25 January 2020  | 
The Repair Shop Comments
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At last we know what talent "JAY BLADES" has,today i so him sweeping the floor!, about right!.
SS 5:19pm Fri 3 Jan
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Why would Jay slap on a bit of foam to part of the seat? Anyone would cover it all with the worn away bit stuffed to pad it out underneath.
Interestingnotreally 7:36pm Mon 30 Dec
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Jay Blades
The Christmas show hit new heights in the lets make Jay appear useful charade, his repair of the Chopper bicycle seat that was going to last another 40years was the best joke on Christmas TV. Really! This touchy feely man gives me the creeps and spoils what is great show
Livestrong 5:45pm Mon 30 Dec
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How to get something repa
How do you get something special you own repaired ?
Sue 5:21pm Wed 18 Dec
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Nice episode today
And only a small amount of Jay 'input' so this is easy to spool through on iPlayer
Repair Shop follower 10:56pm Mon 9 Dec
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Why ?
This is a great feel good program with remarkable craftspeople . But Jay Blades? He's the guy who thinks he's being original because he paints a chair leg a different colour and that's it. No Jay, that's not new and you bring nothing to Repair Shop.
CeliaFate. 10:48am Fri 6 Dec
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I'm Not the only one!
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can’t see the point of Jay Blades. He was on Money for Nothing a few times doing his repetitive chair lags......yawn. And now he’s a presenter on The Repair Shop! Why?. The The Repair Shop doesn’t need a presenter, especially one who offers nothing then takes all the glory when the owners arrive to pick up their possessions. Why? Get rid of him and let these wonderful crafts people do what they are good at.
Pinkymarie63 7:00pm Thu 5 Dec
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That Jay is the dullest tool in the repair box - best to get rid for someone who knows what they're talking about.
Rasp 7:15pm Sun 1 Dec
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Jay Blades
What is the point of J Blades Riccochet? Apart from ticking a Beeb box? Was useless on Richard Osmans House of Games too recently - thank heaven his episode of WILTY woz cancelled - he seems to be the BBC Flavour of the Month... for some reason!
Repair Shop fan 5:05pm Sun 1 Dec
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Repair shop & Jay Blades
I really enjoy the Repair shop and watching the talented Craftsman , but please get rid of Jay he brings nothing to the show.
Annie 4:51pm Fri 29 Nov
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What does Jay do?
What is the point of Jay Blades wandering around like a spare part - we can do without his 'public bar bonhomie' among such experts... let them speak for themselves! Best to watch this show on iPlayer and fast forward through Jay.
Why doesn't this work easily? 1:27am Mon 25 Nov
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What Does Jay Do ?
What Does Jay do it seems everyone else does all the work andJay takes all the credit not on give credit to the correct person who does the repair to many people taking Crddit for other Peoples hard work.
Jemcgt 7:57pm Sun 24 Nov
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On one show a chap turned up with a violin case Jay said "What have you bought in for us" Apart from getting in the way what is he doing on this show?
Ken 3:07pm Sun 24 Nov
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love the repair shop
we certainly enjoy this program with wonderful talented craftsmen involved but unfortunately is spoiled by the involvement of Jay Blades, wonderful craftsmen the perfect setting everything it all works bar the so called foreman Jay Blades why is he there no input and little useful talent?
B Js 4:24pm Thu 14 Nov
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more more more
One of the best shows the Beeb has made in ages Please don't cut it so badly to one half hour. Everyone is talking about how good it is and the lovely people doing the work. Not one ego mad person in it.
chippers 4:08pm Tue 1 Oct
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I wonder if they have to pay for the restoration. As for Jay blades he's as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
Sue. 6:55pm Wed 25 Sep
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Best thing on tv by a mile. Real talented people working miracles on family heirlooms Makes a fool of today's throw away society.
The fermer 7:09pm Wed 18 Sep
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Charles fordham
What kind of clock was on the program
BigT 7:47pm Tue 10 Sep
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The Repair Shop
What a lovely gentle programme restoring keepsakes and memories for folk like the pleasant elderly couple. Brings tears to your eyes.
roseanne 6:34pm Fri 6 Sep
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Box ticked?
What is the point of Jay Blades?
Repair Shop Regular 6:31pm Tue 20 Aug
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Wonderful series
Cannot understand why Jay Blades is in the series, he contributes nothing, and takes some of the glory from the great artists that actually carry out the repair, please can you ensure that the artists that carry out the repair, are the people that meet those on arrival and departure
Bob 3:39pm Mon 19 Aug
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Love love love this programme. I usually end up in tears at various points ! Need some new episodes and why not make them longer and show more of the processes?
