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Celebrity edition.
Here we go again, the chaser getting easy questions wrong ON PURPOSE, imo , always the same in the celebrity edition.
TRS 6:41pm Sun 2 Dec
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Really great show
It a really great show I hope they do a stint where 4 of the chasers compete against 1 chaser they would be brilliant shows
Alx73 6:41pm Wed 21 Nov
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The contestants picked the wrong set of questions. The Chaser's were that easy a child in primary school could have got them right. Both sets should be equally balanced in fairness!
Jlo 8:59pm Sun 18 Nov
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Do you know what a noun is?
I do! A noun as the common description is a 'Naming word" not an adjective. there are many other types of nouns ie collective and abstractive. I am a New Zealand teacher and I do not stand to your wrong answers.
Clare 5:19am Tue 13 Nov
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Being Paid
Do people get paid to laugh at bradleys jokes because they are pathetic.
dave 4:44pm Tue 23 Oct
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Bradley Walsh Show
I turned on to watch the chase but it turned out to be the Bradley Walsh Show.
peter 4:46pm Wed 12 Sep
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Mark had the easy peasy questions, 24 hrs is a day etc. So why in the world he is pleased with himself is a mystery as a primary school child would answered most of them.
gina 6:33pm Sun 9 Sep
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All money to the charity?
I hope that all of the £160,000 won for soccer aid goes to the charity and none to the fat cats, sorry I mean ad min.
The real septic 5:30pm Fri 8 Jun
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I think Bradley gets involved to much,you dont get compares on other quizzes telling you what answer they would have gone for.
Dave 4:43pm Mon 7 May
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the vixen
what the hell has happened to her hair today more strange than usual.Please can someone tell her not to make so many faces its like she gurning
welshbird 4:31pm Tue 1 May
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It beggars belief why some moron keeps deleting perfectly viable comments. I have my suspicions. Someone's been at the sheepdip again.
The real septic 10:29pm Thu 19 Apr
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Deleted comments
Fgs get yourself a cuppa and give us all a break! Bradley said the minus offer is there to use so suck it up! Gary took it and helped them all get the money.
lila 8:13pm Thu 19 Apr
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The governess.
Anne's not very gracious when a contestant knows an answer that she doesn't. Her facial expressions and rolling of the eyes tell it all.
The real septic 9:11am Tue 17 Apr
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Quiz fan
I agree. It was so obvious Ann was pretending she didn’t know the answers. I am annoyed I wasted my time watching it
Quiz fan 2 7:48pm Sun 8 Apr
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Turn off time.
Easy entertainment questions for the z listers. Ann getting easy questions wrong on purpose. Always the same when it's for charity.
Quiz fan. 6:15pm Sun 8 Apr
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His stupid impressions were painfully unfunny.
Quiz fan. 4:26pm Sat 7 Apr
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Challengers robbed. 8 pm
Anne was asked what part of the body clod hoppers were worn. She said shoes then corrected herself and said feet. Bradley should have accepted her first answer. If he had then the challengers would have shared £32, 000.
Annoyed! 9:04pm Tue 3 Apr
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Alison Hammond.
Her gobs the size of the solar system.
J.D. 2:43pm Sun 25 Mar
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Too much of The Chase
I love watching the chase Monday to Friday but I refuse to watch it at the weekend. I need a rest from it.
Betsy 1:54pm Sun 25 Mar
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Wednesday 14 March
I have never heard such hard questions before....until it got to the Final Chase when the Chaser's questions were noticeably easier! I know contestants are asked "Questions A or Questions B" and could quite a easily have had the easier questions but we only have the programme's word that two sets of questions exist. Fiddle or not??
Edna Violet 6:02pm Wed 14 Mar
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Unhappy Viewer
Love this programme but have noticed on many occasions when the Chaser is answering questions in the final chase that there is a delay in the seconds ticking down, obviously giving the Chaser more time. Not happy!!!
JC 6:05pm Wed 7 Mar
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Stop It
The team egg on someone else to take the high offer. It costs the charities because the nice JLS lad would of made a difference.
don'tbelieveallyouread 9:10pm Sun 4 Mar
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Stop cheating.
The chaser thought Billericay was in Essex. No way. Must have something to do with it being a celebrity edition and wanted players through to the final chase as up till then there was only £5500 in the prize fund and viewers would be switching off.
Joker. 5:49pm Sun 4 Mar
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Abysmal contestants yet again, plus bradleys goading of Sean Wallace spoils the show.
Sceptic. 5:45pm Mon 26 Feb
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The weekend shows are repeats. Original was shown last year. One of the reasons I no longer watch the episodes when he is on
Irritated 8:58am Mon 26 Feb
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The beast.
