30 July 2021  | 
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Where's the next episode?
Why is Sky Atlantic not showing season 4 episode 2 next week?
Aaaaa 11:29pm Thu 11 Jun
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When does Season 4 start? I am a total fan.
Truebob 7:03pm Sat 10 Dec
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its gone tits up
season one was great and then they turned it into a soap opera as per usual
seggy 12:12am Wed 19 Oct
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Astang Otina
Astang McGay 6:31am Thu 16 Dec
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Astang Otina
Otin ni astang gamay. Mao sa laki nlang siya ga palobot. Bayot si Astang nga naay otin ni tubo sa iyang ulo.
Astang McGay 6:31am Thu 16 Dec
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Complaining about time?
This is the 21st century, the era of video on demand etc. IF you don't have sky+/Tivo/HDD etc, surely you have an old vcr? Even in the 80s people recorded things that were on too late for them.
whining idiots 8:01pm Thu 18 Nov
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Totally agree. Ridiculous that it has to be shown so late at night during the week. We've been watching it online on the PC - which is not exactly great with such a small screen :-(
Bee&Jay 8:02pm Thu 4 Nov
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Some of us have to work
Please stop putting it on later and later - are you taking the p*ss!!??!! - I have to get up for work at 0600 and this is the only programme worth watching...
damneddave 6:32am Fri 29 Oct
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Will tonights episode repeat at any time?
TickTock 10:54pm Thu 28 Oct
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why is inot at the correcr rime
Amillion pound drop not true blood why
simba 10:46pm Thu 28 Oct
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this is the only programme i watch
blackmirror 10:01pm Thu 21 Oct
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Season 3
Season 3 is awesome! Just finished watching it.
Chome4 8:25pm Thu 30 Sep
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Re: Dim Wits
you spastic i was talking about FX...if you HAVE been watching FX recently there was an add saying 'NEW' Season of True Blood...the ad did NOT say True Blood Series 2 but it said NEW!...whose the 'dim wit' now FOOL.
JOHN 9:50pm Sun 19 Sep
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I don't get it?
I tried watching this first season, then after all the good comments tried again this season and it just seems like a bad american soap with a vampirey theme. Acting was poor, script was poor, directing poor, special effects were just a contradiction it terms. So why is this so acclaimed? Genuine question btw, or is it just because it's a vampire soap?
Confused 4:30pm Fri 17 Sep
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Dim Wits
John, Debs, you fools, Channel 4 have never shown season 2. You're thinking of FX. Get a clue before you comment, yes?
roo 9:15pm Thu 16 Sep
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what the hell!..this is NOT new series!!! this is season 2 which you have showed back in february, gosh I was really looking forward to this (Season 3..I guess its back to MegaVideo) :@
John O'l Boogle 8:52pm Thu 16 Sep
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New Series?
New Series? This is series 2 - been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. When is series 3 going to be aired?
Debs 1:59pm Mon 13 Sep
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Season 3 is amazing! Couldn't wait for it to reach us so watched onlnine!
Emmy 7:55pm Fri 10 Sep
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season 2 C4
season 2 starts 10pm thurs 16 September,channel 4 Atlast!!
Di 5:20pm Sat 4 Sep
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yay :)
Its a shame that we have to watch true blood so late because in a america they are now on to season 3 and its not even aireing here.makes me sad.BUT still...true blood rocks! does anyone know were i can watch true blood season 3? and dont say utube lol! thx
Bubba 12:44pm Thu 26 Aug
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season 3
i am in love with this show its amasin i cant get anough i havent heard of it till now!! and i started watchin it online after my sister told me i should and now im into season 3 but its not got them all its missin afew so when will it be aired time date channel? i cant wait and hope it dont stop i really liked this and blood tie there really good please tell me when i can fin watching them :( its so dif from other vampire films shows ect i watched 1 vampire diaries and couldnt get into it to many kids stuff in it! please show more of true blood !!!! :)
littleblue 3:37pm Sun 25 Jul
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Power Great
I love the story of vampires. Other vampire movies is not even close to realty vampire stuff. Lucky for us the writers for True Blood researched it well. Astang B would say.
Astang B 1:02am Sat 10 Jul
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CH4 have lost the USP timeframe
When is Channel 4 going to get off its Lardy bottom and tell us when true blood is back on for series 2 are they waiting for it to become retro? When ? When ? I seem to be able to read that question 100 times on various forums. Unbelievably yes you can go buy it on DVD now since May 17th.... YAWN how much Patience do you think we have. Come on FX show it again so we can be prepared this time and forget about this backward FTA channel. FYI CH4 series 3 has been filming since November last year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These programmes have a shelf life you know. Oh no clearly you don’t know ..... anything. Charles
CharlesFortran 10:01pm Tue 29 Jun
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When season 3 starts, and what channel???
haaveilija 9:00pm Sat 12 Jun
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no it's not its utter poop! it's made for teen girls who only like the looks of the actors, people who watch this like the actual show not the actors.
