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Stop with all the negative comments Titanic is great
What's with all the negative comments titanic is a great movie that will be remembered forever and no one can change that. The effects are great, the characters and the design was great. I never get tired watching this movie. This will be so far my favourite movie ever.
Titanic fan 10:19pm Thu 2 Jun
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Yet another case where comments on different films are conflated. FFS TVGuide, get this sorted...
mikk 12:21pm Tue 24 May
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They should have
gone by Hovercraft.
flo 8:41am Sun 4 May
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The story
It sank.The end
flo 8:06am Fri 7 Mar
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i love the song my heart will go on
the song my heart will go on remembers me about a boy in my old school and he said that me and you in a few years and i said ok and i loved him soooooo much and thats why i love the song my haert will go on
kayley loves darryl morgan 9:08pm New Years Day
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Despite the superb special effects,this film is pretty dire. The script is very poor
Skyfall 7:31pm Sun 15 Jul
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Yesterday has gone
Get your heads out of yesteryear & repair today.There is hell on earth in many places.Homs,razed by frequent shelling, is just one example.Across the world corrupt, mentally unstable despots torture & murder their citizens...
Today 12:15pm Mon 16 Apr
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Could have been so much better.
Some of the acting is very stilted and the action keeps harking back to somebody else's version of the same event which makes it very disjointed and repetetive.
Dai Laffin 2:36pm Sun 15 Apr
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Mrs Bates and her funny little husband are boring and I couln't care about their tedious life. This is an opportunity wasted as some of it is good.
Arny Sak 12:54pm Mon 2 Apr
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It has been done so much better. I found it boring and badly directed. The characters are dull and some of the acting is poor. I won't be watching it again.
TV Pundit 11:43pm Mon 26 Mar
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It isn't the film!
Many people seem to be rating and commenting on this as if it is the film - it isn't. I turned over after 30 mins. The drama and acting is stilted. There is little that gripped me. I think it is such a shame as the money and background story deserve so much more. I won't be tuning in next week.
steve 9:30pm Mon 26 Mar
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Can't wait
Can't wait to find out if it sinks or not.
Bucket 5:42pm Mon 26 Mar
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I loveeeeee it!
I absolutly love Titanic.Its sooooo good.its one of my favourite films ever! I wasnt sure wheather i would like it or not at first because i though i would of been to young to like it.Just goes to show that anyone any age is likely to like it!.
Cee Cee. 7:10pm Mon 8 Aug
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i bought the dvd at a car boot
only to use it as a beer mat, had to throw it out though, it made the beer taste sour.
get real 6:46pm Sun 29 May
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AWW I saw titanic at the odean in 1998 and loved it so much i bought the vhs now own dvd as bought it cheap! I did think was a pity Jack died after Billy Zane was such a bad guy in all 3 hours. A good cast for a somewhat maybe ott film? I like the titanic history side though, sad how many people died.did anyone know andrea corr played the tin whistle in the song???
KATZ 10:54pm Sat 28 May
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easy peasy
im 104 yrs of age i found thisso easy
dot 1:58pm New Years Day
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my favourite film
koolpinkranger 9:16pm Sat 20 Mar
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better than ITV
C4 deserve a pat on the back. The recession is keeping people in on Saturday. ITV however are sending us up teh wall with soaps, or soap star in their eyes or confession sof a sosap star or even harry Hill rehashing, guess what the soaps of the week. rehashed cheap TV now they think we all want to see the pop idol judges rehashed on Saturday night with Bruce. I switched over to c4 who is by far better than ITV
Sack the ITV shower 8:53pm Sat 20 Mar
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Cynical Moi ?
Cameron is one of the best directors of modern times, his style is somewhat OCD but Titanic really is a great film, as usual the Yanks simplify everything including the way it addresses class division, it is very well acted...cynics knock away.....it is entertaining which ever way you cut it !
Diddley Squat's Aliens 8:40pm Sat 20 Mar
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realy good film and realy enjoied it, made me cry at the end but that was a good effect!
hey 7:11pm Sat 20 Mar
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Spoiler alert!
Yes, the ending. I think it stinks, too!
Barry Norman 12:59am Wed 16 Sep
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Your insult was not wise.
Shay Monyu 4:48pm Mon 31 Aug
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meth heads
your all meth heards
soloman 9:46am Mon 31 Aug
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Eventually, e-v--e---n----t-----u------l-------l--------y; I think it sinks.
zzzzzzz 1:27am Mon 31 Aug
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Too tired to watch through to the ending. Anyone want to reveal how it ends? Gotta funny feeling this is like Fellowship of the Ring.
UTMB 9:56pm Sun 30 Aug
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Agree with '-------------'. TMII should be removed. He too is a troll but he is a foul smelling middle eastern dog of a troll.
Arthur 9:54pm Sun 30 Aug
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Troll Alert
The ops here should really remove meh. He's brain dead and only roams here trying to aggravate people. He's a troll.
Hem 9:52pm Sun 30 Aug
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Better than remembered
The best thing @ it was it got made. It would have brought down 2 huge studios otherwise. The next best thing is Leo. He really held the actors and the story together and those dinosaurs in the academy couldn't even give him a nomination. Winslet says she owes her career to him. Oscar Boscar.
de Caprio 9:51pm Sun 30 Aug
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Titanic is a brilliant film but is sad!! :( but i watched it all the way through and didnt get bored lol
moo ! 8:26pm Sun 30 Aug
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One of the most overrated films
Take away the special effects, and what do you have? A poor script, clichéd acting and the worse song in a long time
meh 6:28pm Sun 30 Aug
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Blub Blub
It sunk. TMII: THEY ALL DIE. Almost.
Johnny Depp Fan 7:09pm Fri 28 Aug
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Best love story EVER! I cry every time i watch it! I have to say, the funniest scene is when he's teaching her how to spit and her mum comes and his spit is hanging down hid face! Classic! LOVE IT!
Johnny Depp Fan 4:43pm Fri 14 Aug
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i love this film because it is very emotional it is also romantic someone who is like my cousin loved that song she had it on at her funeral it makes me cry especially the song everytime i listen to it you can here my heart beat and my eyes starts to shimmer with glittering water my cheeks will turn to a rosey red colour and a delicate tear drop will slide down my pink rosey red cheek
porcher toynbee age 12 9:29am Tue 19 May
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I can
I can play the love song!!!
poo 5:45pm Sat 11 Oct
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i love it so much put it on a normal chanle not sky movies coz my mum wont pay for it
babii toni 3:08pm Sun 25 May
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great film
this is a fantastic film best ever
tayportgal 8:11pm Fri 29 Feb
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best film ever
This is by far the best film ever! I am usually in tears before the film starts, when the title music comes on. It gives you a real feel of how sad this event was because it is real life. I think that the acting is believable and I can't believe that Jack dies after they have bben through so much together
titanic 5:11pm Sat 29 Dec
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Fab film aint seen it for ages im glad its on
4:26pm Sun 22 Jul
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Fab Film
6:23am Sun 22 Jul
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