12 May 2021  | 
The Mentalist Comments
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The Mentalist series 6.
Hi,when are we going too be able to watch series 6 of The Mentalist,i love watching all the repeats still,but,can we please have something new,many thanks.
Lynbabs. 11:16pm Sun 17 Mar
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Where is Series 4 Episode 1????
Today we saw the end of series 3, and later I caught the Series 4 Episode one but didn't record it. Now all I can find is several repeated episodes of 4:2 onwards - but NO Episode One!! Where is it and WHY can't I find it. What kind of series is shown from episode 2 onwards...? Are the planners crazy!
GillW 8:14pm Mon 3 Jul
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Lost it direction
Have to agree with previous comments. New mentalist has no continuity and lacks the cohesion that the old team gave it. Change back soon
Jerrycan 9:51pm Tue 22 Apr
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Best series ever
Please bring it back, there is no equal
Fan 8:53am Thu 13 Feb
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Series break
Apparently season 6 is having a midseason break in USA (from jan to March) hence the rest of it won't be back for a while. Highly irritating
Geordie84 12:11am Sat 25 Jan
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He's the mentalist?
He doesn't look the mentalist. I've seen people much worse.
myface 5:07pm Tue 26 Nov
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Oh yes
In depth look at a patient on a mental ward. Contains violence and strong smells.
Yuck 12:56pm Fri 27 Sep
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bring back the mentalist
Only thing keeping me sane! Bring it back!!
KirstLeo 10:08pm Tue 25 Jun
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Where has the Mentalist gone
No reason, pulled off for some obscure reality show and not seen since, has someone in their wisdom decided we don't like it, please bring Jane back!!!
sue the moo 4:56pm Wed 6 Feb
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Where's it vanished to?
Where & why has the latest series of The Mentalist gone from our screens on channel 5? Previous episodes now showing on different channels, but all hit & miss. Get the act together!
Red John 4:27pm Wed 6 Feb
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Why, oh why, oh why
Why suspend a superb show, The Mentalist, in favour of Big Drivel???
V.Peeved 7:26pm Fri 25 Jan
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PUT THE MENTALIST SEASON 5 BACK ON!!! CBB is making me want to pull out my own eyes...
littlebignose 8:51pm Fri 18 Jan
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why mess with viewing!!!!!
Why has the mentalist been suspended!!! and when is it coming back on? extremley un happy!!!!
raging.com 8:56pm Fri 11 Jan
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Bring back Patrick & co !
Top quality TV (T.M.) off air in favour of the lowest quality TV ever achieved (B.B.). Exactly who in C5 does this make sense to ???
Irritated T.M. fans 8:47pm Sat 5 Jan
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C5 idiots
Don't suspend The Mentalist in favour of mind numbingly tedious drivel like z-list B.B!!!!! It's the only good show on C5
annoyed 1:02am New Years Eve
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season five?
when is season five on?
phill 9:12am Wed 3 Oct
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Back soon
@Square Eyes - It's back on channel 5 sometime in febuary, they stopped it for that annoying BB
T.MFan 6:49pm Sun 29 Jan
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Season 4...where'd it go??
I was watching the mentalist season 4 on 5* before Christmas, but it seemed to stop at episode 7...anyone know if it's coming back or moved channals, as it wasn't the end of season 4??
Square Eyes 7:55pm Thu 19 Jan
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Nan 8:11pm Wed 16 Nov
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Series 3
Is series 3 on any time soon? If so what channel?
Jem121 9:22pm Thu 10 Nov
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season 3
you can buy season 3 on amazon.co.uk if you want to watch all of season 3.
sbtmx 4:27pm Thu 13 Oct
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Series 4
When is series 4 aired in the uk?
Daisy 8:54pm Sun 18 Sep
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love it
it is the best thing on tv
omg 1:45pm Sat 6 Aug
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Series 3
Hey Linda 21 have you had a look at Channel 5 I see they up to Ep 20
brockle 4:24pm Fri 13 May
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whats happened
when is Mentalist coming back on it stopped at series 3 episode 10 before Christmas and no sin of when the series is continueing
Linda 21 2:01pm Tue 8 Feb
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SEASON 4!!!!
I think everyone is confused. Five TV statred airing season 4 after xmas. It was 2 weeks ago, Five TV decied to play repeats of season 3 on bother Five and Fiver. My question, is when is Season 4 going to be aired???? Why advertise over xmas and new year that season 4 will be aired, just to pull it off with no prior warning or explanation, on air or on web. Please help me!!!
