7 December 2019  | 
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Banker !
Up the 'Wall !!
frankN 11:37pm Wed 20 Nov
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Too bad to watch
Omg how did this tosh get on tv. It's so bad, absolutely pathetic and cringeworthy
Z 7:55pm Sat 2 Nov
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Yet more BBCrap
deebee 6:03pm Sat 19 Oct
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I cant get over how bad this is
Its soo bad, it looks like it was wrote and filmed by total amateurs. The WORST show on BBC. Hopefully the genius behind this show will be fired and never aloud to unlesh his/her AWFUL creations on us again. Id rather wat 45mins of blank screen than this show and tbh 45 mins of black screen would be funnier...
Awful 11:45pm Tue 27 May
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Im waiting to watch american dad but it doesnt start for 10 mins, n ive had to turn over, i cnt stand to watch the wall, its soo unfunny , alexa is fit ye but the worst presenter ive ever seen. theve tried to create a russell brand style show and failed completely
DaK 11:36pm Tue 27 May
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Highlights show tonight....
They have some nerve picking out the "best" bits. This program is such a waste of money; although Tony Izzet is funny. Alexa Chung is fit but having seen her on this I don't think I could bare to spend more than 30 seconds with her. Avoid this program at all costs.
Ash 11:27pm Tue 27 May
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This is obscenely bad. Please put commissioners with a sense of humour rather than horn rimmed glasses in charge of BBC comedy
........... 11:25pm Tue 27 May
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Last night's show
I squirmed in my seat watching the Jimmy Carr interview - Rhys Thomas absolutely died ('The Wall', 20 May). The Osama bin Laden sketch was tasteless and unfunny, like the racist 'comedy' last seen on TV in the '70s. Did Lucy Montgomery and Rhys Thomas come as a pair? Alexa Chung sure knows how to pick 'em.
My Nickname 5:29pm Wed 21 May
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Absolute b*****ks!
Nother further to add.
The Citizen 11:45pm Tue 20 May
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Did they really make me wish lily allen was still on.
Pono 11:25pm Tue 13 May
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Boring i'd rather watch news24 after its repeated itself 2 or 3 times than this again.
HighHo 3:05am Sun 4 May
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not funny
not funny at all
annoying 11:38pm Tue 29 Apr
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rhys: "what did you do this week" alexa:"i was going to bake a cake, but then i couldnt be bothered" que fake laughter... says it all really
oddle 10:55pm Tue 29 Apr
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not bad
I like the Dr's surgery best - like a funny This Morning. I'm going to watch it tonight and see if it's getting better. I tink Alexa is quite funny and I like the Klang men and the tittybangbang girl too.
alrighhht 10:24pm Tue 29 Apr
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Almost universally terrible. Really lowest common denominator approach to creating humour; just an endless parade of silly costumes and scatological sketches that both outstay their welcome and were not particularly funny to begin with. A typical "The Wall" routine involves one 80s celebrity + one anal sex joke + silly voices + 10 minute running time. I think several of the acts may have some claim to talent on their own (not the idiotic presenters though, especially Chung who is ornamentally cringeworthy) but they're all dragged down by this rubbish. Do I feel bad for being so harsh? Well no, because much of the "comedy" is simply being venomously mean to someone, from the guests, to the audience to sweet old dears in the street. Forty five minutes of wasted air time. BBC would be better spending their money giving several good sketch crews one off specials rather than this hipster sediment.
Grrrrr.... 2:09am Sat 26 Apr
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Absolute tripe! Think Colin Hunt (Fast Show) in programme form but with crap indie bands and skinny kids who think they're funnier and hipper than everyone else. The only bareable bit was Tony Izzet. When We Are Klang came out I thought I might have a break from the inane rubbish and crack a smile. Alas, there was only a slight variation in that they aren't young or hip. The sketch with the doctor went on FAR too long, not that it should've been bothered with in the first place. The only bareable part was Tony Izzet. Even that Lily Allen garbage was better than The Wall.
CLM 4:18am Thu 24 Apr
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Spine-crawlingly unfunny
Alexa Chung simply isn't funny. Watching the show in mounting horror and disappointment, I found myself wondering whether she was high - the things she says! It's cringeable. Like witnessing your auntie, on cocaine, taking cheap shots at your mum. A person with such a grossly inflated sense of self worth probably shouldn't be rewarded with exposure. Klang were quite good though : )
Jack 2:31pm Mon 21 Apr
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crap guests, unfunny shock-based humour with the odd exception (keith chegwin. dont ask), untalented bands, bye
kev 1:40am Thu 17 Apr
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Why is this so poor?
Just caught the last 15 minutes of this show before Family Guy. I actually laughed at the man in the car when he was talking about girls smoking but after that it went down hill fast. I am not sure what was meant to be funny about the "I'd do anything" sketch. It was obvious what was meant to be funny about the "dick song" but it wasn't. Behind them it said "we like dicks" it ought to have said "we look like dicks"... if you found that joke funny you might actually enjoy this show. Otherwise give it a miss.
Ash 11:40pm Tue 15 Apr
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This show is absolutely terrible. The sketches are a shambles - badly written and badly performed with an amateurish sense of timing. Both Alexa Chung and Rhys Thomas think they are hipper and funnier than they actually are. They also have ZERO personality and fail miserably to connect with their guests (this despite Chung's dat job as a T4 interviewer/presenter). Talentless. This purile rubbish could have been written by me, on the toilet. And that's where it belongs. Avoid, it's devoid.
Leroy 12:22am Thu 10 Apr
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Love it!
Tony Izzet sketch is awsome! cant wait for next episode
Dude 8:11pm Wed 9 Apr
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Sorry but just too much wackyness and not enough material. Am a fan of We Are Klang and they were not at their best tonight.
Klangfan 11:47pm Tue 8 Apr
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just dont waste your time
just a complete waste of time and money, full of people who think they are cool and funny, YOU'RE ON BBC 3! only watching it because family guy is on after
sardar 11:43pm Tue 8 Apr
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We are klang
:) oh my gosh i am so pleased that they are going to be on tv. am going to be able to see some real good comedy now on a tuesday night! fantastic.
lovingklang 6:06pm Thu 3 Apr
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