4 April 2020  | 
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"Foot" should have been allowed even if the answer was "Hoof" because the question was what part of the body. That answer would have made the difference in the final chase as Bradley said they had only needed one more pushback to win £60,000.
anotherfix 11:00pm Fri 3 Apr
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Easy questions again
Paul said his brain was at its sharpest. No it wasn't!
noaorb 4:58pm Thu 2 Apr
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Always watch the other channel, far more interesting
Peegee 4:08pm Tue 17 Mar
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Big Head
Bradley is so big headed he asks the questions answers them and even guesses what the chaser is going to say.
Sue 5:58pm Thu 12 Mar
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Bradley put the jinx on the first 2 players by telling them they were good players, they both lost.
Sue 5:43pm Mon 9 Mar
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Cabbage green teeth.
Geeza 5:08pm Fri 14 Feb
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wroong answer
Anne Boleyn was born in ENGLAND.
Wendy 6:02pm Tue 7 Jan
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Good Players
I think this is the 13th series and according to Bradley there has not been a bad player on yet.
Dave 5:41pm Tue 7 Jan
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Holly from Edinburgh
What’s her @ tho?!
B the don 5:22pm Mon 6 Jan
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I cannot hear the questions on the final chase because the music is too loud
Fitzy 5:57pm Fri 3 Jan
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For goodness sake make the questions a little bit harder a child of 10 could answer a lot of these.
Lady Jane 12:29pm Tue 12 Nov
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Bradleys at it again
Yawnzzzzz 5:30pm Fri 8 Nov
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I wish Bradley and Shaun wouldnt praise Alex for taking the low offer, he is a coward.
Sue 5:24pm Fri 8 Nov
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Cut it out.
More canned laughter than heinz.
Sam. 5:26pm Thu 7 Nov
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Predictable, twisting of the face, making out the contestant is wrong,when he's told through his ear piece they are right.
Yawnzzzzz 5:31pm Mon 4 Nov
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Get your own back on Saturday night by giving out who was voted off strictly.
Serve em right. 4:28pm Fri 1 Nov
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Thanks for nothing.
I was watching this on plus one. I won't bother watching anymore seeing as the previous commentor has spoilt the ending.
Annoyed 6:33pm Thu 31 Oct
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If he had speeded up the questions for the team they may well have won. He fired them off for the chaser.
Jethro 6:00pm Thu 31 Oct
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I wish Bradley would stop guessing the questions.It is not necessary and he gets so many wrong.
Dave 5:48pm Wed 30 Oct
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Whats with the sinna man giving a sermon explaining almost every answer. It's boring.
Jase 4:53pm Wed 18 Sep
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No Change
New series but no change for Bradley, he is still asking people what their partners name is for no reason and still telling people they are better than they are.
Dave 4:24pm Tue 3 Sep
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Paul Sinner
is definitely a sinner in my mind does he have to be so sarcastic to the contestants. I find his supercilious attitude to the contestants quite disturbing and spoils the show completely
Metal Micky 4:47pm Tue 20 Aug
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Change The Name
This show should be called "The Bradley Walsh Show" because he always makes sure he is the star.
Sue 4:20pm Tue 23 Jul
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Poor format
Half the chasers are failed Eggheads. Poor format, average presenter, what is the fuss about?
Peegee 7:02pm Thu 18 Jul
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Got To Be Right
Bradley is always saying this has got to be right before he knows whether the chaser is right or not.
Dave 4:31pm Wed 17 Jul
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Over it!
The contestants can’t win, we’re over it.
J & D 7:09pm Tue 2 Jul
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If she doesn't stop pulling that sour face each time she gets a question wrong I'll lob a brick through my tv.
Bob the builder. 4:42pm Wed 12 Jun
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Henry VIII’s wife question on 28 May 2019
The question was which of Henry VIII’s died in childbirth. The contestant gave the wrong answer anyway. But Bradley gave the answer as Katherine Parr! It was Jane Seymour! Shame on the Chase’s question organiser.
