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New Format
Do not like the new format at all, it is very bitty, time left bit is very annoying and new bonus buy format ridiculous. Its previous format wasn't broke and didn't need fixing. Have watched and enjoyed BH for many years but wont be watching again unless format goes back to how it was.
Ex Fan 8:16pm Mon 18 Mar
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Why all this unfair criticism of Natasha? She's lively and got a personality. I'm not into criticising others but she's certainly my favourite Scottish presenter.
Agnew 5:42pm Mon 18 Mar
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Only one to agree with, minimum spend to cut out the crafty 'low buy' plan - the rest need to be reviewed(some of the old ideas to return but new content should be considered) - some of the contestants have used the programme for a quick buck, golden gavel win!
UKforever 3:34pm Mon 18 Mar
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New format
New format a mess. The background music is off putting and uneccessary
Tone 3:05pm Mon 18 Mar
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Watched new-style Bargain Hunt today, 18th March 2019. Disjointed, messy and chaotic. Very disappointed regular viewers.
Fred 1:24pm Mon 18 Mar
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Horrible new format.
If it isn't broke don't fix it. Each item is sold with a background of irritating music and bonus buy format is dreadful. Why watch those items being sold on a small screen? Return to old and enjoyable format please.
JW 1:18pm Mon 18 Mar
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new format
Jerry is right with the golden gavel issue, if we look back when some of the challenges had the 'park the bus' tactic with the contestants. The other changes might not work for the show with the likely hood the programme will lose revenue with continuous losses, as viewed earlier. The old system needed revamping but some reshuffling wouldn't go a miss after 2 episodes! This current format might be tried as a pilot scheme ; would like to say again the previous setup would have finished the series off within a year or two!
Tony 1:10pm Mon 18 Mar
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New format
The new format is terrible. Watched the episode from Dagfield and the auctioneer was useless, hope you revert to the old format sooner rather than later.
Elf 1:06pm Mon 18 Mar
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New format is unfair
Teams having different items to collect is unfair . Both teams should have identical tasks . I don't agree with cheapskate comments but as it's identical for both teams then at least it is fair. Old format was more fun
Bogit 1:02pm Mon 18 Mar
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Old format of BH
You are saying that cheap skates should be allowed to spend little for a golden gavel, and take the enjoyment out of the episodes !
jerry 12:02pm Mon 18 Mar
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New Format
After watching the first episode of the new format. We want be watching again. A person keep saying how many minutes were left. Totally unnecessary. Please go back to the old format without CR, CH, and AM
eridia 1:31pm Sat 16 Mar
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The minimum buy on 1 item stops the cheap skates from looking for an easy golden gavel; the revamp is worth trying. The next thing is rid of some of the presenters, that young Sc@ttish woman!
jerry 9:53am Sat 16 Mar
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New formula 15th March no. 51
Do not like timer input, special purchase idea, delay on presenter purchase to end after auction. It was great before why change it.
Used to love it 7:32pm Fri 15 Mar
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You watch BH in your lunch break?? ? Why???
mazza 2:03pm Fri 15 Mar
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Don't stress Daff.
Dai. 1:45pm Fri 15 Mar
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What’s happened to BH?
Today’s programme had a new format...with constant background music and time pressure, it was awful! I don’t want stress whileI have my lunch break.
Meg 1:16pm Fri 15 Mar
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No Danny Sebastian!!
The second hand car dealer is on again. Turn off day.
Suzyq 1:09pm Fri 15 Mar
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Waste of comment
No good moaning about Raskin or Willoughby as their other halves are TV producers. Nepotism is alive and well!
mazza 2:57pm Thu 14 Mar
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And yet again...
Raskin again! Even the endless reports on Brexit are better than her.
Skyclad 10:07am Thu 14 Mar
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copying antiques roadshow
guess the price of the antique, we've seen this before...nothing new
Natalie 12:40pm Tue 12 Mar
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C Hansen blows the money again, another big loss......
Nic 12:55pm Tue 5 Mar
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Prev comm
That', why I like it.....the crack and personalities. Let's face the fact it is car boot sale stuff and hardly Antiques Road Show or Flog It which are more serious. TW was great fun as was DD before him.
mazza 8:16pm Fri 1 Mar
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The shows a bit of fun, it's not meant to be a serious antiques show.