Lister of Smeg 11:10pm Tue 18 May
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series 2 channel 4
does anyone know when or if series 2 will start on channel 4??????
front 8:22pm Mon 17 May
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all of you who like this programme will love vampire diaries its way better i loved this and couldnt get a enough but whilst waiting for season 3 i started watching vampire diaries and its so much more interesting its great loads better love it .
rubie 4:09pm Mon 10 May
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Nutty Bint...
maryann rocks :)
Arx 8:46pm Fri 5 Mar
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Season 2
Season 2 starts on Friday 26th Feb!
Gherky 9:51am Sun 21 Feb
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true blood!
all of you above who said you like true blood your all COOL i absolutly love true blood i have watched every episode season 1 and 2 more than 3 times over and over again and read all books twice ! i just cant get enough of it i am waiting for season3 i honestly cant wait im biting my finger nails, i love it but in the mean time ive been watch vampire diaries its great to i reali like it search it on the internet and watch it and if you like true blood you will like vampire diaries its awsome TRUE BLOOD AND VAMPIRE DIARIES ARE THE BEST EVER!!
lilly 7:21pm Thu 11 Feb
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when is series 2????
does anyone know when series 2 will be hitting our screens?
front 7:15pm Mon 11 Jan
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In 45 Mins, On TG4...!
Can't Wait, But for viemers who are watching this brilliant drama tonight, I please may warn you, this is, A Very Adult Drama With Very Stong Language/Strong Sexual scenes/Despictions Of Violence & Disturbing images & Drug Use, All From The Start to Finish.
Zedd. 11:09pm Sat 9 Jan
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I absolutely love this program but in one episode it was ony o for approx 3 mins before there was another interval..... sooo frustrating
dizzy3178 1:45pm Wed 23 Dec
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Best TV of 2009
This show has been the breakthrough hit of the year. Moving from FX to Channel 4, its audience has grown and taken it from cult status to mainstream hit. Vampires are the 'in' thing right now, combine them with a little gore and soft-core porn and Bob's your uncle! A sure-fire hit with staying power.
TVGuide 1:18pm Wed 16 Dec
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LoveIt !!
Loooove this show! Ive already seen season 1 and 2 and am dyyyyin for season 3!
HanBan 9:15pm Mon 30 Nov
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Ep 9, Wednesday, Can't Wait
Love this thow, got Series 1 On DVD I love it so much, it's a bit of a laugh, Warning For viewers who are watching on wednesday night, I Please May Warn You, This Show is An Adult Drama With Very Strong Language, Strongly Violent Scenes, Despictions Of Strong Sexual Content, And Graphic Drug Taking, All Right From The Start And Throughout.
Zedd. 12:37am Sun 29 Nov
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true blood
love it
poz 10:38pm Thu 26 Nov
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porn maybe a bit, but still AMAZING :D
it is pretty much softcore porn but its still amazing and i love it!!!!
joe 11:15pm Wed 18 Nov
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super dooper
i will watch this if the Mrs resists my sexual advances later. I doubt she will be able to resist however
gash 10:37pm Wed 18 Nov
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definately one to watch... very critically acclaimed. If i could only watch one thing it would be this
Kelly 6:01pm Wed 18 Nov
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in a bun. It's already good and it gets better. season 2 will blow your tiny little minds.
Blargh 10:21pm Fri 6 Nov
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As good as the books!
True blood is amazing and the books are a must! Such an interesting and modern concept! I'm not even a "vampire" person!
DG 9:06pm Wed 4 Nov
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I love True Blood & all the cast are great! I have watched all season 1 & 2 and now I'm waiting to watch season 3, which is currenty being produced :).. My favourite vampire is Eric & My favourite human is Sam. I llove how this program is tear jerking, exciting, sexy, action packed and also has a comedy side with Lafayette & Arlene :) 10/10!!!
CJM 4:27pm Tue 3 Nov
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I love this programme... it's a shame it's on so late...
Miss.Cullen 8:40pm Fri 30 Oct
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You people are stupid, its a great story line also.
xstex 8:08pm Tue 27 Oct
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Channel 4 are very clever people. They know exactly what people want to watch. PORN!!! But that's not why I watch True Boob!!!! hahaha..
YarYar 6:47pm Sun 25 Oct
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Let's face it.. it's just porn!! That's why you're watching it!!.. Me too!
Fekarse 1:22pm Wed 21 Oct
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Watch them all NOW
I love them, i have watched both series 1 and 2, go on this site, www.alluc.org and you can watch them all online.
Great 11:06pm Tue 20 Oct
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Love it, love it, love it
Matari 6:55pm Mon 19 Oct
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Real Vampires!
Bill is how girls imagine vampires to be, not a flimsy pathetic Edward like in twilight!
Hannah Rose 10:04pm Fri 16 Oct
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