27 October 2020  | 
The Dog Whisperer Comments
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Brilliant Insight
Thank you, Caesar, for an absolutely brilliant insight to dogs and, of course, their owners. Keep up the good work and much happiness to you!
Maura 12:22pm Thu 30 Aug
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love it
I love the dog whisperer but the one I saw yesterday it is the forth time I have seen it. Why for goodness sake don't you get another series.
lizbet 1:09pm Thu 26 Nov
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I love the Humble Cesar,and his Dogs.
Long live Cesar! ...only problem I don't have Nat Geo Wild.
Mr Woof 8:15pm Fri 16 Apr
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Best of the Best
His methods worked when the professionals in the UK failed. Now I find I'm reading their sour grapes comments. I bet their kids aren't trained either!!!
Knotty 8:47am Wed 31 Mar
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Publicity Gets You Everywhere!
Cesar Milan is a skillfully marketed man with a lot of experience of dogs. His dominance techniques are cruel and should be stopped. BOYCOTT HIM
Non Violent Dog Training Works 2:13pm Fri 5 Mar
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Terrible terrible terrible
Cesar has GOT to start using more positive techniques. For all those that say they've had success with his methods, there are a hundred more that have failed themselves and their dogs by trying to copy him, and qualified professional behaviourists like me have to pick up the pieces. He's got to stop.
DogPsyche 6:02pm Mon 21 Dec
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If he is so good ...
Why are most of the animal welfare organisations around the world trying to prevent his show from being shown.? It is because there are more effective and more humane training methods.
Cesar needs stopping 6:29pm Thu 26 Nov
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thanks for all the extra work Cesar
Thanks to Cesar I now get more cases than ever before of aggression after people have copied Cesar's use of neck jabs in particular. This means I am making a lot of money out of Cesar, but this is surely not the way to treat man's best friend. Thanks for the work load Cesar ... but it would be better if others did not have to clean up the mess you are creating.
Dog trainer 12:53pm Thu 26 Nov
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he causes more aggression
The techniques he uses were being used in the 1950s and 60s but as so many people were getting bitten new techniques were developed that are more humane, lead to less aggression and result in fast learning. Sadly Cesar is taken dog training and animal welfare back 20 -30 years. Can some one please pay for him to go and learn how dogs really behave!
Dog rescued from Cesar 12:49pm Thu 26 Nov
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To all those whinging about repeats
Cesar has a deal with National Geographic, which means they get the latest series. If you want more (like another 3 seasons and counting) you need to get NG.
rtfm 10:38pm Mon 2 Nov
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Try it out!
Great show easy to understand - we can't have a dog yet so help out at a local shelter walking the dogs and applying a little of the Cesar magic. The manager hadn't heard of Cesar and can't believe the progress we are making with (some of) the dogs. Two had been in there a long time. We helped sort out the walk and they have now been adopted! Very rewarding - go help out.
Sit n stay 7:03pm Mon 31 Aug
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Cesar is God!!
* 8:09pm Thu 6 Aug
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Zen & Dog (People)Training
Ceasar is absolute magic :) his approach is applicable to human puppies as well as pets, (which we can't keep in a London flat :(... but his excellent show has made me dog broody now!
DogWhisperaholic 6:24pm Mon 22 Jun
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the dog whisperer
If you`re fond of dogs,which both my wife and I are, it`s great.
lunatic 6:13pm Wed 17 Jun
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the dog whispere
love the show,never miss any episode, but i notice lately all are re-runs, when are they going to show new episodes
dem 5:45pm Sun 14 Jun
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The Dog Whisperer
I love it and think he is great. I am even thinking of borrowing my dad's mad dog just so I can get some training of him!!! When is he in the uk....
Jodhorse 12:23pm Wed 10 Jun
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Cesar Millan and his boys
I love to see Cesars boys helping him they are the next generation of DOG WHISPERER'S brilliant show even if you do not own a dog. Please come to the UK Cesar.
Carol7 3:38pm Sat 23 May
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T.C 5:41pm Sun 3 May
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i've just got freeview what channel can i find it on
i cant seem to find ceasar millan as dont know what channel to look for
Dawn who has rose a collie cross 8:55pm Mon 23 Mar
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fake dog whisperes on bbc news
shame about the joke on bbc news this morning. He could do with watching a few of Cesar's programms, or even reading Cesar excellent books.
jay 9:04am Thu 19 Feb
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dog whisper
hi ceaser millin my dog try to bite when i walk out the living room
lucy 3:57pm Thu 5 Feb
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LOVEIT! 6:48pm Wed 28 Jan
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Very good
You can also buy his books and DVDs and I can tell it really works, but you must be consistent and not "baby" your dog or become agitated when making the changes. It has turned our lives around
Fan 5:44pm Tue 27 Jan
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DOG MAD 5:16pm Mon 26 Jan
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I think it's rubbish Dog Borstal is better even though I still love dogs I hate the dog whitsperer
Money Trouble 10:06am Mon 5 Jan
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the dog whisperer god
cesar millan is a breath of fresh air please train my dog cesar i beg of you
tatts 10:33pm New Years Day
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The Dog Whisperer.
