it no more can u please put it back n at 8
shan 7:17pm Tue 13 Jul
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i love da bill but it neva on anymore and wen it is on it why im at school so it really anoys me :(
letisha white 14 derby 6:08pm Tue 6 Jul
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Ha Ha Ha the bill is utter garbage man what a crap bit o tele.
gordon maskell, AYR 8:39pm Fri 2 Jul
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ello ello ello
I've got some puppies in my panda car. Proceed this way little girls.
Kiom 9:35pm Tue 29 Jun
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this is quite honestly a brilliant program:) why the hell are u taking it off itv? think what you've done wrong (changed the music,have more drama in daylight, and get more police officers involved more in the action, not just c.i.d. cos at the moment there's only like 2 or 3 pc's per show) and change it back! please keep the bill going! :D
thebillfan:) 7:35pm Tue 29 Jun
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the bill
omg the bill is soooo good i dont know why its stopping! its my favourite programme ever!!! I do agree that it used to be better - my favourite episode being the one where stevie goes undercover and falls in love with the motorcylist! i like it when they go undercover ... they should do that more often and get the characters in trouble more to make it more exciting! please dont stop it!
H.I.C. 9:51pm Sat 26 Jun
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bring back the old bill at 8pm
this one isnt working
bill 7:52pm Tue 22 Jun
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The bill
the bill is fantastic i have 2 watch it every morning and night when the new bill is on, but i think the old bill is better
paul :) 8:54pm Mon 7 Jun
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Terrible news
Why are you stopping such a great show get rid of the reality shows there is two many of them I hate them
jackboy 6:21pm Thu 27 May
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i love it
it is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool go on who ever loves it like meeeeeeeeeeeeee
cathieeeeeeeeeeee 7:15pm Tue 25 May
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New "Bill" a turn off
Why was The Bill changed? Why does it have stupid music in the background and why is it always filmed in the dark, doesn't London have electricity?! Bring back the old format and the viewers will return.
roadrav 11:13am Sat 24 Apr
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love it
please tell me why does it say it is on, then on my sky it says its stuff to do with the vote.!
chuckie 8:49pm Tue 20 Apr
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Why can't they just keep the bill on its 1 of the best soaps out.
clarago 10:31pm Thu 15 Apr
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Great British TV... if that isn't an oxymoron. I love The Bill, been watching it since I was a girl. Still, I'd like to see the occasional shoot-out with drug dealers.
The Electro Kangarood 9:44pm Thu 8 Apr
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i crnt belive that ur takin the bil of altogether im very gutted i love the bil and think that u should keep ir on like cos i watch it al the timeee..
charlene 7:54am Tue 30 Mar
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RE:axeing the bil
They need the money to pay for all the new reality tv shows.
True Blue 8:41pm Sun 28 Mar
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axeing the bil
why are they taking the bill of cant they put it on a tuesday or monday
wilma 11:57am Sun 28 Mar
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i love watching the Bill but must say the music you have chosen for it is not very exciting. my advice and i know you dont want it would change it back to what it was. A fan of the program
nursie nursie 12:00pm Wed 24 Mar
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share the roles fairly
i think there should be more action with the uniform officers with sergeant stone and the rest instead of always CID and jo masters i like her but there are more characters share the role
tips 2:28pm Thu 18 Mar
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Best drama around, better than soaps.
Used to watch the bill until it got soapy and quit it for a few years, then only started watching since the new format was introduced and was glad the show has got fresh new look, some stories were a bit boring but its getting better now especialy with Jo as a seargent and the action is now picking up, its certainly better than watching boring repetitive soaps.
DG 1:20pm Thu 18 Mar
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The Bill
didn't like the new changes at first, but things are getting better. Wish it was back to twice a week though. Still dont like the new title track - bring back the old.
wen 11:24am Fri 12 Mar
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I love the bill
its the most greatist program ever
cath 6:00pm Thu 18 Feb
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i think it is great but i am annoyed i can not find it online anywhere. does anyone know if it is on the web?
blobbbb 7:32pm Sat 6 Feb
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I love the bill buh i missed the last show and wen i try to watch it on itv player i doesn't let me!!!!! The Bill is a really good show
Bhavisha 9:20pm Fri 5 Feb
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The Bill
Sharon its not become all about max at all how can you say that!! They only put him in it alot because he is the best bloody character and he is well good looking actually so what you chattin!! the new format is amazing and i love it!! so there!!!
Amy 1:32pm Sat 23 Jan
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The New Bill
I don't mind the new format but it seems to have become "all about Max" how bout giving some other characters a go!!
Sharon, Perth WA 1:17pm Boxing Day
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The bill is great I always watch it
chloe 8:11am Sun 6 Dec
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Down Hill, not Sun Hill
The Bill is the first programme to get shunted aside when football or "I'm a Celeb" is on. If a regular slot can't be maintained, neither can a regular audience. And, while we're at it: Spinning-out stories over two or more episodes doesn't keep me coming back. One-off episodes with self-contained stories are best. I miss Gina, even though Smiffy makes a good inspector.
Real Plod 7:48pm Thu 3 Dec
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What have you done to my favourite programme?
It's completely lost its edge. New style definitely not an improvement. All the good personalities have faded away, the story lines are boring and there's no suspense/drama anymore. It's also got shoved out for football, and you've changed the music. Shame!
Tilly 6:13pm Thu 22 Oct
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its ok
i dont watch the bill much but i might after tonight as i am a kid and school gets in the way!
you 6:14pm Thu 15 Oct
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