18 January 2022  | 
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grate film
one of the better remakes of our time.
bloke downt pub 10:14am Fri 26 Aug
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Great film
Hard to believe it's almost 30yrs old now and still this good. If you haven't seen it yet, why not?
Syrilian 4:38pm Wed 24 Aug
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A carpenter classic
Oh yes!Carpenter and Russel together again. One worth buying the DVD for!
Bof 11:10pm Tue 23 Aug
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such a 'class' and 'great' film - carpenter films are the BEST!
ADS 10:59pm Mon 22 Aug
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All Time Classic
I watched this loads of times, but i still scares me each time. However its a classic, you can enjoy over and over again.
BubbleBursters0900 9:50pm Mon 22 Aug
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one of the best
top film remake, the 50s version is also very good.
bloke downt pub 3:19pm Fri 3 Jun
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still scared
i watched this when i was 14(1985) and i had nightmares for months. it's still one of the scariest. kurt russels final defiant remark is one of the most well placed and timed expletives i've seen.
matt 9:21pm Thu 2 Jun
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Carpenter and Russell again
Fresh from "Escape From New York", John Carpenter directs Kurt Russell for the third time in another great Carpenter horror/suspense movie. No one is safe and everyone is a potential threat as a shape-shifting alien "thing", capable of taking human form, has landed in the frozen Antarctic, with only a research team present, who realise that not only are they in peril from it, but that they cannot afford to let it get to a populated area. Shocking and thrilling, this is not for the faint hearted, but it is one of the few horror movies that I like, because it is such a tense thriller, too.
ajjam1967 4:53pm Wed 9 Feb
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best film
one of the great horrors about
pab 8:26pm Sat 13 Mar
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Hidden Message?
This movie also came out when the whole world was starting to become aware of the AIDS virus. The idea of any sort of virus infecting us completely and rearranging our body to the point may have seemed unreal to us back then. But today, it is a reality that is more horrifying than ever, and it still presents itself with no real cure
Twilight Sucks! 10:47pm Sun 7 Mar
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Any good? Yes, in my opinion.
Excellent plot, acting, and directing. I like especially the situation when everyone becomes suspect as a possible alien in shape-change disguise. That is scary and a bit funny in a dark way.
Giordano Bruno 7:37pm Sun 7 Mar
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One of the best
films ever. Superbly acted, directed and shot. Not a CGI in sight. Real horror.Real quality.
rozz 9:27pm Sat 6 Mar
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SciFi Masterpiece
Up there with Alien and The Forbidden Planet, intense and edgy from the captivating first scene to the inconclusive last. The atmospheric sound track is often overlooked too, one or two dodgy cuts/fades but somehow it just makes it all the more realistic. Wonderful stuff!!!!
Mikeyboy 7:55pm Sat 6 Mar
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john carpenter's best film
I was amazed by the film as soon as I saw the first few shots. It's plastascine - like effects are shot perfectly to give the film a look that says it is ahead of it's time.
Daniel Parker 12:39am Tue 29 Dec
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What do you all make of the prequel in production for this movie? Set before the events of this movie in the Norwegian camp. I don't see the point, a bunch of guys find an alien and get pwned!
Time will tell, it always does 11:58pm Mon 3 Aug
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The special effects still have a profound impact, and all done 'in camera' too. The acting is also to be noted - every actor takes his part seriously, and really drive the relationships forwards in tandem with the accelerating pace of the plot. This movie is SO damn watchable!
Leroy 1:46am Wed 29 Apr
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SciFi Horror Paranoia
The Thing - without doubt greater than the original. Watching it again recently I was struck by how extreme it is - there's some REALLY f***ed up scenes, and The Thing's various incarnations are just so twisted! This is a very confined, taught, immensely tense, paranoid SciFi horror that's thrilling from start to finish. If I was feeling generous, I might even compare it to Alien - albeit, working on a few less levels than that masterpiece. A must see for any movie fan.
Leroy 1:42am Wed 29 Apr
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Scared the hell out of me.
I watched this when i was little and let me tell you CGI cannot compete with pure terror.
Surj 11:57pm Tue 28 Apr
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An exception to the rule -
this is one remake that is better than the original. CLASSic horror. If you haven't seen it before - don't miss it... hell, don't miss it anyway, it's great!
Vanna 11:16pm Sat 25 Apr
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Trig Identities
(Sin^2)x+(Cos^2)x=1 GET IT???
Chef 10:30pm Tue 16 Dec
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Any good?
I went to orlando florida last year, they had a scare night about it haha, people jumping out etc, going to watch later. Is it any good? Someone let me know. Thanks.
Tim 10:28pm Tue 16 Dec
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I like this film.
Bob 9:36pm Tue 16 Dec
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Scientists get iced........
Cool(very - it's set in antarctica),great effects and some "behind the sofa" scary moments.Pity there's no penguins,though....
Mandrake 10:33pm Mon 3 Dec
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