Jacs 4:54pm Tue 28 May
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Incorrect information
On today's chase 28th May 2019 a wrong answer was delivered by Bradley to the question Which of Henry VIII wives died after childbirth. Granted the contestant also gave a wrong answer saying Lady Jane Grey but Bradley then read out Catherine Parr which is false. Jane Seymour died post partum and Catherine Parr actually outlived King Henry.
SusieK 4:50pm Tue 28 May
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Bradley the cheat!
Has anyone else noticed how slowly he reads the contestants questions compared to the chaser? Shame on you Bradley!
Amethyst 4:57pm Sat 25 May
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A girl Jemma was on today and took minus £2000 and gave nothing in the final chase, yet took a quarter of other peoples winnings, bloody cheek they must be so annoyed
Jan 4:56pm Sat 18 May
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Yellow teeth. Horrible.
Colgate. 4:38pm Fri 10 May
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His jokes are so unfunny. Then when he says "The correct answer is " trying to make out the contestants are wrong is getting predictable.
Hoover monster. 9:49pm Thu 9 May
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Tonight the Sean was asked a question on a Dyson, it is not a hover it is a vacuum cleaner
Pete 8:31pm Thu 9 May
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Wrong answer by chaser
When asked about a Dyson appliance Sean Wallace said Hoover which is of course another brand. The correct answer should have been vacuum cleaner
Madalfie 6:03pm Thu 9 May
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Bradley is a coward he says things to Shaun Wallace but wouldnt dare say the same things to any of the others.
Sue 4:48pm Thu 9 May
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Previous Comment
I totally agree Dean, another thing that annoys me he is always asking people what their wife or husband is called, there is no need for it.
Dave 4:51pm Fri 3 May
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Your better than that
This is the second time I have felt compelled to comment on Bradley Walsh saying " your a much better player than that" not only is this patronising to the contestant but irritating to viewers as he says this to almost every contestant. I know this will go no further but please stop this rediculas phrase.
Dean 4:45pm Wed 1 May
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I dont really like the celebrity chase. Too many and i turn over. Sorry i usually am glued to the chase
Wickings 4:15pm Tue 2 Apr
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The chase
Fed up of celebrity chase yet again
AJA 4:05pm Tue 2 Apr
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The Vixen
Oh please get rid of her - why is she called The Vixen? She is overweight,. held in by strong Spanx and not at all "hot". Switch off when she is on.
Jay 4:46pm Mon 1 Apr
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Question A or B
Whichever set is picked should have a mix of easy and hard questions. Sean had the most simple and obvious ones. No wonder the full team had problems with the most obscure questions ever. Such a shame....
mazza 6:03pm Thu 28 Mar
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I wish Bradley would stop rolling about with laughter, its so false.
Dave 5:22pm Fri 22 Mar
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Website usage!
Confine it to the dustbin.....lack of interest!
Bob 3:47pm Wed 20 Mar
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Bradley's getting boring now, every show he makes out the contestants are wrong, when he's told in his earpiece they are right. Predictable and boring.
Q tee. 5:09pm Thu 14 Mar
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Sometimes you have to think hard about who they are and what they are known for.....I'm all for charity but it's nothing to what they get paid to take part.
mazza 6:05pm Tue 12 Mar
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Celebrity chase
I love watching the Chase ,including Bradley ,but celebrity shows are really boring they are coming more and more with all quiz shows I never watch any of them .I like real people to win money that really matters to them !
Susieq73 8:46am Tue 12 Mar
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Charley Webb.
Mensa called, they said not to bother applying.
TRS. 5:22pm Mon 11 Mar
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Leave it out.
Double entendre questions. Not even funny.
Liz. 5:13pm Mon 11 Mar
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What a waste of time. £1000 in the pot. The show should never have been shown.
Go high. 5:47pm Wed 6 Mar
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