29 January 2020  | 
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Vegan debate.
After reading how hogs suffer in the gas chamber and many are still alive when put in vats of boiling water, I will never eat meat again.
Miah. 11:08am Fri 3 Jan
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Two minute silence.
The people who were walking around Westminster during the two minute silence, shame on you!!!!!!
Bill. 11:06am Mon 11 Nov
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Don't ban the bell.
Ringing the bell is a good idea for people with cancer. I think it is positive and can make people have hope.
Puzzled 3:37pm Tue 29 Oct
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Prev comm
Ignorance is bliss?? Suggest you look up and read about the Irish dialect.
notscousethankx 1:18pm Mon 28 Oct
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how much is tirty grand,some one teach irish people to talk.most sound like a bad mrs brown impression.
scouse not irish 12:23pm Mon 28 Oct
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matt 10:23am Mon 23 Sep
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Downtrodden abbey
One long ad for downtrodden Abbey. Can't stick goldilocks and pipsqueak.
Sourpuss89 1:30pm Thu 12 Sep
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too much Alison
Why is so much time given to her she turns everything round so she is the main focus and not the guests. shes not as funny as she thinks she is
glen 5:37pm Wed 4 Sep
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Fave kids progs
Casey Jones. Double deckers. Champion the wonder horse and Skippy the bush kangaroo.
Sheena 9:36am Thu 29 Aug
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I switch off when she is on
Daff 5:02pm Fri 23 Aug
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these 2
overpaid c@mbuckets
karen 10:15am Fri 23 Aug
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Useless lump.
Why is that useless lump of lard gemma collins on . The only thing she's good for is feeding a bunch of hungry cannibals.
Sayitlikeitis 1:03pm Wed 14 Aug
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Rochelle and bimbo.
Dumb and dumber.
Jimmy. 9:17am Fri 9 Aug
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Hello hollys mom.
Sayitlikeitis 1:24pm Thu 8 Aug
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I suggest you hurry home before you are missed!
jenB 11:57am Thu 8 Aug
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Vicki Smith
I am missing Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby so much and Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are great and special to
Vicki Smithc 1:22am Thu 8 Aug
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Crazy lady marries dog.
Poor dog. The woman's mad. Should be locked up if only for the dogs protection.
Snoopy 9:56am Tue 30 Jul
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Ben Sheppard and Somebody Falconer
Presenting? WHY??????
Krysta 9:45am Fri 26 Jul
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A de P.
He said he was going to Australia after the show. What's he doing on todays GMB. He's reading from a script incase he puts his foot in it.He was a brexit remainer, now he's done a u turn.He doesn't know his own mind. Or hes doesn't want to upset boris. I hope he takes that fake toff toffolo with him,
NOTOBORIS. 6:39am Fri 26 Jul
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Stanley Johnson
Sick of this man basking in the reflected glory of Boris! Real Marigold Hotel, Im a Celebrity and now snuggled up on a sofa with Toffalo(or whatever she calls herself) - 'his best friend' - on Gogglebox!!! Nauseating.
A de P 7:14pm Thu 25 Jul
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Has that boring child shrink gone yet. What a bore.
Horrid Henry. 10:41am Tue 9 Jul
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Rochelle and Mark not so bright wright.
Dumb and dumber.
Klunk. 5:07pm Fri 5 Jul
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Time for a change
Cant stand the smug I love me, Philip Schofield sticking his beak into every segment especially women's problems. Holly's dreadful hair and the dreary talentless replacements . Time to ditch this purile drivel show.
Teresagreen 10:47am Mon 24 Jun
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Lying b#tch.
Should be ashamed for lying about having depression to get a free nose job on the NHS. There's 1000s of people waiting for hip operations.
Disgusted 9:54am Thu 20 Jun
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What's that dead poodle doing on tembes bonce.
Gizmokatz 10:51am Thu 13 Jun
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Lauren goodger
Fishlips, slug eyebrows.
Billy the squid. 10:07am Wed 12 Jun
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Waste of airtime. Who wants to watch a woman sneezing. Scraping the barrel.
Ossie 10:27am Tue 11 Jun
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Who cares what Mr cheese Peter Andre is doing. Full of himself. Then there's Mr bore, Anton du beke. So unfunny and annoying.
Sammi 11:15am Mon 10 Jun
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Anton du Beke?
