18 January 2021  | 
Tipping Point Comments
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Why do so many men refer to the machine as "she"? I find it offensive.
Anne Boleyn 3:28pm Sat 16 Jan
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I see B went in for another hug when the lights went down....
reallynoton 4:57pm Thu 14 Jan
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Out of time
Why does Shepherd continue asking the question and expecting an answer when it's clearly out of time. Bradley Walsh doesn't.
Hoppy Hopcroft 9:13pm Wed 13 Jan
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Name dropping
Twixy 4:45pm Mon 11 Jan
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Why does Ben Shepard on tipping point, allow some contestants longer time to wait for tokens to drop, sometimes it’s one and other times it’s as much as 4. It seems very unfair
Easy 4:25pm Mon 11 Jan
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censored again
You're dead in the water now, nowhere to go but comments on Ben's amorous urges. The shows very popular though, not like this comments site.
Lord Snooty 9:52am Sun 3 Jan
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Lol. Though he was actually overjoyed as he kept his distance.
Lou 9:20pm Christmas Eve
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Self distancing
Watching tonight's celebrity tipping point I bet Poor Ben was lost to death not able to touch and maul Claire Balding owing to social distancing.
Coggo 6:53pm Christmas Eve
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Penalty points
19/11/20 did anybody see the first contestant go from one point left to nothing Eleanor I think her name was?
Gene 11:08am Wed 25 Nov
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Ben Nevis
is in the Cairngorms!! Travesty...
Mc Loud 4:59pm Thu 12 Nov
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Best Player
Must be the only quiz where the best player nearly always loses.
Dave 4:15pm Tue 3 Nov
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Managing the game
Watch how the game is “managed” before you apply to play. Ben, keep your distance from the female contestants. It’s not professional to be touching all the time. There is no need to hold on to the s at the end of a sentence and no need to repeat contestants names.
Delivery boy 5:46pm Mon 2 Nov
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You have got more chance of seeing a Mu slim eating a pork pie than tv guide doing anything about your complaint.
Good luck with that. 2:37pm Sun 1 Nov
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Defund the BBC
contacted tv guide, awaiting email in the next few days over deleting of my comments - if they don't reply got my answer!
Anon 2:16pm Sun 1 Nov
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Delete his comments. He's a prize idiot.
Mystery man. 2:04pm Fri 30 Oct
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I am leaving site. Anon has taken over....misuse!
Estelle 1:30pm Fri 30 Oct
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Another fall out Estelle
Anon 5:31pm Sun 25 Oct
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Have you stopped taking your meds?
Estelle 7:23pm Sat 24 Oct
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To Jim
Well, that's your opinion anyway
To Jim 4:25pm Sat 24 Oct
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The start of a historical evening for ITV. Going from low to low, it's likely impossible they can go any longer than this. Watch the price of their stock. The major players may be dumping all their investments.
Jim Burrows 3:10pm Sat 24 Oct
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Tipping point wrong answer
Watched Jane on tipping point today and asked what kind of shop is Heals? She answered correctly home store and the show said cosmetic store which is wrong!!!! She went on to win but was not awarded her 3 points which is wrong
Pangie 3:58pm Wed 21 Oct
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Ben the pain
Always touching up ladies, repeat himself all the time, ovbiously the man is short of vocabulary. Please get rid of him
HeroTurtle 7:52am Wed 30 Sep
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How will Ben go on with the new series with self distancing, when Ben's got to keep his hands to himself
Matti Sherat 4:01pm Fri 25 Sep
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Prev comm
Sorry luv but a bit sexist. Girls know about footy and actually play it. Btw have you watched Bake Off?
fairdos 6:09pm Tue 22 Sep
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I used to love watching this but no not anymore. so many occasions its about sport usually football. now a subject on Football . I have seen numerous times men win on answering questions on this. Unfair to women. why not put sewing or baking on there too. seems all about men grrrrh
milliemoo28 3:59pm Tue 22 Sep
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The name game
Boring Ben is still wearing names out and asking questions when out of time and expecting an answer And contestants miss timing drops and wondering why they get riders. Why don't someone tell them how to drop them,so annoying to watch.