Cesar is the Best thing to happen to dogs EVER he is the Greatest.
VEE 8:25pm Fri 24 Oct
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Season 3, episode 4 Wilsher
A must for every owner of a young Dalmatian. When will it be repeated, please????
M. 2:16pm Sun 28 Sep
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Excellent Show
Caesar is an extraordinary man - great teacher of human beings, insightful, and each show is fascinating. I'm telling everyone with a dog to watch it!
Waldi's Pack Leader 7:04pm Sat 23 Aug
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Why chanmge the times
My dog and I loved watching this when I got home from work at 17.00, why move to 6am? Great show, I want Ceasar to take my Staffy cross to his pack, and let them show him how to be a good boy with other dogs...
Sammy smalls 11:22am Tue 12 Aug
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5 Star Viewing.....
....For all dog and pet owner's who wish to regain control and develop an understanding of animal psychology... Cesar is without doubt a superb communicator with both animals and human's...
Pato. 10:12pm Tue 29 Jul
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It's the most interesting intelligent and educational programme I have ever seen. Thank you Simona
Simona 3:11pm Mon 9 Jun
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This is the best animal show on TV! I think it is entertaining, and there is a lot to learn about dog physcology. I too, haven't got a dog, but I am going to train to be a vet, so I think the tips will come in handy!
Betsy 3:05pm Sat 17 May
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A Viewing Must
I learn something with every programme even after 35 years owning and even working dogs. Cesar you are welcome in our home any time.
Tamblerhu Pack Leader 7:10am Sat 3 May
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Excellent Programme
Love this prog, even though we haven't got a dog :( BUT at least we'll know what to do when we get one!
Muttley Windbreaker 11:24pm Wed 2 Apr
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cutey cute
cutecute 7:05pm Fri 28 Mar
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Excellent Dog Training
I am an experienced dog owner... I thought and have learned and put into practice some of Ceaser's brilliant and most helpful training tips. This man is the best dog trainer I have seen on TV, it is not all for TV hype it is for real dog owners and their dogs. Please make some new shows soon!!!!
Annabelle 6:30pm Sat 22 Mar
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I have become completely addicted to it but I fear that I have seen all the episodes - some new stuff please.
Bren 6:53pm Mon 25 Feb
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Love the show
Just wish it wasn't all repeats. I seem to have seen them all now at least once. Any sign of a new series?
wowwow 9:21pm Sat 23 Feb
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cesar you are amazing, what a programme, i try to watch every1, also picked up some tricks with my staffordshire, a must watch show, go cesar
Angie 5:46pm Sun 17 Feb
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Because of this show my other half has decided he's going to start training to be a dog trainer and incorporate some of Ceasers work into it. Amazing show :)
Maz 1:33am Tue 12 Feb
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t.v channels
can you go on virgin channels as well as we here alot about the whisperer but havent had a chance to see him in action .
deborah 9:41am Tue 5 Feb
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the dog whisperer
this man is amazing and should be on english bbc itv channel as i always miss it plus let others watch him who aint got freeview or sky etc he is great to watch and u do pick up tricks
shell 4:39pm Sat 2 Feb
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The Dog Whisperer
Very moving to see how owners and dogs are brought into harmony through understanding. No violence, no shouting, just accute observation and applied psychology. I'm a great fan!
Blackjacklittle 12:08am Sun 27 Jan
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Dog Whisperer
Excellent program with good advice for all those dog owners that let their dogs rule them!
Elle 6:16pm Sun 6 Jan
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Time for UK?
Brilliant. When is he coming to the UK? I've got a strong willed labrador I need help with!!
SJH 9:22pm Sat 5 Jan
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The Dog Whisperer
Brilliant, the best show on telly. Cesar Millan is wonderful and gives excellent advice that can be used by all dog owners
Jude 9:31pm Sun 30 Dec
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Brilliant - Cesar's insights into both Dog and Owner is simply stunning. Find the experience uplifting and greatly educational for all relationships - never mind just between Man & Dog. Watch the show as often as I can.
And1952 6:41pm Thu 13 Dec
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The dog whisperer
I think that Cesar is brilliant ! He understand the dogs' instincts and the way they communicate. I hope to see a new series soon !!!
Lauren 4:27pm Thu 6 Dec
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The Dog Whisperer
An absolute MUST watch for dog owners. NO sit n beg rubbish, here's what the dog actually thinks !!
orienteer 5:37pm Fri 23 Nov
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