Skunk. 4:31pm Fri 1 Mar
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natasha raskin
Oh not not her again, when will the producers realise, all it does is get viewers to move to ITV
oscar 12:57pm Fri 1 Mar
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She would be even better if she had the sack. How much longer does her contract go on for?
Ex BH fan 4:50pm Thu 28 Feb
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Wishful Thinking
Maybe Raskin will be better when she grows up.
Skyclad 12:34pm Thu 28 Feb
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Experts were brilliant...teams lost "200 pounds in total
Ben 9:13pm Wed 27 Feb
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Raskin sharpe
Does she buy her trousers from the eleven to twelve year old section. Her trousers are at least twelve inches too short.
Gaz 10:16pm Tue 26 Feb
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Previous Comment
Ben i totally agree, this programme is becoming a joke. They should be made to spend at least £200.
Dave 9:14pm Tue 26 Feb
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buy cheap
Some crafty contestants use this method for an unearned golden gavel, well it backfired! Another point, is Rasking anorexic(lacks dress sense somewhere yes) !
Ben 4:42pm Tue 26 Feb
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why we pay to see this b@re
vicki 12:49pm Mon 25 Feb
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natasha raskin
Oh no, I guess its switch off day, I wonder why?
oscar 12:48pm Mon 25 Feb
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Bonus buys
The biggest losses are often the bonus buy. Experts? umm
mazza 1:45pm Sat 23 Feb
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C Ross
Ross and Archie Andrews. Which one was the dummy.
Sparrowhawk. 12:42pm Fri 22 Feb
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the bad decision was Hansen's bonus buy Skyclad.......
Chris 1:00pm Fri 15 Feb
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Bad decisions
This week on Bargain Hunt, Natasha Raskin has presented the show three times and Charlie Ross twice. The BBC is really trying to discourage viewers.
Skyclad 10:24am Fri 15 Feb
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natasha raskin
Not her again, 3 times this week please no more
Oscar 12:39pm Thu 14 Feb
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The dregs of presenting is back...rid this BBC l@vvie!
Andy 12:34pm Thu 14 Feb
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Whether or not she's fake I don't like nor dislike her. Whoever's on i only watch the last ten minutes of the show anyway. Same with the chase and tipping point. What's the point of watching 50 minutes of nothing.
TRS.aka septic. 10:54am Thu 14 Feb
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Why? Why? Why?
It's Raskin again today! TRS - What you seem to overlook about Raskin is that everything about her is totally false and artificial.
Skyclad 10:31am Thu 14 Feb
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Why is smug and pompous Charlie Ross the only presenter to wear a golden gavel pin? Oh, wait - I think I've answered my own question.
Skyclad 3:43pm Wed 13 Feb
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OMG! I have made a positive comment about Natasha, not one of the negative ones. As for my other name, I would love to know what it is as I've only ever used TRS and septic. I suggest you look elsewhere for the culprit. I'm really annoyed!!!
TRS. 3:10pm Wed 13 Feb
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N Raskin
The comments are not from the same person. We also know your other nickname trs. I haven’t commented for a while but as she is the producers wife there is not much hope of getting rid of her
Daffodils 2:08pm Wed 13 Feb
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She's exhuberant, so what. Anyone would have thought she'd murdered some puppies.
TRS. 1:54pm Wed 13 Feb
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The comnments on here make no sense! Obviously down to one person only as you can easily tell when compared.
giveitarest 12:51pm Wed 13 Feb
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raskin sharp?
Hear from a voice is a 'deep muffled noise' - producer's wife yeah!
Chris 10:54am Wed 13 Feb
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What's not to like. Attractive, bouncy and smiley. ......or there's Anita or several old men!
giveitarest 5:59pm Tue 12 Feb
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Raskin the rank
raskins gob seems to be getting bigger...she's hopeless..get rid of her for the sake of mans sanity...she can't have a proper job..the luvvies at the BBC seem to employ this type of half wit..
Loco in tblisi.... 3:20pm Tue 12 Feb
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and today........ppppppfffffsss!
Chris 12:27pm Tue 12 Feb
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Dull Kate Bliss
Her new look? Choppy hairdo, yellow jacket and purple dress.......keep trying dear!
mazza 12:26pm Tue 12 Feb
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