Mags 9:56pm Wed 7 Aug
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Wonderful programme but..
My wife & i love this uplifting and beautifully made series. Amazing craftspeople, emotionally stirring and wonderful films apart from......Why Jay Blades?? he does nothing to help the program and clearly is left in awkward positions and is totally unnecessary for this amazing programme series.
northman 3:21pm Sun 23 Jun
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We need much more of this.
3arn0wl 5:13pm Thu 20 Jun
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Love the Repair shop
We love to watch the repair shop and admire all the craftsmanship shown, with the exception of Jay Blades! He brings nothing to the show at all. Why is he on it?
Lou lou 6:23pm Wed 22 May
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Wonderful show...
.. but what does Jay Blades bring to the party?
Repair Shop Fan 10:18pm Sun 12 May
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Jay Blades
Why is he in the program, yes he may have talent but none in this program, and his false sincerity,yuck
Edna 3:03am Sat 20 Apr
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Why new time
Why move it to 4.30??
Jigsey 8:28am Sun 14 Apr
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Love it
Brilliant programme, fantastically gifted craftspeople, we usually have a few tears seeing the reaction when the owners collect their treasures, the only criticism we have is Jay Blades, why is he there, we haven’t seen him do anything yet, please replace him with someone who knows what they’re talking about.
Pamelakerslake 10:07pm Thu 11 Apr
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Mrs Jean Hewlett
The best series on TV.
Repair shop No 1 fan 4:15pm Mon 1 Apr
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The best program on tv...what an amazing talented team ...more please . . LOVE IT
DEEDIZZY 6:28pm Thu 20 Sep
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Best programmes ever
Such brilliant experts, so interesting, such varied items to bring back to life.
Colefordian 7:10pm Tue 11 Sep
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Jay blades
Jay blades is completely surplus to requirements. The time spent on him posing around could be more usefully spent concentrating on showing the actual craftspeople at work
RonnieP 6:12pm Tue 11 Sep
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When will the BBC have some more NEW repair shops on, and not repeats that have no repeat listed.
Mortimer. 12:53pm Tue 11 Sep
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Too Short?
The repair shops are too short and not enough of them, compared to the endless repeats of all the boring antiques shows.
Crow. 7:11pm Tue 4 Sep
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Jay blades
Is Jay Blades really necessary? The rest of the staff are superb and produce some fabulous work. He has not produced a single item while he seems to take credit for all of their work.
briggsy 6:10pm Thu 16 Aug
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Great Show.
At last it's back.
Looky 12:07pm Mon 13 Aug
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Prev comment
So agree and it should be on longer each prog.
gina 5:03pm Thu 5 Apr
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The Repair Shop for ever
I loved the first series and could not wait for the second one to start, and I am now looking forward to the third series. Please may we have more episodes? I have been fortunate to visit the location and see inside the barn used this was a magical experience. Heart warming, feel good and so enjoyable to see much loved objects returned to their former glory and have them working again. Thank you to all the team for this programme.
Kathryn 10:40am Thu 5 Apr
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A good watch
Brilliant and interesting. So unlike Money For Nothing crap.
gina 11:50am Sun 1 Apr
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Great programme
Great pleasure to watch these wonderful artisan crafts people. This show should be longer!
Bluebell 9:43pm Sat 31 Mar
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Riveting programme. Absolute pleasure to watch. Please can we have this as a regular programme? Such talented craftsmen/ women. Thanks to all of you for sharing your talent and bringing such delicious viewing.
Liz 8:00pm Fri 23 Mar
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Put this on instead of bargain hunt. The story of the violin from the concentration camp was very moving.
King tadpole. ?? 8:14pm Sat 17 Mar
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A great programme real Artisans at work. Hits that stupid Money for Nothing for six.
Looky. 2:29pm Tue 13 Mar
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Restoration miracles
Super programme watch every programme. Would love to know how I get nicotine off an oil painting of my collie dog.(do not smoke these days). Deejay
Deejay 12:23am Thu 20 Apr
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Love The Reair Shop
Great interesting program focussed on repairing loved family heirlooms regardless of value and filmed in the most spectacularly beautiful surroundings. I love the old barn features which goes so well with the theme. Excellent job.
Sue 8:56pm Fri 7 Apr
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Great programme, much much better than that stupid programme, Money For Nothing. At least these items are are of real value to their owners and there is never any mention of their value.
Exonia 7:17pm Fri 31 Mar
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