Angry viewer 4:28pm Sun 30 Jan
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Season 3
It appears The Mentalist has moved to Fiver as season three is now showing on there from 27th Jan @ 9pm starting with episode 4
Kellylou 3:31pm Mon 24 Jan
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very cross
why are you showing repeats of the mentalist, not happy.
anne 6:43pm Sun 23 Jan
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New Series
Just to echo previous comments what has happened to Series 3? was being shown til xmas break now back to showing repeats
Kellylou 4:36pm Fri 21 Jan
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season 3
why are we watching repeats when there were plenty more episodes left to watch just before christmas. Very dissapointed.
nic 4:57pm Sun 16 Jan
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where has season 3 gone
what has happened to season 3 it was on until christmas and now we are watching repeats???
mitch 7:46pm Sat 15 Jan
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How come?
This is season one? im sure the last one hadn't finished just before Christmas... this is disappointing..
Mike. 1:32pm Fri 7 Jan
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uk v us?
this looks like wire in the blood but less intelligent
watcher 9:31am Fri 7 Jan
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Love love love it
Just wanted to sat just how much I love this show. Words can't describe how amazingly great this show is love Simon baker has the cutest smile ever!!!! :)
Ellie 4:21pm Sat 18 Dec
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I absolutely love the Mentalist I think its a brilliant series. Simon Baker has one of the best smiles in the business. Love it.
Patsy 3:41pm Sun 31 Oct
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45 minutes how
just wondering whether five suspend advertisements to fit this repeat in a 45 min slot? or do they cut certain scenes?
persona13 5:32pm Sat 30 Oct
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I know good telly when i see it
verry good program to watch better than CSI everyone hateing is far too blind to realise good tv
mentalistfan 9:07pm Fri 9 Jul
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myiloveorangutansI LOVE THE MENTALIST
myiloveorangutans 7:56pm Fri 18 Jun
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Love The Mentalist!!
Love the Mentalist, love Simon Baker.. Best show on tv!! x
Gemma 1:22pm Thu 10 Jun
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Just a couple of things to say...
Firstly; a note to ggfgfhgfh who wrote the 'PC' comment below - the mentalist refers to someone who is an expert in 'reading' signals etc given off by people subconsciously, NOT someone who is mentally ill!! So yes, it is perfectly PC!! This programme is great; I don't usually like these crime drama things, but this is definitely worth watching!! It has drama, comedy and a story line that you can sit back and enjoy - plus Patrick is gorgeous!!!!!
Mentalist Fan 1:52pm Wed 7 Apr
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SNOWFLAKE 7:06pm Sun 4 Apr
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Am I the only person who hates this show?
I'm sure Simon Baker is perfectly nice in real life but I would love to punch the smarmy character he plays in this show. Also regarding the blood Red John painted on the wall - if it happened 5 years ago wouldn't the blood have gone brown rather than bright red by now - unless I've missed something and the blood was removed and replaced with paint? I usually have a fairly wide tolerance of rubbish TV but this is too daft even for me.
Mentalist-hater 1:36pm Wed 24 Mar
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is this now how we speak of the mentally ill? is the spakkerist to come next
ggfgfhgfh 6:47pm Fri 19 Mar
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I thought it was really really boring an tedious
Mrjones 8:03pm Fri 5 Mar
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No Psychic Abilities
Sorry for being pedantic TVGuide, but he doesn't have 'psychic abilities.' He doesn't like psychics and thinks them to be charlatans. Well at least that's the impression I got from the 1st series. Haven't seen this series so looking forward to it tonight. One of my favourite programmes and glad it's back.
Dilzy 7:38pm Fri 5 Mar
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Best TV of 2009
A runaway smash in the US. Australian Simon Baker has got his pension all sorted thanks to his starring role in this drama based on the psychic abilities of a crime consultant. It's slick, clever and actually quite amusing at times!
TVGuide 1:16pm Wed 16 Dec
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Don't be so serious !
It's supposed to be entertainment and there are too many look alike crime dramas around.At least the Mentalist is fun with dark undertones (red john)If you want to see Mr.Baker in something completely different catch The GuardianFive USA at 12 noon from Dec 20. He really can act !
Janie 3:05pm Tue 15 Dec
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Far better than some of the rubbish on TV now. What a looker, Patrick that is. Wouldn't mind being on his team. Bring it back for a second serious.
bobbybundle 4:38pm Thu 20 Aug
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Light hearted
OK so its not criminal minds or anything as difficult as that but its light hearted & funny, lets face it... he's hot as hell!! Anyone who's been to a alternative therapist will know that hynpnotherapists & accupuncturists can tell all sorts of stuff from your pulse which is why he holds peoples hands!!
honesty 2:52pm Thu 23 Jul
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Can't believe Archie from Glembogle is turning up in the Mentalist, and looks like he's the baddie. cool:)
FiG 5:11pm Wed 22 Jul
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