Coggo 3:25pm Mon 21 Sep
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Todays finalist
Know it all bore. Good at giving the wrong answers
Ceecee 3:58pm Fri 18 Sep
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Beginning to put me right off. He hugged the well endowed lady.....don't tell me he is not aware!!
shudders 3:58pm Fri 7 Aug
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Prev comm
The heart bleeds. If he cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Try working 12 hour shifts! Btw what about "you are terrible at Tenable" Warren repeats over and over again? At least he keeps his hands to himself especially at his height...
Deana 2:25pm Fri 12 Jun
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I don't think he means anything by it but he touched Christina every time she got a right answer. I wouldn't like it.
Estelle 5:38pm Sun 17 May
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What with the annoyingly loud music and Ben's gabbling it's really hard to hear the questions in the early rounds. Can't the producer sort this irritating problem out?
Moaner 3:22pm Fri 15 May
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Sure there is a magnet going on or a kinda system. It doesn't play fairly that's for sure.
Anna 3:11pm Tue 5 May
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If you got the opportunity to go on Tipping Point wouldn't you do a little research first? The only control the contestants have is the timing of the drop, it's not difficult to get it right yet so many of them drop too late quite often resulting in a 'rider' and then they wonder why!!! Also drop zone 1 seems to yield the most percentage jackpot wins.
Phil McAvity 1:10pm Fri 17 Apr
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Does Ben keep talking when contestants are concentrating on pressing the buzzer. It put one of today's players off
Irritated 4:08pm Mon 13 May
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I see Ben's still rattling and wearing names out I'm sure it must put contestants off.Why can't he pipe down abit.
Natti 3:19pm Thu 9 May
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Series 9, episode 75
What a ridiculous question to oust Aaron - how many dogs etc then to catch him out on a random add-on
Tiplover 3:15pm Fri 26 Apr
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Out of time
Why does Ben keep asking the questions and looking for an answer when it's out of time. Is he playing for time Most annoying
Natti 12:05pm Sun 14 Apr
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Previous comment
Probably because Ben talkes constantly to them while they are concentrating on pressing the buzzer
Annoying 5:18pm Thu 11 Apr
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Bad timing
Why are contestants still miss timing drops and getting riders
Natti 3:56pm Thu 11 Apr
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Is at the name dropping again ??
Annoying 3:19pm Mon 8 Apr
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Why does Ben need to repeat questions? Does he think we are stupid?
Fury 5:31pm Tue 2 Apr
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It’s so annoying when he repeats the questions and also keeps asking question when time is up.
Solo 4:38pm Tue 2 Apr
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There is too much talking going on whilst the contesants are trying to consentrate
Annoying 4:53pm Wed 6 Mar
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Why is Ben always over using contestants names.Gets on your nerves
Cogger 4:36pm Mon 4 Mar
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September IS the first autumn month with 30 days and not November as ben said.The contestant said September and was told it was wrong.
Quizzical. 4:26pm Fri 22 Feb
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There you go
Please ask the lovely Ben to stop KEEP ON saying There you go all the time, One show I ran out of counbting him
Jan 4:36pm Thu 14 Feb
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Why is Ben still wearing names out all the time.Cant someone tell him
Coggo 4:14pm Mon 11 Feb
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The questions
Why does Ben carry on asking the question when it's out of time.
Onza 4:42pm Fri 8 Feb
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Please and Thank you!
Why don’t the contestants say please! How bad are their manners. Especially as children will he watching. Drop zone 3 PLEASE sounds much better, especially when they are hoping for money!! Ben always says please! Please remind them to say please!
Debs 7:42pm Wed 23 Jan
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annoying fasr talk
I love Tipping Point and Ben Shepherd, my problem is that he talks so quickly that I found it hard to concentrate on the show. Please, please, Ben slow down a little for the sake of us older viwers.
Chrisroy 2 4:49pm Tue 15 Jan
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