Eeeeeek! No! PLEASE!!! And Rochelle Humes. Horrible pair!! Dreadful combination!!! Spare us!!
Liz Arde 10:25am Fri 31 May
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Coleen Nolan
What a common, greasy-haired lump!!
ShamPoo 11:09am Thu 30 May
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I'm morning
If I hear "FABULOUS" One more time before I fully wake up,its out the window with my TV!!
Stej 8:49pm Sat 20 Apr
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Rochelle Humes
Its the 'wiy' she talks that gets me!!
L O Cution 10:07am Thu 18 Apr
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can’t believe she’s back again. No personality, nothing intelligent to say. I hope she is not being paid to appear on this show .
Usually watch 7:58pm Wed 17 Apr
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John Barrowman
I've always quite liked John Barrowman but I am finding his exaggerated American accent a bit wearing. I know he also has his Scottish voice! What determines which one he uses? Can't help thinking I might prefer his Scottish one during his stint on This Morning! Not a very sophisticated coupling, Barrowman with Rochelle Humes who is distinctly average as a presenter.
Munro 5:11pm Wed 17 Apr
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Poor old John Barrowman and Emily Atak!!
Totally out of their depth with the serious interviews they had to conduct this morning. Two people who dont exactly take life very seriously at the best of times!!!
Jaylo 10:56am Fri 12 Apr
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Eamonn Holmes OBE
Eamonn Holmes - unpleasant egotist, sitting stuffing chocolate eggs into his mouth...OBE. Stephen Westaby gentleman, modest, hardworking, brilliant surgeon.....nothing!!!!! There's something wrong with the ridiculous honours system.
Jane M 7:13am Thu 11 Apr
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Vicki Smith
I like the this morning and Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby best of all makes me. Smile every day when I watch this morning
Queen Vic 1:48am Wed 10 Apr
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Squeaky, Squarky.
Why does Holly have to, get so high pitched screachy every time she speaks, never used to sound like this, please tell her to stop, she must be able to hear it herself,
Carole 11:48am Tue 26 Mar
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16:9 not wide enough.
Eamonn Holmes is a fat, smug, nasty lump of useless turd.
jcc 11:26am Fri 22 Mar
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Freudian slip?
But what a terrific idea!!!!!!! Replace Schofield with Jimmy Carr!!! Tgat's him sorted. Now for Wloughby!!
Dan T 10:46am Thu 21 Mar
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The girl in the 'bra'
I think she should have covered up when asked although I wouldnt have taken offence at her outfit but probably only because she had the neatest bust/figure you could ever imagine. I'm sure I would have felt differently though if she had had a GG+ bust!!
Whoppa 10:49am Thu 14 Mar
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Age of innocence.
Let kids hang on to their innocence for at least a few years. Why plant seeds.What next, sex education in the womb.
TRS.aka septic. 11:33am Fri 1 Mar
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SRE to primary school children
I am a PSHE leader and a year 1 teacher in a primary school. We have been covering sex and relationships for over 4 years now. In year 1 children are taught about friendship, relationships with family and body parts. This keeps them safe. They learn which body parts are private and belong to them. Our parents fully support the scheme we follow and it has helped to reduce bullying and safeguard our children in a very dangerous world.
Lau 10:54am Fri 1 Mar
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Eamonn Holmes
Never happier than when he's stuffing his fat face!
Trotter 11:34am Fri 15 Feb
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Oh God!
We were to be "treated " to a mystery singer. It was that big lump ARG from towie. I thought it was going to be the one hit blunder Peter Andre. Don't know who's worse.
TRS. 1:06pm Thu 14 Feb
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Rochelle Humes
Thinks she's SO This Morning! I dont!!!!!!!
Doreen 12:11pm Thu 14 Feb
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I know its not their 'thing' but...
hearing that Pasho Kovelev is leaving Strictly and wants a new challenge - how about him and Rachel Riley as the new presenters of This Morning???? New, fresh blood etc?!
Pandora 1:58pm Wed 13 Feb
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Gemma colins
Can you tell me Phil and Holly why doi and tm is all about gc get sick and tired about her getting all TV time when she clearly a waste of time
Morph 11:17am Mon 4 Feb
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Can't imagine who votes for them as don't know anyone who likes Philip Schofield or Holly Wiloughby.
Jayco 1:16pm Wed 23 Jan
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Fat git..
Eamon stuffing his fat face as per,
Stewie. 12:25pm Thu 3 Jan
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