27 October 2020  | 
The Ricky Gervais Show Comments
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lol 100% FAKE
Funny but if u buy into / believe a word of it then your a gullible moron lol
DC 2:41am Thu 20 Dec
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big smelly cheesy perick
perick 2:05pm Fri 9 Nov
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Brilliant TV. Should be named The Karl Pilkington Show because he is the Star. Him, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais mix together like Bangers and Mash.
Swiifteh 3:48pm Sun 4 Sep
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Ricky Gervaise is not funny
Anyone who finds Ricky Gervaise as a comedian is a fool. He is not funny. This program is banal. Maybe more of a fashion than any real talent.
I like comedy 11:36pm Tue 28 Jun
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So funny! And he has a head like an orange......
Karlos Piklington 8:12pm Tue 14 Jun
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Best show on TV
Ricky Gervais haters, go watch Dancing on Ice or something. Ricky Gervais has wanted everyone to know of Karl, and now he's done it. Karl is absolutely fantastic, one of the funniest human beings on the planet. Ricky and Steve at the side make the show even more enjoyable. This and "An Idiot Abroad" are two of my favourite TV shows and of course The Office and Extras. I can't believe some of the comments on here, wow. They must be coming from people who enjoy shows like Big Brother.
Steve 11:15pm Fri 6 May
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the guy's not funny - he's a pratt
Mike Billericay 10:56pm Thu 28 Apr
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LOL at the haters
You probably like Lenny Henry. LOL
Steven T. Breen (lol) 5:38pm Thu 24 Mar
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Don't waste the energy needed to tune your TV in
Utter drivel. Gervais is over rated and has taken annoying to new depths. Is so arrogant that he thinks he can record inane conversation and his sheepish fans will bow down in adoration. Go spend your millions Gervais, and free up our screens for talent.
Gentry 8:14pm Fri 18 Mar
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was good on the radio - if you listened to it on XFM before it was overhyped you would laugh. Just because its on telly and marketed for everyone doesnt mean its not funny any more.
honestly! 6:40pm Thu 17 Mar
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Gervais, so over rated! He did one superb show (The Office) but everything since has been crap.He seems to think he is a legend in comedy terms like Larry David. Dream on Gervais. lets see you do something half as good as the office.
1 trick pony 3:55pm Thu 10 Mar
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I think Karl Pilkingtons views are hialrious!
WhatsOTB 10:39pm Wed 9 Mar
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i love it , to thoese who dont like it , then dont watch it ! i have watch til Episode 7 cos they already started in US. i think the Episodes are to short and every week is to long. i havnt got E4 so am gone have to watch it on Channel 4 11:00 Thursdays .
znar 4:50pm Tue 8 Mar
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One of the better shows around at the moment, hope the new series is as good. E4 really is one of the, if not the best channel at the moment.
Joe 1:20am Sun 6 Mar
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WTF was he airplane nuts story? Total drivel..
Clyde 11:33pm Tue 10 Aug
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poo TV
It's so bad it's not good.
Ki 9:57pm Tue 22 Jun
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I'd have expected more from these three.
Terry Dactool 10:47pm Wed 16 Jun
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The Karl Pilkington show
this show is okay, but works sooo much better as just a pod cast...way more laughs when you get to imagine his thoughs by your self. Karl is the star of the show, and would enjoy better if he didnt get interupted after every minute with a put down!
ballcat 1:10pm Fri 11 Jun
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Plenty of laughs for me
Saturday mornings aren't the same since the season ended.
LibertarianDeist 7:51pm Tue 8 Jun
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This show is absolutely terrible, even when there is nothing else on I wouldn't watch it. I'm not Gervais' biggest fan, but this really is rock bottom.
trolololo 10:40pm Fri 4 Jun
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I don't like it
They claim it's not scripted, but it quite clearly is. There might be a fair chunk of improv, but it's obvious that they go into each subject with a list of jokes they need to fit in. The alternative is that it really is all natural improv, but then it's exploitative and bullying. What's to admire about that?
Koala Badman 11:09pm Fri 21 May
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On the nose as usual. This is pish, derivative, exploitative nonsense. I'm sick of retro rose tinted spec conversations, "remember star dust" etc etc lame May as well watch JRoss.
Eva B 10:50pm Fri 21 May
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Wow - unfunny to the point of being disembowelled.
Jill 9:56pm Fri 21 May
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I can't seem to get my message posted just because it has the word "id**t" in it, how ridiculous. Anyway my point was that the show basically consists of two people making themselves feel clever by taking the p*ss out of a buff**n, and calling him an id**t every 5 seconds. And how hypocritical is Gervais for criticising reality TV for being like a freak show when this show is even worse.
Eva 10:51pm Sat 8 May
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why prime time?
I don't really know what people see in this. it just an half hour radio slot with smone ading a doing cartoon. I have to admit bits of it are funny but it feels amateurish. The only reason it's funny is because of karl.. the rest is just lame
Adolf 3:18am Sat 8 May
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Being a mental fan ive been waiting for a while to see if the animation does the show justice, there have been many great fan created animations of popular pieces like monkey news, and well the animation is perfect. They cut out some really good bits but I spose with the demand of the time slot its inevitable, Im so jealous of people hearing it for the first time.
Pilkoid 9:42pm Mon 26 Apr
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Normally hate ricky gervais
i laugh so much! The contrast between the deadpan delivery of the bald one and the others is hilarious. They never let anything slip and the offshoots are so surreal. I just really like the animation too. Oh no dont let it go to your head Ricky it was big enough already. But yes it is damn funny!
tj 8:54pm Sat 24 Apr
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the funnyest thing about it is Gervias's laugh
luna 1:29am Sat 24 Apr
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Brilliant TV
I gotta say, I've not laughed like that in a while. Totally refreshing, and great to get a new series of one of the best podcasts there's ever been. Even if you hate Ricky, give it a chance because my GOD is it funny.
Egbert 11:19pm Fri 23 Apr
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The first set of podcasts were brilliant, Karl has a very odd persepective on the most mundane of things. Highly recommended.
pgert 7:21pm Fri 23 Apr
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