4 December 2021  | 
UK Border Force Comments
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why no
face mask? your lack of giving-a-sh-1t-of-current-affairs disturbs me.
its not hard. change the image 7:22pm Tue 21 Jul
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Officers Lippington and Mitchell
One of the officers didn't tie her back whilst on duty when they visited the West End stakehouse
Jess 7:28pm Thu 29 Nov
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What's The Point?
We are paying people to find illegal immigrants in the UK. When they are proved to be illegal, these people are then released until their cases can be heard and then, guess what, they fail to report and disappear. What a ridiculous system and complete waste of taxpayers' money. They should be held in detention centres, taken to court within a week and deported.
Wren 12:21am Mon 8 Jan
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A Nigerian requesting asylum, claiming to be 15, but probably 30 is put in a house in London, and vanishes. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! What a waste of money the Border agency is
cpochin 11:45am Mon 21 Oct
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about lorry with illegal traffic what date and year ?
when was the program lorry with sneaking people into uk made and is there any chance of knowing the date
marian 1:14pm Sat 2 Feb
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More propaganda
Another discretited outfit using TV as a means of advertising. It's not what really happens.
Geri 11:14am Thu 31 Jan
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Border Farce would be a more appropriate name for them.
Only going for the easy option - about as much use as a chocolste teapot.
Corky 8:11am Sat 26 Jan
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I'd like to tip off an illegal immigrant, his name is J.Pollock and he's from Jerusalem
catlover69 12:27pm Thu 20 Sep
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I watched UKBF programme sometime ago. A Canadian transvestite who only had 10$ was permitted entry into the UK just to spend 10 days with a guy whom she met online. Some people have to fight tooth and nail to get entry clearance while others seems to get into the UK quite easily, I wonder why?? Genuine, honest applicants are being refused while others seem to get in quite easily how is that??. What do you call this system?
need justice! 1:35pm Mon 18 Jul
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all people who switching there visas to hsmp providing fake document with the help of solicitor.my advice to homeoffice please.please check carefully these all cases.even that people also getting hsmp visa who cannot speak proper english.
aa 1:52am Mon 11 Jul
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if you look hard enough
you can spot the u.k. border force selling the contraband confiscated during the week flogging them off at a sunday car boot sale.
bloke downt pub 8:00pm Thu 16 Jun
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wake up call
this is to let you know that plumstead bus garage have about 60% of illegal immigants working there also using stolen passport and id of people thereby depriving genuine and legal applicants from getting work.I have tried getting work,meanwhile we have people scattered all over the place taking what really belong us.If only immigration can stand up to their responsibilities.
ricky 1:29pm Wed 15 Jun
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UK finished
Last one out switch the lights off. Here we are student visas applied for with false documents from bogus learning institutions refused entry??? Wait for it, they can apply for another and another and are allowed to stay while the application is being considred. If its turned down they can apply again and again. Who has made these rules and when will someone wake up, smell the coffee and sort this nonsense out. Who was it said "The Home Office is not fit for purpose". Excellent programme though credit to the producers and crew for showing the reality of a crazy situation.
Sack the Home Secretary 4:58pm Mon 13 Jun
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Subeg Singh
Subegh singh worked as a bed n breakfast manager who treated people like animals. no one had any idea that he was not legally working the owner of the bnb hires loads of illegals from India who rifle thrpugh your belongings in the BnB
Gee 8:15pm Mon 16 May
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mediocre at best
but still more entertaining than top gear!
Danniiii 8:57pm Fri 8 Apr
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Legal vs Ileagle!
Why don't they put as much effort into "stopping the illeagles" as they do with the legitimate people with correct paperwork!!!!
Angrylady 9:50pm Sat 26 Feb
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Does the U.k. borderforce think ...........
Does the U.K. Borderfarce think it may be a little more intelligent to detain the illegals they arrest until they can be repatriated.As the second they are released to their own recognisance they " Do a runner"
Justwondering 6:05pm Sun 6 Feb
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Ask to MPs to watch your program
Excellent! Could you make a similar program to show how many elderly (or disable) people who contributed all their lives are going to be killed by neglect in order to save money for too many criminals; terrorists; rapists on benefits coming illegally but who can claim the “human rights” act? Could you prove the economical burden of the illegal immigrants and ask some explanations to MPs like Cable who is not concerned that some pensioners before dying of cold can nearly survive eating peanuts?
anatole durand 10:27pm Fri 4 Feb
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Total Waste of Time and Money
What is the point of this unit when 99.9% of the people they detain are released temporarily and then vanish. The officers know they are going to vanish again, the illegals know they are going to vanish again so why are we wasting money on something that is completely none effect, A Toothless Tiger and an expensive one at that, no wonder the british public have no respect for law or order, its a sham.
Bonelady 6:11pm Mon 27 Dec
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My name is jermoy and me and my partner Tony W allways watch this program and we find it very intresting, its just on real what some people do and will try and do, to get in this country
Jermoy, tubby 11:30am Sun 3 Oct
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UK Boring Force
I watched ten minutes of this utter rubbish and slipped into a coma, no internal inspections or drinking tons of siezed alcho pops this is nothing like the real Border Force?
Nev Chamberlin (deceased) 8:25am Sat 12 Jun
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UK Border Force
Should be scraped.
Pro Labour 3:44pm Mon 10 May
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we must be mad....!
Here's the trus face of the UK's Imigration Policy. The government should be ashamed of themsels...! All this programme demonstates is what a mess our country is in, under the 'swarm' of illegal's....we should deport them within 12 hours. As for thise poor souls who have convienently lost their passports, I'd send them all to Iraq. I'm pretty sure, they'd soon produce the mystry pssport! Also can someone please explain why the UK is full of young Iraqie men....when were sending our young brave men to Iraq....Like I said me must be mad?
why? 5:54pm Thu 25 Mar
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