8 December 2019  | 
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'Proper' Top Gear - 8/10. 'BBC' Top Gear - 6.5/10. it's...not Top gear and 'Dave', showing an hour long program, in an hour, with 15 minutes of adverts? if you edit (25% of the program out), and you know it..
quartz 1:39am Mon 1 Jul
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Bin it.
This travesty gets worse by the episode, Now, the only one with any personality whatsoever (MlB) is going.
J.C. 3:55pm Sun 17 Mar
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Talk talk
Eddie,Sabine,Leblank and Rory leaving is great news,as total idiots. Too many exotic and point super cars as Harris admits.Only the locations and filming are good
deebee 7:06pm Mon 25 Feb
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Jap turnaround
This one from Japan is the best yet. Rory still a bit of a wally,but Chris and Mat put int he best effort to date. Maybe it's going to be as good as the filming
deebee 7:06pm Mon 12 Mar
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Flogging a loser
It needs putting to sleep quickly. It's a tragedy to try and keep it going!
Jim 3:14pm Sun 25 Feb
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Oh no!
Such a dire travesty of the real Top Gear. And now they are repeating it!
Jim. 9:53am Sun 15 Oct
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Not the real Top Gear
Why repeat garbage? It was utter crap first time round - it certainly won't be any better for another viewing.
Fat Controller 12:18pm Sun 24 Sep
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Last of the series
Let's hope it's the last one ever. I suffered through about 30 minutes of Evans in the first series and never watched again. I watched all of the first episode of the second series, but couldn't be stirred into watching any more.
S.M. 3:07pm Mon 1 May
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Retitle the repeats
"The 3 Pr*cks!"
P V 3:02pm Tue 25 Apr
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A travesty
Absolutely zero spark between the presenters makes it deadly dull. Le Blanc tries, but the other two are starngely personality free and totally unengaging.
T.N. 1:27pm Sun 16 Apr
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It's getting there...
Thank God we don't have Evans anymore and to be honest I don't like Clarkson (big headed ****head). I think the Top Gear under him was getting old fashioned and boring. Yes the international stuff was fun but the TV stuff was repetitive and Clarkson et al were showing so much bigotry. Leblanc/Reid/Harris are slowly settling in. They're a needed breath of fresh air.
LeeRJ 10:05am Fri 17 Mar
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Well, I tried it
Marginally less bad now the ginger whinger has gone, but still not worth watching.
Mike 3:02pm Thu 16 Mar
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Ratings trouble
How can this dross be included in the ratings for the real Top Gear? It's worth a 2 at most.
Joe 4:29pm Thu 9 Mar
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Childrens TV
Great if you are 9 years old
Hector 9:06pm Sun 5 Mar
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David Baynam
Definitely getting better,whereas the Extra version is self indulgent trash.
deebee 7:04pm Mon 20 Jun
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Bottom Gear
Take it off the telly. The Beeb farts should have settled things better.
Jeremy 8:59pm Sun 5 Jun
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Oh dear
Perfectly dreadful - boring and silly.
Twigs 7:05pm Sun 5 Jun
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What deebee?
This, with its audience being cattle prodded into manic applause, Evans trying to be different but failing miserably and very disjointed was not a patch on the old Top Gear. You can't have watched what I watched.
Fat Controller 3:45pm Thu 2 Jun
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Start the ratings from Zero
An insult to the real Top Gear. This does not deserve to be anywhere near the rating shown.
FFS 5:18pm Mon 30 May
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Worst program on TV ever
How can people watch this? I've tried but it is absolute sewage. Good luck to those who watch, but you must be REALLY desperate for something to do if you watch this tripe. 3 middle aged twerps who can only make crappy attempts a humour isn't good TV. Hope they, and all who watch, enjoy their Amazon wilderness.
Mo Knee Git 4:30pm New Years Eve
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Not For Me
The Ginger Tosser is annoying enough on the radio. I can only imagine how bad he will be on TV...again!! Goodbye TopGear. Hello New Clarkson, May and Hammond show wherever you be.
Last Laugh 7:54pm Tue 7 Jul
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The curtain has fallen.
