27 November 2020  | 
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The Book Promotion Show
The comment title says it all!
Morgis 6:32pm Tue 13 Oct
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One Show
What a real and refreshing change of presenter on The One Show tonight with Alex Scott in the chair! Softly spoken and not a patronising screech to be heard, unlike the other Alex... Make it so, BBC - permanently!
Reckless 6:15pm Fri 9 Oct
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Alex jones
Alex takes takes to much she should be gagged with tape stuck over mouth
templar 6:30pm Wed 23 Sep
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If she screeches that patronising "AHHhhhh" one more time.....!!!! Time for a change of format and presenter I think!
Reckless 6:33pm Fri 11 Sep
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The one show
The most despicable tv show Alex Jones is the most boring presenter. The inane false laughter is really annoying why is it kept on tv.
Je 6:24pm Fri 24 Jul
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One show presenters
The variety of presenters is not working, this week in particular has been very boring,sort it out BBC!
Ellie 6:16pm Fri 10 Jul
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waa 6:27pm Thu 28 May
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Not bloody raskin again.
Lolly. 6:25pm Mon 10 Jun
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Alex Scott
Why do we need Alex Scott on here,she is on everything and so annoying.
Dave 6:13pm Thu 30 May
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Alex talks to loud she should be gagged
templar 5:54pm Thu 11 Apr
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We don't want to see her on the BBC. She's everywhere. Keep her on ITV where she belongs.
Madcap 8:51am Fri 8 Mar
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Lang Lang
Michael McIntire!!!!!
Rilliam 7:51pm Wed 6 Mar
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Jerry Horner (Halliwell)
Isn't she professional enough YET not to keep looking at herself (on a monitor?) everytime she is in on the screen?
Winnie 6:38am Mon 4 Mar
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Irish Presenter
She needs to slow down as sometimes I don't understand a word she is saying like today with Helen McCrory.
mazza 7:31pm Thu 28 Feb
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A bit like blue peter
Copey 6:46pm Tue 2 Oct
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Alex Jones
You get the impression she is taking the mickey with the questions she asks.
lila 6:19pm Fri 7 Sep
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Did I hear right? A long standing fan has bankrolled a show after contacting the original cast who are involved. If she doesn't sell enough tickets she'd have to sell her house as she is doing it all for a hospice charity. What about the celebs coughing up, granted most are hasbeens now but they still want their moment in the spotlight?
Jlo 6:45pm Wed 5 Sep
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Larry and George Lamb
What a nice pair, father and son, they are.
gina 6:12pm Mon 13 Aug
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David Walliams
Gone up in my estimation. He should be serious more often.
gina 7:53pm Wed 13 Jun
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Blue Peter for over 30s
Like BBC Breakfast. Are we all sitting comfortably..? Then we'll begin.
Pauli 6:55pm Wed 13 Jun
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The one show
Most boring show on tv. Please replace or remove it.
Boring tv 6:31pm Wed 30 May
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Jess Glynne
What an amazing voice!
lila 7:00pm Wed 9 May
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The Shires
Good performance Proper musicians for a change.
gina 7:00pm Wed 25 Apr
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Keep her and give Alex a rest!
lila 6:24pm Thu 19 Apr
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Angelica Bell
Please NO !!!! Don’t put her on Arrogant full of herself Not right for any kind of tv
Blue 6:26pm Tue 17 Apr
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Past its sell by date
When are the bbc going to ditch this tired blue peter show for supposed adults? Its a format, like cooking progs that has been done to death. Please treat us like adults and not subject us to childish presenters Alex Jones and Matt Baker
Someone with half a brain cell 9:11pm Sat 31 Mar
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It's raskin.
Septic. 6:03pm Thu 29 Mar
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Rent a crowd...?
Enough of all the studio crowd clapping and woo hooing at everything . ..go away
Sleepingsalem 7:32pm Fri 9 Feb
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Whoever is responsible for decorating the xmas set needs shooting it looks cheap and tacky no effort whatsoever it looks like it's been chucked up in someone's spare 5 minutes and don't get me started on the fake fireplace it's a joke
Chester 47 7:34pm Tue 12 Dec
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The One Show
Please BBC do you really think we need so much of this trivial boring show? Every night??? For goodness sake....
Cath 7:34pm Wed 22 Nov
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Alex Jones is never reading the bad and Go Away reviews because she is receiving her pay cheque.
Oranges 6:18pm Thu 19 Oct
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Inane childish waffle
What's happened to this programme? Do they have children producing it these days? It's so often full of childish waffle, requests to send in stupid photos etc. Matt Baker is a good presenter but that's all I could say about it!
crissy 7:07pm Wed 18 Oct
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The One Show-Blue Peter for grown ups. This is pathetic fare and we are paying for this nonsense. We need something with a bit of life in it-Tiswas for adults ! A bit of bite, off the cuff action and cut out the promoting of non-entities who will appear on BBC radio and probably Graham Norton days later. Absolute torture.
HappyHarry. 8:43am Fri 22 Sep
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Presenters Today
The two today were very entertaining and comfortable with each other and great with the guests. If only they could stay....alas we will soon be back to that iritating "all about me" duo Matt and moreso Alex!
georgie 6:36pm Fri 15 Sep
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Worst show on tv
Please please please get rid of the One show!!! The inane Alex Jones etc causes us to turn off!
Bella 7:20pm Tue 8 Aug
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silence is golden
monday/friday 19.00hrs.pure bliss.
oap 8:21am Thu 27 Jul
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pure greed
alex and matt 1million in wages.no further comment required.smug bs.
nhs 2:58pm Thu 20 Jul
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Alex Jones salary?? Your BBC is paying for the worst show, I can't imagine paying for the worst actress ever.
Normalwoman 6:16pm Wed 19 Jul
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Weird....... Alex Jones is the same for Kathie Lee Gifford. Talk talk talk
Bear 4:47pm Mon 3 Jul
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the one show
the one show is again a show about so called celebs.plugging their crappy books,etc.get the celebs off and lets have some un knowners on the show.
the rat 7:31pm Tue 27 Jun
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Time to go
Alex ought to grow up now she is a parent. Her immature antics are wearing thin and not genuine anyway imo.
reuben 7:33pm Wed 14 Jun
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It most certainly was. I think from the look on her face that she thought so too.
A.P 10:35pm Tue 13 Jun
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Christine McVey
I am sorry to say but the rendition of Songbird was somewhat painful.
Beamer 7:32pm Tue 13 Jun
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Looking forward to seeing Elkie Brooks.
Jakes 7:57am Wed 31 May
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take her off
Sorry to see return of Alex. The show improved during her absence.
eiderdown 7:11pm Mon 15 May
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Be advised she is not all sugar and spice. She is to bring back fox hunting to appease her peers for election. purposes. No blood lust leader needed here thanx very much!
reuben 3:49pm Wed 10 May
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Interview with PM
Great to see a lovely relaxed and informative interview with the PM and her husband. It makes me want to vote for her even more.
Dave 7:30pm Tue 9 May
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Why glamorise Valspar ? Sunshine on Valspar walls creates the appaling smell of cats urine. See their website reviews.
Bald Eagle 7:33pm Tue 2 May
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childs programme
should be on at 4pm, childs programme with kids presenters, awful.
den134 5:20pm Thu 27 Apr
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prev comms
She would be quickly forgotten if she was away awhile. Out of sight, out of mind. Plenty of people would soon snap her place up (and do a better job )
nat 9:39pm Tue 25 Apr
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