What a big baby. Thumping the set because he lost.
QT. 7:00pm Sun 25 Feb
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Bradley said Marco was a good player and he didn't get one question right in the cash builder.
dave 5:29pm Fri 16 Feb
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Tired and worn
This program is tired and worn. The nasty comments from chasers is a turn off. I use to watch it but since this attitude started i dont watch it.
Meerkat 3:08pm Fri 16 Feb
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The contestants loose time pressing the bell and getting there name said therefore unfair time
Viewer 6:00pm Sun 11 Feb
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If the chaser offered a million quid some people still wouldn't take it. As for Bradley telling the dumb bimbo that she was a far better player than that after getting one question right ,how does he work that one out. No love you are as thick as muck.
Mayanna 5:45pm Wed 7 Feb
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Oh dear
Beginning to think the questions are fixed why are the chasers so easy
polly 9:30am Tue 6 Feb
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First word!
I am fed up with the Governess, every answer in the final is always starts with Umm! This is the first word, so should not be allowed !!, even if she gives a correct answer after.
Lesley 6:42pm Mon 5 Feb
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Re bradly walsh
Please get rid of the smarmy bradly walsh. He says on program there my tea team but its obvious that he had no real connection with the contestants and encouraging them to go for higher when its obvious they eont make it.
Maxer 10:51pm Sat 27 Jan
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Oliver, another one as camp as a row of tents.
The fonz 5:28pm Thu 25 Jan
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Celeb chase.
It's always the same on the celebrity version. The chaser pretends not to know an answer. Please don't insult the viewers intelligence.
Quiz fan 6:49pm Sun 21 Jan
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As camp as butlins.
The fonz 8:26pm Wed 17 Jan
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Contestants have to press buzzer Chaser doesn’t Unfair
Curly 5:58pm Mon 15 Jan
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the vixen
please why does she have to make so many face shapes does she think she'.s in a gurning competition
baglady 5:22pm Mon 15 Jan
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Celebs, where?
More repeats, more nonentities. Zzzz.
Fed up quiz fan. 5:09pm Sun 14 Jan
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Unfair format
When the contestants are facing the chasers for the final time they have to use the buzzer when they want to answer the question. This looses them at least 25-30 seconds in the round meaning they only really have 1 minute 30 seconds where as the chaser doesn't use a buzzer and gets the full amount of time granted. This always allows them to catch them easily regardless of how good a group of players they face.
Mr B Fair 6:09pm Wed 10 Jan
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Idiot question.
One of Anne's questions in the final chase was what type of drink is maxwell house. What a difficult question, I may have to Google it.
Quiz fan 6:00pm Tue 9 Jan
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According to the beast if tiger Woods won the open in1997 and he was 21, that makes him in his late thirties. Unlike mark I'm not a maths teacher, but even i make tiger Woods at least 41 on those dates.
Moanbag. 5:35pm Sat 6 Jan
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Dinos in seat one, a self confessed quiz buff thinks Shane warne plays international cricket for France and old glory is England's flag. Then he takes £400 in the cash builder. If he's the only person back what's the point.
Quiz fan 6:15pm New Years Eve
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Wish Mark hesitated for a second to let that poor man win. He got so far all on his own and beat by a second. Alas it's not his style as he hates to lose.
onlysaying 10:06pm Wed 27 Dec
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my husband and I are sick of Bradley walsh referring to my team -my ar-e when he thinks the chaser is getting beat , he talks at such a speed the last 5 questions you cant make out what he is saying
snookum 6:51pm Wed 27 Dec
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Is a bad loser and takes great satisfaction when he beats the contestants. Other including Sean are more magnanimous and applaud their attempts
onlysaying 11:39pm Tue 19 Dec
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He keeps saying what a pointless question because he's too thick to know the answer. In fact all he keeps saying is I've never heard that before. He's like a broken record. As for his constant baiting of shaun Wallace, it's getting to be a turn off.
Quiz fan 10:18pm Tue 19 Dec
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do you think he knows it?
why does bradley keep saying that!What a pointless question.Does he think the contestant is going to say NO,and hes talking far too much trying to be funny...its not working.Do you think HE knows it?
keepitreal 9:08pm Tue 19 Dec
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Was very disappointed when I saw it was The Beast that was on tonight. Usually can't watch him. But so glad I did, albeit with the sound down when he was ranting on.
Happy Days 6:09pm Fri 8 Dec
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prev comment
I totally agree,since his success in other things it has gone to his head,he is spoiling the show.
Dave 6:33pm Thu 7 Dec
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