F.Z. Perdrix 5:57pm Fri 26 Jun
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Where's Jeremy? You sacked him? Why?
Clarkson 6:35pm Tue 23 Jun
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Clon Show
Will I watch the new line - up. Nope.
AJ 6:28pm Thu 18 Jun
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Oh no
The ginger vermin strikes again
once more 5:08pm Thu 18 Jun
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Chris Evans
Well that's one Top Gear viewer the BBC has lost. They will lose more too.
300s 2:07pm Wed 17 Jun
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This weekend's episode has been pulled off-air following issues with a member of the cast and a Producer.
Termy 5:35pm Tue 10 Mar
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loved by anti petrol head
we love this my wife is a total anti petrol head (not me) and she thinks its the best thing on TV
mawihtec 7:29pm Sun 23 Feb
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Jennifer Clarkson
Love it. Love it. Love it.
Radicalman 8:13pm Sun 16 Feb
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Frivolous nonsense
Those stupid little skits used to last 15 minutes or so, but now they take up entire episodes? C'mon BBC!
Cleremy Jarkson 2:28am Mon 3 Feb
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Tired. The whole programme on a slap stick hot hatch review? Have there been a complete lack of new super cars to test?
... 9:17pm Sun 2 Feb
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they update things a bit? It's not 2006 anymore chaps. Play us a new tune.
Control 1:40pm Sun 2 Feb
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midget is the receiver!!
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Awesome. Has been a long wait for the new series! Keep the series coming lads!
string 2:57pm Fri 31 Jan
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I will laugh when they die
Benny 7:16pm Tue 3 Sep
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Awesome cant believe the series is already over!!! Oh well there is also the repeats!
Hutch 1:58pm Sat 3 Aug
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Repeated a race
Wow...Boat v Car..Again!! C'mon be inventive last time it was the stealth looking speed boat..this it's a yacht nothing new about that.
Mave 9:39pm Sun 30 Jun
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pull the plug
It reminds me of an old car I once owned, it took a long time to get going but once it was going, it was still no better! What's happened to actually 'revews' (btw when I say 'reviews' I mean proper reviews which you would read in any auto / motoring magazine) They seem to spend most of their budget on the utmost stupidest ideas, then don't even bother to follow them through fully. It's time to pull the plug on the old show, I'd even go back to watching TOTP than this crap!
S. Moss 8:35pm Sat 29 Jun
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No fact:; all fiction
Total (very badly) set-up "challenges"; pathetic attempts at humour. Occasional chat about cars no-one can afford. GREAT!!
Nerdy 7:48pm Sat 18 May
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worn out
old and diseased
they smoke 7:21pm Sun 24 Feb
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Same old!
Seen it all before, especially the race across Europe, the car can only go as fast as the bloody range rover what films it!!
Numpty 5:51pm Sun 24 Feb
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lame old chokers
they look old and about to live in coffins
Ham 7:06pm Sat 23 Feb
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best thing on TV
Great to see another series! great show
Daz 8:31pm Tue 5 Feb
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Love this show
Need more episodes, best thing on tv. Love the presenters, they all make the programme fun to watch. Get rid of xfactor, and give us more top gear
Gemfit 2:17am Sun 3 Feb
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How on earth did gazza get permission to drive his "motorhome" on the Queen's highway??
cpochin 10:39am Wed 16 Jan
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me 4:55pm Mon 17 Dec
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Scottish Mountain
Did anybody catch where that mountain was in Scotland
El Tel 9:25am Fri 23 Nov
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So short
They used to run 9 or 10 episodes per season. Now its 6 or if your lucky 7 episodes. Have you really run out of ideas?
TGfan 7:31pm Fri 9 Nov
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Flop Gear
What's the point of driving a truck through a porta-cabin!? Then watching Micheal Parkinson drive around the'hammerhead'WoW is this the best tv!? Sad...
OB1 10:05pm Tue 2 Oct
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Dumbed Down
Not all about cars anymore more about celebrity. They get on everything like a rash!
doubletake 7:11pm Sun 26 Aug
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