30 July 2021  | 
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I it would benefit this programme so much if exchanges were solely between the crafts people and the owners of the items brought grr restoration and preservation. Mr blades contribution seems to be confined to wardrobe changes making odd facial expressions following his odd questions, dust blowing, sweeping and tea making. Mr blades contribution is unecessary distracting and to be frank irritating
Grind 7:32pm Wed 14 Jul
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I had to check calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.to make sure this wasn’t a wind up.This is an utter travesty to all the brilliant experts who work on this show.My late father used to say he who talks the most does the least.This applies to Jay Blades
Spud 10:53am Mon 12 Jul
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We have cried many times (laughter) when we heard Blades was awarded an mbe for services to craft. Absolute travesty and a slap for the others.
Etty 7:41am Mon 28 Jun
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The Repair Shop
I have a Doll that was given to when the war ended in 1945. My (step) brother bought it on his way home from the war. I still have my doll! It is in South Africa at present. I will be travelling to SA on on Oct /Nov/mid December! I will retrieve my doll and will be she will back in my arms. I hope that you will be able to repair it. I am ecstatic ! I am 78 years of age and still love "Baby Sandy" ! I watch repair shop all the time and see what and how stunning it looks when repaired, Have cried many times.
Lolly 1:10pm Sun 27 Jun
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I could not believe it and had to look it up! What services to craft would that be? The real crafts people were robbed!
Shocked 7:07pm Tue 15 Jun
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Really an M.B.E. ?
Really? For Services to Craft Really? I Really cannot believe the BBC has promoted this individual - I can guess though, but won't comment here. The guy is a useless member of the cast trying to take the credit from the brilliant experts and giving absolutely nothing back. It's rare I have a go like this but this man Really gets under my skin.
gfmet 1:08pm Tue 15 Jun
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Muppet blades
Would love to see Jay blades totally distroy a cherished piece of furniture and try to blag his way out of it give him the boot odd job man
A fan 4:25pm Thu 6 May
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Looks like he's auditioning for Steptoe
HAHAHA 5:09pm Mon 3 May
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He is introduced as furniture restorer and says ....we will see what we can do for you! What a joke!
yeahright 4:03pm Thu 29 Apr
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Pointless blades
Do the public really believe that jay is anything other than someone Who did a nightschool course with his mums piano stool ? Expertly blowing dust off does not a time served Craftsman make .
Pete 7:16pm Wed 28 Apr
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I repair shop
Why on earth do they have Jay blade on the repair shop he is a patronising person to the experts, surely this should not be allowed in these times.
Baz 7:05pm Wed 28 Apr
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I only ever give my opinions on things.I cannot stand people taking credit a nd glory off other people.Jay Blades is a master of this.
Spud 11:11am Fri 23 Apr
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Repair shop
Who is the producer of the Repair Shop, clearly they are missguided if they think the talentless Jay Blades furniture restorer/bodger adds anything to the Repair Shop, he is a distraction a non contributer and a limelight stealer
Masoner 4:04pm Thu 22 Apr
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Don’t usually agree with you but you are spot on.
threemonkeys 2:57pm Thu 22 Apr
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At it again
On last nights show an expert jewellery craftsman repaired a young ladies grandmother engagement ring.On completion who uncovered it to the young lady non other than Jay Blades with the brilliant craftsman standing in the background.He once again took all this craftsmans brilliance away from him and he once again took the glory when in fact he did nothing as usual.He should have stood in the background or better still not there at all.
Spud 2:24pm Thu 22 Apr
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Jay Blades is a nice enough chap and he does a lot for charity. BUT he is not good tv. Spoils a great programme
Peegee 2:59pm Tue 20 Apr
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Why Jay Blades
I have seen a programme with KB recycling, I would not ut them in my shed let alone the house, why is this man on the repair shop, he is absolutely useless, he needs to go sorry, he spoils the show for most of the viewers.
Nana 4:22pm Mon 19 Apr
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I like him .
Lab girl 9:39am Sun 18 Apr
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Please Please get rid of useless Blades. He brings nothing to this programme. Let the expert crafts people (not JB) talk to the people who bring the objects in.
Dolphin Lady 7:41pm Sat 17 Apr
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Upholstery EXPERT, JAY, don’t think so. Need to focus on the real experts , get rid of Jay, waste of time.....
Nina 8:11pm Thu 15 Apr
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He says WE have a lot of work to do. WE? Is that the royal we? It certainly does not mean him that is more sure!
Will 3:42pm Thu 15 Apr
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Jay blades
Love all the great people on it can't stand blades uncovering the items trying to take the credit you don't you don't need him get rid he is spoiling it for people.
Geraldine bell 3:49pm Wed 14 Apr
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Jay Blades
Atomic physischst, Neuro surgeon, Expert in everything. But crao upcycler...
Ellie 11:41am Tue 13 Apr
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Blunt Blades....
If he is an expert upholsterer, why do they need someone else to do the upholstery jobs?
Arena 7:53am Tue 13 Apr
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Oh Jay
Jay Blades - how on God's Green Earth did he get the job? Paint a face on a piece of rough sawn 2x2 and you got yourself a more intelligent, more literate presenter.
Tom 6:21am Mon 5 Apr
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Why does Jay Blades uncover the finished items to their owners .Him doing this on a regular basis takes all the glory off the brilliant craftsmanship done by the experts in restoring the items.
Spud 5:57pm Fri 2 Apr
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Repair shop
I love this programme but it is spoilt for me by Bodger Blades absolutely useless addition to the programme.. Standing at the end with proper crafts people taking all the credit
Tv viewer 4:11pm Fri 2 Apr
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Blades is cringeworthy, but has another new TV show starting soon. How???????
Lulu 8:23pm Wed 31 Mar
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Jay Blades
No amount of time can ever repair Blades .. About as useful as a snowflake in a blizzard
HAHAHA 2:06pm Sun 28 Mar
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Repair Shop
A fantastic programme spoiled by Jay Blades. The worst part is when you see him in the background pretending to do work and then taking the thanks for the experts work.
Stiffy 5:13pm Fri 26 Mar
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Beret man
I so agree with Eric. Jay Blades isn’t worthy to lick the boots of these wonderful craftsmen. I’m tired of the woke BBC trying to manufacture celebrity out of mediocrity..
Chess 4:45pm Fri 26 Mar
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still using the imposter blades. He is not a furniture restorer.
Eric 4:34pm Fri 19 Mar
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Comments Blocked, False Rating.
Betram 4:08pm Tue 16 Mar
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